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pyparsing/README.rst at master · pyparsing/pyparsing
A parsing library for strings with a simple grammar.
library  python  parsing 
rr: lightweight recording & deterministic debugging
Enable deterministic debugging by recording the execution. This means you can step back in a debugging session.
c++  debug  tools  gdb 
17 days ago
Python tools for data visualization — PyViz 0.0.1 documentation
Nowadays a lot of different technologies are available in Python to plot.
python  visualization  summary  overview 
18 days ago
Flow-Charts of Programming Language Constructs – progsbase
A collection of flow charts for different programming constructs.
programming  chart 
6 weeks ago
NumericAndScientific - Python Wiki
A list of all the numeric and scientific libraries in the Python ecosystem.
python  numerics  libraries 
6 weeks ago
Welcome to Sinara | [“Sinara”]
Opensource electronics to manage quantum physics experiments
quantum  openhardware 
7 weeks ago
UO Atom Optics Unibody Littrow Laser
An "open" laser design in an aluminium body made from standard parts, but expensive
laser  openhardware  atomic-physics 
7 weeks ago
Project Flogo
Write event driven pipelines, that help you manage your life, work etc.
golang  software  pipeline 
7 weeks ago
Allows you to share files within your network easily.
linux  sharing  software 
8 weeks ago
A micro-animations library
Small animations to spice up your homepage.
animation  javascript 
8 weeks ago
Really Good Emails
Find templates for well engineered good mail spam.
email  inspiration  newsletter 
8 weeks ago
Investigate a Bias a day to keep them away.
bias  psychology 
8 weeks ago
The World’s Writing Systems
Worlds writing systems summarized with timelines, regions, ...
writing  history  typography 
8 weeks ago
Ethical OS
What to do as a programmer so you can live with your inventions/products in the future.
ethics  toolkits  culture 
8 weeks ago
hound/ at master · hound-search/hound
A fast engine to search your organizations code.
search  code  opensource 
9 weeks ago
A self hosted simple bookmarking service similar to Pinboard or delicious.
links  bookmarks 
12 weeks ago
Bulma: Free, open source, and modern CSS framework based on Flexbox
A CSS framework that builds on Flexbox and is recommended by a lot of people on the internet. Have not tried it myself.
framework  css  flexbox  opensource 
december 2019
Publication-ready the first time: Beautiful, reproducible plots with Matplotlib
Publication-ready the first time: Beautiful, reproducible plots with Matplotlib, First things first, mad props to Rhys Ulerich for coming up with this title. In my last post, I gave a very brief introduction into matplotlib. This time I’d like to cover some of the more finicky details. Details that pertain to making figures look good in your journal publications.
plots  datascience  matplotlib  python 
november 2019
Journal of Open Source Software
A scientific journal collecting open source software.
opensource  journal  software 
november 2019
lra/mackup: Keep your application settings in sync (OS X/Linux)
This tool keeps configuration files between different computers in sync. It currently only works on Linux and Mac.
backup  sync 
october 2019
Diff directories and text files in a graphical user interface.
linux  windows  tools  diff 
october 2019
Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People
A lot of pages summarizing different topics on music theory. All of the pages can be downloaded as PDF poster.
music  theory 
october 2019
Kimai - open source time-tracking app
A webhosted time-tracking app, that exists for a long time. I have not used it recently, but used it for years.
opensource  time-tracking 
september 2019
Stream the output of your terminal over the internet.
opensource  software  terminal 
august 2019
Heatwave: think it's hot in Europe? The human body is already close to thermal limits elsewhere
Once the temperature and humidity rises Soo much that water on your skin can not evapurate anymore, one warms up and dies.
climate  environment  hot  human 
july 2019
The ZMap Project
Fast Tools for scanning networks and the internet.
networking  internet  zmap  scan  opensource  tools 
july 2019
Veusz – a scientific plotting package
Plot your data fast similar to origin, but less powerful, and a lot less expensive.
software  charts  graphs  opensource  scientific 
july 2019
Zdog · Round, flat, designer-friendly pseudo-3D engine for canvas and SVG
Make flat 3D structures in SVG. Render simple 3D models, that are rendered with only flat shapes.
canvas  svg  pseudo-3D 
july 2019
Pilosa - Home
Analise big data continuously.
database  data  bigdata  analysis  opensource 
july 2019
Traefik - The Cloud Native Edge Router
A router to expose your services to the web. You could also just use Nginx, so I do not see the use. Especially since it is expensive if you want to use it privately.
docker  router  nginx 
july 2019
Plan your day by breaking into small chunks that you fill already in the evening of the previous day.
productivity  opensource  software 
july 2019
What is my IP address? —
If you need to find out as much as possible about your IP address and it should be possible via CLI or just without bells and whistles.
ip  address  lookup  server  tool 
july 2019
A small library to provide a rich-text editor in a web browser.
editor  js  libraries  opensource 
july 2019
joemccann/dillinger: The last Markdown editor, ever.
A web-browser based markdown editor that can be linked to cloud-services but runs fully inside your browser.
editor  markdown  offline-first 
july 2019
Chaospy - Toolbox for performing uncertainty quantification.
A library to perform uncertainty quantification on data an experiments written in python
code  uncertainty-quantification  science  numerics  python 
june 2019
FPGAs Have the Wrong Abstraction
Can FPGA develop like GPUs develop to become more generic specific program solvers? What hardware abstraction language do we need to develop? Where does the road go.
programming  FPGA  design  abstractions 
june 2019
Die Anachronistin | eine Familiengeschichte
A german Podcast on the resistance against the Nazis by Theo Hespers. Created by his grandchild. Nice story telling and a high quality production create an enjoyable experience.
podcast  lang:de  nationalsocialism  hespers 
june 2019
Händels Auferstehung - Worthaus Podcast
Siegfried Zimmer tells the short story by Stephan Zweig on the creation of Händels masterpiece, the Oratorium.
lang:de  podcast  audio  story  literature  händel 
june 2019
COSA: Che Cosa?
An object-oriented C++ based library to program AVR/ATmega/ATtiny based Arduino boards.
arduino  programming  library  opensource  c++ 
june 2019
Serial Port Monitor – HelmPCB
Show newly and enlist connected devices to your Serial Port. A small tool for Windows.
serial  embedded  tool  windows  software 
june 2019
A collection of docker images to use for your next home-server build.
community  linux  docker  homeserver 
june 2019
Subway in Stockholm has Pacman on the ventilation plates.
RT : The new subway cars in Stockholm hide a wonderful easter egg 👻🖤
stockholm  subway 
may 2019
Simulate the scattering of electrons in materials.
scattering  simulation  SEM  EBL  monte-carlo 
may 2019
telegraphic/hickle: a HDF5-based python pickle replacement
Store your python data structures to hdf5. It tries to be a drop in replacement for pickle.
python  pickle  hdf5  storage 
may 2019
You probably won’t make it to the top
You probably won’t make it to the top, So goes the familiar song of entrepreneurial or professional success. The same song being played in a thousand different tunes by a thousand different hucksters. It’s the song we all want to believe.
from:pocket  career  life  lang:en 
may 2019
Why Doctors Reject Tools That Make Their Jobs Easier
Why Doctors Reject Tools That Make Their Jobs Easier, I want to tell you about a brouhaha in my field over a “new” medical discipline three hundred years ago. Half my fellow doctors thought it weighed them down and wanted nothing to do with it. The other half celebrated it as a means for medicine to finally become modern, objective and scientific.
from:pocket  lang:en 
may 2019
Die anständigen Piraten von Prag
The pirate party is almost dead across Europe. Only in the Czech republic, they seem to thrive.
from:pocket  Pirateparty  Czech  republic  article  german 
may 2019
Ich, Ich, Ich - FALTER 20/19
Sebastian Kurz explains why there need to be reelections in Austria 2019. In this speech was only one topic, I {Kurz}
from:pocket  lang:de  Kurz  ÖVP  austria  reelection2019 
may 2019
An idea (stolen from switzerland) for the austrian goverment model
Ein neues Regierungsmodell für Österreich, den Bundesrat. Jede Partei im Parlament stellt ein Ratsmitglied, sie regieren nach aussen im Konsens. #ÖsterreichNeu
goverment  austria 
may 2019
Ich will in einer Welt leben, in der nicht jedes Risiko auf null geschraubt wird, mit der Gefahr, dass Menschen uns…
may 2019
Warum man ehemals jugendliche Straftäter nicht verwahren soll
Ich will in einer Welt leben, in der nicht jedes Risiko auf null geschraubt wird, mit der Gefahr, dass Menschen unschuldig verwahrt (eingesperrt) sind. Speziell Jugendliche
lang:de  prison 
may 2019
RT : #Österreich gedenkt heute des Endes des Zweiten Weltkrieges. Der 8. Mai ist ein Tag der Freude.
may 2019
Vermute die Leserschaft der NYT ist etwas größer als die des . Ist doch gut, dass…
may 2019
RT : . is among the latest 54 recipients of an Grant — enabling her & her group to f…
may 2019
I am with for the last 10 years. I do not think they have ever screwed up so hard. How can you just remove…
may 2019
just killed all my tabs, because they where in containers, that are now closed, due to the container app n…
may 2019
Männer sind halt keine Patientinnen
Medicine does not look enough into differences between men and women. The field of gender medicine tries to change that.
lang:de  medicine 
april 2019
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