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Die anständigen Piraten von Prag
The pirate party is almost dead across Europe. Only in the Czech republic, they seem to thrive.
from:pocket  Pirateparty  Czech  republic  article  german 
may 2019 by gyger
Funfmal schlimmer als die Griechen
How island changed its fate to fix its money problems
economy  german  media:text  money 
july 2015 by gyger
Sexualbegleiter für behinderte Menschen: Bettys erstes Mal
A wonderful story on prostitutes for disabled people. Well researched, well written.
sexualbegleitung  media:text  story  sex  german 
december 2014 by gyger
Hallo, wir sind Uberspace -
A webhost that allows you to decide on the price yourself. Offering a lot of technical stuff and perhaps quite good support.
webhosting  german  provider  hosting 
july 2014 by gyger
▶ Nach 3 Monaten - Offizieller Trailer [HD] - YouTube
A film about a toothbrush, ready to be changed. Entry to a competition by Colgate.
toothbrush  media:video  german  fun  trailer 
may 2014 by gyger
"Pornos zu verbieten, ist sinnlos"
interesting, non alarming article on the use of pornography by the youth.
crisis  german  media:text  pornography  youth 
february 2014 by gyger
spoken word :: Der obdachlose Gott
What is Christmas about? a spoken word poem.
German  media:video  poem  spoken  word 
december 2013 by gyger
Liebe Marie,
Why it is not enough just to optimise your Life and CV. Why it's not necessary to rush through school.
education  g8  german  media:text  study 
november 2013 by gyger
Hat die Wissenschaft Gott begraben? - YouTube
Has science buried god. A lecture held by John. C. Lennox at TU Wien in german.
speech  lennox  lecture  christianity  german  media:video 
october 2013 by gyger
Containing a lot of interesting, well thought through material used for studying. Mathematics etc.
university  german  study  mathematics 
august 2013 by gyger
USA: Verfolgungswahn im Land der Freiheit | ZEIT ONLINE
Americas people are more or less in fear all the time. A german writing about his experience, being married to an American woman. "Und die USA bleiben eine Weltmacht mit Verfolgungswahn."
america  german  fear  newspaper 
july 2013 by gyger
18 Tage in einer Welt ohne Menschlichkeit - Gesellschaft/Leben
while people are making holidays in Egypt, non of them knows that in the same country people are held for ransom by local tribes.
africa  egypt  german  ransom  story  tribes 
july 2013 by gyger
"Zufall ist, wo Gott inkognito agiert" «
Asking three physicians what they are thinking about God, Atheism, Agnosticism and Christianity.
christianity  physics  interview  german  Zeilinger 
may 2013 by gyger
Im Auge des Shitstorm: Das Reaktions-Diagramm |
What to do, when you get criticised through your social media representation. Not very special, but a nice graph.
shitstorm  social-media  german 
november 2011 by gyger
Der innere Emmerich « Schnipselfriedhof
The media shows bad pictures from japan, but we're just curious what comes next, what happens next. (german)
emmerich  fascination  german  voyeurismus 
march 2011 by gyger
Eine Person in Fußnoten: „Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg“ - Hintergründe - Feuilleton - FAZ.NET
A short article about the minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, about copying without giving the sources. (DE)
guttenberg  journaille  faz  german 
march 2011 by gyger
Das Kanonenboot, das über die Berge kam - einestages
An article about the biggest ship on the Tanganyika lake (in the midst of Africa) called Liemba. A part of the history of German colonialism. (German Article)
africa  zambia  tanganyika  history  german 
november 2010 by gyger
„Wo bist du jetzt?“ oder von Kindern, die keine sind « MISEREOR-Blog
What's about the pictures in the news, kids starving in africa. Dana is working with children in africa, read about her experience (DE)
africa  zambia  ndola  german  deutsch  children 
october 2010 by gyger » Blog Archive » Deutschlehrer, wir müssen reden
Many germans can't write german. So teacher, we have to talk. An interessting article about german, in german.
german  Deutsch  blog  Rechtschreibung 
may 2010 by gyger
über 1 Milliarde Internetbewohner einen Klick entfernt und doch allein – written in basic
Is internet really so connecting as it seems to be? Aren't we lost in front of the Internet. A short story by Robert Basic (german)
Internet  lost  story  communication  loneliness  german  Deutsch  blog  media:text 
march 2010 by gyger
Nur so’n Gedanke: Warum eine neue Funktion in Picasa Ihnen Angst machen sollte « Magazin «
Picasa with a new function to detect the person on a picture. Why should you have fear about this function? (German)
Google  Face  Identification  Picasa  Fear  Problem  Blog  German 
march 2010 by gyger
The Vision
Eine Vision der 24/7 Bewegung, eine Gebetsbewegung die Gebetsketten bildet mit dem Ziel 24 Stunden am Tag, 7 Tage die Woche zu beten. Eine Deutsche Übersetzung dieser.
christianity  prayer  Gebet  Bewegung  24/7  vision  German  Deutsch  Übersetzung  english 
february 2010 by gyger

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