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Die Anachronistin | eine Familiengeschichte
A german Podcast on the resistance against the Nazis by Theo Hespers. Created by his grandchild. Nice story telling and a high quality production create an enjoyable experience.
podcast  lang:de  nationalsocialism  hespers 
june 2019 by gyger
Händels Auferstehung - Worthaus Podcast
Siegfried Zimmer tells the short story by Stephan Zweig on the creation of Händels masterpiece, the Oratorium.
lang:de  podcast  audio  story  literature  händel 
june 2019 by gyger
Ich, Ich, Ich - FALTER 20/19
Sebastian Kurz explains why there need to be reelections in Austria 2019. In this speech was only one topic, I {Kurz}
from:pocket  lang:de  Kurz  ÖVP  austria  reelection2019 
may 2019 by gyger
Warum man ehemals jugendliche Straftäter nicht verwahren soll
Ich will in einer Welt leben, in der nicht jedes Risiko auf null geschraubt wird, mit der Gefahr, dass Menschen unschuldig verwahrt (eingesperrt) sind. Speziell Jugendliche
lang:de  prison 
may 2019 by gyger
Männer sind halt keine Patientinnen
Medicine does not look enough into differences between men and women. The field of gender medicine tries to change that.
lang:de  medicine 
april 2019 by gyger
Martin Kušej will Burgtheater zu "Hort der Opposition" machen
The austrian Burgtheater is led by a new person, Martin Kušej. He wants to be a pain in the "normal".
lang:de  burgtheater 
april 2019 by gyger
Willkür - Der Fall ETH - Part 4
The Swiss research Newspaper Republik investigated the dermination of a contract with one of the professors at ETH Zurich.
lang:de  ETH  republik 
april 2019 by gyger
Krieg ist einfacher als Frieden
A story on how hard peace is, when everyone knows only war.
lang:de  FARC  Colombia  war 
april 2019 by gyger

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