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You probably won’t make it to the top
You probably won’t make it to the top, So goes the familiar song of entrepreneurial or professional success. The same song being played in a thousand different tunes by a thousand different hucksters. It’s the song we all want to believe.
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may 2019 by gyger
Work Hard You'll Get There Eventually (hint: no you won't)
Careers are not what they once were. Nowadays it's not only about working hard.
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april 2014 by gyger
You should be amazed
why we live in the most amazing time. Although not everything is perfect, it is still much better then in the pasy
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january 2014 by gyger
You Did A Shit Job.
why calling something by its name is a good idea.
communication  life  wisdom 
november 2013 by gyger
EXCLUSIVE: The Day Einstein Died - Photo Gallery - LIFE
Wonderful and devout pictures of the day Einstein died. A stunning collection taken by Ralph Morse, nonpulished for 50 years.
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april 2010 by gyger

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