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Extensive resource for hacking your wii
wii  wbfs  backup  hack  resource 
october 2011 by hagure
Find Anything You Need on jQuery to Become an Almighty Developer | Effectize
* Getting Started: introductions to jQuery from a very basic level
* Tutorials: learn how to do simple and advanced things to your websites
* Most Useful Plugins: use existing solutions to your problems with UI, images, forms, etc
* Lists: mine other lists for overlooked items
* For Designers: find just what a designer needs from jQuery
* Cheatsheets: download jQuery cheatsheets to code easily
* Blogs: subscribe to people, writing about jQuery
* Books: read the books to become a jQuery guru
* Notable Links: check out interesting links about jQuery
jquery  resource  cheatsheet  tutorial  css  reference  development  ajax  Coding  web  webdesign  webdev  javascript  js  framework  web2.0 
october 2008 by hagure

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