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macOS 10.15 Vista –
(A screen full of permissions dialogs.)

“I completely realize and wholeheartedly own-up to the fact that I’m a geek and a Mac power user above and beyond what normal muggles will ever experience, nonetheless, this is the first-run experience I was greeted to this afternoon after upgrading to Catalina.”
mac  macos  osx  catalina  10.15  vista  tyler  2019 
14 days ago by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - Mojave Finder’s Preview Column Shouldn’t Prioritize Thumbnail Size
“Mojave puts a lot of information at your fingertips in Finder windows. However, the priority given to different components isn’t currently right. In particular, too much vertical space is reserved for QuickLook thumbnails (icons).

“Even in a very deep Finder window in Column mode, a shallow QuickLook thumbnail is given so much space that you have to scroll in order to be able to see that file’s metadata and the Quick Actions bar below it. This is in a Finder window on a 5K display at ‘looks like 2880 x 1620’ mode: it gets much worse on a laptop.”

And then one of the commenters replied with this tip:

“Try selecting a file type in the Finder and choosing ‘Show Preview Options’ from the View menu. It has checkboxes to show/hide filetype-specific metadata as well as the Quick Actions.”
catalina  macos  osx  mac  2019  mjtsai  10.15 
7 weeks ago by handcoding
The Alert Hammer | Paulo Andrade
“The problem with the Security Through Endless Warning Dialogs school of thought is that it doesn’t work. All those earnest warning dialogs eventually blend together into a giant ‘click here to get work done’ button that nobody bothers to read any more.

“– Coding Horror on Windows Vista”
pfandrade  2019  alerts  mac  macos  osx  vista  catalina  10.15 
11 weeks ago by handcoding
How to see which applications on your Mac are 32-bit and won't be supported in the future
This post goes over how you can get a list of which 32-bit apps you have installed on your system (since Mojave is the last version of macOS to support 32-bit apps).
mojave  macos  10.15  32bit  appleinsider  2018 
june 2019 by handcoding

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