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iOS: Forcing iCloud Contacts & Calendars to Sync – The Mac Observer
“1. To refresh your iCloud calendars, here’s what you’ll do. Open the Calendar app on your iOS device, and then touch the “Calendars” button at the bottom.

“2. When you get to your calendars, drag down on the list and release. You should see a small icon appear at the top which’ll spin for a moment or two (if it disappears immediately, be sure you’re dragging down far enough).”
ios  calendar  icloud  sync  2015  macobserver 
6 weeks ago by handcoding
Copy Path of Finder Selection - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
This thread has a pretty handy ready-to-go AppleScript for grabbing the current selection in the Finder and copying its path (or paths) to the clipboard.
finder  keyboardmaestro  applescript  2015 
6 weeks ago by handcoding
Checking an HTML page for duplicate IDs using JavaScript
This is a decent-ish bookmarklet for checking for duplicate IDs in the DOM. (It outputs outputs each duplicated ID on its own line with console.log.)

(See also this alternate bookmarklet that also checks for duplicate IDs in the DOM: )
bookmarklets  id  validation  accessibility  a11y  2015 
8 weeks ago by handcoding
Humans' Use Of Pain-Relief Creams Proves Fatal To Felines : Shots - Health News : NPR
“Veterinarians have long warned that pain medications like ibuprofen are toxic to pets. And it now looks like merely using a pain relief cream can put cats at risk.”
cats  painrelief  npr  2015 
10 weeks ago by handcoding
Mimic native browser focus styles — Ionuț Colceriu
This page offers some passable CSS for mimicking Safari’s / Chrome’s focus styling for text fields.

[Note to self: You added the outline-radius bits to the code below to complete the effect. ]

outline-width: 2px;
outline-style: solid;
outline-color: Highlight;
-moz-outline-radius: 5px;
outline-radius: 5px;

/* WebKit gets its native focus styles.
@media (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio:0)
outline-color: -webkit-focus-ring-color;
outline-style: auto;
forms  accessibility  focus  outline  webkit  safari  highlight  2015  css 
july 2019 by handcoding
Why Google Chrome resets its settings? - Super User
One commenter here suggested that a corrupt profile may be causing Chrome to revert its settings after a reboot?
chrome  superuser  2015  software 
july 2019 by handcoding
A, an, and the: how to use articles in English – About Words – Cambridge Dictionaries Online blog
(This post offers some handy rules of thumb about when to use articles such as “a” and “the”:)
“Many learners of English have problems with articles (the words a, an and the), especially when they don’t exist in their own language. This blog looks at some of the basic rules.

“The number one rule is this: if a word is countable (e.g. one book, two books), you must always use an article (or my, his, etc.).”
articles  dictionaryblog  cambridge  2015  a  an  the  grammar  beginners  tutorials 
june 2019 by handcoding
FAQ: An Overview of Using Custom Code in SmartThings (SmartThings Classic) - Schedules & Automations / FAQ - SmartThings Community
“Like a smartapp, [a device-type handler] is another tiny program. Instead of controlling what happens when, though, the device type handler has an even simpler job. It just translates commands from smartapps into the exact format a particular device requires, and vice versa. A printer driver is one kind of device type handler for a laptop. In a home automation system, every connected device needs a device type handler.”
smartthings  automation  webcore  2015  dth 
june 2019 by handcoding
Think Retro: Open Apple, closed Apple | Macworld
(This post offers a pretty great recap/history of the “open Apple” and “closed Apple” keys on old Apple keyboards—)
“The first Apple computer had only one besides Shift, the venerable Control key. The Apple IIe and III’s keyboards, though, added two different Apple keys as additional modifiers; one was called the Open Apple key which bore an outline of the Apple logo and which was analogous to today’s Command key, and the other was the Closed Apple key, a filled-in Apple symbol silhouette whose role was more like today’s Alt key.”

(If it may help, here’s a working capture of the page: )
macworld  openapple  closedapple  2015 
june 2019 by handcoding
A Word, Please: Looking at a comma's role in a direct address - Los Angeles Times
via @MadamGrammar: “Why ‘Dear Jane’ doesn’t get a comma but ‘Hi, Bob’ does. The comma’s role in a direct address, by @JuneCasagrande”
via:MadamGrammar  junecassagrande  hi  commas  editing  dear  canonical  2015 
may 2019 by handcoding
Hypoallergenic cats? : Pets
“One fun thing with my allergy is that kittens don’t trigger my allergies till they are about 3 months old. Because of this, I can foster motherless kittens for the humane society, and by the time they are big enough to go back for adoption, they still don’t bother my allergies. It’s a bit of work, but It’s been wonderful to have kittens in the house! It’s always sad to take them back, but my kittens always get adopted quickly because I train them well and they are socialized around kids and dogs, making them very attractive to families.”
cats  pets  allergies  reddit  2015 
april 2019 by handcoding
The Ultimate List of Online Color Palette Generators for Web Design
(This is actually a pretty great list.)
“To help you in your search for the perfect color combination, we’ve compiled the ultimate list of the best and free-to-use online color palette generators. We hope that you’ll find a tool you like, and that will inspire you to move outside of your color comfort zone.”
shopify  2015  color  palettes  colorschemes  colorpalettes 
april 2019 by handcoding
Crap apps and female email | language: a feminist guide
“When I’ve written about this subject before, my message has been addressed to the producers of bullshit: stop policing women’s language. But this time I’m going to focus on the consumers. Women, please understand: it’s not you that’s undermining yourself by using powerless language; it’s the bullshitters who are undermining you with their constant incitement to anxiety, insecurity and self-censorship. And you don’t have to let them get away with that; all you have to do is ignore them. Don’t buy their books. Don’t sign up for a training course. Don’t laugh at jokes about women saying sorry all the time. And don’t download the Just Not Sorry app. Because the suggestion that removing ‘just’ from your emails will significantly advance your career is an insult to your intelligence. And that really does demean you.”
debuk  wordpress  2015  sorry  just  email  feminism  canonical 
april 2019 by handcoding
Clicking an app in the system menu bar - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
This thread goes over some potential leads on interacting with menubar items via AppleScript.
applescript  menubar  osx  mac  2015  keyboardmaestro  macos 
march 2019 by handcoding
Clicking an app in the system menu bar - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
(On using Keyboard Maestro’s “Click at Found Image” function)
“To click relative to an image, you use the Mouse Click action, configure it to be relative to a found image, and take a screenshot of the desired area of the screen using Command-Control-Shift-4, and paste it into the image well on the action. The image has to be unique (which includes not being visible in the action if the image is small enough not to be shrunk in the image well) otherwise Keyboard Maestro will not know where to click. The Display option in the action will allow you to see where Keyboard Maestro is matching.”
keyboardmaestro  2015  click  image  mac  software  osx 
march 2019 by handcoding
Assign start number for caption - Microsoft Community
On changing the “start at” number for a set of figures:

// in short:
1. Place the cursor inside one of the figures that you want to renumber
2. Press Option+F9 to toggle the show-fields view
3. You will see something like
Figure { SEQ Figure \* ARABIC }

If you want the numbering to start at 100, modify the first such field as this:
Figure { SEQ Figure \r 100 \* ARABIC }

4. Press Option+F9 to toggle the show-fields view
5. You may need to select all and choose “Update Fields” for the renumbering to take effect.
word  figures  2015  numbering  software 
february 2019 by handcoding
Salted Caramel Chocolate Pecan Brown Butter Blondies - Baker by Nature
“Thick and Chewy Brown Butter Blondie Bars are loaded with chocolate chips, gooey salted caramel, and crunchy pecans! These are easy to make and taste incredible.”

These actually look like they could be a pretty promising blondie. Among some differences from Handle the Heat’s recipe (, once you account for size differences:
* This doesn’t use molasses
* This doesn’t seem to use vanilla?
* This includes baking powder
* (same amount of butter)
* (same amount of brown sugar)
* (same amount of flour)
* (same amount of salt)
brownies  recipes  2015  caramel 
february 2019 by handcoding
/usr/libexec/lsd using 100% of CPU - Apple Community
(About “lsd” trying to verify a code signing object for a random file)

“It seems I have found the solution to this problem.

“It was an Oculus Rift DK2 test app called that resided in my Downloads folder. Using ‘lsof’ and the stacktrace I was able to find that the /usr/libexec/lsd process most likely was trying to generate a code signing object using ningRef/#//apple_ref/c/func/SecStaticCod…

“After removing the application from Downloads and killing the lsd process it eventually stopped using CPU resources and resumed operations normally.

“If you ever encounter this problem I would recommend running lsof looking for the lsd process started by the currently logged in user.

pgrep -u id -u lsd | xargs lsof -p

“If you see it having opened a .app file indefinitely, remove said .app file.

“That said, to me it looks like a bug in lsd to try and generate code signing objects for certain programs”
lsd  cpu  macos  osx  2015  mac 
february 2019 by handcoding
CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS Review | Linuxlookup
(About the front display for CyberPower’s UPSes—)
“A front-facing LCD panel offers detailed status information on the UPS battery and power conditions, allowing for at-a-glance view of the current load capacity, fault alarms, battery charge percentage and estimated runtime. Screen illumination is bright and can be toggled on or off, along with several other user preferred settings, including audible alarms.”
cyberpower  ups  reviews  2015 
january 2019 by handcoding
Spinning beach ball frequently appears in… - Apple Community
(This thread offers some potential ideas on debugging beachballs while typing on macOS:)
“The reason behind the spinning beach ball and multiple apps hanging is because it appears that your startup disk (hard drive) is running low on space, as indicated by the console logs you have copied.”
mac  macos  osx  2015  typing  beachball 
january 2019 by handcoding
Adrian Bott on Twitter: "'I never thought leopards would eat MY face,' sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People's Faces Party."
“‘I never thought leopards would eat MY face,’ sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.”
twitter  politics  leopards  2015  republicans 
january 2019 by handcoding
Clear and/or Unclear : Word Count : Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
(This is a pretty good write-up from Jonathon Owen on and/or—)
“On the surface, and/or seems like a helpful but mostly harmless little phrase — a little ugly, perhaps, but still useful for those times when you want to be extra clear about what all the options are. Most people associate the phrase with legal writing, but it turns out that a surprising number of lawyers and judges hate it, claiming that it’s actually unclear and thus impossible to interpret.”
andor  and  or  visualthesaurus  language  canonical  2015  arrantpedantry 
january 2019 by handcoding
Hands On: ExactScan Pro 2.5.7 (OS X) - (Feb 04) | MacNN
“What impressed us most, though, was the kind of get-on-with-it feeling we had while using the software. Despite having all these options and settings, we weren’t required to learn them or to make any decisions, we could just get on with scanning. The best way to find out what settings are right for you and your documents is to scan them, and that’s just what Exactscan does.”

(This tidbit from one of the comments was also interesting—)
“Vuescan is very good with a wide range of flatbed scanners, but it’s miserably bad with sheet-fed scanners–at least Fujitsu”
mac  scanners  scanning  software  osx  macos  2015  reviews 
december 2018 by handcoding
mac - What is the "lsd" process on OS X, and why is it using so much CPU power? - Ask Different
This post goes over some general debugging/troubleshooting tips that one can try if “lsd” (which is the LaunchServices daemon) ends up using too much CPU.

(Spoiler: These steps didn’t seem to yield much back when you tried them in December 2018.)
lsd  cpu  mac  macos  osx  2015 
december 2018 by handcoding
Hyphenation Dos and Don'ts
“Hyphenation is a common occurrence in typography, especially in narrow columns of type. This ‘necessary evil’ is used to create better looking, tighter rags in non-aligned margins, as well as to help achieve more even spacing in justified text. Hyphenation also allows more words to fit in a line. Today’s design software has the ability to control hyphenation in great detail. Although this feature is turned on by default with preset parameters, these settings can be altered, or turned off entirely, for anything from a paragraph to an entire article.

“The default settings usually allow two-letter hyphenations, as well as anywhere from three to unlimited consecutive hyphenations. This is an overly generous setting for most text, and one that can reduce readability. It is generally considered acceptable to have two consecutive hyphenated lines, but no more. In addition, be careful not to have too many hyphenations in a paragraph, even if they are not in successive rows.


“For the best looking typography, always customize these settings. My preference – and recommendation – is to change the default settings to allow a minimum of three-letter hyphenations, and no more than two in a row.”
hyphenation  typography  canonical  2015 
october 2018 by handcoding
You Need Help: Your AD(H)D is F*cking Up Your Focus | Autostraddle
(This post offers some general/okayish tips on managing ADHD:)
“Oh, kitten! ‘How do you manage your AD(H)D’ is the thing people ask me the most, so firstly let me say you’re not alone in this struggle you’re having to stay focused.”

adhd  2015  autostraddle 
october 2018 by handcoding
Evoluent mouse problems - Computer Peripherals - Tom's Hardware
“I know this is an old post, but I was having this same problem for months. I gave up and switched to another mouse, but recently decided to try again. It was even worse, so I decided to actually contact Evoluent support. They suggested changing the battery, which actually worked!
“It had not occurred to me that this would be a battery issue because:
“a) the mouse ‘kind of’ worked, usually dead battery = no life
“b) the problem was intermittent at first
“c) the battery low indicator light never came on
“I felt pretty stupid admitting to the support rep that I had overlooked something so simple, but it sure behaved like a software problem. I’m just glad I can use this (very expensive) mouse again because it is very helpful in relieving my carpal tunnel symptoms.”
mice  2015  evoluent  verticalmouse 
august 2018 by handcoding
Hyphenating Phrasal Adjectives – Business Writers' Blog
(This is actually a pretty great post about how to hyphenate compound adjectives. There’s not much new to you here, but for beginners to this sort of thing, this could be worth passing along.)
“Phrasal adjectives (also called compound adjectives) are hyphenated. For the most part. Are you among the zillions of writers who miss this signal detail? Don’t be. Just follow the fairly straightforward rules and exceptions explained here, and you’ll master this important writing tool.”
adjectives  canonical  2015  grammar  copyediting  compound  compoundadjectives 
august 2018 by handcoding
This App Magically Reveals Your Ideal Brows | xoJane
“Now, I’m not saying that Benefit’s Brow Genie web app is gonna go viral or anything, but it’s a pretty darn effective tool for anyone out there who wants to a) waste a little time and b) up their brow game. It just launched, and it’s not perfect, but it certainly provides some guidance. I imagine it’s particularly useful for those of you who haven’t a clue where to begin when it comes to your brow game.”
brows  eyebrows  xojane  2015  makeup 
august 2018 by handcoding
Good Copy, Bad Copy » Blog Archive Writing speed: how long does it take to write something?
“Today, my ballpark figure for business writing is 800 words of polished prose a day. (But, I repeat: it depends on what I’m writing.) That makes me pretty fast.

“Other professional writers I’ve commissioned have quoted me one day’s work for a 500-700-word piece. And I once heard a pretty established professor say he could produce 300 words of dense academic prose in a day (footnotes and all, presumably).

“Even that’s more efficient than it sounds. I wrote my 100,000-word PhD thesis over six years. Assuming I wrote Monday to Friday for every week during that period (which, of course I didn’t), I was averaging 64 words a day. 64 words a day.”

words  wordsperday  writing  2015  dorisandbertie 
august 2018 by handcoding
Interview with the creators of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’s theme song: Jeff Richmond, the Gregory Brothers on the hilarious black neighbor (VIDEO).
“Indeed, the hilarious black neighbor has long been an accepted part of contemporary culture, though fraught with race and class connotations. There is a very subtle creative choice here that distinguishes Bankston from the way Charles Ramsey, Sweet Brown, and Antoine Dodson have been received by the public, however: In Kimmy Schmidt, the song is both cleverly subversive and empowering. “White dudes hold the record for creepy crimes,” he says, making the cult leader the butt of the joke; and then, “But females are strong as hell!” It’s not quite as hard-hitting as Ramsey’s oft-ignored, brutally honest statement that “he knew something was wrong when a little pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms,” but the sentiment of pointing out the long-held racial division in the U.S. remains.”
kimmyschmidt  tv  race  slate  2015 
august 2018 by handcoding
Why You Shouldn't Call Poor Nations 'Third World Countries'
“Is there any way to talk about rich countries and poor countries that is both useful and forward-looking? 

“Over at NPR, Marc Silver put together a helpful survey of the myriad difficulties that accompany any polite attempt to discuss class in the global community. The distinction between ‘First World’ and ‘Third World’ is on the wane for good reason, but is there any suitable replacement?”
firstworld  thirdworld  2015  mic  inclusion  language 
july 2018 by handcoding
How Capicola Became Gabagool: The Italian New Jersey Accent, Explained - Atlas Obscura
“I spoke to a few linguists and experts on Italian-American culture to figure out why a kid from Paterson, New Jersey, who doesn’t speak Italian, would earnestly ask for a taste of ‘mutzadell.’ The answer takes us way back through history and deep into the completely chaotic world of Italian linguistics.”
dialects  accents  newyork  italian  atlasobscura  2015  mozzarella 
july 2018 by handcoding
A Model Taught Us How To Take Selfies And It Made A Huge Difference
“Ochi on her ‘after’ selfie: Tess boosted my confidence with just a few selfie techniques. I had no idea that moving your hand a little up your waist or crossing your legs made such a difference. And even though the pose felt so unnatural, it looked awesome and not like I was trying too hard. Forget overanalyzing your selfies, all it takes is just a few small posing tweaks and you can be taking mirror selfies with the best of them.”
selfies  tutorials  photography  2015  buzzfeed  canonical 
july 2018 by handcoding
Getting to Know the Pimm's Cup, Summer's Quintessential Drink - Eater
“But first, some history. Pimm’s is English. It’s a rather peculiar, herbal-based aperitif liqueur that is now revered around the world. It was created by a fellow named James Pimm, a fishmonger who would go on to own several popular oyster bars in London; places to be seen for the businessman of the day. In an attempt to make his stand out from the throngs of oyster bars that populated the capital at the time, he began selling a tonic—Pimm’s No.1 Cup—which he served in a small pewter tankard. That was 1840 or thereabouts, although Pimm’s would not be sold commercially until 1859, by which time the franchise had been purchased by Samuel Moray (according to a Pimm’s archivist, there’s no further details on Moray’s previous vocation).”
pimms  pimmscup  cocktails  2015  eater  canonical 
july 2018 by handcoding
macos - Change update frequency of App Store in Yosemite? - Ask Different
"Is there a way to change the frequency the App Store checks for updates in Yosemite?"
mac  macappstore  2015 
july 2018 by handcoding
Speed Up an Old Mac By Disabling These Animations
“Disabling animations makes OS X feel a bit faster, though it also makes it a little less fun to use. Still, if you’re sick of everything being slow, you can dig into the command line to fix things up. These are verified to work in OS X El Capitan, though they should also work in Yosemite.”
lifehacker  2015  mac  macos  osx  terminal  shell  defaults  animation 
june 2018 by handcoding
Thunderbird hangs with high constant CPU load (25%) and increasing memory usage (1GB+) · Issue #326 · Ericsson/exchangecalendar
“I had the same problem with TB (25% CPU load and almost 4GB memory). I fixed this problem deleting the file ‘global-messages-db.sqlite’ located in the C:.default directory. This rebuilt the Global Database. See for more info.”
thunderbird  cpu  mac  2015 
june 2018 by handcoding
Mount a tablet inside your kitchen cabinet for easy recipe-reading - CNET
This post goes over how you can use Command hooks to mount a tablet inside a kitchen cabinet.
command  hooks  cooking  cnet  2015 
june 2018 by handcoding
n grams - Impossible bigrams in the English Language - Linguistics Stack Exchange
“A list that contains every two letter combination that is not found in any English words:

bk fq jc jt mj qh qx vj wz zh
bq fv jd jv mq qj qy vk xb zj
bx fx jf jw mx qk qz vm xg zn
cb fz jg jx mz ql sx vn xj zq
cf gq jh jy pq qm sz vp xk zr
cg gv jk jz pv qn tq vq xv zs
cj gx jl kq px qo tx vt xz zx
cp hk jm kv qb qp vb vw yq
cv hv jn kx qc qr vc vx yv
cw hx jp kz qd qs vd vz yz
cx hz jq lq qe qt vf wq zb
dx iy jr lx qf qv vg wv zc
fk jb js mg qg qw vh wx zg”
bigrams  english  language  2015 
may 2018 by handcoding
11 Words With Meanings That Have Changed Drastically Over Time | Mental Floss
If you should need an article about the changing meanings of words over time, this one is pretty good (including bits for “nice” and “sly”).
nice  sly  words  meanings  canonical  2015  mentalfloss 
may 2018 by handcoding
How To Shoot The Perfect Perfume Shot Using El Bokeh Wall - DIY Photography
“I had another article in mind for this week also using perfumes as my subject but I thought about making this article instead because I haven’t been using my El-bokeh wall for a long time now. This is a step by step tutorial on how to create a perfume product shot with bokeh backgrounds using the el bokeh wall.”

The bits that you’ll need for this setup:
• Lumiquest Softbox
• Scrim
• Aluminum foil
• Gels for the foil
• Diffusers
photography  perfume  tutorials  2015  diffusers  strobist 
may 2018 by handcoding
Chilly at Work? Office Formula Was Devised for Men - The New York Times
“‘In a lot of buildings, you see energy consumption is a lot higher because the standard is calibrated for men’s body heat production,’ said Boris Kingma, a co-author of the study and a biophysicist at Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands. ‘If you have a more accurate view of the thermal demand of the people inside, then you can design the building so that you are wasting a lot less energy, and that means the carbon dioxide emission is less.’”
offices  temperatures  2015  nytimes  thermoststs 
april 2018 by handcoding
Bought Leopold FC660C, regretting it already
“There have been numerous attempts to describe the Topre switch and I will give it at try too: the actuation point is higher then an Cherry MX. The closest Cherry equivalent in feel would be an MX Clear. The force of both feels around the same. I’m not sure why that is, as the Topre is 45g, vs 55g for the MX Clears. I am basing this on a single MX Clear switch, I don’t own a board with clears. I’ve heard stories that the clear can be tiring, the Topre on this board certainly is not.

“The Topre switch will suck your finger down and after the bump pulls your finger up. It’s a very comforting feeling.

“Furthermore, after using the Topre all the Cherry Browns now feel scratchy, thanks Topre…”
topre  leopold  fc660c  reviews  2015  geekhack 
april 2018 by handcoding
How to disable Ctrl+Shift keyboard layout switch in Windows 8? - Super User
“You can disable the sequence Ctrl + Shift in Windows 8.

“1. In ‘Control Panel’ | ‘Clock, Language and Region’ | ‘Language’ click ‘Advanced Settings’ in the left pane.

“2. In ‘Advanced settings’ click ‘Change Language bar hot keys’

“3. In ‘Text Services and Input Languages’ click ‘Change Key Sequence’ button and disable the the key sequence by selecting the ‘Not Assigned’ radio buttons.”

windows  windows8  ctrl  shift  keyboard  shortcuts  2015 
april 2018 by handcoding
hardware recommendation - Are there third-party mechanical keyboards that strictly have the Apple layout? - Ask Different
Apparently Apple aligns the Command keys on its keyboards with the letter “X” and the comma key:

“As you can see here is the Bluetooth Apple keyboard layout - notice how the X and Command buttons are aligned

“On the Das keyboard you can see that ‘Alt’ (which you would map to command in ‘Mac’ mode) its not aligned very well to the X button

“And lastly we have the Laptop Pro where X is almost perfectly aligned with the command button.”
keyboards  mac  comparison  command  2015 
march 2018 by handcoding
ErgoDox EZ: An incredible mechanical keyboard | Indiegogo
It looks like the ErgoDox EZ started shipping in November 2015.
ergodox  ergodoxez  2015  keyboards 
march 2018 by handcoding
Battling RSI – part 2 – Asmand’s Blog
“WhatPulse is a small application that measures your keyboard and mouse usage, providing insight in how you use your computer. It produces a heat map of your keyboard, showing the most frequently used keys, etc. After the first day of measuring I was checking the results, and the results were quite alarming. I thought I’d give it a few more days to see if the first day was an anomaly, but the same patterns were repeating day after day.”
keyboards  rsi  2015  software 
march 2018 by handcoding
Taking CTRL Over UNIX Shortcuts in OS X – Asmand’s Blog
“Did you know that many of the standard keyboard shortcuts from *nix also work in OS X? Not only in the Terminal where Bash shortcuts work, but globally in the OS.

“The shortcuts I mostly use are ctrl-a for moving the cursor to the beginning of the current line, ctrl-e for moving to the end of the line, and ctrl-d for delete. The normal way to use home, end, and delete on the MacBook Pro keyboard require you to leave the home row and use Fn in combination with arrows or backspace.”
mac  macos  osx  keyboard  ctrl  2015 
march 2018 by handcoding
DSA vs. SA profile: what is more confortable? (Matt3o’s DSA/SA Retro) • deskthority
“Personally I love spherical keycaps, but I’m not huge on either SA or DSA. The problem is that there’s insufficient height step from the back of one keycap to the front of the next, and as a result you have to move your hand more than necessary to reach top row and number row keys. I much prefer the profiled spherical Alps keycaps from a typewriter shown in the comparative picture below.”
keycaps  dsa  sa  2015  canonical  alps  cherry 
march 2018 by handcoding
Computer gradually slows down as KM macros runs, CPU usage reaches 100% after a few hours - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
“After Googling a bit, I discovered that in fact many Yosemite users have the similar problem. In this stackexchange question WindowServer high CPU on Yosemite3 for example, it says the way to solve WindowServer process high CPU is to shut down applications on the menu bar that were making high frequency drawing updates. In their case it’s the ‘Network Monitor from Little Snitch,’ in my case it’s ‘Keyboard Maestro Engine’.”
keyboardmaestro  cpu  menubar  2015 
march 2018 by handcoding
HOW TO: Easily tell if a keycap set will fit your Cherry MX mechanical keyboard – – Mechanical Keyboard Reviews, News, Buyer's Guide, and more
"One of the most common questions on GeekHack and /r/mechanicalkeyboards is, “Will this keycap set fit my keyboard?” I know I asked this question countless times when I got into mechanical keyboards, and I still remember how daunting it was. If just one out of 100+ keycaps is wrong, your money’s been wasted. Do you want a keyboard that’s missing even one keycap? I know I don’t.

"Fortunately, there’s an easy trick, and I’m going to teach it to you in this post. Once you’ve learned and practiced the trick, it’ll become second nature to tell if a keycap set fits your board. Soon you’ll be answering the question for other people instead of asking it yourself."
keyboards  keycaps  keychatter  2015 
february 2018 by handcoding
Mac TKL MX Brown/Cherry - What's the best? : MechanicalKeyboards
This thread goes over some options for mechanical Mac keyboards. Not a lot new here, though.
mac  keyboards  reddit  2015 
february 2018 by handcoding
How to access hidden typographic characters in OS X | Macworld
This post goes over how you can use the macOS Keyboard Viewer to view the list of special glyphs that are available.
mac  osx  macos  2015  glyphs  keyboard 
january 2018 by handcoding
How to View App Installation History in Mac OS X • TekRevue
"To find your app installation history in OS X, head to the System Information window (f.k.a. System Profiler). You can get there by clicking on the Apple icon in the Menu Bar, holding the Option key, and selecting System Information, or you can launch the System Information app located in Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities/.

"System Information provides a wealth of information about your Mac and operating system, including important details such as your Mac’s serial number and specific model identifier, memory type and configuration, attached USB and Thunderbolt devices, and the capabilities of your network interface. What we’re interested in, however, is Software.

"In the list of categories on the left of the System Information window, find Installations under the Software section. This window displays a complete list of all software currently installed on your Mac, including any updates.

"While viewing software installations and updates via the System Information window isn’t as simple as looking at the “Updates Installed in the Last 30 Days” list found in the Mac App Store, it offers several advantages. First, it’s a complete list that includes all software regardless of source. The Mac App Store only shows you apps and updates obtained via the store itself. Second, it’s far more detailed, displaying the exact date, time, and version number (if available) of installed or updated software. The Mac App Store only displays the day an update or app was installed, which is less useful when trying to troubleshoot issues, especially if multiple apps or updates were installed on the same day."
mac  software  dates  log  2015  tekrevue 
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AirPlay versus Reflector – Opinions anyone? – By the Crick
“There are some minor differences. For example, Reflector allows one to show a moc-device frame of either black or white while AirServer does not. AirServer can be installed on five devices per license, while Reflector can only be installed on one.”
airserver  reflector  mac  software  osx  macos  2015  comparison 
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6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Mac's Notification Center « Mac Tips :: Gadget Hacks
"All you need to do is hold down Option on your keyboard as you click the Notification Center icon in the menu bar. The icon will change to gray, indicating that Do Not Disturb is enabled. You can do this with or without the Notification Center actually being open.”

"By default, banner alerts on your Mac stick around for roughly five seconds, which may not be enough time for a casual glance. More often than not, I miss the alert and need to check the Notification Center to get a second look. Thankfully, there's an easy way to make them stick around for as long as you want. In the Terminal app again, use the following command.

defaults write bannerTime 30
mac  osx  macos  notifications  donotdisturb  2015  terminal  shell 
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iTunes v11+. Podcasts skip/jump during playback... | Official Apple Support Communities
"This was still happening to right now; skipping every 2-3 minutes infact; and after snooping around for a while, found an option that says 'skip when shuffling', under playback option for each podcast (right click > get info > options > it should be there)  and it was activated, so I selected the set of podcasts I'm listening to and de-activated it. Been listening for the last 15-20 minutes, and no skipping =D"
itunes  podcasts  skipping  music  2015  software  macos  osx  mac 
january 2018 by handcoding
Why we automate - All this
(A keen observation on why we automate things:)
"Suppose it takes you an hour to write a script that only saves you two minutes later. If that two minutes would have derailed your concentration at a critical moment, but it didn’t because you had the script, writing the script may have paid for itself, even though you invested 60 minutes to save 2 minutes."
drdrang  automation  2015  concentration 
january 2018 by handcoding
How to Clean Out Your Spice Cabinet and Organize it—for Good | Serious Eats
"Most spice merchants quote around eight months as the shelf life of a ground spice, though fresher is usually better. Whole spices last much longer, more like a year or two, and some whole spices are so dense, woody, and intensely flavorful that they last for ages: think nutmeg and star anise."
spices  canonical  2015  shelflife  seriouseats 
december 2017 by handcoding
Being Poor Is Too Expensive
“Some think that being poor is simple. You don’t have enough money to buy a lot of stuff, so you’re forced to buy less stuff. But that’s not really how it works. When you’re broke, you can’t do all the little things that will improve your budget over the long run. It actually costs more to be poor.

“When you’re poor, you can’t buy your food in bulk, buy high quality stuff that will last, or own your own tech instead of renting. It costs money up front to save money over the long run. Worse yet, being poor often comes with hidden, intangible costs that make digging yourself out of poverty even harder.”
poverty  lifehacker  2015  expensive 
november 2017 by handcoding
Universal Soldier may be the only series whose DTV sequels are its best work
“Final Ranking:

1. Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning
2. Universal Soldier: Regeneration
3. Universal Soldier
4. Universal Soldier: The Return
5. Universal Soldier III: Unfinished Business
6. Universal Soldier II: Brothers In Arms”
avclub  2015  movies  rankings  universalsoldier  jeanclaudevandamne  jean  claude  vandamme 
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How To Determine Your Hair Type, Plus Which Products Will Give You Your Most Luscious Locks
"To help us all figure this out, I consulted Matrix Celebrity Stylist George Papanikolas and Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson. Each has their own method for determining a client's hair type, all of which you can do on your own at home. Below are the six things to look for, plus product recommendations for every style of strand."
hair  hairtype  2015  shampoo  conditioner  bustle 
november 2017 by handcoding
Address terms in service encounters | Arnold Zwicky's Blog
“The story, compressed considerably, starts with a common address pattern on the plantations of the South, in which (white) masters and (black) slaves exchanged first name, but asymmetrically — the master giving first name alone to the slave, the slave expected to give Mr. first name in return (and the master’s wife, or other woman of the house, giving first name to the slave but expecting Miss (not Mrs.) first name in return). In an extension of this usage, slaves used Mr./Miss first name for referential use amongst themselves — referring to those people the way those people expected the slaves to address them. […]”

(You also tweeted about this here:
twitter  2015  slavery  miss  address  names  firstname 
november 2017 by handcoding
Should we call them fishers or fishermen? - Branch - 2015 - Fish and Fisheries - Wiley Online Library
(From the September 2015 issue of "Fish and Fisheries”:)
"‘Fishermen’ and the gender-neutral ‘fishers’ are the most common terms used to describe people who fish in the English language. However, there is a considerable debate as to which term is most appropriate."
fisherman  fishers  gender  titles  2015  language 
october 2017 by handcoding
Sulfured vs. Unsulfured Dried Apricots | Cook's Country
“The sulfured apricots were still brighter-tasting, but nearly all of the tasters preferred the unsulfured apricots, calling the flavor “concentrated,” “deeply fruity,” and “jammy.”

“Intrigued by the differences, we tried sulfured and unsulfured figs and apples side by side and found that, like the apricots, the sulfured apples and figs were moister and plumper, closer to their original colors, and brighter in flavor. The unsulfured fruits were drier and more roasted-tasting.”
apricots  fruit  driedfruit  sulfur  sulfured  cooksillustrated  canonical  2015 
october 2017 by handcoding
This Surprising Reading Level Analysis Will Change the Way You Write - The Content Strategist
"The initial surprise from my little data experiment is that writers whose work we regard highly tend to be produce work at a lower reading level than we’d intuit. Cormac McCarthy, Jane Austen, and Hunter S. Thompson join J.K. Rowling in the readability realm of pre-teens. The content of McCarthy’s and Thompson’s novels isn’t meant for children, but these writers’ comprehensibility is rather universal."
readinglevel  readinggradelevel  plainlanguage  2015 
october 2017 by handcoding
Control iTunes From Any Application With These Powerful Automations - Mac Automation Tips
(So it looks like this technique might allow you to trigger iTunes stuff from Dragon Dictate. Neat!)

"I also execute the playlist macro using a Dragon Dictate voice command. I copied and pasted the AppleScript script for my Play Jazz macro into a  Dragon Dictate command, and assigned it the voice command, 'Play jazz'.  Thus while working or  browsing the net, I can issue the voice command without opening iTunes."
itunes  dragon  dragondictate  automation  mac  osx  macos  2015 
september 2017 by handcoding
osx - How to get CPU utilization in % in terminal (mac) - Stack Overflow
(Looks like you can use this Terminal command to get the total CPU usage of all processes.)

ps -A -o %cpu | awk '{s+=$1} END {print s "%"}'
terminal  2015  stackoverflow  cpu  keyboardmaestro 
september 2017 by handcoding
Quick Tip: Troubleshooting Mac App Store Download Problems
Hard-resetting the Mac App Store:
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
rm ~/Library/Preferences/
rm ~/Library/Cookies/

rm -r ~/Library/Caches/
rm -r ~/Library/Caches/

[and then reset Spotlight too]
macappstore  spotlight  mac  osx  macos  2015 
august 2017 by handcoding
ios - Codesign and Ambiguos identity, matches "Mac Developer" and "iPhone Developer" - Stack Overflow
(Perhaps this might be able to help with your Mac App Store woes?)
“Duplicate certificates sometimes appear in the keychain as a result of one being expired which was never removed. Apple has some instructions for resolving such issues, although you might need to go a bit outside the normal procedure for resolving it if the following doesn't work.”
macappstore  mac  osx  macos  2015  environment  sandbox 
august 2017 by handcoding
3D Touch tips: Using Launch Center Pro as a media controller
"I’ve chosen to take advantage of this by using it as a way to launch my most used media apps; Rdio (RIP), Sonos,, and Pandora. By doing this, I’ve freed up 4 additional spaces on my first Home screen for other apps."
launchcenterpro  ios  iphone  2015 
august 2017 by handcoding
How to Use Seyes or French Ruling for Handwriting - Wonder Pens - Life Behind a Stationery Shop
"There are five rules to follow:

"1. Capital letters go up to the third line.
2. Lower case “bodies” – like a, c, the circle part of d or p – go up to the first line.
3. Loopy stems go up to the third line – b, f, h, k, l.
4. Non-loopy or straight stems go up to the second line – just d and t.
5. Anything that goes below the line – f, g, j, p, q, y, z – go down two lines."
french  frenchruled  2015  ruled  paper 
august 2017 by handcoding
What is French-ruled paper and the Seyes grid system ?
This page goes over the “rules” of using French-ruled paper.
paper  french  frenchruled  2015 
august 2017 by handcoding
OS X Yosemite: How to Find Non-Apple Extensions Lingering in Your Mac – The Mac Observer
"In a terminal window, the following command will show you all the kernel extensions that are active. (The terminal app is found in /Applications/Utilities.)
kextstat -l

There will be lot from Apple, and those are all okay. If you want to see non-Apple extensions, you can pipe the list to the "grep -v" command. The -v option says, "show everything but those items that contain the string that follows." For example:
kextstat -l | grep -v

If you want to write that list out to a text file for examination, enter, for example,
kextstat -l | grep -v > NonAppleKext.txt
mac  osx  kernel  kernelextensions  extensions  2015  macos 
august 2017 by handcoding
How to Verify & Repair Permissions in OS X El Capitan
// How to Repair Verify Disk Permissions in OS X El Capitan

sudo /usr/libexec/repair_packages --verify --standard-pkgs /

// How to Repair Disk Permissions in OS X El Capitan from Command Line

sudo /usr/libexec/repair_packages --verify --standard-pkgs /
mac  macos  2015  permissions  elcapitan  repair  osxdaily 
august 2017 by handcoding
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