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StopTheNews Forces Apple News Links to Open in Safari – MacStories
“Developer Jeff Johnson, the maker of StopTheMadness, has released a free Mac utility called StopTheNews that forces Apple News links to open in Safari instead of the News app.”
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may 2019 by handcoding
A Complete List of All the Magazines Available for Apple News+ in the U.S. (So Far) – MacStories
“To create this list, I manually opened each magazine and annotated whether its latest issue was using Apple News Format or the standard, PDF-like format. Magazines that support Apple News Format are labeled with ‘(ANF)’ in the list. The split between Apple News Format magazines and standard magazines is fairly even: 125 magazines are using the richer Apple News Format in their latest issue, while 126 of them are relying on traditional PDFs (likely the format the old Texture service was using).”
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april 2019 by handcoding

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