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How to Uninstall Smartcast Audio Driver
This page actually offers a pretty good set of directions on how to uninstall random audio drivers.
mac  audio  drivers  uninstall  2019  macos  osx 
3 days ago by handcoding
No sound after upgrading to macOS Mojave — here’s your fix
(A potential fix for audio issues on macOS Mojave:)

“So easiest test was: trying to connect to my bluetooth headphones. This did work so I assumed it must be some stupid software issue — and here we go!

“If you are experiencing the same behaviour I have an easy fix for you!

“Open your terminal (press CMD + Space to open spotlight search, and type terminal and hit return) and then copy & paste this command:

“sudo kill ps -ax | grep 'coreaudiod' | grep 'sbin' |awk '{print $1}'”
mojave  audio  2019  sound  mac  macos  osx 
10 weeks ago by handcoding
Aidan O'Brien on Twitter: "I've found body language tips like this help *so much* in recording VOs. My favourite is "Hands up/hands down" - palms facing up for the first part of a sentence, then flipped over for the second half, e.g. "You may think X, but
(@GretchenAMcC on using gestures to help nail intonation while recording for her audiobook—)
“Day 2 of #BecauseInternet audiobook recording: I have discovered that when I make beat gestures, my reading is considerably smoother

“(shoutout to @superlinguo and the gesture research for this idea!)”

(And then @pullthetapes added this handy tidbit—)
“I’ve found body language tips like this help _so much_ in recording VOs. My favourite is ‘Hands up/hands down’ - palms facing up for the first part of a sentence, then flipped over for the second half, e.g.

“‘You may think X, but actually…’
“‘…the truth is Y.’”
pullthetapes  twitter  2019  audio  recording  gestures  voiceover  narration  GretchenAMcC 
may 2019 by handcoding
Learn How To Use DSP Room Correction to Tune Your Speaker System - YouTube
This looks to be a pretty good primer on room correction from Joe N Tell (complete with calibrated microphone, DSP, and so on).
audio  youtube  roomcorrection  video  joentell  2019  canonical 
march 2019 by handcoding
REW - Room EQ Wizard Room Acoustics Software
Joe N Tell recommended this software for measuring frequency response and applying room correction. (
roomcorrection  video  youtube  audio  calibration  2019 
march 2019 by handcoding
Switch Audio Source - Macro Library - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
“This thread goes over some AppleScript and some JXA and a command-line jobbie that you can use for switching audio sources.”
keyboardmaestro  audio  switchers  software  mac  macos  osx  2018 
march 2019 by handcoding
Switch Audio Outputs with a Keyboard Shortcut on OS X | Apetronix
“If you want to get fancy, map it to a keyboard shortcut or set of keys. We’ll be using a combination of shell scripting and AppleScript.”
audio  mac  osx  macos  software  2019  terminal  shell 
march 2019 by handcoding
DBX 286s Mic Pre-amp Processor Review / Test / Explained (NOT CLICKBAIT) - YouTube
It looks like EposVox recommends this mic preamp/processor (

(This video also offers a pretty good walkthrough of the features and controls on the DBX 286s.)

This fellow then runs the 286s into the Scarlet Solo, which runs about $110 on Amazon. And just for completeness, the 286s goes for about $220 on Amazon.
video  youtube  audio  preamps  processors  2017  podcasting 
march 2019 by handcoding
Cloud Microphones - Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator - YouTube
EposVox recommended this mic-gain jobbie for use with dynamic mics (as of March 2019).
audio  microphones  podcasting  2019  dynamic  video  youtube 
march 2019 by handcoding
Is this my DREAM MIXER?! - Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK Unboxing & Mini-Review - YouTube
This looks like the USB audio mixer that EposVox likes to use. (This is probably way overkill for what you need, though.)
soundcraft  mtk  usb  audio  recommendations  2018  youtube  mixers  epoxvox 
march 2019 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - T2 Macs Have a Serious Audio Glitching Bug
“Note: switching off ‘Set… automatically’ doesn’t eliminate the issue because timed appears to still sync on occasion, even when off. There are likely other issues at play too. Unloading timed entirely fixed it for me, but not everybody.”
mac  macos  usb  audio  mjtsai  2019 
february 2019 by handcoding
Network Music Players | Accessories4less
This looks like a site where you can order refurbished audio gear and such?
audio  hometheater  refurbished  2019 
february 2019 by handcoding
PSA: 2018 Macs with T2 chip unusable with external audio interfaces for some : apple
“However, being much more frequent, it renders these machines pretty much useless for any professional audio work when connected to some interfaces by manufacturers such as:
“-Native Instruments

“These are some of the largest names in the pro audio industry, with tens of thousands of interfaces used in the same number of studios around the world.”
reddit  imac  t2  audio  2019  usb 
february 2019 by handcoding
Beamforming and Microphone Arrays - Common Myths
“In a more illustrated way, a microphone picks up sound waves without any distinction, both wanted ones (we’ll call these signals) and unwanted ones (we’ll refer to these as noises). A more sensitive microphone will pick up the same sound waves as a non-sensitive microphone. While it will produce a higher level of electronic signals, it will still pick up the same mixture of good and bad sound waves. Our goal is to eliminate as much noise and leave as much signal as possible. One way to do this is to limit our listening to a single direction, just like holding up our palm to our ear to hear better.”
microphones  beamforming  mics  2019  audio 
january 2019 by handcoding
audio - AirPods: Extremely poor mic quality on Mac - Ask Different
“Apple claims that the poor Mono 8kHz quality which affects recording and indeed simultaneously playback on Mac when the AirPod microphones are activated, is because the SCO codec then gets employed over the entire Mac audio system. This is supposedly ‘expected behaviour’ when trying to use the AirPods and other Bluetooth headsets together with a computer, according to Apple.

“The AAC codec is normally used when just listening to playback on the AirPods. It’s just very unfortunate that SCO – low-quality as it may be – upon AirPod microphone activation is not only limited to doing recording, but also displaces AAC and audio playback.

“Apple Support claims that Apple is looking at this issue, and that improvements might be coming in future firmware updates, but I did not interpret that as a promise to be honest. But for the time being, I’d say that the benefits of making calls and so forth with AirPods on Macs are quite limited.

“Current best practice is to use the Internal Microphone for Recording, and the AirPods for playback when conducting calls. Input and Output devices can be selected in System Settings > Sound or by ⌥-clicking the Volume icon in the macOS Menu Bar, and selecting devices there.”
airpods  mac  osx  macos  2017  audio 
january 2019 by handcoding
This is a pretty neat page with rankings for various speakers.
speakers  audio  hometheater  2019 
january 2019 by handcoding
Top 20 Best Compressors Of All Time - Attack Magazine
Their comments on the Alesis 3630 (which is what Try from My Life in Gaming uses:)
“Although it offers both flexibility (dual channel VCA-based peak/RMS compression plus two independent noise gates) and an entry-level price point, the 3630 has been the bane of many producers’ lives since its introduction two decades ago. There are numerous common complaints. It introduces distortion. It has a nasty habit of making everything sound dull and lifeless. The channels are often badly matched, rendering them useless for stereo applications. It adds noise.

“So why does it make the list? Because it basically defined the pumping sidechain compression sound which became a trademark of French house in the late 90s and conquered the world shortly afterwards.”
compressors  recommendations  2018  audio  mylifeingaming 
december 2018 by handcoding
Gaming Setup and Studio Tour - How We Make MLiG in 2016 / MY LIFE IN GAMING - YouTube
Side note: It looks like Try from My Life in Gaming uses the Alesis 3630 audio compressor (shown at around 25m:00s).

(The Alesis 3630 was also named as among the top 20 compressors by these folks: , where they say—)
“Although it offers both flexibility (dual channel VCA-based peak/RMS compression plus two independent noise gates) and an entry-level price point, the 3630 has been the bane of many producers’ lives since its introduction two decades ago. There are numerous common complaints. It introduces distortion. It has a nasty habit of making everything sound dull and lifeless. The channels are often badly matched, rendering them useless for stereo applications. It adds noise.

“So why does it make the list? Because it basically defined the pumping sidechain compression sound which became a trademark of French house in the late 90s and conquered the world shortly afterwards.”
audio  compressors  mylifeingaming  video  youtube  2018 
december 2018 by handcoding
Emotiva and Focal Setup : audiophile
(Hmm—perhaps Focal might be the Emotiva of loudspeakers?)
“Preamp is Emotiva XSP-1
Amp is Emotiva XPA-2
Speakers are Focal Chorus 726”
rocket  speakers  audio  2018  emotiva  reddit 
november 2018 by handcoding
Topping DX3 Pro DAC/Amp Discussions | Massdrop
Amir from AudioScienceReview says, “Of dozens and dozens of DACs and amps that I have, this is my main unit that I listen to. At this price, it is an amazing bargain. “
dacs  audio  topping  2018  massdrop 
november 2018 by handcoding
TrueChip1 comments on Any love for 'Fulla Schiit Vintage Maple Edition'
This thread covers some mixed opinions about Schiit DACs and such. Hmm…
schiit  audio  dacs  2018  reddit 
november 2018 by handcoding
MQA: Archimago Adds a “Final” Nail to the Coffin! | Real HD-Audio
“Archimago confronts and dismisses every argument made by the inventors of MQA with careful technical and scientific rigor. He destroys the sycophant mainstream audiophile authors that have described this highly flawed scheme as ‘the most significant audio technology of my lifetime’ or ‘MQA’s ability to deliver better than high-res quality sound’ with an objective sensibility and dispassionate thoroughness.”
mqa  audio  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Maximum audio delay before the player notices? - Game Development Stack Exchange
“For television applications, audio should lead video by no more than 15 milliseconds and audio should lag video by no more than 45 milliseconds. For film, acceptable lip sync is considered to be no more than 22 milliseconds in either direction.”
lipsync  sync  delay  lag  audio  2013 
november 2018 by handcoding
Rogue Amoeba - Under the Microscope » Blog Archive » Now Arriving: Loopback
“Loopback devices add around 20 ms of latency – about as low as we can get in software.”
rogueamoeba  loopback  2018  mac  software  audio  macos  osx 
november 2018 by handcoding
[H]ardOCP: Replacing Op-Amps in a Topping D10 DAC
“This chart is hugely amplified (vertical axis) relative to what I normally show. Despite that, the differences are tiny. Assuming you want to go by that difference anyway, the best performance was achieved using the op-amp shipped with the unit, the TI OPA2134!”
topping  d10  opamps  audio  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
DAC | Hifi Pig
This looks like kind of an interesting site for audio reviews (such as DACs and the like).
dacs  audio  reviews  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Young MkIII – M2TECH srl.
This looks like kind of an intriguing DAC/preamp. It’s got MQA support and USB inputs. And at $1,699 (at least on Amazon), it’s at least potentially within reach.

Downside: It seems to only have XLR outputs, which could be a slight nuisance on the amp side of things.
dacs  audio  bedroom  mqa  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Upsampling and oversampling - YouTube
(From one of the comments:)
“If u got a mac, u just gotta try out Audirvana. Ive tried all music players on OSX and found that what sets audirvana apart from the others is its upsampling. In my experience Roon has the best grafical user interface but Audirvana sounds the best, by quite a lot actually.

“Ive got a old scrappy Hegel HD11 DAC, and Ive found that upsampling with a factor of 2x sounds the best when streaming from its built in Tidal function. Which in effect upsamples redbook standard to 24/176,4 kHz, max upsampling (24/192) sounds just too smooth and filtered (in a bad way), factor 2x sounds direct and more alive.

“In preferences

“In audio systems tab:
“U can try exclusive access mode, direct mode, integer mode 1 for brighter or 2 for warmer sound.

“Audio filters tab:
“Power of 2 upsampling or try DSD upsampling if your dac supports its, mine doens’t, but according to audirvana this is even better. Of the advanced parameters, its only the cutoff freq. that really makes any difference for me, since ive got quite narrow soundstage in my stereo, Im using about 1,67x nyquist to make it broader.

“Sysoptimizer tab:
“Its quite straightforward, just try to optimize for audirvana playback.

“Anyway, these are my findings I hope someone will benefit from them. Just try different settings and see what sounds the best for your system.

“Good luck.”
mac  macos  videos  youtube  audirvana  audio  music  dacs  upsampling  tidal  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Which HDMI Cable Should I Use to Hitch My 4K Player to a 1080p HDTV? | Sound & Vision
(On buying an HDMI cable to connect 4K sources:)
“Before I get to your questions, let’s review the basics of HDMI cables and their capabilities. First, there’s no such thing as an HDMI 1.3b or HDMI 2.0 cable. Instead of being linked with a particular version of the HDMI specification (e.g., HDMI 1.4), an HDMI cable is instead labeled by its capabilities.

“A Standard HDMI cable will support up to 1080i/720p high-definition video and multichannel audio. A High Speed HDMI cable can support 4K video with high dynamic range and multichannel audio. Both Standard and High Speed HDMI cables are also available in a separate versions with Ethernet support. Oh, there are also Premium High Speed HDMI Cables, but that’s something of a marketing gimmick to sell pricey cables.

“Since you’re using an Ultra HD Blu-ray player in your system, I recommend buying a High Speed HDMI cable. The cable itself won’t perform any downscaling of the 4K video on Ultra HD Blu-ray to 1080p resolution; the player does that. To set things up properly, simply select the 1080p output option in the player’s video setup menu and signals in the correct format will be sent to the TV.”
4k  soundandvision  hdmi  recommendations  audio  hometheater  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding Enable HDMI volume control on the 2011 Mac Mini
“Now, Soundflower should be acting as a software mixer that enables the volume controls in OS X to work with HDMI audio.  The volume controls in the menu bar should no longer be disabled and, if your keyboard supports it, you should be able to control the volume/mute right from your keyboard.”
optical  audio  mac  osx  macos  2012 
november 2018 by handcoding
Measurement and Review of Schiit BiFrost Multibit DAC | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum
It looks like this guy really didn’t like Schiit’s Bifrost Multibit DAC.
“It is no secret that the previous Schiit products have not done well on my workbench. But I was hoping as suggested by many that their high-end products would do better. Alas, what is shown above is just unacceptable. It shows a product that simply has no design hygiene. Either wrong DACs are used or driven incorrectly in the implementation. There are DACs literally at 10% of the cost that do much better.”
schiit  dacs  2017  audio 
november 2018 by handcoding
ELAC EA-Series EA101EQ-G Integrated Amplifier Review -
“ELAC’s EA-Series EA101EQ-G is a fantastic nerve center for any 2.0 or 2.1 channel system, thanks to ABC, plenty of power and current drive to stay relevant through speaker upgrades, an excellent control app, and enough inputs for a fairly complex A/V system. The EA101EQ-G looks elegant but not too flashy, allowing it to fit into any number of home or office systems. I can think of a good use case for every single EA101EQ-G ELAC will make. ELAC’s first compact integrated DAC amp is a winner.”
hometheaterhifi  reviews  audio  elac  2.1  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Model Halo P 6 « Parasound
This looks like kind of a neat 2.1 channel preamp. But it’s also $1,500—which one might need to think about before buying.

(Plus, it’s 17″ wide and 15″ deep, so it might not fit on your desk that easily.)
2.1  preamps  audio  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Model HINT 6 Halo Integrated Amplifier « Parasound
This is a pretty nice 2.1 integrated amp. But it’s also $3,000.
audio  2.1  parasound  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Products « Parasound
Well, how about that—it looks like Parasound offers some 2.1 channel integrated preamps.
preamps  2.1  audio  2018 
november 2018 by handcoding
Darko.Audio Podcast #4 – Recommended DACs <$2500 | Darko.Audio
“In episode #4, we move away from the philosophical issues that dominated the first three casts. In the wake of the Schiit Yggdrasil Analog 2 review, we tackle a more basic question: what are John’s favourite DACs below $2500? In the second half, the conversation turns to network servers and streamers.”

“Brands featured in this episode: Schiit Audio | Chord Electronics | Mytek Digital | Audio-gd | AudioQuest | Sonore | Innuos | Allo Digital | Antipodes Audio”
podcasts  2018  audio  dacs  darko 
october 2018 by handcoding
Make Your VOCALS POP over Background Music in ONE STEP! - YouTube
(At around 6:15, the host also briefly covers the “constant power” effect/plugin, which can help blend two audio clips.)
“Learn how to make your vocals and voice-overs stand out from the background music in this Premiere Pro tutorial. Get excellent audio separation and quality while keeping the steady theme the background music provides to your video and without losing your voice in a muddy mess.”

The equalizer that he uses he is:
Frequency: 1250 Hz
Q: 4
-18 dB
audio  recording  2018  constantpower  geraldundone  video  youtube  premiere  vocals  voiceover 
october 2018 by handcoding
Schiit Audio, Headphone amps and DACs made in USA.
(Perhaps you could use this to connect your MacBook Pro’s USB output to your sweet DAC?)
“‘Why would I need a USB to SPDIF converter?’ you might ask. Well, maybe you don’t. Maybe you’re already using our Gen 5 USB input. But if you aren’t, this is a great way to convert virtually any computer, tablet, streamer, or phone into a dedicated, high-performance audio source.

“Works with Virtually Any Audio USB Source and DAC 
“Just connect your USB source to Eitr’s USB input, and connect Eitr’s coaxial SPDIF output to any DAC that accepts coaxial input. Now, you have complete isolation from source to DAC, together with a superb, low-jitter coaxial SPDIF interface for bit depths and sample rates up to 24/192.”
usb  optical  dacs  shiit  2018  audio 
october 2018 by handcoding
Schiit Audio, Headphone amps and DACs made in USA.
($49 for a volume knob-ish isn’t too bad.)
“SYS stands for ‘switch your, er…schtuff.’ Sys is a simple, 2-input passive preamp. No electronics. No power. No distortion. Just a 2-way switch and a potentiometer.

“Huh? Why would you want such a thing? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to use one of our DACs with powered monitors, Sys puts the volume control right at hand. Same goes for using two sources with one of our headphone amps—use Sys to switch between a DAC and a phono preamp, for example.

“And, you don’t have to use Sys with our gear at all. It’s a simple, high-quality, passive preamp that works with pretty much any line-level source.”
knobs  shiit  audio  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
Schiit Audio, Headphone amps and DACs made in USA.
(This probably isn’t quite what you need, but it’s kinda neat, though, if you should mainly need a volume knob.)
“Fulla 2 is a complete DAC/Amp in a single tiny case. Plug Fulla 2 into virtually any USB port, connect your headphones and/or powered monitors, and you’re set for great music. But that’s only the start. 

“• Use it as an amp. Connect your phone (or any other analog source) to the convenient front jack. 
“• Use it as a preamp. Connect to powered monitors or speaker amps using the variable outputs on the back.
“• Use it as a DAC. Connect to an external preamp or processor with the fixed 2V line outs on the back, or use the variable outputs for convenient volume control as well. 
“• Use it with phones, tablets, or computers with low-powered USB ports. We’ve included a second USB port for power input. Plug in your phone charger (or any other 5V DC source with micro-USB output) and Fulla 2 tells your source it doesn’t need any power.”
audio  dac  volume  knobs  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
Dial M for Multibit: Schiit's Yggdrasil Analog 2 DAC | Darko.Audio
(Perhaps Chord Electronics and Schiit could be worth a look for DACs?)
“Refusing a dealer network means the money that would otherwise go to high street retailers can be passed on in savings to the customer. Savings that have given Schiit the value quotient jump on rival manufacturers who still put their gear in shop windows. Undoubtedly, this is the number one reason why, to my mind, Schiit’s bang/buck exceeds all but Chord Electronics in the sub-$2000 DAC space. These two companies would dominate a list of recommended entry-level DACs were I to make it.”
dacs  audio  audiophile  reviews  shiit  chord  2018  darko 
october 2018 by handcoding
Get great sound every time with this field recording checklist | NPR Training
“For audio producers, these frustrating problems are all too common. We want to help! This recording checklist is full of ideas and reminders to help you stay on your toes when you work in the field. Even if you already know these things, having a checklist will jog your memory when you need it most.”
npr  fieldrecording  audio  2018  checklists 
september 2018 by handcoding
494175 - Make <video> and <audio> controls keyboard navigable
“This bug is about making the media controls (which appear on mouse over) keyboard accessible. This will require defining a keystroke to invoke the controls HUD, and making sure that the control elements have tabindex=0 and are keyboard operable; and that they expose accessibility information.”
firefox  video  audio  accessibility  a11y  bugzilla  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Is Upgrading Your Car’s Speakers Worth It? -
It looks like upgrading the speakers might not be so worth it after all m
audio  caraudio  2018  hometheaterhifi 
august 2018 by handcoding
Sounds frustrating! There’s an audio problem affecting users of any screen reader on some Windows computers, and it needs to be fixed – Mosen Consulting
“It’s not surprising that as screen reader users, most of us are not happy to take the productivity hit that comes from waiting for our audio to respond to a command. So what can you do if you have one of these affected devices? Here are a few options in order of complexity.”
audio  screenreaders  windows  jaws  nvda  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Audio: Cheap Mic/Good Placement vs. Pro Mic/Bad Placement - YouTube
(This is a pretty great introductory video about recording audio for videos and the like.)
“There’s an old axiom in filmmaking which states that an audience will forgive a poor quality picture, but not poor quality sound. This week, Chris and Jordan bring in an audio pro to discuss different types of microphones, how to position them, and to demonstrate how a cheap microphone positioned correctly will outperform an expensive model placed incorrectly.”
audio  tutorials  lavalier  2018  youtube  canonical  dpreview  microphones 
july 2018 by handcoding
Mytek Liberty MQA DAC - YouTube
Perhaps the e-book that’s advertised at the end here, “File-based Audio, aka Streaming Audio”, may be worth a look?
books  ebooks  audio  mqa  2018  youtube  reviews 
june 2018 by handcoding
RME ADI-2 DAC @ Superbooth '18 | Darko.Audio
This DAC apparently has MQA support, and it goes for €999, so it may be worth keeping an eye on.
dacs  audio  mqa  2018 
may 2018 by handcoding
BBC Sound Effects - Research & Education Space
“These 16,016 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence. The Sound Effects are BBC copyright, but they may be used for personal, educational or research purposes, as detailed in the license.”
bbc  soundeffects  2018  audio  via:metafilter 
april 2018 by handcoding
Mytek Liberty DAC And Headphone Amplifier Review -
This DAC has MQA support, and its priced just under $1,000 but the reviewer also notes that the front-panel LEDs are exceptionally bright, which is a bit of a bummer.
dacs  audio  mytek  reviews  hometheaterhifi  mqa  2018 
april 2018 by handcoding
How to Use the HomePod's Physical Controls - Mac Rumors
“HomePod gestures can activate Siri, control the volume of what's playing, skip to the next song, pause/play and more. All of the touch gestures you can use with the HomePod are below.”
gestures  homepod  macrumors  audio  music  2018 
february 2018 by handcoding
Opinion: It’s time for Apple to start offering lossless music formats on iTunes | 9to5Mac
"Selling lossless music would also fit perfectly with Apple’s business model: selling a premium product at a premium price. Lossless downloads are a niche business right now, served by companies most people have never heard of, like HDtracks, ProStudio Masters and iTrax. But with Apple’s marketing might, it could transform the business into a much more mainstream one."
applemusic  lossless  2017  music  audio  9to5mac 
february 2018 by handcoding
Why is optical digital audio locked at full on a Mac? - mini osx mediacenter | Ask MetaFilter
"If you mess with the outbound volume at all, it changes the bitstream. If Apple isn't differntiating between 'computer sound' and 'DVD sound', as Windows does, it would damage digitally-compressed bitstreams, like Dolby Digital. It would turn them into a long hiss. Apple is probably making sure the music is truly lossless to your receiver, which normally would control the volume. However, it's possible that you're getting the worst of both worlds... it may be resampling up to 48Khz (very common on Intel-based hardware) and then refusing to do volume control on top of that."
mac  optical  audio  volume  osx  askmetafilter  ask.metafilter  2006 
february 2018 by handcoding
Roon Labs: Partners
(Well, that seems kinda neat.)
"Roon Ready network players from our partners have Roon’s high-resolution streaming technology built right in.

"Roon will discover them on your network, deliver the highest possible quality audio, and even allow volume control right from the Roon user interface!"
dacs  audio  roon  2018 
january 2018 by handcoding
Best of 2017: Creating on macOS -
(If you should ever need some audio-repair plugins, these might be worth a look:)
"I picked up iZotope RX Elements on a tip from Aaron Dowd (@thepodcastdude) and loved it. I went on to purchase Nectar and Ozone as well, and I regret nothing."
brettterpstra  audio  plugins  logic  finalcutprox  finalcutpro  recommendations  software  2018 
january 2018 by handcoding
Introducing Superphonica - Bits and Bytes - Computer Audiophile
“Superhonica is a HiFi focused marketplace where private individuals, dealers, and manufacturers all sell new and used products to the world. This isn't our grandfather's classified section. We've leveraged new technology to offer people the best buying and selling experience in the industry. Superphonica is CA's marketplace, but it isn't only for what some would consider CA type products. Superphonica is for digital audio, analog audio, music, and even products like NAS drives. In fact, this is why the marketplace goes by the name Superphonica rather than Computer Audiophile. Why limit one's buying and selling options because of a name or perceived product focus?”
audio  hometheater  forsale  2017 
january 2018 by handcoding
SoundStage! Hi-Fi | - Axiom Audio M5HP Loudspeakers
“While $968 for a pair of bookshelf speakers is still a lot of money for someone with a modest income who wants to assemble a hi-fi system, it isn’t unreasonable when you consider that the product you’re buying easily competes with far more expensive speakers, is made in North America, and probably won’t merely tempt you to spend even more on better speakers, but may well be the end of your journey. “
axiom  reviews  soundstage  2018  audio  wishlist  bookshelf 
january 2018 by handcoding
software recommendation - Can I use a Mac Mini as an Airplay audio receiver? - Ask Different
(This post—from 2012—offers some answers to this question:)
"I don't have an AppleTV (yet), but I do have a Mac Mini hooked up to some decent speakers. Is there something I can run on it, so that it acts like an Airplay audio receiver?"
airplay  mac  osx  macos  2012  audio  software 
january 2018 by handcoding
Sound Devices - USBPre 2 Portable High-Resolution Audio Interface
"USBPre 2 allows for simple plug-and-play connection to computers running Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. There are no drivers to install for the USBPre 2 and there are no software-only features. All additional controls and settings are available on back panel DIP switches. The USB port also provides power to the unit, both when connected as an audio interface and when used in Stand-Alone operation.”

(Plus, Rene Ritchie seems to like his: And see also this reply in case you were to run into that issue from Rene’s tweet:
reneritchie  usb  audio  xlr  2017  podcasting 
december 2017 by handcoding
SoundStage! Hi-Fi | - Mismatched Masters and False Frequencies -- Is MQA Better, Worse, or Just Different?
“Miller’s measurements of a 24/192 version of the title track of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” show that musical information is once again gone by 48kHz, but above that frequency, the aliasing from MQA playback is more pronounced -- beginning at about 48kHz, the signal slowly rises until about 75kHz; then it rises quickly to about 40dB at 80kHz before descending again, to trail off into the noise floor at about 96kHz. It then jumps up again at 96kHz, then cuts off, since the graph goes only to 100kHz. Again, the frequencies above 48kHz all appear to be the result of aliasing -- false frequencies that weren’t in the original recording and shouldn’t be there. Looking at this graph in particular, I was shocked at how high in level the aliasing is.”
mqa  dacs  audio  2017 
october 2017 by handcoding
"menuBUS is a lightweight menu bar application designed to capture all system audio, host realtime AudioUnit effects, and pass the processed audio to your choice of output. 

"Until now applying effects to the system audio has involved the use of multiple apps, audio drivers and aggregate devices, and in the case of paid apps that can solve this problem (many of which are fantastic applications) the user is still left with a lot of prep work and time spent managing another apps clutter.”

Among some of its features:
“Give any audio interface native keyboard volume control.” [neat!]

mac  software  macos  osx  2017  via:anildash  audio  volume  keyboard  shortcuts 
september 2017 by handcoding
The Ultimate Headphones Test
"This page helps you evaluate headphones or earbuds online to determine which one offers the best performance when comparing different pairs."
audio  testing  headphones  2017 
september 2017 by handcoding
jonathantneal/media-player: A tiny, totally cross browser, accessible, fully customizable media player
via @jon_neal: "I wrote a tiny, totally cross browser, accessible, fully customizable media player written in plain JavaScript.”
audio  video  players  accessibility  javascript  a11y 
august 2017 by handcoding
MQA Announces New Hardware and Software Partners
(From May 2017:)
"The list of MQA-enabled hardware partners continues to grow, from boutique to big brands, including: AudioQuest, CanEVER Audio, dCS, Esoteric, IAG, Krell, Lumin, Mark Levinson, MOON by Simaudio, Pro-Ject Audio Systems, TEAC and Wadax.


"MQA's existing hardware partners include: Aurender, Bel Canto, Bluesound, NAD, Brinkmann, Meridian, MSB, Mytek, Onkyo, Pioneer and Technics."
mqa  dacs  audio  2017 
august 2017 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - A a a a a Very Good Song
"I once recorded a down-tempo 5 minute song (on iPad with my iRig HD!) that I found I could listen to on a loop as background noise. I'm no musician, but it was quite inoffensive to me -- far less offensive than the first song that started with A in my iTunes library at least. So anyway, about three years ago, I renamed it to "AaAaAHHH What?" and copied it to iTunes for the very same reason as this chap here created this song with lots of A's at the start of the title."
songs  bluetooth  music  audio  2017  cars 
august 2017 by handcoding
Someone Solved Your Phone Auto-Playing Music In The Car
"Samir Mezrahi, who works for the animal site The Dodo (and is a former BuzzFeed employee) created a simple hack. He made a song that’s just nothing, with the title “A a a a a Very Good Song”. This means that instead of some loud song playing as soon as you connect your phone, you’ll be playing this silent song. Which will give you the 3 seconds you need to turn off the music player."
music  bluetooth  car  audio  2017  buzzfeed  itunes 
august 2017 by handcoding
Solved: Stuttering Audio Streaming To Apple TV Via AirPlay - The Spotify Community
(This is the thread that Dinah had suggested.)
"I'm trying to play music on an Apple TV via AirPlay (audio only, not mirroring).  The audio often stutters.  I'm using Spotify Premium."
dinah  airplay  skipping  audio  itunes  2017 
august 2017 by handcoding
How to replace the missing optical-digital audio output on newer Macs | Macworld
"The 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pros and the 2017 iMacs omit S/PDIF from their headphone jacks, as Jeff discovered. To regain digital audio output, you have to purchase a USB-based device. While Jeff has speakers that handled the decoding, all the USB devices I’ve found including a DAC under the assumption that it’s required for the analog ports the devices also include.

"Of all the hardware out there, only the Behringer U-Control UCA202 states explicitly that it works on a Mac without requiring drivers. Reviewers at Amazon seem to agree. At $30 street, it’s not a bad add-on if you really want and need digital audio output."
mac  optical  audio  2017  imac  macbookpro 
july 2017 by handcoding
SoundSource 3 Simplifies Mac Audio Management - TidBITS
"If you want even quicker access to sound-related preferences, Rogue Amoeba, masters of all things audio on the Mac, have a souped-up alternative for you: SoundSource 3. It’s actually an update to a long-dormant utility first published in the early 2000s. If you own a license to a current version of one of Rogue Amoeba’s other apps, you can register SoundSource for free. Otherwise, it’s only $10, and a free trial is available."
mac  sound  audio  apps  software  macos  osx  2017  tidbits 
july 2017 by handcoding
Manual of Analogue Sound Restoration Techniques [PDF]
"In fact, the Compact Digital Disc (CD) has two “layers” of error- correction, and (according to audio folk-culture) the format was designed to be rugged enough to allow a hole one-sixteenth of an inch diameter (1.5mm) to be drilled through the disc without audible side-effects."
cds  audio  holes  2017  errorcorrection 
july 2017 by handcoding
Micro Snitch
"This ultra-light menu bar application operates inconspicuously in the background. It monitors and reports any microphone and camera activity to help you figure out if someone’s spying on you.”
mac  snitch  mic  audio  software  macos  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
After upgrading TeamViewer on Mac to version 12.0.78517 from earl... - Page 2 - TeamViewer Community - 8258
"Another weird issue, if you go to Preferences > Audio when you have anything playing in the background (Spotify, for example) Teamviewer will either crash or volume will almost mute (until you leave the preferences panel).

"If you mess with the volume controls it somehow gets better. You can slide the volume of the Speakers up to the top and the master system volume will increase almost back to normal (not really). But as soon as you close the audio preferences the volume will just boost up to the maximum.

"My guess? The volume scale on Teamviewer doesn't match the system's volume. A 100% volume on Teamviewer's audio preferences is about 60-75% of the real system volume. Meaning that if your system volume is at about 25-40%, when you launch a Teamviewer remote session, it will get a -25%-40% "increase", leaving it to almost 0% (mute)."
teamviewer  audio  crash  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
Get what you pay for: Technics SL-1200G vs. Pioneer PLX-500 | DAR__KO
Hmm—perhaps some of these might be worth a look?
"In the future, an increasing number of hi-fi systems will be powered by a single box: streamer, DAC, phono stage, amplifier. We only have to look at the work of Vinnie Rossie, Bel Canto, Moon by SIMAudio, Peachtree Audio, AURALiC, Micromega and, the most visually striking and fully featured of them all, Devialet, to see an increasing number of super-integrateds coming to market; just add loudspeakers."
dacs  audio  leads  digitalaudioreview  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
This Just In: Microsoft Launches Native Class 2 USB Audio Support. Wait, What? - Bits and Bytes - Computer Audiophile
"What is USB audio class 2 support? In the simplest terms, UAC2 support, as it's known to some, is what enables you to play high resolution audio to a USB DAC without the need for additional software / drivers. To be precise, class 1 USB audio support enables playback of PCM music up through 24 bit / 96 kHz. Class 2 support enables much higher sample rates such as PCM 24 bit / 384 kHz and DSD (DoP) up through DSD256."
usb  audio  dacs  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
Daily Audiophile
Well, far out—it looks like this page is sort of a one-stop shop for day-to-day audio reviews.
audio  reviews  hometheater  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
Audio MIDI Setup: Your Mac’s Secret Sound Manager – The Mac Observer
"There are a couple buttons tucked away at the bottom of the device list. The plus button lets you create Multi-Output Devices -- or groups of outputs that act as a set of speakers. I set up one that includes my D3 and AirPlay so I can play the same audio at my desk and through my home entertainment center. Think of it as a poor man's Sonos in that you can play the same music through speakers in different parts of your home or office simultaneously."
audiomidisetup  2014  midi  mac  audio  music  speakers 
june 2017 by handcoding
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