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10.6: Avoid slow and CPU-intensive Time Machine backups - Mac OS X Hints
This post offers some general ideas around Finder slowing down backups—and yet the proposed ideas here aren’t at all conclusive.
backup  cpu  finder  timemachine  2010  osx  mac  macos 
14 days ago by handcoding
NAS: What You Need to Know before Buying - TidBITS
On the benefits of getting a drive designed for NAS:

“Most important, drives designed for NAS include features for minimizing data corruption, sensing and minimizing vibration, adjusting rotation speeds to last longer, and better enduring the rigors of always running.”
nas  backup  harddrives  tidbits  2019 
14 days ago by handcoding
What's the Best USB SATA Drive Adapter & Dock? | Everything USB
This page (albeit from December 2016) has a pretty great comparison of various USB and eSATA chipsets:

* “ASMedia and JMicron are the two major players in third generation USB-to-SATA bridge market. Majority of the USB 3.1 Gen.1 adapters (single-drive models) on the market are powered by either ASMedia’s ASM1153E or JMicron’s JMS578.

* “USB 3.1 Gen. 2 adapters, such as ones powered by ASMedia’s ASM1351 and VIA’s VL716, are starting to show up. Even if you don’t have the latest laptop or desktop to match, it’s worthwhile to go with the Gen. 2 adapters as they are optimized for modern SSDs.”
usb  enclosures  backup  2016  jmicron  asmedia  chipsets  esata  drives  harddrives 
16 days ago by handcoding
Review: OWC Mercury Elite Pro - Cinema Sound
“We love this thing, and we’ll be slowly replacing our dual drive enclosures with these over the next year. The Mercury Elite receives a 123 CS Rating.”
owc  backup  drives  reviews  2017 
18 days ago by handcoding
List of drives supporting UASP - What Drive Should I Buy? - StorageReview Forums
On drives that support UASP:
“The list of devices is lacluster(too old, not easily available or worth it), but the list of controllers are helpful. With the right controller + a SSD, you can have some fun. Doing a search for the Asmedia chipset/controller, these are some of them:

“Thermaltake BlacX 5G USB 3.0

“Plugable USB 3.0 SATA Hard Drive Lay-Flat Docking Station (Latest ASMedia ASM1053E Chipset)

“S2510BMU33-2.5in Aluminum USB 3.0 External SATA III SSD Hard Drive Enclosure with UASP for SATA 6 Gbps

“OWC Mercury On-The-Go Pro Portable USB 3.0 HDD(and other variants from the company)”
backup  drives  harddrives  uasp  2016 
18 days ago by handcoding
This kinda looks like a local-only version of Dropbox, sorta?

“This application is a simple versioning system for tracking changes in your important files and documents. New versions are created automatically when updates are detected in your file. You can also add versions manually as you need them.

“Versions supports any file type: Photoshop designs, Archicad or AutoCAD projects, Final Cut or After Effects media files, GarageBand music files, actually any document out there can be versioned with this application.

“The versions database can be stored in a backup folder (like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Drive) or on external drives - a good way to keep everything safe and manageable.”
mac  macos  osx  versions  2019  software  apps  backup 
4 weeks ago by handcoding
Copy Chrome extensions from one computer to another - Super User
(If you should need to recover your Chrome extensions from a backup, this looks to be the way to go:)
“1. Locate the extension folder from an existing installation. You should find it in

“Chrome user data directory → Extensions → {a 32 ‘a→p’ character hash}

“It should be fairly obvious which hash corresponds to which extension upon inspection, but you can often find a readme.txt, or a messages.json file in a _locales sudfolder, from which you can identify the extension. On my local system the hash for Adblock was cfhdojbkjhnklbpkdaibdccddilifddb (this is probably globally unique, but just check), and then there were versioned subfolders. Choosing the most recent version directory should be fine.

“2. Copy this folder to the new computer.

“3. Go to chrome://extensions in the target Chrome browser and enable ‘Developer mode’ by the checkbox in the upper right.

“4. Press ‘Load unpacked extension…’ and choose the version-number folder inside the desired extension folder.”
chrome  backup  extensions  canonical  migration  recovery  2014 
8 weeks ago by handcoding
Shirt Pocket Watch - Technical Update!
(It looks like SuperDuper now automatically mounts and unmounts the source and destination drives when doing backups:)

“We now automatically mount the source and destination volumes during automated copies. Previously, we only mounted the destination. The details are managed by sdautomatedcopycontroller, so the behavior will work for your own runs as well.

“Any volumes that were automatically mounted are automatically scheduled for unmount at the end of a successful copy. The unmounts are performed when SuperDuper quits (unless the unmount is vetoed by other applications such as Spotlight or Antivirus).”

(Also, it looks like you need to enable Full Disk Access for SuperDuper to get it to work under Mojave—)
“If you're running SuperDuper! under Mojave, you need to add it to Full Disk Access. SuperDuper! will prompt you and refuse to run until this permission has been granted.

@Due to the nature of Full Disk Access, it has to be enabled before SuperDuper is launched--that's why we don't wait for you to add it and automatically proceed.”
superduper  backup  mojave  2019  mac  osx  macos 
june 2019 by handcoding
Restoring Deleted or Previous Versions of Files – Help Desk
To restore files from Backblaze—

[Main tip: For the dropdowns for “Files backed up from” and “[Files backed up] to,” only change the “To” dropdown if you need to restore files from a certain date.]

“First, sign into your account and navigate to the View/Restore Files page and scroll down.

“To locate files that have been deleted or removed from your computer, often you need to change the ‘Files Backed Up From’ drop downs on the View/Restore Files page. Leave the ‘From’ side on ‘Beginning of Backup’ and set the ‘To’ side to a period of time when the files had not yet been deleted or removed, such as ‘7 days ago’.”
backblaze  2019  restore  help  backup  mac  macos  osx  software 
june 2019 by handcoding
Reduce backup frequency with TimeMachineEditor - Six Colors
“The solution I use to solve this problem is the free TimeMachineEditor by tclementdev (donation requested), which turns off Time Machine’s automatic scheduling and instead provides its own scheduling system that kicks off a normal Time Machine backup when appropriate. It’s a very simple tool, with three modes of operation: back up when inactive, back up on a regular timed interval, or back up at various times you define. There’s also an override to block out time when backups should never be done.”
2018  sixcolors  timemachine  backup  mac  osx  macos  software 
february 2019 by handcoding
“TimeMachineEditor is a software for macOS that lets you change the default one-hour backup interval of Time Machine. You can change the interval or create a more sophisticated scheduling (see screenshots below).

“This is useful if you don’t need to backup every hour and don’t want the performance penalty. This is also especially useful if you manipulate lots of data within one hour as you would spend the whole day backing up.”
mac  backup  timemachine  2019  software  osx  macos 
february 2019 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - iMazing Leaves Setapp
(Oh, this sounds very promising!)
“Yeah, iMazing lives up to its name, has that menuItem subApp that runs in the menubar all the time, giving me battery stats, backing up all my iDevices at 1am.

“It also does ‘device bridge upgrades’ – plug old device in. Plug new from Apple Store device in. iM sees both devices and transfers all data from old device to new device. I’ve done this 5 times already, it’s GREAT.

iphone  mjtsai  2018  backup  migration 
january 2019 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - OWC Dual Drive Dock USB 3.1
“I’ve had mostly good experiences with Other World Computing’s Dual Drive Dock USB 3.1 (Amazon). It’s the only USB 3 drive dock I’ve used that did not spontaneously unmount my drives. Previously, the only reliable dock I’d found was the Thunderbolt-based Highpoint RocketStor 5212. At $69, the OWC is less than half the (now reduced) price of the RocketStor and only $20 more than the adapter needed to connect the RocketStore to a modern Mac with USB-C.”
docks  backup  storage  2018  mjtsai  recommendations 
january 2019 by handcoding
Why You Can Use Modern SSDs for Apple Time Machine Backups – The Mac Observer
“SSDs store their data electrically, in a fashion that isn’t amendable to cusomary data recovery tools. Once an SSD fails, it’s literally a black box. On the other hand, there are some instances in which the failure of a hard disk makes it possible for data recovery services to extract a subset of the data in the drive. It’s expensive, but it can be done.”
backup  ssd  2016  timemachine  macobserver 
january 2019 by handcoding
Season Passes retained? | TiVoCommunity Forum
“Both Guru Guides and the new KidZone Guides feature in KidZone require that you modify your account settings to allow the service to have access to what is scheduled on your DVR (that’s how we can resolve conflicts, place priority, etc automatically with the new Guides).

“If you replace the hard drive on your box…well, the service sees that things are out of sync and automagically fixes that. All of the missing Season Passes, Wishlists, and Guru/KidZone Guides are automatically repopulated.

“It’s not a documented feature, nor a supported feature. So don’t call Customer Support about it. They won’t be able to help you. It’s just a side benefit of having signed up for the new Guru/KidZone Guide Features.”
tivo  seasonpasses  backup  2018 
december 2018 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - Arq Cloud Backup 1.0
“I like and use regular Arq, but it’s too hard for less technical users to set up. Arq Cloud Backup is a completely separate app that uses its own cloud service, like CrashPlan or Backblaze. And, like those services, you can restore files from a Web interface, which is not possible with regular Arq.

“The price is $5.99/month per computer or 1 TB.”
backup  arq  2018  mjtsai  mac  macos  osx 
october 2018 by handcoding
Upgrading to Mojave? Read This First. – Help Desk
“In the new macOS 10.14 Mojave update, Apple has made some privacy and security changes with their OS and as a result has changed the way Backblaze behaves after you upgrade to Mojave. We are working on a solution for this, however you will need to follow the below steps to enable Backblaze and back up your: Photos, Contacts, Calendars, Safari, Mail, or other Apple items.”
mac  macos  osx  2018  backblaze  backup  mojave 
september 2018 by handcoding
Backblaze backup is extremely inefficient. On purpose? : backblaze
(On getting Backblaze to upload an initial batch of files quickly:)
“Global Observation #1: make sure your Backblaze backup schedule is set to ‘Continuously’ and turn off all power savings modes on your computer so it does not go to sleep, and go to the ‘Performance’ tab and set it to at least 4 threads (turn off automatic throttling and slide the performance slider all the way to the right), then leave your computer on all night long. DO NOT TOUCH IT - ideally YOU (the human) go to sleep and let it backup all night long (best is 12 hour stretches). Seriously, with one night of this hopefully you’ll upload several hundred thousand files and start relaxing and knowing that Backblaze works.”
backblaze  backup  reddit  2017 
june 2018 by handcoding
How to restore my Keyboard Maestro Macros from Time Machine? - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
(To back up one’s Keyboard Maestro macros:)
“Quit Keyboard Maestro and Keyboard Maestro Engine if running.

“Restore the ~/Library/Application Support/Keyboard Maestro/ folder

“To get there, in the Finder, hold the option key down and select Library from the Go menu, then drill down into Application Support and then find the Keyboard Maestro.”
keyboardmaestro  2014  backup 
march 2018 by handcoding
TMNotifier — Easy email notifications for Time Machine
“TMNotifier monitors Apple ® Time Machine backups. If an error is detected, an email notification will be sent to the addresses you specify. TMNotifier is great for keeping track of Time Machine backups on Macs that you don't touch often, but are still important, such as servers, media centers, and employee laptops.”
timemachine  backup  software  mac  osx  2018 
february 2018 by handcoding
Shirt Pocket Watch - Snapshot Surprise!
via: @siracusa: "This allows Time Machine-like date-based restorations from bootable APFS backup drives.”
superduper  apfs  2017  backup 
december 2017 by handcoding
iMazing | iPhone, iPad & iPod Manager for Mac & PC
(This looks like kind of a neat backup jobbie for iOS devices, if you should need such a thing.)
"Quickly transfer your data to a new iPhone. Without iCloud or iTunes, you can copy everything or select the right content to transfer."
ios  backup  mac  osx  software  macos  2017 
september 2017 by handcoding
Reliability of macOS Sierra: diagnostics – The Eclectic Light Company
"Some hardware tests, particularly those for storage systems, remain appallingly weak: SMART disk diagnostic indicators are still not supported on most external storage devices, notably drives connected by USB. A free third-party kernel extension is available to address this, and DriveDx and other utilities open access to a much wider range of SMART and other diagnostic indicators, but Apple’s longstanding failure to address these issues is shocking."


"Switching from El Capitan’s traditional logs to Sierra’s unified log has proved a major trauma for all those who look to the logs for diagnostic information. Apple has, characteristically, provided no guidance or help to facilitate the transition (apart from limited information for developers, given at WWDC 2016), and both its GUI tool Console and the log command are woefully underpowered and inadequate for the purpose.

"A good example is in what used to be the OS X security log, which provided sysadmins with valuable information about who accessed a Mac, and how they did so. Comparable information is extremely hard to locate in Sierra’s new unified log, and there is no off-the-shelf method of excerpting entries equivalent to those which used to be made in El Capitan’s security log.

"For many users and support folk, Sierra’s unified log is effectively inaccessible, and no longer of any diagnostic use."
debugging  drives  backup  smart  eclecticlight  2017  mac  macos  osx 
september 2017 by handcoding
alfred-cron/pause-backup-on-specific-wifi at master · shawnrice/alfred-cron
If you should need it, this post goes over some command line bits to check whether Backblaze is running.
backblaze  shell  terminal  2017  backup 
may 2017 by handcoding
Backblaze - Complete list of command line options : msp
This post goes over the various command line options for Backblaze, such as
bztransmit -pausebackup
[if a backup is running, this politely asks it to pause]

bztransimt -completesync
[finds any new or changed files on system and starts backing up]

backblaze  bztrasmit  2015  automation  backup  mac  osx 
may 2017 by handcoding
macos - Easier way to make BackBlaze pause/resume updating - Super User
Well neat—if you Option+click on Backblaze’s menubar jobbie, it’ll offer options to show you which files still have to be backed up (among other tidbits).
backblaze  backup  mac  software  2012 
may 2017 by handcoding
Can I backup my site? - Answers
"I’ve successful built a site that I’m really pleased with in Squarespace. All good, and am about to pull the trigger on a subscription.

"However, I’m very concerned that there appears to be no way of backing up the site, and information on backups seems to be really sketchy.

"I’d really appreciate some info here, grateful for any pointers."
squarespace  backup  editing  friendlyediting  2017 
march 2017 by handcoding
Network Attached N00bs — Liss is More
On backing up a NAS:
"Fiddly: Backblaze’s B2. It’s not as straightforward as CrashPlan, and it’s considerably more expensive. However, their client is definitely supported natively on the Synology, and from what I’m told their Mac client is not a dumpster fire, unlike CrashPlan."
nas  backblaze  storage  backup  2017  caseyliss 
february 2017 by handcoding
LaCie Introduces 'World's Fastest Desktop Drive' With Thunderbolt 3 - Mac Rumors
From one of the comments:
"Too bad LaCie has the highest rate of drive failure on the market. I'd never trust my data with them unless you're looking to pay a recovery company big money.

"Source: Data recovery expert"
lacie  storage  backup  macrumors  hdd  2016 
october 2016 by handcoding
The Dropbox cache folder - Dropbox Help - Dropbox
It looks like Dropbox’s main internal folder is:

(Such as if you had wanted to exclude it from Backblaze backups.)
dropbox  backup  2016  backblaze 
october 2016 by handcoding
data recovery - How to rescue light red Time Machine backups - Ask Different
About some Time Machine problems:
"Your question & solution both would suggest there's some kind of permissions issue on the drive - essentially it doesn't think it 'belongs' to your account.

"If you've recently changed machines, or migrated there's a chance it still considers the old machine to be owner [even if the account names are the same]"
timemachine  2015  problems  backup  osx  mac 
june 2016 by handcoding
"TimeMachineEditor is a software for OS X that lets you change the default one-hour backup interval of Time Machine. You can change the interval or create a more sophisticated scheduling (see screenshots below).

"This is useful if you don’t need to backup every hour and don’t want the performance penalty. This is also especially useful if you manipulate lots of data within one hour as you would spend the whole day backing up."
mac  osx  software  timemachine  backup  2016 
june 2016 by handcoding
soma-zone: BackupLoupe
"With BackupLoupe you are able to answer questions like
• Why is Time Machine so slow?
• Why is my Time Machine drive already full?
• Which files are actually being backed up?"
timemachine  backup  osx  mac  2016  software 
june 2016 by handcoding
About Time Machine local snapshots - Apple Support
"When you enter Time Machine, a timeline appears on the right side of the screen. Each dated tick mark in the timeline is a backup, and each backup has a color when you move the pointer over it:
• A bright red tick mark is a backup that can be restored now, either from a local snapshot or your backup drive. When your backup drive isn't available, only the local snapshots are bright red.
• A dimmed red tick mark is a backup that can be restored from your backup drive after that drive becomes available. Until then, the stack of windows on the screen shows a blank window for that backup."
timemachine  backup  2016  software  apple  red 
june 2016 by handcoding
Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions 13. How are backups scheduled (and can I change that)?
This is that motherlode site with all those Time Machine tips. (This page is specifically about rejiggering Time Machine’s backup schedule.)
timemachine  backup  osx  mac  canonical  2016 
february 2016 by handcoding
Schedule & Browse Time Machine Backups With These Powerful Tools
This page offers some links to utilities and such to help configure / set up Time Machine.
timemachine  backup  mac  osx  2016 
february 2016 by handcoding
Fix Time Machine When Stuck on “Preparing Backup” in Mac OS X
This post offers some ideas about un-stalling Time Machine if it’s stuck at “preparing backup."
timemachine  2014  mac  osx  backup 
january 2016 by handcoding
Change the Time Machine Backup Schedule
This post offers some default.write bits that you can use to change Time Machine’s backup interval.
timemachine  2012  backup  mac  osx 
january 2016 by handcoding
Fix Error after running SuperDuper with El Capitan — TerraTech Podcast
Here’s that post about potential Super Duper weirdness with El Capitan.
elcapitan  2015  superduper  backup  mac  osx 
november 2015 by handcoding
Chuq Von Rospach on Twitter: "@marcoarment super duper. You need to reset your scheduled backup and run it manually."
Well, it looks like things can get a little weird in El Cap until you delete/recreate your scheduled backups in SuperDuper.
osx  mac  elcap  backup  superduper  2015 
october 2015 by handcoding
Time Machine - Troubleshooting
This is that page with the motherlode of Time Machine troubleshooting tips.
timemachine  canonical  backup  mac  osx  2015 
september 2015 by handcoding
Exploring the Relationship Between Spare Area and Performance Consistency in Modern SSDs
"OCZ's Vector and Samsung's SSD 840 Pro both deliver much better IO consistency if you simply set aside 25% of the total NAND capacity as spare area. Consumer SSD prices are finally low enough where we're no longer forced to buy the minimum capacity for our needs. Whatever drive you end up buying, plan on using only about 75% of its capacity if you want a good balance between performance consistency and capacity."
ssd  storage  backup  waf  anandtech  2012 
june 2015 by handcoding
SanDisk announces 2TB SSD in its new Extreme 900 lineup
"SanDisk announced the availability of a bunch of new external flash drives. Among many other products, the company launches Extreme 900 Portable SSD which comes with a whopping 2TB storage space (1.92TB formatted size) priced at $1,000.

"The Extreme 900 Portable SSD, which also comes in 480GB ($400) and 960GB ($600) storage options, comes cased in a compact aluminum body."
ssd  storage  backup  2015 
june 2015 by handcoding
AKiTiO Thunder2 10G Network Adapter - 10GbE to Thunderbolt 2 | AKiTiO
Hey, lookee here -- it’s a 10GbE Thunderbolt Ethernet adapter. Which you’ll probably never need (unless you might happen to find a NAS that supports 10GbE).
raid  ethernet  10gbe  thunderbolt  backup  2015 
june 2015 by handcoding
Hardware vs. Software RAID in the Real World › Backdrift Backdrift
"It seems to me that if you care about the integrity of your data and do not need ultra-intense IO performance then software RAID is a good choice. You’ll get the same core features as hardware with a standard management and monitoring suite."
hardwareraid  softwareraid  2015  raid  hardware  software  storage  backup 
june 2015 by handcoding
Linux: Why software RAID?
This page offers a pretty decent comparison of hardware RAID vs. software RAID. (And on balance, it kinda looks like software RAID might win out.)
softwareraid  hardwareraid  software  hardware  raid  backup  storage  2015 
june 2015 by handcoding
storage - BBWC: in theory a good idea but has one ever saved your data? - Server Fault
"Sure. I've had battery-backed cache (BBWC) and later flash-backed write cache (FBWC) protect in-flight data following crashes and sudden power loss."
raid  backup  bbwc  serverfault  2014 
june 2015 by handcoding
Software vs hardware RAID performance and cache usage - Server Fault
This post gives a pretty good run-down of software RAID vs. hardware RAID, including this tidbit about SSD drives: "if you plan to use SSD, software RAID is preferred. My best choice is Linux MD Raid. If you need ZFS advanced features, go with ZRAID but carefully think about your vdev setup!"
raid  softwareraid  hardwareraid  2015  comparison  backup  storage 
june 2015 by handcoding
What's the Difference Between USB UASP And BOT | Embedded content from Electronic Design
"It has been estimated (as explained in the UASP standard) that an actual sustained data throughput of 400 MB/sec may be attainable using UASP, compared to an estimated limit of only 250 MB/sec for BOT operation on a USB 3.0 link without UASP."
usb  usb3  uasp  scsi  backup  storage  2015 
june 2015 by handcoding
Data Backup and Recovery Software Speeds Up: Backblaze 4.0
(About Backblaze's new threading setup:) "Backblaze 4.0 includes threading in our Mac and Windows software clients. Threading allows Backblaze to optimize upload and downloads speeds if there is network latency in the Internet connection between the computer and Backblaze.

"While threading is pretty cool, let’s take a minute to see if this is something that can improve your upload speed. We created two different sets of questions you can use to see if you can benefit from threading: one set for 'regular users' and another set for 'advanced users.'"
backblaze  backup  2015  threading 
june 2015 by handcoding
The Best WordPress Plugins Since the Dawn of Time
This page goes over a *pretty comprehensive* collection of plugins, including SEO plugins, WordPress backup, WordPress caching, and others.
wordpress  lists  plugins  canonical  2015  backup  seo  comments 
may 2015 by handcoding
OWC ThunderBay 4 mini – compact Thunderbolt 2 External RAID-5 Solution utilizing 2.5" Drives
This is a bit like that other OWC drive but it looks like you can get this preconfigured with SSDs (up to 4 TB). So that’s not too shabby. (Caveat: the usable space would be smaller, once you RAID them.)
raid  nas  storage  backup  owc  2015  ssd 
april 2015 by handcoding
OWC ThunderBay 4 - Software RAID 5 Thunderbolt 2 External Enclosure
This actually looks kinda tempting. It has a Thunderbolt connection and 4 drive bays. (Plus, it doesn’t look half bad either.)
raid  nas  backup  owc  storage  ssd  2015 
april 2015 by handcoding G-Technology G-DRIVE 1TB External Hard Drive w/ eSATA, USB 2.0, Firewire 400, Firewire 800 Interfaces 0G00199: Electronics
Just for reference, this is your 3 TB G-Drive, which you bought on May 22, 2012 -- the applicable bit being the model number, 0G01973.
backup  storage  hdd  gdrive  gtechnology  2015  amazon 
march 2015 by handcoding
Time Machine: How to transfer backups from a current backup drive to a new backup drive - Apple Support
"Time Machine: How to transfer backups from a current backup drive to a new backup drive
Learn how to transfer your existing Time Machine backups to a new drive to use for your Time Machine backups."
timemachine  backup  2015  apple 
march 2015 by handcoding
FileGoBack | Sheep Systems
FileGoBack looks to be an alternate interface for Time Machine -- it looks pretty decent.
timemachine  backup  mac  osx  2012  10.7  software 
november 2014 by handcoding
Horcrux IMAP email backup for Mac OS X
This looks like a pretty intriguing option for backing up IMAP and even migrating IMAP messages from one server to another. (The only downside is that it requires 10.7, OS X Lion.)
email  backup  imap  migration  2014  apps  software  10.7 
august 2014 by handcoding
Oyen Digital Shadow Mini review: a $600 1TB portable SSD that's a great deal | Macworld
"Numbers speak for themselves. The Shadow Mini is at a great price, especially considering the limited selection of 1TB portable SSDs on the market. You can find USB 3.0 ports on just about any modern computer, and the Shadow Mini is plenty fast too."
storage  ssd  2014  drives  backup  reviews  macworld  wishlist 
july 2014 by handcoding
About Time Machine's 'local snapshots' on Mac notebooks
"You may notice a difference in available space statistics between Disk Utility, Finder, and Get Info inspectors. Those differences are expected and can be safely ignored. The Finder displays the available space on the disk without accounting for the local snapshots, because local snapshots will surrender their disk space if needed."
osx  2013  mac  timemachine  backup 
october 2013 by handcoding
Drobo 5D Review |
"I decided to try the new Thunderbolt-based Drobo 5D as my vault."
storage  backup  thunderbolt  drobo  2013 
february 2013 by handcoding
Mountain Lion 101: Multi-volume Time Machine | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
"In Mountain Lion, that changes. Time Machine has gained full support for multiple listed target volumes; just add the additional backup drives in System Preferences. Time Machine will automatically rotate backup targets, using all drives alternately -- or if only one is available, it will target that until the other drives come back. Restores default to using the most recent available backup set, as they should."
timemachine  osx  mac  backup  2012  mountainlion 
august 2012 by handcoding
Save an Archive of All of Your Tweets With IFTTT and Dropbox
"So, to sum up, here are all of the useful IFTTT recipes that have popped up today for saving a personal archive of your tweets."
twitter  backup  ifttt  dropbox  2012 
july 2012 by handcoding
Hidden local backups with Mac OS X Lion filling up your MacBook hard disk! - 0x4e71
"If you go to 'About this Mac' and 'More information', check the 'hard disk' tab. You will find some information on how many GB are used for 'Backup'. In my case there were 35GB stored on my local drive. Without me even noticing."
mac  osx  lion  timemachine  backup  2011 
august 2011 by handcoding
Drobo 2011 Back to School Program
"Purchase a Drobo from any Drobo Authorized Reseller and receive up to $100 cash back through our Mail-in Rebate." (Looks like this is valid from August 1 - September 30, 2011.)
drobo  backup  storage  rebates  2011 
august 2011 by handcoding
OS X Lion loses compatibility with some network-attached storage drives | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence
"CNet has discovered that OS X Lion users lose support for Time Machine backups with third-party NAS hard drives." (Looks like Netgear already has an updated firmware out for their ReadyNAS product and Synology apparently has a beta firmware that's compatible.)
lion  2011  osx  mac  backup  storage  nas  drobo 
july 2011 by handcoding
10.5: [How to] Use multiple Time Machine disks for redundancy - Mac OS X Hints
"Time machine, at least as of 10.5.6, will gladly maintain multiple Time Machine disks. [...] All you need to do is attach the disk and tell Time Machine to use it. When you are ready to swap drives, attach the other and tell Time Machine to use it instead."
timemachine  backup  2009  mac  osx 
april 2010 by handcoding
Working with a robot: Drobo in action - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
In this post, the author reviews the Drobo (2nd gen) and he seems quite pleased with it.
2009  reviews  storage  backup  drobo 
january 2009 by handcoding
What are the iTunes library files? | Apple Support
This page lists the locations for the iTunes library database files (for both OS X and Windows).
itunes  xml  apple  osx  windows  library  backup 
december 2008 by handcoding
Formatting the Drobo for Time Machine Backups | NSLog();
This post goes over some strategies for setting up a Drobo for use with Time Machine.
timemachine  backup  mac  osx  drobo  storage  hdd  2008  via:gruber 
november 2008 by handcoding
Online Storage: Online Storage Feature-by-Feature Comparison Chart | Lifehacker
"Here's our feature-by-feature comparison chart of the current roster of online storage services. (All of these services offer some form of security and privacy with uploaded files, along with, in most cases, the ability to share and/or collaborate on documents.)"
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october 2008 by handcoding
My Photo and Computer Back-up Strategy | Photoshop Insider
In this post, Scott Kelby goes over his photo backup strategy.
photography  backup  storage  scottkelby  2008 
may 2008 by handcoding
Backup your actions @Digital Outback Photo
This page goes over how to backup your Photoshop actions.
photoshop  actions  backup 
april 2008 by handcoding
AppleInsider | Exploring Time Capsule: WiFi 802.11n and the 5GHz band
This article goes over the 802.11n-only mode with a Time Capsule and the speed benefits that it may offer.
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april 2008 by handcoding
<< shiftedbits » Time Machine Exclusions
Though a bit esoteric for most (if not virtually all) Mac users, this page lists the files and directories that are excluded from Time Machine's backups. Mostly it's logs and similar stuff, but Apache's logs might be needed for some people, in theory.
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february 2008 by handcoding
Installing Leopard : Near Perfection
"What happens if you temporarily pause using one Time Machine backup disk, begin using a second, and then switch back to the first? Does Time Machine 'catch up' on those missed days? Well, for a sample of one, I can say ... yes."
timemachine  backup  mac  osx  leopard 
february 2008 by handcoding
James Duncan Davidson > Restoring from Time Machine
"Restoring an entire disk, however, is the acid test of any backup system. While setting up my new desktop, I took the opportunity to test out how well Time Machine works in a disk restore situation. As the saying goes: trust, but verify."
osx  mac  timemachine  backup 
february 2008 by handcoding
Make your Time Machine drive more useful and more boot-iful - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
Basic steps to this suggestion: use Disk Utility to clone your Leopard DVD to an external drive. Then, use Time Machine to backup to that external drive. Should a backup be needed, at that point, you can boot off that external drive and restore.
timemachine  leopard  mac  osx  backup 
february 2008 by handcoding
Time Machine HDD Swap: The Secret of the Time Machine-Assisted Hard Drive Swap
"There's never been a better time to void the warranty on your MacBook and upgrade to one of those sweet 2.5" WD Scorpio 320GB drives. That was what made me throw caution to the wind and attempt a Time Machine-assisted swap. The good news is, it works []"
apple  backup  mac  timemachine  osx  storage  upgrades 
december 2007 by handcoding
Apple: Leopard Disk Utility Format Issue Screws With Time Machine (But There's An Easy Fix)
"The bad news is, we have discovered a Leopard-related issue that may very well throw a monkey wrench into your Time Machine [if you're trying to use] a previously PC-formatted drive [...]. The good news is, there is an easy—albeit none-too-obvious—fi
timemachine  leopard  mac  backup  osx  hdd 
december 2007 by handcoding
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