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MacOS Mojave broke simulate keystroke (ctrl + arrow) - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
(Apparently simulated keys don’t work in Mojave if it’s a keyboard shortcut of an existing app and the shortcut include arrows or function keys.)

“Yes, simulated keys that are hot keys of the system or other applications, that use arrows or function keys apparently don’t trigger the hot keys in Mojave.

“I have reported this to Apple (and done all the hard work of providing them with a test application). No idea if they will resolve it, for all I know they think this is a security feature.”
mojave  keyboardmaestro  2019  mac  macos  osx  10.14  bugs  functionkeys  keyboardshortcuts 
6 weeks ago by handcoding
48 keys are plenty – a review of the Planck after 3 years : olkb
Apparently there are some QMK bugs relating to shifted keycodes.
qmk  bugs  issues  keyboards  reddit  shift  2019 
june 2019 by handcoding
Rolling quickly from KC_EXLM to KC_EQL types `!+` rather than `!=` · Issue #4072 · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub
“I can reproduce this with any shifted key followed by a non shifted key. I guess the emulated shift isn't cancelled before the = keycode is sent?

“I'm on a rev_5 planck, this keymap. Though I'm certainly a few commits behind master, so if nobody can reproduce I'll double check that the problem persists in master.

“(I'm also not 100% sure that this couldn't be a hardware issue? Haven't looked in to how KC_EXLM is implemented.)”
qmk  bugs  issues  keyboards  2018 
june 2019 by handcoding
Rollover 'delayed' when pressing both unshifted and shifted keycodes at the same time · Issue #1708 · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub
“I have both = and + bound to seperate keys in my keymap. When I first press one of them, then press the other while the first key is still being held, the second keypress does not register.
If I press the second key a second time (or keep holding it) while the first key is still being pressed, then those presses are registered.

“I found this behaviour while typing +=. Apparently I often still have my finger on + while already typing the =. I would expect to immediately get the = like it is the case with other keys.

“This also happens with other keycodes that are basically shifted/unshifted versions of the same key, such as { and [.”
qmk  keyboards  bugs  issues  2019 
june 2019 by handcoding
1540995 - calling click() on a disabled checkbox must not toggle its checked state
Hoo boy—this could be a bit of a doozy.
“calling click() on a disabled checkbox must not toggle its checked state”
firefox  bugzilla  2019  bugs  click  disabled 
may 2019 by handcoding
[CotEditor performance issues with large files] 文字種によってファイルの終端の近くで矢印キー押下によるカーソル移動が極端に遅くなる · Issue #957 · coteditor/CotEditor
It looks like Karabiner might have a known performance issue when editing large files? Hopefully this might be fixed for v3.7.5, which isn’t out just yet (as of May 24, 2019).
coteditor  bugs  performance  2019  github  mac  macos  osx  software 
may 2019 by handcoding
Ricky Mondello on Twitter: "We’d be happy to take a look if you file a bug with a `sudo sysdiagnose Safari`.… "
(Ricky on filing Safari bugs, such as for Becky’s problem where Safari was losing her browser history:)
“We’d be happy to take a look if you file a bug with a `sudo sysdiagnose Safari`.”
safari  rmondello  history  apple  bugs  2019  twitter 
april 2019 by handcoding
Bring back option to show notification only when certain words appears in chat. – Customer Feedback for Skype
“In a new Skype there is an option to Notify about new messages only when user is mentioned in chat. It used to be an option to actually use certain words to trigger notifications. It’s very welcome in large chat rooms with many participants.”
microsoft  skype  uservoice  2019  features  bugs 
april 2019 by handcoding
Properly restore ability to vary the font and font size of chat – Customer Feedback for Skype
“In Skype 7, it was possible to set the choice of font and the precise size of the font to be used for chats. In Skype 8, this was removed.

“Skype 8 has added a choice of five vaguely-named sizes but does not allow selection of the font or proper control of the font size.

“We therefore request the restoration of the actual settings available in Skype 7:

“- Choice of font, from all fonts available on the system
“- Choice of exact font size, as a number”
skype  uservoice  2019  microsoft  bugs  features  software  fonts 
april 2019 by handcoding
Add the ability to customize different types of notifications and its settings for calling/receiving/IM, ringtones, volume, online/offline.. – Customer Feedback for Skype
“possibility to modify sounds and notifications like in Skype 7
“- startup and quit sound
“- ringtones (in/out coming)
“- volume
“- when somebody goes online/offline
“- ability to disable all notifications
“- notification even when active”
skype  uservoice  2019  microsoft  features  bugs  software 
april 2019 by handcoding
Add more emoticons + option to turn off emoji conversions – Customer Feedback for Skype
Here’s the Microsoft UserVoice page for “Add more emoticons + option to turn off emoji conversions” for Skype.
microsoft  skype  uservoice  2019  bugs  emoji 
april 2019 by handcoding
Rob Dodson on Twitter: "Shitposting aside... Here's the deal with position: sticky. If you have overflow: hidden on _any_ ancestor element then the whole thing breaks."
“Here’s the deal with position: sticky.

“If you have overflow: hidden on _any_ ancestor element then the whole thing breaks.”

(@popcornpool then added—)
“I know 🤦‍♂️ the spec doesn’t specify the intended behavior. there’s been an issue to open about it for a while:”
css  overflow  hidden  position  sticky  rob_dodson  twitter  2019  bugs 
april 2019 by handcoding
Unexpected keyboard focus of inactive tab in a tablist · Issue #132 · FreedomScientific/VFO-standards-support
“When interacting with an ARIA Tab widget, it’s common to set the currently active tab to have a tabindex=0 and to set the inactive tabs to have a tabindex=-1. When testing various different implementations of Tab widgets, it was noticed that if navigating by the virtual cursor, and then hitting the Tab key, keyboard focus would be set to the first tab in the tablist, regardless of whether or not it was the currently active tab / the tab with the tabindex=0.

“Removing the possibility that incorrect JavaScript/focus management could be to blame, a reduced test case continues to display this behavior across browsers.”
jaws  bugs  tabs  tablists  aria  accessibility  a11j  2019  github 
january 2019 by handcoding
Feature request: Display the font that’s in use rather than the whole font stack · Issue #9 · phallstrom/SafariFontScope
(This is the bug that you filed for the SafariFontScope extension about displaying just the font that’s in use.)
“Just to put this out there—as a potential feature or option, might it be possible to display the font that’s in use rather than the whole font stack?”
SafariFontScope  github  bugs  safari  extensions  fonts  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
CSS generated content not included in accessible name calculation - Microsoft Edge Development
Steve Faulkner filed this bug in September 2018—apparently “CSS generated content not included in accessible name calculation”
css  generated  generatedcontent  bugs  accessibility  a11y  edge  2018 
september 2018 by handcoding
John Scalzi on Twitter: "I'm about to post a cool picture BUT it is of a spider, so I'm going to give the arachnophobes amongyou a couple of minutes to get ready. I'm going to use the hashtag #CoolSpider in the tweet, so if you hate spiders, go ahead and
(If you gotta tweet about bugs, this is a pretty good way to do it.)
“I’m about to post a cool picture BUT it is of a spider, so I’m going to give the arachnophobes amongyou a couple of minutes to get ready. I’m going to use the hashtag #CoolSpider in the tweet, so if you hate spiders, go ahead and mute that hashtag now. I’ll post at 7:55 ET.”
bugs  spiders  triggerwarnings  2018  scalzi 
september 2018 by handcoding
Potential bug—Pasting text can take a few seconds if “Link URLs in document” is turned on · Issue #831 · coteditor/CotEditor
“It would seem that pasting any amount of text into a large-ish document can take several seconds if CotEditor’s ‘Link URLs in document’ option is turned o”
coteditor  2018  bugs  issues  github  pasting  software 
july 2018 by handcoding
163674 - [spellchecker] should catch repeated consecutive words
It looks like this bug was marked as a duplicate of “Thunderbird should have a grammar checker.” >:-[.
thunderbird  spellchecker  bugs  bugzilla  2018 
july 2018 by handcoding
The current state of modal dialog accessibility | The Paciello Group – Your Accessibility Partner (WCAG 2.0/508 audits, VPAT, usability and accessible user experience)
“There is an issue with iOS Safari + VoiceOver where if an element is initially set to display: none;, even when updated to display: block; VoiceOver will not move focus to the element, even if focus is programmatically set. I’ve found to get around this bug, the CSS for dialogs should instead use visibility: hidden; for their inactive state, and visibility: visible;when they are displayed.”
voiceover  bugs  2018  accessibility  a11y  display  none 
july 2018 by handcoding
Is this the longest-running bug in macOS? – The Eclectic Light Company
“What you should then see are two columns: the first is the listing of your Documents folder just as before, but that to the right now fills the rest of the window as its width is incorrectly calculated. Select a folder within that and the window is almost useless, as the bug propagates down through the files and folders.

“There are two good workarounds. The first is to select a different folder in Documents, then use the back button to return to your chosen folder, with its width correctly displayed. Even neater is to click on the back button to return to Applications (but this time don’t click on any of its contents), then click on the forward button.”
mac  macos  osx  bugs  2018  eclecticlight 
july 2018 by handcoding
Job on Twitter: "Building a tabpanel, noticing VoiceOver announces each `role="tab"` as selected unless I explicitly set `aria-selected` to "false". Is this expected behaviour? @heydonworks @MichielBijl @stommepoes"
"Building a tabpanel, noticing VoiceOver announces each `role="tab"` as selected unless I explicitly set `aria-selected` to "false". Is this expected behaviour? "

To which Michiel replied:

"'The active tab element has the state aria-selected set to true and all other tab elements have it set to false.'

And then Heydon asked, "Interesting! In practice, I guess only the selected tab is usually announced (because it's the only one ever focused), but I did not know this."

To which Michiel replied:
"Depends on whether you switch on focus or require user activation. Both patterns are in the guide."

And Mallory chimed in with:
"Not having aria-selected as an attribute somehow equalling true automagically sounds very, very, very wrong. Is this listed somewhere?? (in the way aria-multiline=false is states as a default for textboxes in a combobox)"

And then Michiel quoted:
"'If no DOM element in the widget is explicitly marked as selected, assistive technologies MAY convey implicit selection which follows the keyboard focus of the managed focus widget.'

'If any DOM element in the widget is explicitly marked as selected, the user agent MUST NOT convey implicit selection for the widget.'"

"So it depends on whether @detonite set aria-selected to true on any of the tabs. If not, it’s correct behaviour. If they did, VoiceOver messed up and should only announce the tab with aria-selected=true as the selected one."

And then Mallory asked,
"So wait. If I have 3 tabs with no aria-selected attr at all (I removeAttr'd them) and one has aria-selected=true, then the others shouldn't be seen as true by default, right? I've been removing attrs instead of setting strings to false for some components. This is hard to read."

To which Michiel replied:
"In theory, yes. That’s also how it works in practice with Safari 11.0.2 on macOS 10.13.2.

"In that example only the Job tab is announced as selected."

To which Job added:
"Not in VO on El Capitan, that sounds like a bug. I just checked, this behaves the same as my own code."

And Michiel replied with:
"Okay, so bug in El Capitan that has been fixed in either Sierra (10.12) or High Sierra (10.13)."

And Job replied to say,
"So that's two identified bugs in VO since this week. Bah. (The other was aria-current, with @JulezRulez and @LeonieWatson)"

And Michiel asked,
"Also in El Capitan?"

And Job replied:
"Sorry, yes - both of these I've confirmed in El Capitan only."
tabs  aria  accessibility  a11y  2018  detonite  michielbijl  stommepoes  tabpanel  bugs  voiceover 
january 2018 by handcoding
They Write the Right Stuff
"But how much work the [space shuttle] software does is not what makes it remarkable. What makes it remarkable is how well the software works. This software never crashes. It never needs to be re-booted. This software is bug-free. It is perfect, as perfect as human beings have achieved. Consider these stats : the last three versions of the program — each 420,000 lines long-had just one error each. The last 11 versions of this software had a total of 17 errors. Commercial programs of equivalent complexity would have 5,000 errors."
space  nasa  development  bugs  1996  fastcompany  spaceshuttle 
december 2017 by handcoding
191385 - Temporary files downloaded to ~/Desktop
This is that Firefox bug about how it saves temporary files to the desktop instead of to the temp folder.
firefox  mac  temp  2017  bugzilla  bugs 
november 2017 by handcoding
David Barnard on Twitter: "Apple friends, I’d really appreciate if someone could make sure this gets to the right team & flagged high priority."
(This is about that [Environment: Sandbox] bug in iOS 11:)
"Apple friends, I’d really appreciate if someone could make sure this gets to the right team & flagged high priority."
ios  ios11  environment  sandbox  environmentsandbox  bugs  drbarnard  twitter  iap  software  2017 
november 2017 by handcoding
657157 - Issue with skip links that are visible only on focus - chromium - Monorail
(It looks like TalkBack has some wonkiness when a page has a hidden skip link:)
"The reason this doesn't work is because when you navigate with TalkBack, it moves 'accessibility focus' but doesn't move focus unless you explicitly click on an element...but then when you double-tap it simulates a click event, so that won't trigger a click on a hidden element."
skiplinks  2017  bugs  talkback  android  chrome  accessibility  a11y 
october 2017 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - Bug in Skylake and Kaby Lake Hyper-threading
"This advisory is about a processor/microcode defect recently identified on Intel Skylake and Intel Kaby Lake processors with hyper-threading enabled. This defect can, when triggered, cause unpredictable system behavior: it could cause spurious errors, such as application and system misbehavior, data corruption, and data loss."
mjtsai  skylake  intel  kabylake  processors  bugs  2017 
october 2017 by handcoding
VoiceOver and list-style-type: none – Unfettered Thoughts
"A bug that keeps hitting me at work is VoiceOver not announcing unordered lists properly when either the list-style-type is set to none or display is set to inline."
voiceover  bugs  list-style-type  lists  accessibility  a11y  2017 
september 2017 by handcoding
The Accessibility Bugs in iOS 11 for Blind and Low Vision Users; From Serious To Minor | AppleVis
"Today brings the release of iOS 11. And, as is generally the case with major updates of iOS, it comes with some new bugs for blind and low vision users. So, to help you with making an informed decision as to whether to update your device, we bring you here, details of the bugs that members of the AppleVis Editorial Team have identified during their own testing of iOS 11."
ios11  ios  bugs  accessibility  a11y  2017 
september 2017 by handcoding
Reliability of macOS Sierra: scheduled and background activities – The Eclectic Light Company
"In Sierra, the DAS and CTS dispatching system now manages more than seventy activities at most times, one of which is Time Machine’s scheduled backups. However, in Sierra at least, this system has a bug which results in its breakdown: backups suddenly become irregular or stop altogether, and the other activities also become unreliable.

"When this happens, it is tempting to revert to scheduling backups using the older launchd mechanism, and that will certainly restore them. But it does nothing for the seventy or so other services which the DAS and CTS dispatching system manages. It is a bit like a ‘get-you-home’ spare wheel in a car: it buys you time and sufficient mileage to get to a garage and get a new tyre."
mac  macos  osx  timemachine  backups  bugs  sierra  highsierra  2017 
august 2017 by handcoding
163658 – AX: link to container with fragment identifier that has tabindex results in container not being read and ignored by VoiceOver
(Patrick Lauke filed this bug in October 2016:)
"Due to focus management issues in some browsers, one common approach for skip links is to link to a container with an id that also has an explicit tabindex attribute, making it focusable.

"<a href="#content">Skip to main content</a>
<div id="content" tabindex="-1">...</div>

"However, it seems that this sort of (fairly common) skip link pattern breaks in iOS10/VoiceOver/Safari. Specifically, it seems that if the target container has a tabindex attribute, VoiceOver does move the accessibility focus to the container, but announces nothing."
voiceover  safari  ios10  ios  bugs  bugzilla  accessibility  tabindex  2017  a11y 
july 2017 by handcoding
aria-expanded test
This is your CodePen that you used to uncover the bug in JAWS 18 in which it doesn’t recognize when the currently focused <button>’s aria-expanded state has changed if the expanded content is above the <button>.
jaws  jaws18  bugs  accessibility  a11y  aria-expanded  aria  2017 
july 2017 by handcoding
1364158 - When downloading multiple messages (headers or full messages), Thunderbird should do batch IMAP requests
"Right now, whenever Thunderbird needs to download multiple messages or message headers, it uses individual IMAP commands to fetch each message's data separately.

"This isn't a big deal when only a small number of messages are being fetched, but it's much slower than it needs to be when many messages are being fetched, for example, when a folder with a lot of messages in it is opened for the first time, or when a folder is repaired.

"For example, in one test I ran, downloading all the message headers in a folder containing 1,000 messages takes on average 9.1s when separate requests are executed for each message, or 0.2s when they're all batched together, a speed improvement of 98%. I've attached the script I used to perform this test."

This can make a huge difference when a lot of messages are being downloaded.
thunderbird  imap  email  downloading  bugs  bugzilla  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
Bug? Filter Clipboard → Smart Quotes doesn’t seem to be smartening apostrophes - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
"Is it just me or does Filter Clipboard → Smart Quotes not seem to be smartening apostrophes?

"More specifically, I created a macro that takes the currently selected text and runs Filter Clipboard → Smart Quotes on it, but it doesn’t seem to be smartening the apostrophes within the selected text (?)."
keyboardmaestro  bugs  forums  text  apostrophes  smartening  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
Text wrap in Contacts Notes not working after i... | Official Apple Support Communities
"This temporary "work-around" is from Papa Bill. It works and provides a temporary solution until an Apple patch comes out:
I'm having the same problem and after some experimenting, I discovered a "work-around".

"My Contacts fall into 2 categories, depending on the length of the text in their Notes field:
"1 - Long Notes - long enough that they need to wrap when viewed on my iPhone screen.
2 - Short Notes - short enough that they don't need to wrap (including Contacts without Notes).

"If I open my Contacts app and view only Contacts with Long Notes, they never wrap.
But, after I open JUST ONE Contact with Short Notes, all subsequent Contacts I open wrap as required.

"Closing my Contact app and opening it again puts me back into the "no wrap" state."
contacts  wordwrap  ios  2016  bugs  notes 
may 2017 by handcoding
Changing order of Thunderbird email address autocomplete? - Super User
"Thunderbird stores the number of times an E-Mail address is used, and uses that to sort the autocomplete list.

"There was a bug in Thunderbird 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 that broke this feature for people who upgraded from Thunderbird 2, resulting in an apparently random sort.

"The bug was fixed in 3.0.2, so if you upgrade to the current version (or create a new profile), it will once again autocomplete the most frequently used E-Mail addresses first."
thunderbird  email  sorting  2010  bugs 
april 2017 by handcoding
454172 - Focus Link Target (sequential focus navigation starting point) - chromium - Monorail
Here’s the (fixed) bug about skip links acting weirdly in Chrome.

(And this other bug—which is also about skip links—has apparently just also been fixed, as of April 2017:
safari  skiplinks  accessibility  bugs  chrome  tabindex  2017 
april 2017 by handcoding
Intent to implement: Accessibility Object Model - Google Groups
"This effort aims to create a JavaScript API to allow developers to modify (and eventually explore) the accessibility tree for an HTML page."
chrome  accessibility  accessibilitytree  bugs  2017  a11y 
march 2017 by handcoding
Sorting the “Manage” screen’s list of styles? · Issue #26 · 350d/stylish
"I’m using Stylish 1.9.8 with Safari 10.0.3 (on macOS 10.11.6). And I was wondering if it might be possible to case-insensitively sort the userstyles on Stylish's 'Manage' screen?"
stylish  bugs  extensions  css  safari  2017 
march 2017 by handcoding
Known bugs in El Capitan 10.11.6: an incomplete summary – The Eclectic Light Company
"After a certain period working in El Capitan, attempts to drag and drop or otherwise cut/copy and paste content fail with a Core Foundation error. In the case of drag and drop, this is likely to be the result of a memory leak, or similar. I have discussed this issue here. Once it occurs, the only way to restore normal function seems to be to log off and log back on again (or restart)."
mac  osx  10.11.6  bugs  keyboard  clipboard 
november 2016 by handcoding
1000082 – [AccessFu] When virtual focus is on a button or link, fire actual focus on the element, too
via Patrick: "When virtual focus is on a button or link, fire actual focus on the element, too"
bugzilla  firefox  mozilla  bugs  accessibility  a11y  focus  2016 
october 2016 by handcoding
816327 – Constantly "Downloading M of N in All Mail" or Inbox messages from Gmail IMAP account, slows system
(This bug may appear to be about Gmail, but this bug also applies to IMAP in general.)
"Constantly 'Downloading M of N in All Mail' or Inbox messages from Gmail IMAP account, slows system"
bugzilla  thunderbird  2016  bugs  email  downloading 
september 2016 by handcoding
Command limitations in Dragon for Mac
As of April 2016:
"In Dragon for Mac, the following commands might not execute:
Show links
Click links
Move Mouse <direction>"
dragon  nuance  2016  bugs  links 
july 2016 by handcoding
How and Where To Report Accessibility Bugs | CSUN 2016 | Whose Line Is It Anyway?
"How and Where To Report Accessibility Bugs—Current List of Bug Tracker Systems"
a11y  bugs  apple  firefox  nvda  jaws  safari  2016  accessibility 
june 2016 by handcoding
1019425 – When TalkBack is suspended, Firefox partially behaves as if it isn't
This is that Firefox on Android bug where, as Billy put it, "in FF when you suspend talkback, it breaks the browser."
firefox  bugs  bugzilla  talkback  android  accessibility  a11y  2016 
may 2016 by handcoding
Issue 444853 - chromium - Text scaling factor in accessibility settings only applies to paragraphs - Monorail
On Android, it looks like "Text scaling factor in accessibility settings only applies to paragraphs."
bugs  android  accessibility  talkback  2016 
march 2016 by handcoding
English tweak: “Link URL in document” → “Link URLs” · Issue #515 · coteditor/CotEditor
(This is your CotEditor bug about changing “Link URL in document” to “Link URLs"
coteditor  bugs  github  2016  mac  software  osx 
march 2016 by handcoding
1147359 – aria-hidden state not honoured with CSS generated content
This is that bug that Léonie filed about aria-hidden not working inside <button>s in Firefox.
aria-hidden  aria  accessibility  bugs  bugzilla  firefox  buttons  2015 
december 2015 by handcoding
#3321 (Fieldsets that contain a checkbox grouping does not read the legend at times) – NVDA Trac
Here’s that NVDA bug about how it doesn’t handle <legend>s properly if there’s an <a> in the <legend>.
nvda  legend  anchor  accessibility  a11y  bugs  2015  fieldset 
december 2015 by handcoding
Kinesis Advantage - Deskthority wiki
"The controller is reported to have bugs with the Caps Lock state and the Shift keys staying active. The state should normalize by pressing the key.

"Kinesis has known about this bug for some time. Unfortunately, the developer of the firmware had gone out of business. This is supposed to be fixed in a new revision of the keyboard scheduled for release in 2013."
kinesis  keyboards  bugs  command  option  2015 
november 2015 by handcoding
Hoefler&Co. on Twitter: "Regarding that Acrobat rendering bug, here again's the fix from @caspianievers: turn this pref off."
"@HoeflerCo: Regarding that Acrobat rendering bug, here again's the fix from @caspianievers: turn this pref off. [enhance thin lines]"
acrobat  bugs  fonts  typography  thinlines  2015 
august 2015 by handcoding
1042195 – 1Password Extension does not work with e10s
It looks like the 1Password extension isn't compatible with Firefox's e10s project. (Bug was filed 2014-07-22, and still open as of 2015-01-23.)
1password  firefox  e10s  extensions  bugs  bugzilla  2015 
january 2015 by handcoding
Twitter / rogerjohansson: Can't figure out why IE won't ...
"Can't figure out why IE won't apply text-overflow:ellipsis? Check if the element (or an ancestor) has word-wrap:break-word."
ie  css  text-overflow  ellipsis  bugs  2014  word-wrap 
january 2014 by handcoding
Cool Tools – Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Appliance
"I’ve used one of these for years while fishing in the Everglades, one of the worst mosquito environments in the world, and it just plain works. [...] It gives you a 15 foot “bubble” of protection using a butane cartridge to heat a pad of repellent." (Well, how about that.)
bugs  mozzies  cooltools  recommendations  2013 
march 2013 by handcoding
css - Google Chrome text shadow rendering - Stack Overflow
"Google Chrome has an extremely annoying defect in its implementation of CSS3 text-shadow. The sub-pixel antialiasing is turned off when text-shadow is applied." (via:
chrome  bugs  text-shadow  2011  typography  antialiasing  css  testcase 
november 2011 by handcoding
Webkit Mac Antialiasing Test
"In Webkit browsers on Mac, @font-face fonts render with whatever antialiasing setting the previously rendered text was using."
webkit  antialiasing  fonts  typography  @font-face  css  bugs  2011 
november 2011 by handcoding
JAWS, IE and Headings in HTML5 | Articles | Accessible Culture
"You'll have to make up your own mind on how you deal with this issue. For me, until there's broad support for the h1-only approach across most screen readers and browsers in use, I'll take the more backwards-compatible route and use appropriately ranked h1 to h6 elements in my HTML5 pages."
a11y  accessibility  headings  h1  screenreaders  jaws  html5  bugs 
october 2011 by handcoding
Losing face with IE8 | Kenneth's Universe
"If you are using @font-face for your main site and for your iframe, then you may find that the font-face is removed and replaced with Arial or Helvetica when the iframe is removed from the page. This is a common effect of modal iframe lightbox systems like shadowbox or thickbox."
ie  ie8  bugs  typography  lightbox  2011  @font-face  eot  iframes 
may 2011 by handcoding
Webkit (Safari and Chrome) removes links containing only floated elements from the tab order « Here's One Solution | Code I've been playing with
"Further investigations showed that any links that contain only floated elements are removed from the tab order [in Safari and Chrome]."
webkit  accessibility  chrome  safari  tabs  2010  bugs  float 
december 2010 by handcoding
font-variant (CSS property)
"In Internet Explorer for Windows versions up to and including 7, setting font-variant to small-caps causes the values lowercase and uppercase for the text-transform property to behave as if they were set to none."
ie  ie7  font-variant  small-caps  css  bugs  2010 
july 2010 by handcoding
The offsetTop calculation for elements that are contained as children of scrolled elements may be reported incorrectly in Windows Internet Explorer 8
"When Internet Explorer 8 runs in standards mode, it may incorrectly calculate the value of the offsetTop property if the following conditions are true: (1) The Web page uses the offsetTop property to determine the top position for elements. (2) The elements are absolute children of scrolled elements. (3) Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer 974455 is installed."
ie  javascript  bugs  ie8  offsettop  2010 
february 2010 by handcoding
IE7 1px Dotted Border Appears As Dashed Bug - CSS Bugs - by Zoffix Znet
"1 pixel dotted border appears as dashed when at least one of the border sides is styled of a width larger than 1px [...] This bug affects: IE7"
ie7  bugs  border-style  dotted  dashed  ie  css  2010 
february 2010 by handcoding
Internet Explorer 6 and 7: floated elements expand to 100% width when they contain a child element floated right. Is there a workaround? - Stack Overflow
"Internet Explorer 6 and 7: floated elements expand to 100% width when they contain a child element floated right. Is there a workaround?" (Though I'm not certain if the code here is a definitive minimized testcase, I have seen this behaviour, myself.)
ie  ie6  ie7  bugs  css  2010  float  floatright  right  stackoverflow 
january 2010 by handcoding
Web Bug Track: bug 327 - IE limits your CSS file size and contents!
"In IE, the maximum size of any CSS file included in your page is ~288kb IE will load up to that point, but will ignore any content after that."
ie  css  bugs  2008 
january 2010 by handcoding
JavaScript Error - "Member Not Found"
If you're getting a "Memeber Not Found" error in IE and you happen to be passing an event object through a setInterval setup, this might be the problem you're having. (A solution is included here, too.)
membernotfound  javascript  ie  eventhandlers  2009  bugs  settimeout  errors 
july 2009 by handcoding
#12420 (Yahoo YIM messages come in duplicates) – Adium Trac
"Every message that comes from another user on Yahoo, comes in twice. It started on version 1.4b6, right when Adium would log you onto Yahoo."
2009  bugs  mac  osx  software  yahoo  adium  trac 
june 2009 by handcoding
Bug 482928 – All menus, context menus, panels, etc, appear on primary display/screen/monitor when Firefox is on secondary
This bug -- which is now /fixed/ on the Firefox trunk -- described a scenario in which, if you had two monitors and placed Firefox on the secondary monitor, you could see context menus and panels appearing on your primary monitor instead.
2009  firefox  bugzilla  bugs  minefield  trunk  fixed 
april 2009 by handcoding
Bug Id Helper :: Thunderbird Add-ons
This extension for Thunderbird "linkifies and adds tooltips to plain text bug IDs and Bugzilla URLs. Options include showing bug status, date, component, etc. in tooltip and support for any Bugzilla installation."
2009  bugzilla  bugs  extensions  thunderbird 
april 2009 by handcoding
Bugmail :: Thunderbird Add-ons
"This extension adds bug status to the header pane. It currently supports Bugzilla, Trac, Flyspray and Launchpad."
2009  bugzilla  bugs  extensions  thunderbird  trac 
april 2009 by handcoding
Issue 912 - fbug - Feature Request: Enable sorting Computed Styles display alphabetically - Google Code
"I would like to have an option to sort the list [of CSS properties] alphabetically and not grouped to sections, so it is easier to know where an attribute should be."
2009  firefox  bugs  firebug 
march 2009 by handcoding
Issue 571 - fbug - Firebug toolbars are inside out (main tabs should be at the top) - Google Code
"It would be more logical for the main tabs to be on top, "containing" the buttons relating to that tab
and the right panel (if any)."
2009  firefox  bugs  firebug  tabs 
march 2009 by handcoding
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