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iOS: Forcing iCloud Contacts & Calendars to Sync – The Mac Observer
“1. To refresh your iCloud calendars, here’s what you’ll do. Open the Calendar app on your iOS device, and then touch the “Calendars” button at the bottom.

“2. When you get to your calendars, drag down on the list and release. You should see a small icon appear at the top which’ll spin for a moment or two (if it disappears immediately, be sure you’re dragging down far enough).”
ios  calendar  icloud  sync  2015  macobserver 
9 weeks ago by handcoding
(This looks to be a site for hosting iCal calendars? And they seem to have a bunch of calendars that one can subscribe to too.)

“Join millions of users and add events you love to your existing calendars. Buy tickets, get detailed event info, and keep up with your favorite teams and topics – all from your own calendar.”
ical  calendar  calendars  events  movies  sports  2019 
april 2019 by handcoding
Agenda: Widget+ on the Mac App Store
(This looks like a promising "Up Next" notification-center widget for macOS. But it also requires macOS 10.12. So.)
"‘Agenda: Widget+’ shows upcoming events in the widget not only today's events.
It also provides estimated travel time."
macos  mac  osx  10.12  calendar  widgets  software  2017 
october 2017 by handcoding
Cure for a corrupt Calendar application | Macworld
(It looks like you can resolve some calendar issues by deleting its cache files:)
"Open the folder, choose List view, click the Date Modified heading, and see what floats to the top. In this case, I’ll bet you breakfast that the Calendar Cache file is among the top two items. Drag this file to the Desktop and try launching Calendar again. In addition to breakfast I’ll throw in lunch if the application doesn’t launch as it should, update its database, and then correctly display all the events you’ve synced."
ical  calendar  macos  osx  mac  2013 
august 2017 by handcoding
Blotter for Mac by WireLoad
(Yeah, this looks kinda neat!)
"Present your iCal calendar events and reminders right on your desktop with this stunning calendar viewer.

"Blotter renders your whole week as a part of your wallpaper. It is beautifully discreet yet only a glance away."
mac  desktop  calendar  software  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
Day-O 2 //
(Nope—still no means to tear the window off the menubar.)
mac  osx  calendar  2017  software  menubar 
may 2017 by handcoding
EzyCal Calendar 2017 | AppYogi Software
This is an okay-ish menubar calendar jobbie, but: It can’t be dragged off of the menubar.
mac  osx  menubar  calendar  apps  software  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
A nice weather forecast to your Mac iCal.
"Updated on April 04, 2017: Our readers have reported issues with iCAL update from Weather Underground. We contacted Weather Underground support team and please see the response from WU Support Team.

'iCal hasn’t been an active product for us for several years. It may have worked for awhile but it may have finally died due to recent server changes. We don’t have plans to bring it back, but I will let the team know that there’s still interest in the service.'

"Our team found a free solution to continue this Weather Forecast service on Mac and iOS devices. You can visit the article with the link below: How to Get Weather Forecast (iCAL) on Mac and iPhone Calendar for One Week."
ical  calendar  mac  osx  2017  weather 
april 2017 by handcoding
Calendar Alerts in 10.11.1 - no sound : OSXElCapitan
"Has anyone else had an issue with not getting audible alert notifications of calendar events?
I have banners turned on in Settings (banners are displaying) and the Play sound for notifications checked.
Volume is all the way up. Audio is confirmed to be working fine.
Confirmed that I have a functioning alert sound selected.
Anything else I should be trying?"
calendar  ical  alerts  sound  2017  mac  osx 
february 2017 by handcoding
Calendar does not play alert sounds | Official Apple Support Communities
"When the default Alert in Calendar for Events is set to 'At the time of event' and Notifications is set to 'play sounds for Calendar alerts', the Alert sound plays when Calendar notifications are displayed on the desktop screen.  However if the default for Calendar Alerts is set to None  and then an alert is manually set in a Calendar event itself, the alert will display on screen but no sound will play even though Notifications is set to play sound for Calendar alerts."
calendar  alerts  sound  elcapitan  mac  osx  2016 
february 2017 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - iCloud Calendar Spam
"One solution is to go to the settings on the iCloud Web site and change from In-app to Email notifications."
icloud  calendar  spam  2016  mjtsai 
november 2016 by handcoding
Do not automatically accept all meetings as Tentative -
"The automatic processing of meeting requests can be controlled via your Tracking options.

"File-> Options-> Mail-> Tracking-> disable: Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls"
outlook  email  microsoft  windows  meetings  calendar  2016 
may 2016 by handcoding
10 gotta-know calendar tips for iOS | Macworld
Among other Calendar tips:
"2. See event details from the month view
The standard month view in Calendars for iPhone offers a blank, rather unhelpful grid of dates—tap one, and you’ll jump to the expanded daily view. Want to see the whole month again? You’ll have to tap the Back button.

"That’s the routine, unless you’re hip to the Details button, which—much like the List button—sits unobtrusively next to the Search button in the top corner of the screen."
ios  calendar  2015  months 
march 2016 by handcoding
Mowglii - Itsycal for Mac
"Itsycal is a tiny calendar for your Mac's menu bar.” (This isn’t too bad, but there’s no way to tear off the panel—at least as of December 2016 / v0.10.16.)
mac  menubar  software  apps  calendar  osx  2016 
february 2016 by handcoding
iCal icon in Dock displays the wrong date | Apple Support Communities
This post offers some troubleshooting tips if iCal isn’t showing the right date on its dock icon.
ical  dock  calendar  mac  osx  2010 
february 2016 by handcoding
(Its main downside—as of May 2017—is that you can’t tear the window off the menubar.)
"CalendarMenu is a Mac OS X menu bar application, which provides a small calendar showing all informations you need to keep track of all upcoming appointments, birthdays and reminders in the blink of an eye."
mac  apps  software  osx  calendar  menubar  2015  10.8 
january 2015 by handcoding
How many days until...
This is actually a rather handy jobbie for calculating the number of days until a given date.
days  calendar  until  daysuntil  2014  generator 
december 2014 by handcoding
Pittsburgh Steelers iCal Schedule - South End Zone
This page has a pretty good iCal feed for the Steelers games.
steelers  ical  calendar  2014  schedule 
december 2014 by handcoding
Bringing iCloud to Snow Leopard | Egg Freckles
"For those stubborn Mac users who refuse to upgrade to Lion I have the procedure for syncing iCloud with Snow Leopard."
icloud  snowleopard  mac  osx  2012  ical  calendar 
april 2012 by handcoding
Twitter / @espiekermann: Again for everybody: http: ...
Via @espiekermann "Again for everybody: removes faux leather but cannot improve functionality of Lion apps"
lion  osx  mac  calendar  leather  2012  via:espiekermann  software 
march 2012 by handcoding
Twitter / @Kraemer: Excel is underrated as a d ...
"Excel is underrated as a design tool. Just ask @daveseah - check out the functional and friendly Compact Calendar"
calendar  excel  via:Kraemer  2011  continuous  canonical 
december 2011 by handcoding
What Exactly Does Spotlight Search? | Apple iPhone School
"Below is a list of exactly what is searched by Spotlight [on the iPhone]." (For instance, within Contacts, iPhone's Spotlight searches first, last, and company names; within Calendar, it searches event titles, invitees, and locations (but not notes for Calendar entries)."
spotlight  iphone  contacts  mail  calendar  ipod  notes  2009  search 
july 2009 by handcoding
FullCalendar - Full-sized Calendar jQuery Plugin
"FullCalendar is a jQuery plugin that provides a full-sized, drag & drop calendar like the one below. It uses AJAX to fetch events on-the-fly for each month and is easily configured to use your own feed format (an extension is provided for Google Calendar). It is visually customizable and exposes hooks for user-triggered events (like clicking or dragging an event)."
2009  javascript  plugins  jquery  ajax  calendar 
april 2009 by handcoding
ByteCyclist » jMonthCalendar - A site made of bytes by a cyclist.
"jMonthCalendar is a full month calendar that supports events. You simply initialize the calendar with options and an events array and it can handle the rest."
2009  javascript  plugins  jquery  events  calendar 
january 2009 by handcoding
calaboration - Google Code
"Calaboration makes it easy to set up iCal to synchronize with your Google Calendar calendars. It automatically finds all of your calendars and allows you to add any of them to iCal with the press of a button."
googlecalendar  ical  mac  osx  software  opensource  2008  google  calendar 
december 2008 by handcoding
SCHED: SXSW 2008 Scheduler
The official SXSW calendar is pretty broken, but this one is rather nice.
sxsw  2008  travel  calendar  scheduling 
february 2008 by handcoding
MagiCal crashes when preference selected -- MagiCal Bug Report R776652
MagiCal appears to crash for most (all?) Leopard users when they try to view its preferences. This is the bug report to track that.
magical  mac  osx  bugs  software  freeware  calendar  menubar 
february 2008 by handcoding
The Primary Season: 2008 Republican Calendar
This page lists the state-by-state schedule for the 2008 Republican primaries.
2008  elections  politics  schedule  calendar  primaries 
january 2008 by handcoding
The Primary Season: 2008 Democratic Calendar
This page lists the state-by-state schedule for the 2008 Democratic primaries.
2008  elections  politics  schedule  calendar  primaries 
january 2008 by handcoding
MagiCal - Free Menu-Based Clock and Calendar
MagiCal is kinda like MenuCalendarClock, except that it supports tear-off calendars (and it's free, too).
software  freeware  mac  osx  calendar  menubar 
march 2007 by handcoding
How To: Display Date in OS X Menu Bar -
"With a slight of hand, you too can easily display the date in the OS X menu bar without the need of additional applications."
osx  mac  calendar  menubar  date 
december 2006 by handcoding
Online Calendar PDF - Year on a Page
After selecting a year adn a starting day for the week (Sunday or Monday) this online tool will generate a PDF-based year-on-a-page calendar.
calendars  pdf  generator  yearly  calendar 
october 2006 by handcoding
Online Calendar PDF Generator
With this online tool, you can specify your paper size (11 x 8.5, 17 x 11, 8.5 x 11, A4, and so on), the year, the day the week starts (Sunday or Monday) and it'll generate a PDF-based calendar, one month per page.
pdf  calendars  generator  monthly  calendar 
october 2006 by handcoding
Open Source (LGPL) DOM Scripting / JavaScript Calendar
This is a LGPLed DOM Scripting /JavaScript calendar (customizable through CSS) which could be handy if a client needs this kind of thing.
calendar  css  dom  javascript  opensource  lgpl  domscripting 
may 2006 by handcoding
DateBox - Intuitive Date Input Selection
"DateBox is a pure JavaScript library using DHTML and advanced Date parsing to generate the date based on the grammar passed. The purpose of DateBox is to simplify the date entering process using grammatical terms we are all familiar with."
javascript  calendar  date  dates 
april 2006 by handcoding
AJAX Calendar for WordPress
"This is a new plugin for WordPress. It dynanically replaces the standard calendar to an AJAX based one. There are many options that can be set inside the the WordPress Options page." [...] "Tested on: 1.5.2, 2.0.1"
wordpress  plugins  calendar  ajax 
march 2006 by handcoding - Collaborative Meeting Scheduling
Pointment is a site for voting on meeting times. Essentially, the organizer invites each person to the meeting, each participant votes on times which work or don't work and the organizer picks one that's mutually agreeable.
meetings  calendar  scheduling 
may 2005 by handcoding - LiveCalendar
This WordPress plugin provides an Xmlhttprequest-based calendar for your site
wordpress  plugins  xmlhttprequest  ajax  calendar 
march 2005 by handcoding
WebCalendar is a PHP-based calendar application that can be configured as a single-user calendar, a multi-user calendar for groups of users, or as an event calendar viewable by visitors.
calendar  scheduling  opensource  web-based 
february 2005 by handcoding

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