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Magic Number – The Calculator For Mac
This is actually a really nice calculator app for macOS—

✓ Supports menubar mode
✓ Supports keyboard shortcuts
✓ Automagically adds commmas for thousands and translates “x” to “×”

• The Loop had some pretty good things to say about it:
• And the reviews on the Mac App Store are pretty much universally positive

(So barring any unforeseen weirdness, perhaps this could be a replacement for Calq?)
magicnumber  2019  mac  macos  osx  software  calculators  calq  canonical 
may 2019 by handcoding
Calq 1.4.6 download for Mac | MacUpdate
So it looks like Calq might not be long for this world. That said, perhaps the comments here may offer some leads as alternatives go?
calq  mac  software  osx  macos  2019  macupdate 
may 2019 by handcoding

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