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Five Mac Apps Worth Checking Out - July 2019 - MacRumors
(Perhaps this could be worth a try if you end up getting a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar at some point?)
“Pock is a simple little Mac app that’s designed to make your Touch Bar more useful by adding your dock to your Touch Bar so you can quickly access your apps and even files within folders. The Pock options are customizable, so you can choose what you need most, adding options like a now playing widget for controlling music, a status widget for getting info like WiFi connection of battery level, and more.”
mac  macrumors  2019  macos  osx  software  touchbar  dock 
7 weeks ago by handcoding
How to Enable Dark Mode for the Dock Only in OS X Yosemite
"The above command enables dark mode and then restarts the Dock so you can see the change."
mac  dark  dock  terminal  shell  2014  macos  osx 
august 2017 by handcoding
Brian Sailer on Twitter: "@chartier You can do it from spotlight search easier than dropping to home screen."
@chartier asked: @iOS 11 b2/public beta folks: did Apple address adding non-Dock apps to Split View? Or do we just have to drop out to a homescreen?"

And @bsailer replied: "You can do it from spotlight search easier than dropping to home screen."
ios11  dock  splitview  spotlight  chartier  twitter  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
+Clock - a clock in your dock on the Mac App Store
(Looks like this is the successor to Nice Clock. Though now it requires 10.12 or later.)
"+Clock is a clock app that lets you put clock from any timezone in the world in your Dock, just one glance away. It contains 8 beautiful designs (and more to come!) so you can customize your clock to fit perfectly into your setup."
dock  clocks  apps  software  mac  osx  macos  2017 
april 2017 by handcoding
10.7: Restart Mission Control - Mac OS X Hints
This post offers this snippet for killing the dock — apparently this is cleaner than just “killall Dock”:
osascript -e 'quit application "Dock”'
dock  killall  kill  osx  mac  2011  macworld  terminal 
august 2016 by handcoding
DockStar - Supercharge Your Mail Dock Icon
(This actually looks pretty neat in case you were to ever give Apple Mail a try again.)
"DockStar is the ingenious way to keep an eye on your Mail.

"DockStar adds extra badges to Mail's dock icon and clickable indicators to the menu bar. Intuitively monitor unread messages in more than one mailbox."
applemail  software  osx  mac  2016  dock  badge  email 
august 2016 by handcoding
iCal icon in Dock displays the wrong date | Apple Support Communities
This post offers some troubleshooting tips if iCal isn’t showing the right date on its dock icon.
ical  dock  calendar  mac  osx  2010 
february 2016 by handcoding
How to Change Dock Stacks Icon Size in Grid View of OS X
"Now you can adjust the icon sizes of those Grid Stacks with the following simple keystrokes, you must have the Grid Stack opened in the Dock of OS X to have these work to change icon size as intended.
• Command + to increase the icon size of Dock Grid Stacks icons
• Command – to decrease the icon size of Grid stack icons"
dock  mac  osx  stacks  grid  size  2012 
january 2016 by handcoding
DockShelf - Dock alternative for Mac OS X
This DockShelf thing looks kind of neat, I guess. (Might be handy for quick access to certain folders and such?)
mac  osx  2016  dock  software  apps  shelf  files  folders 
january 2016 by handcoding
Muir: Yosemite Icons, Volume III | Sebastiaan de With's blog
"Part of a continuing effort to make some nice replacement icons for applications for usage in the OS X Yosemite Dock. This time around, some system apps and more requests from Twitter and Dribbble."
yosemite  apps  icons  10.10  2015  dock 
march 2015 by handcoding
5 stunning iPhone 6 docks you have to check out | BGR
"Here are the five most stunning iPhone 6 and 6 Plus docks out there, in no particular order (links are on the prices)"
iphone  iphone6  dock  2014  wishlist 
december 2014 by handcoding
[mac] new messages vs unread messages count in dock icon • mozillaZine Forums
It looks like you can have Thunderbird indicate new mail in the dock icon by setting "mail.biff.use_new_count_in_mac_dock" to true.
thunderbird  dock  badge  mac  mail  email  2010 
december 2014 by handcoding
BMW iPod Adapter and 4th Gen iPod nano charging... | Apple Support Communities
"All iPod used to be able to charge off the old Firefire power inputs on the dock connecter. Even though they removed firewire syncing from the iPod line years ago, they left the ability to charge from Firewire. Firewire generally is about +12V where as USB is +5V. Most manufacture of automobile iPod accessories chose to use the Firewire power input pins because you could charge directly off the car's +12V electrical system and didn't have to convert down to +5V."
ipod  charging  bmw  dock  2014 
september 2014 by handcoding
Finer Things in Mac - Stacks has an experimental view that is more like...
"Stacks has an experimental view that is more like a Finder windows’ List view. [...]"
stacks  snowleopard  terminal  2009  mac  osx  dock 
october 2009 by handcoding
OS X Keyboard shortcuts (Leopard)
This page goes over many of the common keyboard shortcuts for the Dock, the Finder, and Terminal.
2009  osx  via:deliciouspopular  keyboard  shortcuts  hotkeys  finder  terminal  dock 
june 2009 by handcoding
Dock Progress :: Firefox Add-ons
This extension "Displays the progress of downloads in the Mac OS X dock"
2009  firefox  mac  osx  extensions  dock 
january 2009 by handcoding
Stacks Power Tweaks: Power Tweak Your Mac's Stacks
This post collects the recent stacks-related tips for OS X and goes over the different things that can be done with stacks.
osx  mac  finder  dock  stacks  2008  lifehacker 
june 2008 by handcoding
TMO Quick Tip - Leopard: Auto Quit Print Spools || The Mac Observer
"If you don't want the printer spool icon to stay in the Dock after you are done printing, you can force the icon to behave just as it did in pre-Leopard days. Here's how [...]"
leopard  mac  osx  printers  dock 
january 2008 by handcoding
Terminal Commands for Hidden Settings in Leopard | Terminal | Mac OS X Tips
"One-line Terminal commands for changing hidden preferences in Mac OS X Leopard. Change settings for Spaces, Stacks, iCal, Spotlight, Dock, Finder, Safari and Time Machine that aren't accessible through the application or system preferences."
mac  osx  leopard  terminal  spaces  stacks  dock  finder 
december 2007 by handcoding
Stack Overlays: Translucent Drawer Icons
Translucent drawer icons for use with Leopard's Dock Stacks that are the best of both worlds--still seeing a stack's contents while also knowing which stack is which.
leopard  osx  mac  stacks  dock  via:cgriego  icons 
november 2007 by handcoding
OS X Tip - Force Quit Apps From The Dock (With Pic) || The Mac Observer
Oh -- if you hold Option and right-click on a dock icon, you can get the option for Force Quit. Handy.
dock  osx  mac  forcequit  keyboard  quit 
september 2007 by handcoding
Punk! Software - RocketDock
"RocketDock is a smoothly animated, alpha-blended application launcher that is similar to ObjectDock. RocketDock renders quickly like MobyDock, has the visual sharpness of Y'z Dock, and the stability that neither seem to possess."
freeware  launcher  software  windows  dock 
december 2005 by handcoding

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