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How To Convert M4B iTunes Audiobooks To MP3 - Macworld UK
“If you’ve bought audiobooks from iTunes in the past, but now want to move them to another device such as an Android phone, you’ll most likely need to convert them from the M4B format to MP3. We show you how to achieve this so that you can listen to your books wherever you are and on whatever hardware you’re using.”
audiobooks  drm  macworld  m4b  mp3  2018 
july 2019 by handcoding
[OFFICIAL] DRmare Audio Converter for Mac - All-in-One DRM Removal Tool for Apple Music, iTunes, and Audile Audiobooks
(It’s also $40, though. 😬)
“DRM copyright prevents users from getting full use of digital music files downloaded online, such as Apple Music, iTunes M4P songs, and Audible AA, AAX audiobooks. To help you gain the real ownership of those DRM-ed audio files, the all-mighty DRmare Audio Converter for Mac comes to rescue. It's specially developed to enable you completely get rid of DRM protection from the streaming audios so that you can freely enjoy any Apple Music, iTunes music, and Audible audiobook on any popular device and player without limit.”
drm  software  mac  macos  osx  audiobooks  itunes  2019 
july 2019 by handcoding
Why Marx Was Right: 2nd Edition by Terry Eagleton - Audiobooks on Google Play
Oh, nice! It looks like the Google Play Store has “Why Marx Was Right” (DRM free) for $15.
audiobooks  socialism  2019  googleplay  drm  drmfree 
july 2019 by handcoding
Google launches a DRM-free audiobook store: finally, a writer- and listener-friendly Audible alternative! / Boing Boing
“Ten years later, Audible controls more than 90% of the audiobook market, making it the last bastion of DRM in audiobooks -- competitors like Downpour and sell all the same books without DRM, and the audiobooks you get at your local library have been DRM-free for years.


“Google has just launched a DRM-free audiobook store that duplicates nearly the entire catalog at Audible. When you buy your audiobooks from Google Play you can download them to any device, play it on any device, convert them, archive them, back them up. If you decide you don't want to use Google products in the future, you won't lose your audiobooks. It's fucking amazing.”
audiobooks  boingboing  google  drm  drmfree  downpour  librofm  2018 
july 2019 by handcoding
The Real Difference Between iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library: DRM | Kirkville
"This means that if you’ve matched your library with Apple Music and iCloud Music Library, you need to keep backups of your original files. If not, you’ll end up with files that you can’t play without an Apple Music subscription."
apple  music  applemusic  drm  2015 
july 2015 by handcoding
Another way to deDRM a PDF - All this
Via one of the updates, "I installed PDFwriter, PDF printer driver for Mac, just so I could print out a protected form that Adobe Reader refused to print."
pdf  drm  mac  printing  reader  pdfwriter  osx  software  2015 
january 2015 by handcoding
How To Strip DRM from Kindle E-Books and Others | Gadget Lab |
"You love your Kindle, but you hate the DRM. What do you do? Well, if you like, we’ll tell you how to strip the copy-protection from your e-books, leaving a plain, vanilla e-book file in the format of your choice."
kindle  drm  ebooks  2012  software  books  reading 
october 2012 by handcoding
iTunes Store and DRM-free music: What you need to know | Macworld
"[In January 2009], Apple announced that after six years, the iTunes Store would soon completely stop selling music encumbered by digital rights management (DRM) restrictions. Wondering what Apple's dropping of DRM means for you? We can help."
itunes  music  drm  macworld  2009 
march 2010 by handcoding
iTunes Store goes DRM-free | Macworld
"Beginning [January 2009], 8 million of the iTunes Store’s 10 million songs will be offered without DRM; the entire catalog is expected to go DRM-free by the end of the first calendar quarter of 2009."
itunes  drm  music  2009  macworld 
march 2010 by handcoding

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