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Review: Mailstrom puts you in control of your email | PCWorld
“That's why I like Mailstrom so much: It leaves you in control. It shows you the problems with your inbox, and lets you solve them yourself. For example, when I realized that I was storing more than 1,000 messages from the very editor who assigned me this review, I realized I need to create a folder just for her—a task I was able to easily accomplish from within Mailstrom. When I saw that I had hundreds of messages from a bookstore that's no longer in business, I was able to delete them all in one fell swoop.”
mailstrom  email  review  2016 
13 days ago by handcoding
Hello, Name, or Hello Name, for email correspondence? (Vocative comma) : grammar
Here’s your Reddit comment about whether to use a comma with “Hi Name” or “Hello Name” in emails.
email  hi  hello  commas  reddit  grammar  2019 
27 days ago by handcoding
Superhuman is Spying on You » Mike Industries
“It is disappointing then that one of the most hyped new email clients, Superhuman, has decided to embed hidden tracking pixels inside of the emails its customers send out. Superhuman calls this feature ‘Read Receipts’ and turns it on by default for its customers, without the consent of its recipients.”
email  superhuman  apps  software  2019  mikeindustries  mac  macos  osx 
july 2019 by handcoding
Spark for iOS and Mac getting new font style and size options with latest update - 9to5Mac
Well, this doesn’t seem like a bad thing.
“The latest Spark update adds the ability to select your own choice of a font when drafting a new email or response. Pick any one from our all-new collection of fonts available in Spark for Mac and iOS, and give your emails an all new identity.”
spark  email  9to5mac  mac  macos  osx  2019 
may 2019 by handcoding
Crap apps and female email | language: a feminist guide
“When I’ve written about this subject before, my message has been addressed to the producers of bullshit: stop policing women’s language. But this time I’m going to focus on the consumers. Women, please understand: it’s not you that’s undermining yourself by using powerless language; it’s the bullshitters who are undermining you with their constant incitement to anxiety, insecurity and self-censorship. And you don’t have to let them get away with that; all you have to do is ignore them. Don’t buy their books. Don’t sign up for a training course. Don’t laugh at jokes about women saying sorry all the time. And don’t download the Just Not Sorry app. Because the suggestion that removing ‘just’ from your emails will significantly advance your career is an insult to your intelligence. And that really does demean you.”
debuk  wordpress  2015  sorry  just  email  feminism  canonical 
april 2019 by handcoding
Joshua Benton on Twitter: "I like the idea here — taking newsletters out of the inbox and into a separate app… "
“I like the idea here — taking newsletters out of the inbox and into a separate app”

And then there’s also this counterpoint from one of the replies:
“I found it interesting, but I set up a separate Gmail for newsletters a while back so I could keep control and use whatever client I want. Don't like the idea of startups having my subscription list.”
newsletters  email  apps  software  via:jbenton  2019 
january 2019 by handcoding
John Scalzi on Twitter: "Thread. This is why I'm generally not on board for email interviews at this point. Aside from me doing the work, there's very little spontaneity in my responses and I think that doesn't make for a great interview.…
“Thread. This is why I’m generally not on board for email interviews at this point. Aside from me doing the work, there’s very little spontaneity in my responses and I think that doesn’t make for a great interview.”
email  interviews  2018  scalzi  twitter  threads 
december 2018 by handcoding
Joshua Benton on Twitter: "cc: @CanaryMail @airmailer, my two finalists as email replacements for @astro… "
(Apparently these are the email clients that Josh Benton is considering moving to—)
“cc: @CanaryMail @airmailer, my two finalists as email replacements for @astro”
email  software  apps  mac  macos  osx  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
Teaching students to send good emails – Research Degree Insiders
(On writing better emails:)
“@GretchenAMcC I also always teach students to write emails and give them a template. I get the best emails AND students tell me years later that it helped them with other academics and when they were applying for jobs.”
email  subjects  twitter  2018  writing 
august 2018 by handcoding
How to write an effective email subject line for media requests | Gretchen McCulloch
“Here are some terrible subject lines for media people:

“A question
“Time to chat?
“Wondering your thoughts
“Are kids these days ruining the English language with all their texting and selfies? [Way too long]
“Anything containing my own name – I know what my name is and spammers know how to use mailmerge now, so it just makes you look like one”
email  subjects  subjectlines  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Gretchen McCulloch on Twitter: "It is my professional opinion as an internet linguist that if professors want a specific style of email from their students they must teach it to them in class (or at least explain it on their websites). Yes, even upper lev
“It is my professional opinion as an internet linguist that if professors want a specific style of email from their students they must teach it to them in class (or at least explain it on their websites).

“Yes, even upper level courses. See this thread for why.”
email  writing  2018  twitter  threads  GretchenAMcC 
august 2018 by handcoding
Todd Vaziri on Twitter: "Mac users: do you use the built-in Apple Mail program for your email? 📊 #poll"
(Perhaps the replies to this could be worth checking for email-app candidates?)
“Mac users: do you use the built-in Apple Mail program for your email? 📊 #poll”
email  twitter  2018  tvaziri 
august 2018 by handcoding
Sarah Hatter on Twitter: "Anyone would rather get an email that says, “I’m sorry I don’t have an immediate answer but I’m looking into this for you! I’ll get back to you soon with a solution.”"
“Anyone would rather get an email that says, ‘I’m sorry I don’t have an immediate answer but I’m looking into this for you! I’ll get back to you soon with a solution.’”
email  phrasing  replies  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
How do I get back inline image display in email? | Thunderbird Support Forum | Mozilla Support
(On forcing Thunderbird to send HTML messages as HTML:)
“Yes I have Original HTML checked. I also saw someone said to check in config Browse to Tools -> Options -> Advanced tab -> Config Editor Search for mail.default_html_action and make sure it is set to 3 (allow original HTML). Mine was set to 0 and I changed it to 3 but it still did not help. heartdaughter
“On further research this setting is about sending email and here are the options:

“What should it do when sending a HTML message to somebody who might not be able to view it. See Plain text
“0: Ask
“1: Send as plain text
“2 (default): Send as HTML anyways
“3: Include both plain text and HTML message bodies in message”
html  thunderbird  email  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Popular Newton Email App for iOS and Mac Shutting Down in September - Mac Rumors
“Newton, a popular email service for iOS and Mac, is shutting down on September 25, the company’s founder Rohit Nadhani announced today.

“Newton is a subscription-based app that costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, a business model that did not end up being successful. Nadhani says that the company explored ‘various business models’ but wasn’t able to ‘successfully figure out profitability & growth over the long term.’”
mac  email  2018  software  macrumors 
august 2018 by handcoding
Thunderbird — Beta Notes (60.0beta) — Mozilla
(As of the Thunderbird beta from March 2018:)
“Thunderbird now allows the conversion of folders from mbox to maildir format and vice versa. This is an experimental feature that needs to be enabled by setting the preference mail.store_conversion_enabled. Note that this functionality does not not work if the option ‘Allow Windows Search/Spotlight to search messages’ is selected.”
thunderbird  beta  mbox  maildir  2018  software  email 
july 2018 by handcoding
Thunderbird: From mbox to maildir | Wilders Security Forums
“The advantages/disadvantages of both formats are discussed here and in this thread (obviously started by Wilders member @WildByDesign ). In my opinion, the most important advantages of maildir over mbox are the following:

“1. The maildir format is much more robust. The risk of losing data is much smaller if Thunderbird or your computer crashes.
“2. Incremental backups are much faster as only the new and modified files have to be backupped.
“3. Scanning your mails with an AV scanner is easier, and infected mails can be removed without the risk of data loss.”
thunderbird  maildir  mbox  email  cpu  2016 
july 2018 by handcoding
Show Time on "Today" and "Yesterday" mail? - Apple Community
“All my Today and Yesterday emails have the times – just increase the width of that Column a bit.”
email  2008  mac  osx  macos 
july 2018 by handcoding
Note To Self Mail
(@siracusa suggested this as a stand-in for Mail to Self since that’s down for now.)
“I miss Extra Thought’s Mail to Self iOS app/extension. I’m using Note To Self Mail by Mathias Lipowski now, but it’s not quite the same.”
mailtoself  2018  ios  email  extensions 
june 2018 by handcoding
Extra Thought’s Mail to Self is dead : IPhoneApps
“The app I’ve been using for the past year or so to mail links to my own email with one button, called ‘Mail to Self’ by Extra Thought mysteriously stopped working this week. A click or two later and not only has their website vanished, but they’re gone from the app store as well.

“I’m hurt, I’m pissed, and I gotta find a new app.”

mailtoself  2018  ios  email  extensions 
june 2018 by handcoding
Nicholas Hunt-Walker on Twitter: "On a more serious note, I never quite understood the general idea of a workplace needing to be this emotionally-sterile, fun-starved place. Why is it that to be "professional" you have to kill any sort of personality that
“Some women advise against using emojis professionally, or being friendly in writing, because we’re taken less seriously if we do.

“Nah. I think men should change, and start being _more_ friendly and using _more_ emojis.

“Friendliness is essential to effective communication.”

(The replies to this are also pretty great, such as this one:)
“On a more serious note, I never quite understood the general idea of a workplace needing to be this emotionally-sterile, fun-starved place. Why is it that to be ‘professional’ you have to kill any sort of personality that might actually make you interesting?”
emoji  email  work  2018  twitter  soniagupta504  professionalism 
june 2018 by handcoding
DefaultKeyBinding.dict – Feedback for Airmail
(Well, this is a bit of a ding against Airmail.)
“Inputs in OSX use some emacs shortcuts by default:
“ctrl+a goes to the begining of a line
“ctrl+e goes to the end of a line
“ctrl+f and ctrl+b go back and forward one character
“ctrl+n and ctrl+p go to the next and previous line/entry

“Unfortunately there are some emacs shortcuts missing from this list. However, OSX users are able to define keybinding shortcuts in ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict, and these shortcuts are available in all OSX inputs. However Airmail does not seem to support these shortcuts when composing a message. Is there any way to make airmail’s compose message act like every other input in OSX?”
airmail  2018  mac  osx  macos  email  DefaultKeyBinding 
may 2018 by handcoding
Compacting folders | Thunderbird Help
“The compaction process is done automatically in Thunderbird (since version 5) when it saves more than 20 MB of space on the disk.

“You can also launch a manual compaction request if needed:

“• To compact a single folder, right-click on the folder and select Compact.
“• To compact all folders, select File > Compact Folders.”
thunderbird  compaction  folders  diskspace  2018  email 
may 2018 by handcoding
email - How can I make a filter for calendar/event/appointment invites in Thunderbird 38.2+ - Super User
"I would like to tag all incoming mails which include a calendar invite. Then I would like to move them into a different folder. I tried the method described in this answer, but it doesn't work: I tried a find a header named 'Content-Type' with the content "text/calendar" but it didn't work."
thunderbird  email  filters  2017  superuser 
february 2018 by handcoding
Help filtering Outlook calendar message in TBird • mozillaZine Forums
This thread goes over some tips on getting Thunderbird to filter Outlook meeting invites.
thunderbird  filters  email  2005  outlook  meetings  work 
february 2018 by handcoding
MailMate — Introduction
(Well, never mind this, then, eh?)
"Even though MailMate uses plain text in its editor, it can still handle HTML generated by any other email client when replying and forwarding. This is done by embedding the original HTML of the received email without allowing you to edit it."
mailmate  email  software  mac  osx  2017 
january 2018 by handcoding
Spark for iOS and Mac Gain New Reminder and Send Later Features - Mac Rumors
"Popular email app Spark for Mac and iOS was today updated with several new features aimed at professionals, including 'Send Later' and 'Follow-up Reminders.'"
spark  email  mac  ios  software  macrumors  sendlater  scheduling  2018 
january 2018 by handcoding
How to view source code of html email body in Outlook?
"Viewing source code gives you an opportunity of knowing the underlying html and the other server code existing in an html email body. With the following tutorial, you will learn how to view source code of html email body in Outlook."
outlook  html  email  canonical  2017 
december 2017 by handcoding
How To Add A Security Key To Your Gmail (Tech Solidarity)
"This guide is designed for regular humans. It will walk you through the steps of effectively protecting your Gmail account with a security key, without explaining in detail the reasons for each step."
gmail  email  security  yubikeys  2017 
july 2017 by handcoding
Updating your email preferences | Twitter Help Center
"As of June 2017, Twitter now sends a digest email referencing all your unread notifications about activity related to your account, instead of separate emails for each type and instance. This is to reduce the noise of Twitter email in your inbox."
twitter  email  notifications  2017 
july 2017 by handcoding
Well, well, well—looks like there’s another email app for macOS out there.
macos  osx  mac  2017  email  software 
july 2017 by handcoding
Letter Opener for macOS – the easiest way to open Winmail.dat, MSG and XPS files
Hans Hillen and Mat Atkinson recommended this Mac app for opening Winmail.dat files that might arrive from Outlook folks.
outlook  winmail  winmail.dat  software  mac  macos  osx  2017  email 
july 2017 by handcoding
"Out Of Office" Filter · GitHub
"Trying to filter "out of office" emails from my inbox as I receive a lot of them when I send a blast."
outofoffice  2017  filters  email 
july 2017 by handcoding
Kill the Newsletter!
"Sign up for a newsletter with the generated email address.
Emails sent to this email address show up as entries on the Atom feed."
email  newsletters  atom  rss  2017 
july 2017 by handcoding
MJML – How To Make Responsive HTML Email Coding Easy
"MJML is an open-source framework that abstracts away the complexity of responsive email. The idea behind it is pretty simple. Just as jQuery normalizes the DOM and abstracts low-level interactions and animations, MJML abstracts the low-level hacks for responsive emails with an easy syntax. MJML is responsive by design. This means you can forget about nested tables and conditional comments and, more generally, about making your email responsive. MJML does it for you."
html  email  responsivedesign  responsive  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
Gmail Finally Embraces Responsive Email Design
"And that’s not all. Gmail has also announced that they will start supporting embedded styles, including classes and IDs, which were previously stripped. By doing so, Gmail gives developers the opportunity to finally move away from the inline styles. This is a huge improvement and will have a massive impact on the time spent coding an email. Combined with media queries, this is significant step forward in the battle to conquer responsiveness across all devices."
gmail  email  html  responsivedesign  responsive  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
ThunderHTMLedit :: Add-ons for Thunderbird
"Thunderbird HTML editor. This add-on adds a HTML tab to the composition window where you can see and edit the HTML source of the message."
thunderbird  email  html  extensions  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
Thunderbird:Testing:Memory Usage Problems - MozillaWiki
This wiki page is ostensibly about debugging/fixing memory usage problems in Thunderbird, but it actually offers a pretty good set of steps for debugging other Thunderbird brokenness (like the blasted “bringing folder X up to date” messages.)
thunderbird  email  downloading  imap  debugging  2017  msf  cpu 
june 2017 by handcoding
1364158 - When downloading multiple messages (headers or full messages), Thunderbird should do batch IMAP requests
"Right now, whenever Thunderbird needs to download multiple messages or message headers, it uses individual IMAP commands to fetch each message's data separately.

"This isn't a big deal when only a small number of messages are being fetched, but it's much slower than it needs to be when many messages are being fetched, for example, when a folder with a lot of messages in it is opened for the first time, or when a folder is repaired.

"For example, in one test I ran, downloading all the message headers in a folder containing 1,000 messages takes on average 9.1s when separate requests are executed for each message, or 0.2s when they're all batched together, a speed improvement of 98%. I've attached the script I used to perform this test."

This can make a huge difference when a lot of messages are being downloaded.
thunderbird  imap  email  downloading  bugs  bugzilla  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
1363740 - Thunderbird goes crazy with activity after a bunch of imap folders are repaired
"The size and 'cruftiness' of the MSF files is irrelevant in the context of this bug, because the first thing Thunderbird does when you repair a folder is delete its MSF file and rebuild it from scratch."
thunderbird  email  msf  repair  2017  downloading 
june 2017 by handcoding
freeze - Why would Thunderbird regularly hang for 10 seconds - Super User
Some ideas on unfucking Thunderbird:
"In some cases, the problem can be caused by a mail summary file (*.msf) file being corrupted. This can occur when your folder is mildly corrupted due to not compacting it regularly. A quick and dirty fix is to:

"1. Exit Thunderbird.
2. Find your profile folder.
3. Open the folder containing your stored messages. For example, if you are using the Global Inbox, this would be the "Local Folders" folder inside the "Mail" folder. Otherwise, it's a folder named after the mail server, inside the "Mail" folder. For example, "" if you're using gmail.
4. Select the *.msf files and delete them.
5. Restart Thunderbird.
6. Wait for Thunderbird to recreate the mail summary file(s)."

"In some cases, the problem is caused when Thunderbird has trouble detecting and filtering junk (spam). This may be caused by a corrupted training.dat file. It may be necessary to delete this (Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Junk -> Reset Training Data -> OK) and retrain the [Mail Controls]."
thunderbird  email  2009  stackoverflow  downloading  folders 
june 2017 by handcoding
Throttle — Control who can send you email
(This looks kinda neat, but it’s also $99/year, so that’s not so great.)
"Throttle is a service that automatically manages unique email addresses on your behalf, giving you unparalleled control over your email.

"Stop giving out your email address online. Revoke any sender’s access to your inbox. Find out who tries to sell or steal your email address. Read your notifications and newsletters in a single daily digest email, or open them up in the online and mobile reading lists. Enjoy a cleaner inbox."
email  apps  software  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
10 basic iOS tricks every iPhone owner should know | Macworld
"Whenever you duck an incoming call by tapping the Decline button or double-clicking the Sleep/Wake button, you send the caller straight to voicemail. That might be fine if you’re declining an unknown or spam caller, but you might want to think twice before sending your touchy boss directly to voicemail purgatory.

"Instead of tapping the “Decline” button, you can single-press the Sleep/Wake button to silence the ringer without sending your caller immediately to voicemail.

"Instead, try clicking the Sleep/Wake button once instead of twice. Doing so will silence the ringer without sending the caller straight to voicemail. After a few rings, they’ll roll naturally to voicemail, just as if you were simply unavailable to take the call rather than declining the call outright."


"Luckily, there’s a handy but hidden shortcut that will take you to all your Draft messages, regardless of which account you created them in: just tap and hold the Compose button. To continue a draft message, tap to open it, or swipe to delete it."
ios  voicemail  macworld  2017  calls  drafts  email 
june 2017 by handcoding
Thunderbird keeps redownloading emails • mozillaZine Forums
(Abou Thunderbird’s “bringing folder up to date” problem:)
"If you are on-line those previously downloade messages should have no bearing on your use of Thunderbird. First backup your profile --
Close Thunderbird and navigate to your Profile Folder ( ). Find the files with the extension msf, such as Inbox.msf. Delete the files with the MSF extension. Restart Thunderbird, compact all folders, and see if performance and attachment access are back to normal. The .msf files are, for lack of a better term, an index file and will be recreated by Thunderbird as required."
thunderbird  downloading  email  cpu  2015 
may 2017 by handcoding
Limits - Thunderbird - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
"Maildir stores each message as an individual files, i.e. does not combine messages into a single file, and thus bypasses the 4GB folder size as well as eliminates any need to compact a folder. The maildir support, also called maildir-lite in Thunderbird, is very similar to, but not meant to be 100% compatible with, the maildir spec. It was hoped that maildir would be enabled by default in Thunderbird 24.0 (Fall 2013) but it is still too buggy for normal use. [11] [12]. Maildir also needs a rebuild index mechanism since power uses may fiddle with the contents of the maildir folder from the command line or a file manager. But the maildir support is improving. With Thunderbird 52 it is now possible to choose using maildir via the account manager UI when creating a new account."
thunderbird  email  compacting  downloading  cpu  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
Email Management for Any Inbox | SaneBox
"Greetings MacStories listeners! Sign up for your free trial below, and you'll get a $25 credit towards a SaneBox subscription. Today is the day you take back control of your inbox!"
email  imap  sanebox  coupons  macstories  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
Aleen Simms 🚀 on Twitter: "What’s your favorite email app for macOS? Needs to support IMAP."
via @Aleen: "What’s your favorite email app for macOS? Needs to support IMAP."
email  aleen  mac  osx  macos  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
Catapult | Do You Want to Be Known For Your Writing, or For Your Swift Email Responses?
"'No is a very hard little word. I have such a difficult time saying it that in some cases, I have to roleplay this with my friends (or therapist). It can be helpful to have a go-to line. If I freestyle at this, I cave almost immediately. Here are some lines you can borrow that have worked for me:

“"'I would love to do this! Unfortunately, I can’t possibly add another thing to my plate right now.'

"'I’m so flattered that you’d ask, but I’m much too busy critiquing the work of my students. I can recommend someone wonderful who charges a very reasonable consultation fee.'

"'I’m sorry, I cannot afford to take on any assignments that do not pay.'

"'Oh, thank you! I really wish that I wanted to do this!',

"7. Stop thinking of 'no' as 'no.'

"Get comfortable with no. This requires shifting your relationship to no. You are not saying no to an event where you might make an important connection, you are saying yes to your work. You are saying yes to the sleep you need to make good work. You are saying yes to the real relationships you already have and need to nourish and enjoy so that you can be strong enough to withstand the very hard parts of writing and living. You are not saying no to an opportunity; you are saying yes to the revolution. You are not saying no to that person who might be disappointed in you, you are saying yes to a life in which you are not in bondage to the fear of other people’s disappointment."
no  email  phrases  patriarchy  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
1134986 - Address autocomplete sorting wrong - appears to ignore recent use (popularityindex) information in 31.4.0+
"This regression is caused by Bug 970456, which (for the first time), added a score for sorting which for certain scenarios supersedes/circumvents popularityIndex. So indeed, depending on matching patterns between searchwords and your contact data, some results will never get to the top, no matter how often you use them.

"I suspect we'll have to roll back Bug 970456 after morphing popularityIndex into a more functional "frecency" algorithm in bug 382415."
thunderbird  sorting  email  2015 
april 2017 by handcoding
382415 - (autocompleteFrecency) Popularity index of recipient autocomplete doesn't honor timeline (implement frecency algorithm for searching email contacts: weigh how frequently AND recently-used contacts are)
(All in all, though: This bug is 10 years old, and it’s unassigned.)
"Since we have our popularity index for each address book card we should also honor the time line. If you have a very active conversation with someone for month he will have a high popularity index. For some circumstances you stop writing or reduce the amount of messages to this person. What happens with the popularity index? It still stands at this high rank. We should lower it if you haven't written a message for a longer period of time."
thunderbird  email  2010  sorting  autocomplete 
april 2017 by handcoding
543088 - Autocomplete - primary email address no longer appears before additional email address (now sorted alphabetically)
"This is a regression from Thunderbird 2.

"In Thunderbird 2 for cards that contained both an email address ('primary') and an additional email address, the primary email address would always be listed first.

"In Thunderbird 3, primary and additional are sorted alphabetically."
thunderbird  email  2010  sorting  autocomplete 
april 2017 by handcoding
535805 - Address typedown needs sorting by usage (regardless of address source)
"I'd like to see the typedown selections sorted by past usage so if I can select the correct address one or two times, it will appear at the top of the list."
thunderbird  email  2010  sorting  autocomplete 
april 2017 by handcoding
Changing order of Thunderbird email address autocomplete? - Super User
"Thunderbird stores the number of times an E-Mail address is used, and uses that to sort the autocomplete list.

"There was a bug in Thunderbird 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 that broke this feature for people who upgraded from Thunderbird 2, resulting in an apparently random sort.

"The bug was fixed in 3.0.2, so if you upgrade to the current version (or create a new profile), it will once again autocomplete the most frequently used E-Mail addresses first."
thunderbird  email  sorting  2010  bugs 
april 2017 by handcoding
How to remove addresses from Thunderbird's autocomplete drop-down? - Super User
"This one is about as counter-intuitive as it gets. The trick is that you don't delete auto-complete entries from the main Thunderbird window -- you delete them from the autocomplete cache as accessible from within a new email.

"1. Turn auto-completion on
2. Open a new email
3. Within the email window, click the Contacts button (should create a pane at the left with the list of addresses)
4. Delete the entry you don't want.

"I've done this successfully on my machine."
thunderbird  autocomplete  sorting  email  2010 
april 2017 by handcoding
Working with email URLs on macOS – The Sweet Setup
"macOS email clients like Mail and Airmail, the latter being our pick for the best third-party email client on the Mac, support the use of URLs to link to individual messages from other applications. The ability to generate links to specific email messages can be a HUGE timesaver from a productivity perspective."
email  links  productivity  thesweetsetup  2017 
march 2017 by handcoding
How to set up aliases | FastMail
"To add a new alias:

1. Open the Settings → Aliases screen.
2. You'll see a table with any current aliases you have. Use the "New Alias" button to add a new entry."
fastmail  email  aliases  2017 
february 2017 by handcoding
Manually sort folders :: Add-ons for Thunderbird
(Perhaps this might come in handy for later?)
“This extension allows you to manually sort (order) your folders in the folder pane of Thunderbird or automatically sort them, but in a better way. This extension also allows you to re-order accounts in the folder pane."
thunderbird  extensions  folder  email  2017 
january 2017 by handcoding
filter for mail sent only to me • mozillaZine Forums
(On setting up a filter in Thunderbird for mail sent only to me:)

"Creating a workable To: filter may take a while. Until then you can use a temporary filter.

"1. Make a new Adddress Book, call it e.g. 'Only Me.'

"2. Make a filter
From . . . . is in my address book . . . . Only Me

"3. Now you control the filter by adding/removing addresses as needed.
Just keep only the addresses that send only me mail."
thunderbird  filters  email  me  2007 
january 2017 by handcoding
A look back at 2015: My Top iOS Apps -
"Flying Ruler
This thing is awesome. There have been ruler apps on the iPhone since the App Store began, but this one uses the clinometer and accelerometer to allow the user to simply hold the phone at a starting point, then move it to the ending point, for highly accurate distance and angle measurements."

This is how I’ve been handling my email flow for a few years now. It works well with Spark’s features on my phone and MailMate’s features on my Mac, automatically determining whether something is worth being in my immediate Inbox or not. Additional features like email-forwarding to snooze or remind you that an email hasn’t been replied to are excellent."
rulers  ios  software  brettterpstra  2016  email  recommendations 
january 2017 by handcoding
Resize Photos from iPhone by Mailing Them to Yourself
"• Small is 320×240 – so small it’s basically useless, hard to imagine a scenario where this size would be appropriate
• Medium is 640×480 – probably what ‘small’ should be
• Large is 1632×1224 – exactly half of the full size image, the halving applies to all iOS devices for now
• Actual is 3264×2448 – the full size image taken from the iPhone camera, not resized or compressed"
ios  mail  email  images  2015  resolution 
january 2017 by handcoding
disable swipe delete ios8 | Official Apple Support Communities
"Another simple solution if you accidentally delete a mail simply shake your device and you will get a Pop Up asking to Undo Delete, select Yes and it will be returned."
ios  delete  mail  email  2014 
january 2017 by handcoding
Bandwidth limits - G Suite Administrator Help
This page goes over the bandwidth limits for Gmail accounts. For IMAP accounts, the limits are:
• Download via IMAP: 2.5 GB/day
• Upload via IMAP: 500 MB/day
gmail  email  limits  bandwidth  2016 
november 2016 by handcoding
Review: Kiwi - Gmail, Unleashed From the Browser | MacTrast
"Kiwi ($9.99 in the Mac App Store), originally on Kickstarter as Gmail for Mac, is a Mac application that offers the ease of use of the Gmail desktop web interface, as well as Gmail’s customizations, features, and settings, but in a native Mac application. This means you get the same Gmail you’ve used in Safari or Chrome, but with the added beauty of desktop notifications, easy account switching, gestures, and more."
kiwi  gmail  email  software  mac  osx  2015  reviews 
november 2016 by handcoding
Kiwi for Gmail
Karl mentioned that he uses this “Gmail in a window” app for macOS.
macos  gmail  software  recommendations  via:karlgroves  2016  email 
november 2016 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - DreamHost’s New Mail Filtering
This post goes over some of the bits that DreamHost has fucked up recently with their email.
email  dreamhost  2016 
november 2016 by handcoding
MacOS Mail Anti Inline Plugin • Clive Galeni's Blog
"The plugin solves situations with awkwardly inlined images when sending images to anyone who is not using Mail App. If you want your images to appear as attachments to your recipients then this plugin is for you. It also prevents Mail auto-preview feature and display attachments as icons by default. It does something similar to what Attachment Tamer used to do."  plugins  attachments  email  macos  software  2016 
november 2016 by handcoding
How to fix threaded emails in Mail on iOS 10 | Macworld
This post goes over some settings for iOS 10 to fix threading in Mail.
email  threading  ios  ios10  2016 
october 2016 by handcoding
"Inky by Arcode® Corporation makes exchanging encrypted and digitally signed email a breeze. It's as simple as regular email and works with any type of email account.

"Free for, iCloud, and email accounts.
Low monthly fee for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps, and other IMAP accounts.”

(you heard about this via:
email  imap  exchange  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
How to enlarge the font for message list in Mail | Official Apple Support Communities
Looks like you can only change the’s message-list font if it’s in Classic layout? Yeesh.  email  fonts  typography  software  mac  osx  macos  2015 
september 2016 by handcoding
Preferences - Appearance - Airmail for macOS | Airmail Docs
This post goes over most of the main Preference options for Airmail.
airmail  email  prefs  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
Show dates and times in Mail's message list | Macworld
"One of those is that there’s less room to display information about each message in the message list. As a result, Mail shortens the date display dramatically compared to what you’d see in the “classic” Mail layout. Specifically, for messages received today, Lion Mail shows only the time received; for messages received yesterday, Mail displays just the word Yesterday; and for messages received prior to yesterday, Mail displays just the date."
email  2011  time  date 
september 2016 by handcoding
Exchange contacts and iCloud | MacRumors Forums
"Nope. Exchange and iCloud run in parallel to one another, but are not merged in any sense, so you can't directly sync your Exchange contacts to iCloud."
contacts  exchange  email  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
Herald | Erik Hinterbichler
"Herald allows you to perform common actions directly from within the notification window, including deleting, initiating replies, or marking as read. And Herald's appearance is customizable, so you can tailor it to your own taste."
email  plugins  2016  mac  osx  notifications 
september 2016 by handcoding
MailButler Adds New Tools to Apple Mail – MacStories
"One of MailButler's marquee features is its ability to send a message at a later date and time. MailButler adds a button to the toolbar of Mail's message composition window that looks just like the existing 'Send' button in Mail, but with a clock icon added.”

"The most noticeable change that MailButler makes to Mail when you first open it is the addition of avatars for most senders."
plugins  reviews  macstories  2016  email 
september 2016 by handcoding
DockStar - Supercharge Your Mail Dock Icon
"DockStar adds extra badges to Mail's dock icon and clickable indicators to the menu bar. Intuitively monitor unread messages in more than one mailbox."  email  plugins  badges  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
POP and IMAP settings for Outlook Office 365 for business - Office Support
"To use other email programs like Apple Mail and Thunderbird with Office 365 for business, go to your other program and add the following POP or IMAP settings. What are IMAP and POP?"
exchange  outlook  email  work  office365  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
Thunderbird 38.0.1 is a massive update for the email client - gHacks Tech News
"Development of the email client Thunderbird was more or less restricted to maintenance and security updates ever since Mozilla made the decision to use resources for other projects and move development into the hands of the community.

"That was back in 2012 and while that did not really affect existing users as Thunderbird is more or less complete when it comes to all things email, it must have reflected badly on the overall perception of the client.

"The release of Thunderbird 38.0.1 is the first massive update of the email client that introduces more than just bug fixes and security updates."
thunderbird  2015  email  software 
september 2016 by handcoding
Alias Account Tutorial — Airmail App
Looks like Airmail supports email aliases too — nice.
"Alias accounts allow you to essentially merge one or more email addresses."
email  airmail  mac  osx  software  2016  aliases 
september 2016 by handcoding
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