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Joseph Silber on Twitter: "`git checkout` has too many responsibilities. It's used for both switching branches, and for restoring individual files to a previous state. So in git 2.23, it's being split into two distinct commands: `git switch` & `git re
“git checkout has too many responsibilities. It’s used for both switching branches, and for restoring individual files to a previous state.

“So in git 2.23, it’s being split into two distinct commands:

“git switch & git restore

“A welcome change.”
git  checkout  joseph_silber  twitter  2019 
august 2019 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - New Git Client: Sublime Merge
On Sublime Merge:
“I found that the diff viewer does not wrap long lines, making it unusable for certain types of files (such as .strings). I also really missed Tower’s way of having a separate list to manage the staged files, rather than showing the hunks and the files together.”
sublime  software  git  2018 
september 2018 by handcoding
Sublime Merge - Git, done Sublime
“Meet a new Git client, from the makers of Sublime Text”
sublime  git  software  2018 
september 2018 by handcoding
Oh, shit, git!
"Git is hard: screwing up is easy, and figuring out how to fix your mistakes is fucking impossible. Git documentation has this chicken and egg problem where you can't search for how to get yourself out of a mess, unless you already know the name of the thing you need to know about in order to fix your problem.

"So here are some bad situations I've gotten myself into, and how I eventually got myself out of them in plain english."
git  tutorials  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
On Demand Training - GitHub
Looks like GitHub has some online tutorials on Git. Neat.
git  tutorials  github  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
Oh My Zsh
This is that zsh-customization site that Karl recommended (especially for Git integration with the shell and prompt).
git  shell  terminal  zsh  via:karlgroves  2015 
july 2015 by handcoding
Home // Think Like (a) Git
"When you're just getting started, something as straightforward as a merge can be terrifying. It can take a long time to really become comfortable using some of Git's more advanced features. (It took me a year or two.)" (This is the quick-reference site for Git that Karl recommended.)
git  tutorials  2015  work  via:karlgroves 
july 2015 by handcoding
"What are 'flight rules'? A guide for astronauts (now, programmers using git) about what to do when things go wrong." (So this offers tips on things like how to combine commits or fix a commit that had gone onto the wrong branch.)
git  github  debugging  branching  branches  2015  flightrules  tutorials  commit  branch 
january 2015 by handcoding
GitGutter | Jisaacks
"In the screenshot above you can easily see at a glance that lines 10-13 (the new_method) were added. You can also see that lines 15 and 16 were modified and that one or more lines between 17 and 18 were removed (which would explain the indentation.) It also helps you spot debug statements you might easily overlook and accidentally commit (like line 23.)"
git  sublime  plugins  package  software  mac  osx  2013 
may 2013 by handcoding
Via @yaypie: "Hey Internets, I made you a thing. It serves files from, but with the correct content types."
github  raw  git  2013 
january 2013 by handcoding
Git-sweep—Fresh from the Arc90 Lab | Arc90 Blog
"We’re happy to announce the public release of our latest open source project at the Arc90 Lab: git-sweep. It’s a command line tool written in Python that will search for remote branches that have been merged into master, and let you automate the process of removing them."
git  branches  branching  2012  software  python 
april 2012 by handcoding
osx - Best visual client for Git on Mac OS X? - Stack Overflow
This thread compares various git clients for OS X (as of October 2011).
git  mac  osx  software  stackoverflow  tower  gitbox  comparison  2011 
march 2012 by handcoding
EasyGit, single script, very well thought out, longstanding tested project, does... | Hacker News
"EasyGit, single script, very well thought out, longstanding tested project, doesn't "conflict with" or conceal the underlying git just fixes up the UI."
git  ui  wrapper  abstractions  beginners  2012  via:hackernews  versioncontrol 
march 2012 by handcoding
version control - Differences in git branches - Stack Overflow
"I want to merge two branches that have been separated for a while and wanted to know which files have been modified."
git  diff  branch  comparison  2011  branching 
august 2011 by handcoding
bugzilla-vcs - Project Hosting on Google Code
"This is an extension for Bugzilla 3.6.1 and above that allows you to integrate your version-control system with Bugzilla. [...] Currently, the VCS extension can support CVS, Subversion (svn), Bazaar (bzr), Mercurial (hg), and Git."
git  bugzilla  subversion  mercurial  2010 
october 2010 by handcoding
A few git tips you didn't know about
This post goes over some command-line switches for git commands that could be handy (like "Diff by highlighting inline word changes instead of whole lines", "Short status output", and "Push a branch and automatically set tracking").
git  mac  osx  2010  canonical  syntaxhighlighting  work  preferences  branching  push  status  diff 
july 2010 by handcoding
Unicode skull and crossbones prompt -- ScrnShots: topfunky's Screenshots
With this fellow's settings, you can see as part of your prompt "a Unicode skull and crossbones if the current directory is a Git repository and has uncommitted changes." (via:
git  prompt  terminal  bash  zsh  2008 
june 2010 by handcoding
Gitbox — Git GUI for Mac OS X
"Gitbox is a Mac OS X graphical interface for Git version control system. In a single window you see branches, history and working directory status. Everyday operations are easy: stage and unstage changes with a checkbox. Commit, pull, merge and push with a single click." (Haven't tried this yet, but it could be worth a shot.)
git  osx  mac  2010  software  via:deliciouspopular 
june 2010 by handcoding
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | Source Control Made Easy
"This screencast is for people who havent used Git yet and are thinking about it, and for people who have just started using Git, but are still in the magic incantation stage of learning." ($10.00, 49 mins)
git  screencasts  video  via:therealadam  2009  tutorials  recommendations 
october 2009 by handcoding
Calling TextMate from Other Applications | TextMate Manual
This page goes over how one can set up environment variables to set TextMate as one's default editor in the shell/terminal.
textmate  osx  mac  shell  terminal  2009  git  editor  default 
august 2009 by handcoding
What is the best Git GUI on OSX? - Stack Overflow
This question is a bit old -- from September 2008 -- but it asks: "What is the best GUI on OSX for viewing a repository, and (optionally) manipulating it?"
osx  software  freeware  git  gui  stackoverflow 
june 2009 by handcoding
GitX - Home
"GitX is a git GUI specifically for Mac OS X. It currently features a history viewer much like gitk and a commit GUI like git gui. But then in silky smooth OS X style!"
2009  mac  osx  software  git  gui 
february 2009 by handcoding
Version Control for Designers
"This works on the assumption the person has no previous knowledge about SCM"
versioncontrol  designers  tutorials  beginners  git  via:gruber  2008 
june 2008 by handcoding

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