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Mapping a key to a sequence of keys · Issue #347 · tekezo/Karabiner-Elements
When it comes to using Karabiner Elements to map a keyboard shortcut to multiple keys, the general syntax looks to be:

"to": [
"key_code": "a"
"key_code": "return_or_enter"
karabiner  karabinerelements  github  2018  mac  macos  osx  software 
7 weeks ago by handcoding
Wox-launcher/Wox: Launcher for Windows, an alternative to Alfred and Launchy.
“WoX is a launcher for Windows that simply works. It’s an alternative to Alfred and Launchy. You can call it Windows omni-eXecutor if you want a long name.”
github  windows  software  launchbar  2019  launchers 
10 weeks ago by handcoding
Speaker Rider - Tatiana Mac
via @TatianaTMac:
“As I’ve been blessed with speaking engagements, I opted to write myself a speaker rider to ensure my compatibility with the conferences I speak at.

“I published so you can use it too, if you want.”

via:TatianaTMac  speaking  conferences  riders  2019  github 
11 weeks ago by handcoding
essays/ at master · dessalines/essays
This actually looks like a pretty great crash coarse on socialism (including some book recommendations).
books  socialism  canonical  2019  github 
july 2019 by handcoding
Additional Themes · coteditor/CotEditor Wiki
Oh, hey—it looks like there’re additional syntax-highlighting themes for CotEditor. Neat!
coteditor  themes  github  2019  mac  macos  osx  software  syntaxhighlighting 
may 2019 by handcoding
[CotEditor performance issues with large files] 文字種によってファイルの終端の近くで矢印キー押下によるカーソル移動が極端に遅くなる · Issue #957 · coteditor/CotEditor
It looks like Karabiner might have a known performance issue when editing large files? Hopefully this might be fixed for v3.7.5, which isn’t out just yet (as of May 24, 2019).
coteditor  bugs  performance  2019  github  mac  macos  osx  software 
may 2019 by handcoding
Holding letter vs tapping it · Issue #1667 · tekezo/Karabiner-Elements
This issue deals with some problems relating to getting press-and-hold bits to work in Karabiner Elements.
karabiner  karabinerelements  2019  github  mac  macos  osx  software  to_if_held_down_threshold_milliseconds 
may 2019 by handcoding
Memory leak, especially during sleep · Issue #9 · kevingessner/FunctionFlip
So it looks like there may be a memory leak in FunctionFlip (at least as of May 2018)?
functionflip  github  2019  mac  macos  osx  software  functionkeys  keyboard  function 
may 2019 by handcoding
An introduction to alternative keyboard layouts · GitHub
“This is a post to satisfy your curiosity about alternative keyboard layouts, why some people use them, and whether they’re for you. It is intended to discuss the topic in broad terms, but I will share my personal preferences towards the end. Due to time constraints and my own limited knowledge, I will focus on layouts optimized for the English language (ANSI variants, with an occasional nod to ISO).”

(This post also has a pretty good critique of some of the problems with Colemak. And it addresses
keyboard  layouts  github  gists  2019  colmak  norman  dvorak  qwerty 
april 2019 by handcoding
GitHub - drdnar/GortonDigital: A revival of a 20th century interwar typeface.
“In the early- to mid-20th century, the George Gorton Machine Company made engraving machines (among other machines). They also made a few typefaces that were often used with the machines, the most common of which was simply called Gorton. This is a digitalization of the Gorton font family.”
typefaces  github  opensource  2019 
march 2019 by handcoding
appium-for-mac/PFRoleDescriptions.strings at master · appium/appium-for-mac
Here’s a big list of all of macOS’s “AX” fields, such as “AXTextArea” and so on.
axtextarea  mac  osx  lists  macos  github  2019  axtextfield 
march 2019 by handcoding
[AppleScript] Get Name of active window | Returns the name / title of the active (frontmost) window
If you should need the name of the current app, this AppleScript will do that (albeit not for menubar windows).
applescript  applications  current  gist  github  2019 
march 2019 by handcoding
GitHub - BenRoe/awesome-mechanical-keyboard: ⌨️ A curated list of awesome Mechanical Keyboard resources.
This looks to be a pretty decent list of mechanical keyboards, including a bunch of ortho options.
keyboards  2019  lists  github 
march 2019 by handcoding
adobe-type-tools/keyboard-layouts: Keyboard layout conversion from XML-based .keylayout to Windows-compatible .klc
“This Python script is intended for converting Mac keyboard layouts to Windows .klc files, the input format for ‘Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator’ (MSKLC). The resulting .klc files reflect the Mac keyboard layout, and can be used in MSKLC to compile working keyboard layouts for Windows. Should any further modifications be desired, the .klc output files can also be edited with a text editor.”
github  2019  keyboard  layouts  conversion  mac  macos  osx  windows 
february 2019 by handcoding
GitHub - iaolo/iA-Fonts: Free variable writing fonts from iA
It looks like iA has released some free monosoaced typefaces, so that seems kinda neat.
typefaces  monospaced  github  2019 
february 2019 by handcoding
Jaws does not enter application mode when focus is moved inside a container with role="application" · Issue #93 · FreedomScientific/VFO-standards-support
“When focus is programmatically moved to an element inside a container with role=‘application’, JAWS does not enter application mode. Tabbing to the next element inside the container will then enter application mode.”

And then there was this reply from Léonie:
“I think this is expected behaviour. When focus is moved using JS, Jaws will be in Virtual Cursor mode. Triggering applications mode from within virtual mode would be quite problematic in other circumstances.”
jaws  accessibility  applicationmode  application  modes  screenreaders  github  2018 
february 2019 by handcoding
Swordfish90/cool-retro-term: A good looking terminal emulator which mimics the old cathode display...
“cool-retro-term is a terminal emulator which mimics the look and feel of the old cathode tube screens.”
opensource  github  retro  terminal  shell  2019  software  mac  macos  osx  linux 
february 2019 by handcoding
MacOS error: -67062 (security exception) · Issue #11378 · Homebrew/homebrew-core
“Multiple packages installed by Homebrew (like coreutils, python, tmux-mem-cpu-load, vim) cause the Console to be filled with the error ‘MacOS error: -67062’ from processes like taskgated, lsd and socketfilterfw when binaries from the package are executed.”
github  mac  osx  macos  2019  67062  console  lsd 
february 2019 by handcoding
serbanghita/Mobile-Detect: Mobile_Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets). It uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment.
(Not that you’d really need this, but perhaps this may be of use in case you had ever needed to reverse-engineer why a site was/wasn’t showing you the mobile version of a site?)
“Mobile_Detect is a lightweight PHP class for detecting mobile devices (including tablets). It uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment.”
mobile  php  server  detection  2019  github 
january 2019 by handcoding
Unexpected keyboard focus of inactive tab in a tablist · Issue #132 · FreedomScientific/VFO-standards-support
“When interacting with an ARIA Tab widget, it’s common to set the currently active tab to have a tabindex=0 and to set the inactive tabs to have a tabindex=-1. When testing various different implementations of Tab widgets, it was noticed that if navigating by the virtual cursor, and then hitting the Tab key, keyboard focus would be set to the first tab in the tablist, regardless of whether or not it was the currently active tab / the tab with the tabindex=0.

“Removing the possibility that incorrect JavaScript/focus management could be to blame, a reduced test case continues to display this behavior across browsers.”
jaws  bugs  tabs  tablists  aria  accessibility  a11j  2019  github 
january 2019 by handcoding
diimdeep/awesome-split-keyboards: A collection of ergonomic split keyboards ⌨
This page has a pretty good rundown of pictures and links to various ergonomic keyboards.
keyboards  lists  ergonomics  2018  github 
november 2018 by handcoding
Clone to Tower for Github - Apple - Safari - Safari Extensions Gallery
(This could be neat?)
“A lightweight browser extension that links Github’s ‘Open in Desktop’ button to without the need of ever installing the Github Desktop Application.”
tower  github  2018  safari  extensions 
october 2018 by handcoding
Feature request: Display the font that’s in use rather than the whole font stack · Issue #9 · phallstrom/SafariFontScope
(This is the bug that you filed for the SafariFontScope extension about displaying just the font that’s in use.)
“Just to put this out there—as a potential feature or option, might it be possible to display the font that’s in use rather than the whole font stack?”
SafariFontScope  github  bugs  safari  extensions  fonts  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
GitHub - rothgar/ergodox-ez-tent-kit: A custom tent kit for the ergodox ez
“This is a custom keyboard tent git for the ergodox ez keyboard. They sell a tent kit with the keyboard but I needed more angle with the keyboard so I designed this. It is based loosely on the Freestyle2 ascent keyboard tent kit but with changes to make the design more printer friendly.”
keyboards  tenting  3dprinting  2018  github 
september 2018 by handcoding
New rule request · Issue #336 · pqrs-org/KE-complex_modifications
This is that Karabiner Elements issue about that fellow who was looking to exchange the slash and the question mark.
karabiner  karabinerelements  github  slash  questionmark  2018 
september 2018 by handcoding
Here’s the GitHub page for Karabiner Elements’ complex modification rules webpage.
karabiner  karabinerelements  github  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
qmk_firmware/keymap.c at master · qmk/qmk_firmware · GitHub
Granted, it’s just ASCII art, so it might not be the easiest to read, but this GitHub page goes over the default Preonic key layout.
preonic  keyboards  2018  github 
july 2018 by handcoding
Potential bug—Pasting text can take a few seconds if “Link URLs in document” is turned on · Issue #831 · coteditor/CotEditor
“It would seem that pasting any amount of text into a large-ish document can take several seconds if CotEditor’s ‘Link URLs in document’ option is turned o”
coteditor  2018  bugs  issues  github  pasting  software 
july 2018 by handcoding
Programmer Norman ? · Issue #16 · deekayen/norman
Here’s that GitHub issue where you helped that person through the steps for setting up Karabiner Elements to swap the numbers and symbols.
norman  github  numbers  symbols  2018  karabiner  karabinerelements 
june 2018 by handcoding
Laurie Voss on Twitter: "A rich GitHub profile is like a college degree: ∙ It's a positive signal, one of dozens possible ∙ Not everybody has the time and resources to get one ∙ Having one does not necessarily mean you're good at your job ∙ Ignori
“A rich GitHub profile is like a college degree:
∙ It's a positive signal, one of dozens possible
∙ Not everybody has the time and resources to get one
∙ Having one does not necessarily mean you're good at your job
∙ Ignoring one would be silly
∙ Requiring one would be silly”
github  seldo  twitter  2018 
june 2018 by handcoding
algernon/Model01-sketch: algernon's firmware Sketch for the Model 01
This page goes over Algernon’s Keyboardio layout. It looks pretty good.
keyboardio  layouts  2018  keyboards  github 
may 2018 by handcoding
bahamas10/hueadm: A command line management interface to Phillips hue
“A command line management interface to Philips Hue.”

(Then again, it uses Node, which isn’t great. And who knows whether it supports sync, eh?)
philips  hue  node  2018  software  github 
may 2018 by handcoding
kinesis-advantage-2/curly_brace_no_shift.txt at master · farmergreg/kinesis-advantage-2
“This mod makes it nicer to work with programming languages that use lots of curly {} braces.”
kinesis  kinesisadvantage2  remapping  github  2018 
april 2018 by handcoding
Hey, thanks! · Issue #1 · jcowgar/kinesis-advantage-2
(This is the “Hey, thanks” bug report that you filed to thank that fellow who created those Norman mappings for the Kinesis Advantage 2.)
github  2018  kinesis  norman 
april 2018 by handcoding
jcowgar/kinesis-advantage-2: Mappings and Macros for the Kinesis Advantage 2 keyboard
“I am a computer programmer that has many requirements normal computer users may not from their keyboard. Thus, I have many remappings and macros for my Kinesis Advantage 2 keyboard.

“I’ve setup this repository to share them and to keep my settings backed up. Here you will find many text files performing specific tasks. The Advantage 2 does not use these files. They are for reference and for building new layers. You will also find files such as qwerty.txt, 1_qwerty.txt, etc… These files the Advantage 2 does use directly.”

(Also, this is kinda neat:)
“Remap Caps to be Right Alt. The thumb keys both have Left Alt. What this does is gives me a modifier key that is not used anywhere else. Thus, I can create a ‘fake’ additional layer by pressing the Caps key and any key on the keyboard. Keys have to be programmed as a macro.”

(These bits also look kinda interesting:)
“Programming Macros
“* Caps+Enter goes to the end of the line, then presses enter. This ‘opens’ a line below the cursor.
“* Caps+Shift+Enter goes up one line, to the end of the line, then presses enter. This ‘opens’ a line above the cursor.
“* Caps+Comma goes to the end of the line, inserts a comma, and then presses enter.
“* Caps+Open Curly Brace goes to the end of the line, inserts an open curly brace, and then presses enter.”
kinesis  layouts  remapping  github  2018 
march 2018 by handcoding
GitHub - russmaxdesign/floating-label: A quick demo of floating, animated labels
This may well be a canonical example of how to do an accessible version of the “floating labels” thing. And see also Russ’s related ID24 talk about this:
2017  forms  floating  labels  accessibility  a11y  github  canonical 
june 2017 by handcoding
Adding a code of conduct to your project - User Documentation
via @katfukui: "We just shipped the code of conduct tool! ❤️ Now it's easy to choose which CoC best fits your community."
github  codesofconduct  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
%$#@ This: Combing through 183 million git commits to find out when and how developers use the f-word
"Of the 183 million commit messages in the dataset, about 33,000 contain some version of the word ‘fuck,' or about one every five or six thousand commit messages (fewer than the 48,000 Sergey Abakumoff found in his F-bomb analysis when also including git subject lines). More interesting than pure totals are what exactly the programmer thinks is worth cursing about in the first place."
fuck  words  github  commits  2017  language 
april 2017 by handcoding
Hiding the menu does not hide the menu in NVDA · Issue #4 · carbon-design-system/carbon-components
Here's that issue thread for IBM's Carbon Design System where you mentioned about using tabindex="-1” on the destination of the skip link to quell WebKit weirdness.
skiplinks  accessibility  a11y  github  ibm  webkit  tabindex  2017 
april 2017 by handcoding
Va11yS | developerWorks Open
"Va11yS, or Verified Accessibility Samples, is a repository of live working code samples that designers and developers can easily access to test with different assistive technologies and tools.

"We built the initial samples using code snippets found in the Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0. The aim is to keep these code samples simple so that developers can view them and quickly implement the ideas into their own code."
ibm  accessibility  a11y  github  aria  widgets  2017 
march 2017 by handcoding
GitHub Dark - Themes and Skins for Github -
This looks like kind of a neat-ish GitHub userstyle for Stylish.
stylish  userstyles  github  dark  2016 
december 2016 by handcoding
MicrosoftEdge/ Scripts used to generate the free VMs available at
"The code in this repo contains the script files we use to create the free [Windows] VMs. The main reason to open source this project is for the community to help with the templates of the different VMs and add features or configurations that might be useful for them."
windows  microsoft  vms  2016  github 
october 2016 by handcoding
On Demand Training - GitHub
Looks like GitHub has some online tutorials on Git. Neat.
git  tutorials  github  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
Markdown Cheatsheet · adam-p/markdown-here Wiki
This page offers a pretty decent quick reference for Markdown.
markdown  quickreference  2016  tutorials  github 
august 2016 by handcoding
HTML 5.1: 4.7. Embedded content [alt text]
Steve passed along this page, which offers general guidance and rules of thumb for writing alt text / alt attributes. (Perhaps this might be good for beginners?)
alt  alttext  accessibility  a11y  images  2016  via:stevefaulkner  w3c  aria  github  beginners 
april 2016 by handcoding
WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1
This page, the WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices, goes over the recommended keyboard shortcuts to support for various ARIA widget types.
aria  accessibility  a11y  keyboard  shortcuts  2016  github  w3c  via:stevefaulkner 
april 2016 by handcoding
How to add a custom domain in Github Pages - Tutorial 2 - YouTube
This video goes over how to add a custom domain to GitHub Pages (
video  github  domains  2015  youtube 
april 2016 by handcoding
"Large text" - using px rather than pt as unit · Issue #181 · w3c/wcag
"Something that's been bugging me for a while… For on-screen/web content, px would be a far more natural unit of measure than pt."
wcag  w3c  px  pt  github  2016 
april 2016 by handcoding
English tweak: “Link URL in document” → “Link URLs” · Issue #515 · coteditor/CotEditor
(This is your CotEditor bug about changing “Link URL in document” to “Link URLs"
coteditor  bugs  github  2016  mac  software  osx 
march 2016 by handcoding
"What are 'flight rules'? A guide for astronauts (now, programmers using git) about what to do when things go wrong." (So this offers tips on things like how to combine commits or fix a commit that had gone onto the wrong branch.)
git  github  debugging  branching  branches  2015  flightrules  tutorials  commit  branch 
january 2015 by handcoding
rowanmanning/joblint · GitHub
"Test tech job specs for issues with sexism, culture, expectations, and recruiter fails."
jobpostings  jobs  2013  gender  github 
november 2013 by handcoding
appendto/jquery-mockjax · GitHub
"The jQuery Mockjax Plugin provides a simple and extremely flexible interface for mocking or simulating ajax requests and responses"
javascript  2013  plugins  ajax  github  jquery 
july 2013 by handcoding
jehna/VerbalExpressions · GitHub
"VerbalExpressions is a JavaScript library that helps to construct difficult regular expressions."
javascript  2013  regex  github  regularexpressions  regexp 
july 2013 by handcoding
"This repo contains a number of front-end interview questions that can be used when vetting potential candidates. It is by no means recommended to use every single question here on the same candidate (that would take hours). Choosing a few items from this list should help you vet the intended skills you require."
jobs  2013  front-end  questions  interviews  github 
june 2013 by handcoding
Via @yaypie: "Hey Internets, I made you a thing. It serves files from, but with the correct content types."
github  raw  git  2013 
january 2013 by handcoding
"Uses the Google Maps API to asynchronously embed a simple map similar to the iframe embed code you can get from Google but without the iframe."
google  maps  googlemaps  javascript  2012  via:tinyfly  github  2012 
october 2012 by handcoding
holman/spark - GitHub
Looks like this jobbie can be used to create sparklines in one's shell.
sparklines  github  shell  terminal  2011 
november 2011 by handcoding
Introducing the File Finder - GitHub
"These days, though, I find myself reading most new code in my browser on GitHub. And I really miss cmd-T. So, I did the only thing that made sense: I added cmd-T to GitHub."
github  textmate  shortcuts  keyboard  hotkeys  2011 
february 2011 by handcoding

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