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Netgear's Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi Routers Now Available From Apple - MacRumors
(Perhaps these might be worth a look if Eero’s Wi-Fi routers don’t end up working out for you?)

As @khoi put it:
“These are the routers I have at home. Unsurprisingly, the admin UI is not pretty but overall they're great.”

routers  wifi  macrumors  2019  recommendations  via:khoi  eero 
15 days ago by handcoding
Five Mac Apps Worth Checking Out - July 2019 - MacRumors
(Perhaps this could be worth a try if you end up getting a MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar at some point?)
“Pock is a simple little Mac app that’s designed to make your Touch Bar more useful by adding your dock to your Touch Bar so you can quickly access your apps and even files within folders. The Pock options are customizable, so you can choose what you need most, adding options like a now playing widget for controlling music, a status widget for getting info like WiFi connection of battery level, and more.”
mac  macrumors  2019  macos  osx  software  touchbar  dock 
6 weeks ago by handcoding
Best Alternatives to Apple's Now-Canceled AirPower - MacRumors
These Qi charging mats look like they could be good candidates for one’s wishlist, eh?
wishlist  macrumors  qi  charging  2019 
march 2019 by handcoding
USB-IF Confusingly Merges USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Under New USB 3.2 Branding - MacRumors
“Going forward, USB 3.1 Gen 1 (transfer speeds up to 5Gb/s), which used to be USB 3.0 prior to a separate rebranding, will be called USB 3.2 Gen 1, while USB 3.1 Gen 2 (transfer speeds up to 10Gb/s) will now be known as USB 3.2 Gen 2.”
usb  macrumors  2019  usb3.1  usb3.2 
february 2019 by handcoding
Casper Glow Light Review - MacRumors
“Casper’s Glow Light is a clever product that has a visually appealing design and controls that are simple, intuitive, and useful. For those who typically use standard white bulbs at night and want a solution that’s going to improve sleep, the Glow Light has the potential to do so.

“At $89, the Glow Light is rather expensive, but it can replace a traditional table lamp you might have on your nightstand. That said, it is a more expensive solution than other lamps and lighting products that dim in a similar way, such as bulbs from companies like Signify, LIFX, Caseta, Lutron, and dozens of other companies.”
macrumors  lights  lighting  reviews  2019 
february 2019 by handcoding
Painfully slow Time Machine backup. | MacRumors Forums
“So, I just found out about 2 Mac commands that seem to have made a pretty big difference:

“sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0


“sudo renice -n -20 -p #### (I had to use: ps -ax | grep TimeMachine to find the -p value)

“This has, after my system idles, taken my time machine backup from 18 hours (for 3.63GB) to 1-2 hours remaining. It starts counting up if I actually use the MacBook tho.”
timemachine  mac  osx  macos  backups  2019  forums  macrumors 
february 2019 by handcoding
CES 2019: Elgato Unveils Thunderbolt 3 Pro Dock With Dual USB-C, Dual USB-A, Gigabit Ethernet, DisplayPort, and More - MacRumors
“The dock is equipped with two USB-C ports with transfer speeds up to 10Gb/s, two USB-A ports with transfer speeds up to 5 Gb/s, two Thunderbolt 3 ports with transfer speeds up to 40 Gb/s, one DisplayPort 1.2, one Gigabit Ethernet port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and audio output, and SD and microSD card readers.”
docks  thunderbolt  thunderbolt3  macrumors  2019  elgato 
january 2019 by handcoding
Instagram Now Lets Users Post to Multiple Accounts Simultaneously - MacRumors
“Instagram is rolling out a new feature that allows posting content to multiple accounts at the same time. The social network confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature is now rolling out to all users of its iOS app.”
instagram  macrumors  ios  software  apps  2019 
january 2019 by handcoding
How to Manage File Associations in macOS - MacRumors
“If you’ve installed a lot of applications on your Mac through the years, you may find that some apps appear in the Open With menu that really have no business being there given the kind of file you’ve selected.

“As well as unrelated apps, you may even see references to ‘ghost’ apps that you removed from your Mac long ago. All of which results in a long and cluttered list of launch service links you won’t use.

“Unfortunately the list isn’t directly editable, but there are a couple of ways that you can clear the cruft from it. One option is to grab Titanium Software’s free Onyx system utility and run a task to rebuild the Launch Services database.”
mac  macos  macrumors  osx  launchservices  2018  extensions 
november 2018 by handcoding
Apple Releases iOS 12.1 With eSIM Support, Real-Time Depth Control, Group FaceTime, New Emoji and More - MacRumors
“In earlier versions of iOS 12, Depth Control is only available for post-capture editing purposes. To use Depth Control when composing an image, tap on the ‘F’ icon at the top of the screen and then drag the slider to adjust the amount of background blur in the image.”
macrumors  12.1  ios  depthcontrol  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
Google Shuttering Google+ for Consumers After Undisclosed Data Breach - Mac Rumors
“Google is planning to shut down Google+ over a 10-month period, with the social network set to be sunset next August.”
google  googleplus  2018  macrumors 
october 2018 by handcoding
iPhone Contacting the iPhone software update server... (5.1 related) | MacRumors Forums
About problems in contacting Apple’s upgrade servers:
“It is a DNS issue
“changing your DNS server or adding the following to your host file will resolve the issue

apple  iphone  dns  2012  macrumors 
october 2018 by handcoding
MacPaw Releases a Redesigned and Updated CleanMyMac X – MacStories
“There’s a lot of junk that builds up on a Mac over time. The Trash fills up as do caches. There are also large language files, localizations, and other system files that most people don’t need. To eliminate the junk and keep as much space free as possible on my Mac, I’ve used CleanMyMac by MacPaw for several years. Today, MacPaw released an update to the app called CleanMyMac X in honor of the app’s ten-year anniversary.”
macrumors  cleanmymac  reviews  2018  software  mac  osx 
september 2018 by handcoding
Popular Newton Email App for iOS and Mac Shutting Down in September - Mac Rumors
“Newton, a popular email service for iOS and Mac, is shutting down on September 25, the company’s founder Rohit Nadhani announced today.

“Newton is a subscription-based app that costs $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year, a business model that did not end up being successful. Nadhani says that the company explored ‘various business models’ but wasn’t able to ‘successfully figure out profitability & growth over the long term.’”
mac  email  2018  software  macrumors 
august 2018 by handcoding
Microsoft Plans to Keep Skype Classic Available 'for Some Time' Following User Backlash - Mac Rumors
“Based on customer feedback, we are extending support for Skype 7 (Skype classic) for some time. Our customers can continue to use Skype classic until then.”
skype  macrumors  software  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Hands-On With Apple's New $699 Blackmagic eGPU - YouTube
Well, this eGPU jobbie looks potentially handy (and apparently it’s quiet too).
youtube  reviews  2018  egpus  macrumors 
july 2018 by handcoding
How to Use Instant Tuning in iOS 12 and Change Notification Behavior on the Fly - Mac Rumors
“A Manage Notifications pop-up will appear on the screen featuring two blue button options. Deliver Quietly ensures future alerts from this app only appear in the Notification Center (accessed by swiping down from the top of your device's screen).

“Note that selecting this option means alerts will no longer show in the Lock Screen and you won't see any banner notifications on any other screens. Deliver Quietly also turns off any sound or vibration alerts set for the associated app.”
ios  ios12  notifications  2018  macrumors 
july 2018 by handcoding
Fantastical 2 for Mac Updated With Support for Sending and Receiving Time Proposals, Meetup Integration - Mac Rumors
(This looks it could be handy.)
“The updated app includes support for sending and receiving time proposals on Exchange, iCloud, Google, and other CalDAV accounts, which means users that are sent an invite and need to offer up an alternate time can click the new option to suggest an updated time for an event, with a response sent directly to the event creator.


“ integration is now included, so users are able to add a Meetup account to Fantastical to keep track of and respond to upcoming meetup events.”
fantastical  2018  macrumors  meetup 
july 2018 by handcoding
Yosemite forgetting Notification settings after every restart or login | MacRumors Forums
(On fixing the Notification Center prefs:)
“Here are the instructions I got from AppleCare from an Apple Engineer. I’m not sure if the fix was specifically for my machine or if it’ll work for someone else. Follow at your own risk.

“1. Open the Library folder in your Home folder.
“2. In the Library folder, open the Application Support folder.
“3. Locate the folder named NotificationCenter. Drag this folder to the desktop.
“4. Next, open the Terminal application.

“Copy and paste each line of these commands into the Terminal window, in order. Press return after each line:

“cd getconf DARWIN_USER_DIR
“rm -rf
“killall usernoted; killall NotificationCenter

“5. Close the Terminal app.
“6. Restart your computer.

“The notification preference changes won’t stick until you restart a 2nd time after this.”
notificationcenter  2014  mac  macos  macrumors  notifications 
june 2018 by handcoding
Tidal Adds Pre-Save to Library Feature for New Album Releases - Mac Rumors
“The new ‘pre-save’ feature ensures albums are displayed in album collections the moment they're uploaded to Tidal servers on the official release day. The feature is launching in tandem with Deadmau5's new album Where's the Drop?, which can be pre-saved in advance of its official release next week.

Apple Music already offers a similar feature for pre-ordered albums purchased through iTunes. Spotify also has an equivalent feature, but so far it's only been used in artist/label marketing campaigns and requires a direct link to the album to use it, as noted by The Verge.”
tidal  macrumors  music  applemusic  2018  albums  presave 
march 2018 by handcoding
10 Essential Tips for Using the macOS Finder More Efficiently - Mac Rumors
On showing hidden files in the Finder:
“Shift + Command + . to show hidden files is also very important”
finder  hidden  keyboard  shortcuts  macrumors  2018 
february 2018 by handcoding
How to Use the HomePod's Physical Controls - Mac Rumors
“HomePod gestures can activate Siri, control the volume of what's playing, skip to the next song, pause/play and more. All of the touch gestures you can use with the HomePod are below.”
gestures  homepod  macrumors  audio  music  2018 
february 2018 by handcoding
VLC 3.0 Update Adds Cross-Platform 4K and 8K Hardware Decoding, HDR10, Chromecast Support, and More - Mac Rumors
One comment here mentioned switching from VLC to IINA—so perhaps that may be worth a look?
vlc  mac  macos  software  video  osx  macrumors  2018 
february 2018 by handcoding
Top Five Time-Saving iPhone Tips: Searching Web Pages, Swipe to Delete in Calculator, and More - Mac Rumors
“The first way involves tapping the Share icon (the square with an arrow pointing out of it), sliding your finger left along the bottom column, and tapping the Find on Page button, indicated by a magnifying glass. Start typing what you're looking for, and your search results will be returned automatically.

“The second, faster method is to type your search term straight into Safari's address bar and then tap the On This Page option at the bottom of the suggestion list, after which you'll be able to tap through each occurrence of the term on the current page.”


“Rather than tap the "123" key to switch to the number/symbol keyboard, hold down on it and slide your finger over to the key you want, then let go. This single action types the number/symbol and automatically switches you back to the alphabetical layout, avoiding the need to perform three separate taps to achieve the same result.”
safari  search  find  ios  2018  macrumors 
january 2018 by handcoding
Spark for iOS and Mac Gain New Reminder and Send Later Features - Mac Rumors
"Popular email app Spark for Mac and iOS was today updated with several new features aimed at professionals, including 'Send Later' and 'Follow-up Reminders.'"
spark  email  mac  ios  software  macrumors  sendlater  scheduling  2018 
january 2018 by handcoding
Mac mini server 2011 - remedy for the loud fan? | MacRumors Forums
"Trust me the delta fan is noisy. I have one in a box and it was removed because it was noisy. The other fan is quieter. Honestly though I would replace the thermal paste and see if that helps."
macmini  fans  2014  repair  macrumors 
january 2018 by handcoding
Carrier - can't activate apple sim on 10.5 w/tmobile | MacRumors Forums
"While on the phone with T-Mo for over an hour I found a Reddit thread and got it set up on my own! (I am so excited!!) The TL;DR is say you don't have a T-Mobile ID and it will ask for the last 4 of your SSN and email and you set up a new ID. (Not sure if I'm allowed to link to another forum but here's the Reddit thread)"
tmobile  ipad  sim  macrumors  2017 
december 2017 by handcoding
Apple Releases VESA-Compatible Mounting Bracket Kit for iMac Pro - Mac Rumors
“The kit comes with everything you need to replace your iMac Pro stand with a mounting bracket, which lets you attach your iMac Pro to any VESA-compatible wall mount, desk mount, or articulating arm to customize your workspace.”
imac  imacpro  vesa  2017  macrumors 
december 2017 by handcoding
American Express, Mastercard and Discover to Eliminate Signature Requirement for Purchases in April 2018 - Mac Rumors
"American Express today announced plans to eliminate signature requirements when customers make credit or debit card purchases, joining both Mastercard and Discover.

"All three companies plan to stop asking customers to provide a signature when making a purchase in the United States and Canada starting in April of 2018. The change is designed to allow for a more consistent, streamlined, and speedy checkout experience for both merchants and cardholders."
americanexpress  mastercard  discover  creditcards  2017  macrumors 
december 2017 by handcoding
iPhone X Supports Reachability With Swipe Down Gesture on Home Screen Indicator Once Enabled - Mac Rumors
"Once enabled, Reachability can be invoked by swiping down on the bar that serves as a visual indicator for returning to the Home screen."
macrumors  2017  iphone  iphonex  reachability  gestures 
november 2017 by handcoding
6 Gestural Interface Tricks to Try Out With Your New iPhone X | MacRumors Forums
“Here's a graphic I created showing App Switcher access in a much much faster and more intuitive and 100% consistent way. Shhh, even Craig doesn't know about it ;)”
iphone  iphonex  gestures  macrumors  2017 
november 2017 by handcoding
iStockNow Provides Bird's-Eye View of iPhone X Availability at Apple Stores Around the World - Mac Rumors
“Apple enabled an iPhone X availability tool on its website over the weekend, allowing customers to check stock at nearby stores, but those looking for more of a bird's-eye view may prefer to use”
iphone  iphonex  macrumors  stock  2017 
november 2017 by handcoding
iPhone X Review Roundup: Face ID Works Well as Life Without Home Button Takes Getting Used To - Mac Rumors
“Meanwhile, there's a new, large side button that brings up Siri and Apple Pay. I instinctively pressed and held it to shut down my phone, then I realized that is not what that button does. (To turn off the phone, you now hold that same side button *and* the lower volume button at the same time, which feels far from intuitive.)”
iphonex  iphone  macrumors 
october 2017 by handcoding
Sonos One Reviews: Premium Sound Partners Well With Alexa, Although Voice Commands Limited at Launch - Mac Rumors
“In 2018, Sonos One will also update with support for AirPlay 2, and then iOS users will be able to more easily control music playback with the speaker.”
sonos  sonosone  airplay  speakers  2017  macrumors 
october 2017 by handcoding
Apple Offering Pre-Approvals to iPhone Upgrade Program Customers Ahead of iPhone 8 - Mac Rumors
"Apple advises customers to open the Apple Store app on their current iPhone, choose their preferred iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus model, and get pre-approved for an iPhone Upgrade Program loan. The window to get pre-approved ends tomorrow, Thursday, September 14, at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

"Pre-approved customers can then return to the Apple Store app when iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus pre-orders begin on Friday, September 15 at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time to complete the process."
apple  iphone  upgrade  macrumors  2017  iphonex  preapproval 
october 2017 by handcoding
Study Finds Significant Number of Macs Running Out-of-Date Firmware Susceptible to Critical Exploits - Mac Rumors
“In a related blog post, Duo Security said users should check if they are running the latest version of EFI on their Macs, and it has released a tool to help do so.”
mac  osx  macrumors  macos  2017  efi  firmware  security 
september 2017 by handcoding
How to Use Automatic Setup in iOS 11 to Get Your New iPhone 8 Up and Running Quick - Mac Rumors
“iOS 11 includes a new "Automatic Setup" feature, which is aimed at making it quicker to get a new device ready to use right out of the box. Automatic Setup streamlines the setup process for new iPhones and iPads, transferring over preferences, Apple ID and Wi-Fi info, preferred settings, and iCloud Keychain passwords.”
ios  ios11  setup  macrumors 
september 2017 by handcoding
Safari 11 Released for macOS Sierra and OS X El Capitan - Mac Rumors
“‘What that does is if you have a content blocker (adblocker) installed, it will allow you to control what sites it runs on. Not just any adblocker will work with this. It needs to be one of the newer "content blocker" style. I'm using the Adguard ('') content blocker extension. Once you have that extension installed you will see the option in that screen to enable/disable by site. See my screenshot.’

“I just turned off Adblocker, and got Adguard, and am noticing that Safari is WAY faster now!”

“Awesome, thanks to Safari 11 my free and open source extension PiPer ('') that enables Picture in Picture mode now supports captions!”
safari  ads  macrumors  adblocker  2017 
september 2017 by handcoding
AppleCare+ Priced at $199 for iPhone X, $149 for iPhone 8 Plus - Mac Rumors
(Note to self: That’s still cheaper than buying a new phone. So.)
"AppleCare+ for the iPhone X will also be more expensive, at $199.”


"AppleCare+ for iPhone X will extend warranty coverage of the device to two years from the original date of purchase, and it will cover two incidents of accidental damage. Apple will charge $29 to replace a damaged screen, or $99 for any other damage. These fees, interestingly, have not gone up in price. "
applecare  iphonex  2017  macrumors 
september 2017 by handcoding
Spotify Web Player No Longer Compatible With Apple's Safari Browser - Mac Rumors
On getting Spotify’s web app to play nicely with Safari, one of the comments mentions, "But if you change the user agent to iOS, it works fine"
spotify  2017  safari  macrumors 
september 2017 by handcoding
IKEA Trådfri Smart Lighting System Now Supports Apple HomeKit - Mac Rumors
"Very good move, IKEA. They didn't promise any HomeKit support at the beginning and yet they developed quickly an update. Bravo.

"LIFX instead promised HomeKit for ages and users are still waiting for an ETA. Come on, LIFX, wake up!"
ikea  lifx  homekit  hue  lighting  2017  macrumors 
august 2017 by handcoding
MacBook Pro Sounding Like A Jet Engine | MacRumors Forums
(On keeping a MacBook Pro cool and quiet:)

"Being an owner & user of the 15" MacBook Pro forever; Over the years the 15" has frequently struggled with it`s thermals, especially when an external display is connected as the dGPU switches on by default, internal temperatures soar, equally there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the systems temperature;

* Elevate the rear, aluminium passive coolers generally work best (I use RainDesign`s mStand & iLap)

* Increase base fan RPM to 3K or as much as you are comfortable with (MacsFanControl or SMC Fan Control)

* Limit the dGPU`s usage with gfxCardStatus

* Swap out Chrome for Chrome Canary as it`s way more optimised for OS X and will extend battery run time, reduce thermals

* Swap out VLC for Movist as again it`s a reduced load on CPU/GPU

* Uninstall or block Flash

* Install an ad blocker Wipr or AdGuard works well

* Powered coolers are very much a "mixed bag" when it comes to Mac portables, you need one that has a high capacity (100 CFM minimum) and preferably a large single fan, this can help to keep the 15" internal fans below 4K which for many is good enough as often it`s this point and beyond where the fans become intrusive. Don't expect a powered cooler impact internal temperatures, beyond a couple of degrees

* Older notebooks can benefit from cleaning of the cooling system

* Retinas can benefit from cleaning of the cooling system, as the heat syncs are far smaller and loose efficiency faster, due to build up of dust

* Replacing the thermal paste has been hit & miss, some with very positive results, some with no improvement over stock. Personally I would only do this on a Mac Portable that was either very old, or one that I can confirm was definitely running hotter than stock.

* If your MBP has a discrete GPU, it will fire up when an external display is connected as default, temperatures will rise rapidly.

* Consider a specific vertical stand when using a MPB in "Clamshell" mode allowing for greater circulation of air. Some recommend inverting the MBP in the stand with the exhaust at the top & intake at the bottom (Retina`s)

"The key to a quiet life with a 15" MacBook Pro is several incremental changes that do add up to reduce thermals. From my experience over the years if your going to push a 15" hard the fans are going to max out fast, with associated noise. If your using it with a moderate load life can be made quieter :) For the most part your MBP runs hot as that`s how Apple designed it, the trade off for form over, function, thin & light..."
macbookpro  macrumors  quiet  fans  noise  2016 
august 2017 by handcoding
2016 15' MBP Fan Noise | MacRumors Forums
"Hmm, in that case I think that stand design is just amplifying the otherwise faint sound from your fans.

"The space underneath will likely echo the small vibrations from the laptop (caused by fan movement)."
macbookpro  2016  fans  noise  quiet  macrumors 
august 2017 by handcoding
How loud is your 15" 2016 tbMBP? | MacRumors Forums
(About the 2016 MacBook Pro's fans:)
"Those with good hearing can hear the fans, which are always running, in a sufficiently quiet room. This is mentioned in the Notebook Check review, for example, as as I mentioned to you before, I can hear them in a very quiet room as well."
2017  macbookpro  fans  noise  quiet  macrumors 
august 2017 by handcoding
Apple Music's New Curated Playlist 'My Chill Mix' Begins Appearing for Some Subscribers - Mac Rumors
"Over the past few days, some Apple Music subscribers have noticed the appearance of a new playlist in the "For You" tab of the music streaming app, called "My Chill Mix." Redditor Elliotblyth posted about the playlist recently, noting that their iPad remains on iOS 10 and that they have not yet installed the iOS 11 public beta that released yesterday. Still, a few commenters on the Reddit post have noted the appearance of My Chill Mix while on the iOS 11 beta. "
applemusic  music  macrumors  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
The Safari freeze issue, lets fix this | Page 8 | MacRumors Forums
"I have maybe found a solution to use our lovely Safari without freezing of the system. Follow these steps:

"1) close Safari.
2) In the Terminal app, enable the debug menu of Safari by executing this command:
defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu 1
3) Open Safari and in the debug menu go to "Drawing/compositing flags.
4) Choose "disable canvas accelerated drawing" and "disable full page accelerated drawing".
5) Test it.

"In my case, it looks like that the freezes stopped. Usually, by using Safari for few minutes I get a freeze.

"Let me know your experience.

"Finally, I really think that there is a problem in the graphic components of Sierra. But something is intriguing me. This bug looks quite straightforward, I mean it always occurs with the use of Safari and its origin looks obvious. Therefore, why it takes so long for Apple to fix it?"
safari  mac  macos  hang  macrumors  2016 
june 2017 by handcoding
The Safari freeze issue, lets fix this | Page 9 | MacRumors Forums
(About Safari hanging:)
"I have had this problem since at least OS X 10.10.3 when running Safari on my late 2009 i7 iMac. For the last few months I have been using the fix mentioned by superduperultra and the computer hasn't frozen since. Just this week I got an email from an Apple engineer saying that this bug had been fixed in macOS 10.12.5 (as of build 16F71b). Since updating I have reenabled accelerated drawing in Safari, now I'll just wait and see if the problem really has been fixed."
safari  hang  macrumors  forums  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
YouTube Will Stop Placing Unskippable 30-Second Ads in Front of Videos in 2018 - Mac Rumors
"YouTube will stop supporting unskippable 30-second ads on the popular streaming video platform beginning sometime in 2018."
youtube  ads  macrumors  video  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
Amazon Prime Video App Reportedly Coming to Apple TV Sometime This Summer - Mac Rumors
From one of the comments:
"Also, we just watched "Fortitude" on Amazon Prime. If you like mysteries in small isolated towns. I rec this show!"
tv  macrumors  2017  recommendations  amazon  primevideo 
may 2017 by handcoding
Friday Labs Debuts New HomeKit-Enabled 'Friday Lock' - Mac Rumors
(This actually looks halfway decent.)
"According to Friday Labs, the Friday Lock is the world's 'smallest and most stylish' retrofit lock, and the only lock to offer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HomeKit in a single product.

"The Friday Lock is slender, unassuming, and available in a range of finishes to match different decors, including brass, bronze, copper, gun metal, nickel satin, porcelain, and silver. According to the lock's creators, it was designed not to shout 'I'm a very intelligent object on your door,' so it doesn't feature a screen, lights, or other features that would make it stand out. "
locks  smartlocks  ios  macrumors  2017 
may 2017 by handcoding
Nvidia Releases macOS Drivers for GeForce 10-Series Graphics Cards - Mac Rumors
"As promised, Nvidia last night introduced beta macOS drivers for its latest GeForce 10-series graphics cards, enabling macOS support for cards ranging from the GeForce GTX 1050 to the newly announced Nvidia Titan Xp.

"macOS drivers for Nvidia's Pascal 10-series graphics cards will be of interest to those who build Hackintosh machines, use external GPUs, and those who own older Mac Pro machines that can be updated with newer GPUs. Apple has not used Nvidia GPUs in its Macs for several years now, favoring AMD instead."
nvidia  video  2017  macrumors  videocards 
april 2017 by handcoding
Apple SIM Partner GigSky Now Offers Data Plans in Over 40 More Countries - Mac Rumors
(Keep in mind, though, that Apple SIM only works on iPads. For now, anyway.)
"Apple SIM partner GigSky today announced that its data plans are now available in over 180 countries around the world. "
applesim  travel  ipad  sim  macrumors  2017 
march 2017 by handcoding
Every night my WD Harddrive starts to freeze.. | MacRumors Forums
This thread has some bits about the “thermal pressure state” thing, and they speculate that it might be hard-drive related.
thermalpressure  macrumors  2016  slowdowns  elcapitan 
january 2017 by handcoding
Apple Seeds Third Beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.3 to Developers - Mac Rumors
About the third beta of 10.12.3:

"Version 16D25a

"Edit: Seems like all AMD drivers have been updated, Modification Date on all is 06-01-2017.

"Edit 2: Dug a bit deeper, all Graphic Drivers are updated, including AMD, Intel and Geforce."
sierra  10.12  10.12.3  macos  amd  video  drivers  macrumors  2017 
january 2017 by handcoding
CES 2017: 'OWC DEC' Adds More Storage and Ports to the 2016 MacBook Pro - Mac Rumors
"Other World Computing today announced the OWC DEC, an attachment designed to snap onto the bottom of a 2016 MacBook Pro to add additional functionality to the machine.

"The OWC DEC adds 4TB of storage, an SD Card Slot, USB Type-A ports for using standard USB devices, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. According to OWC, additional features will be introduced at a later date."
mac  macbookpro  2017  macrumors  owc  usb  docking 
january 2017 by handcoding
Users Find Some New MacBook Pros Suffer From Major Graphics Issues - Mac Rumors
"Since new MacBook Pro models launched last month, an increasing number of early adopters have reported serious graphics issues on Apple's latest notebooks. The glitches and other problems appear to be most prevalent on built-to-order 15-inch models, but standard 13-inch and 15-inch configurations are also affected."
macbookpro  apple  gpu  macrumors  2016 
december 2016 by handcoding
LaCie Introduces 'World's Fastest Desktop Drive' With Thunderbolt 3 - Mac Rumors
From one of the comments:
"Too bad LaCie has the highest rate of drive failure on the market. I'd never trust my data with them unless you're looking to pay a recovery company big money.

"Source: Data recovery expert"
lacie  storage  backup  macrumors  hdd  2016 
october 2016 by handcoding
Apple Seeds Fifth macOS Sierra 10.12.1 Beta to Developers and Public Beta Testers - Mac Rumors
From one of the comments about the 10.12.1 beta:
"For the love of god please fix the issue with external 4K monitors (Dell P2415Q in my case) not turning on when connected to a closed rMBP on a restart and then not allowing the built in screen to turn on when opening it, causing a hard reboot with the screen open. Worked great in all versions of El Capitan."
sierra  10.12.1  mac  macos  2016  4k  macrumors 
october 2016 by handcoding
Apple Seeds Fourth Beta of iOS 10.1 to Developers and Public Beta Testers - Mac Rumors
(On reducing the time to open the multitasking view in iOS:)
"'Anytime I open the multitasking tray or close apps, I have a terrible lag between when I push the home button and the phone actually performing the task. My wife's 7 has no issues at all, it's very responsive. I also have the connectivity issues that this release is supposed to correct.'

"Do you use the triple click accessibility shortcut? If so thats what causes it, the phone is waiting to see if you are going to click the button a third time."
ios  ios10.0.3  macrumors  2016  accessibility  homebutton  delay 
october 2016 by handcoding
Users Report Loss of HiDPI Scaling on External Displays in macOS Sierra | Page 3 | MacRumors Forums
Hmm—looks like this Terminal command for re-enabling scaling might be hit and miss?

“> This command in Terminal and a reboot fixed it for me on Sierra.
> sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool true

"Reporting (regretfully) that doesn't work on a Mid 2014 MBP with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M and an Acer G257HU monitor that got 2560x1440 through the HDMI port on el Capitan. “

(On the other hand, it seems like that helped at least a bit for this person with a BenQ monitor:)
"This also fixed it for me. Using a BenQ 2711 4k monitor and this terminal command and reboot restored all my resolution options."
sierra  displays  monitors  scaling  macrumors  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
Users Report Loss of HiDPI Scaling on External Displays in macOS Sierra - Mac Rumors
On fixing resolution scaling in Sierra:
"This command in Terminal and a reboot fixed it for me on Sierra.

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool true
sierra  mac  osx  scaling  macrumors  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
Apple Makes More iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Stock Available to Upgrade Program Members - Mac Rumors
"Apple had already warned that demand would outstrip supply as usual, but unlike regular customers, iPhone Upgrade Program members were not given the option to pre-order a new iPhone online for home delivery.

"Instead, would-be upgraders were directed to a separate queue that only allowed reserving the iPhone from a local Apple retail store -- many of which were sold out."
iphone  apple  macrumors  upgrade  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
VMware Announces Fusion and Fusion Pro 8.5 With Sierra and Windows 10 Anniversary Support - Mac Rumors
"VMware today announced Fusion 8.5, Fusion Pro 8.5, Workstation Player 12.5 and Workstation Pro 12.5, the latest versions of its visualization software for running Windows on a Mac without using Boot Camp. Fusion and Fusion Pro 8.5 come with macOS Sierra support while both Fusion and Workstation suites come with Windows 10 Anniversary support."
macos  mac  osx  software  2016  macrumors  vmware  sierra 
august 2016 by handcoding
Thunderbolt Device Promises Desktop-Class GPU Performance For MacBooks - Mac Rumors
(About the feasibility of an external Thunderbolt-based GPU / video card:)
"This is a welcome development though - and I hope it succeeds. I trust that the startup company will stand behind their product with full support, and keep maintaining the graphics card drivers, for a seamless user experience. I'm not quite sure how this will be achieved in practice though, as it seems Apple have made things difficult for the existing solutions to work. (Eg - it seems not possible to have an external GPU to power the built-in laptop display in OSX, it will only work with an external display on MacOS). On the demos I've seen, it requires a user to boot into Windows to get the external GPU to drive the built-in laptop display. It's not really a huge issue though, as I imagine the target audience for these type of devices will want to boot into Windows for some of the latest gaming titles, or be using an external display anyway.”

And also:
"For all of you complaining about the choice of GPU: There is no GTX 1000 series driver support in macOS. These guys can't change that. It's why they are stuck with 900 series."
gpu  mac  osx  macrumors  video  2016 
august 2016 by handcoding
Writing App 'Ulysses' Gains WordPress Publishing Support and More | MacRumors Forums
"If you end up liking and using Ulysses, I'd recommend the color scheme Stendahl (available on the "style exchange" part of their site) if you want those formatting characters to recede somewhat into the background.”

And another commenter talking about Ulysses’s database:
"I was also a bit concerned with the iCloud thing too. Closed-off, proprietary databases scare me as well, especially for something as important as writing. So I emailed the Ulysses people, and it turns out that inside the folder structure it sets up for itself, all your sheets are formatted as plain-text based .md files. Nothing proprietary at all. Once you know where they're kept -- iCloud makes this a little opaque, but they're accessible in the Finder -- you can open them in any plain-text editor (Sublime Text is amazing for this). Everything is backed up and recoverable through Time Machine, and it supports the versioning that's built into OS X.

"But for even more transparency, you can sync it with Dropbox, which puts your files even more out in the open.'
ulysses  software  mac  osx  markdown  macrumors  2016 
august 2016 by handcoding
No Way To Limit Number of Notifications in Notification Center? | MacRumors Forums
"Yeah, "interestingly" enough, in iOS 9 (at least so far) Apple got rid of the option to limit notifications to 1, or 5, or 10, like they used to have."
apple  ios  ios9  macrumors  2015 
august 2016 by handcoding
macOS Sierra Tidbits: Apple File System, RAID Support, and More - Mac Rumors
"Apps from unidentified developers can normally be opened by clicking the "Open Anyway" button in System Preferences > Security & Privacy, but the macOS Sierra release notes indicate that this button does not work in the first beta. A workaround solution is to hold down the Control key, click on an application, and choose "open." "
osx  macos  mac  2016  macrumors  sierra  beta 
june 2016 by handcoding
Thunderbolt Display Stock Limited at Apple Stores Ahead of WWDC - Mac Rumors
"DisplayPort 1.3 has increased bandwidth [to support running a 5k display over a single Thunderbolt cable], but Skylake-based Macs with Thunderbolt 3 will not support the spec and Intel's next-generation Kaby Lake processors on track for a late 2016 launch will not as well."
macrumors  monitors  5k  apple  thunderboltdisplay  2016 
may 2016 by handcoding
Can I overheat my MacBook Air if I close its lid and use external monitor? | MacRumors Forums
"It's perfectly safe to operate in clamshell mode, as Mac notebooks are designed to do just that.

"Heat radiates in all directions and dissipates through the aluminum body. While clamshell mode or using a keyboard covering slightly inhibits dissipation, it's not enough to cause problems or raise temps more than a few degrees, since the primary cooling is through the vents.

"There has never been any air intake or exhaust vents through the keyboard on any Mac notebook. For all Mac notebooks except the MBP-Retina, both intake and exhaust has always been through the vents in the rear near the hinge. The new MBP-Retina has intake vents along the sides at the bottom and exhaust through the rear vents, near the hinge."
macbookpro  clamshell  cooling  2013  macrumors  canonical  fans 
may 2016 by handcoding
Video Review: The SVALT D's Built-In Fan Sets it Apart From Other MacBook Docks - Mac Rumors
"To test the Svalt D, we exported two different videos from a MacBook, with and without the dock. Without using the dock, exporting a video took 15 minutes and caused the temperature of the MacBook to rise to 121 degrees Fahrenheit. With the stand, our video exported in 14 minutes and the stand kept the MacBook at 105 degrees Fahrenheit, a 16 degree difference."
macbookpro  cooling  fans  2015  macrumors  reviews 
may 2016 by handcoding
AMD's New 400-Series 'Polaris' Graphics Chips Headed for 2016 Macs - Mac Rumors
"Performance of these new graphics chips from AMD is expected to be double that of their predecessors, measured on a per-watt basis. This is thanks to the large size reduction and performance gains in going from the 28nm node first seen in 2011 for graphics processors to the new 16/14nm FinFET processes. This would certainly be welcome to the Mac lineup due to the increased graphics demands of the high-resolution Retina screens featured in both the iMac and MacBook Pro computers. It is reasonable to expect that Apple would allocate roughly the same power budget as on current models, meaning the 2x performance could be seen by users in some cases."
macbookpro  video  graphics  macrumors  2016 
may 2016 by handcoding
Airmail 3.0 for Mac Brings VIP Contacts, Smart Folders, and More - Mac Rumors
It looks like Airmail 3 has IMAP support—perhaps it might be worth a look?
imap  email  mail  2016  macrumors 
may 2016 by handcoding
Apple Music Becomes First Streaming Service to Include Underground DJ Remixes and Mashups - Mac Rumors
"Apple has announced a new partnership with Dubset Media Holdings to stream thousands of remixed songs and DJ mixes, both based on original recordings, that were previously unavailable due to copyright issues. Apple Music will be the first streaming music service to provide access to these previously unlicensed tracks, according to Billboard."
apple  applemusic  mashups  2016  macrumors 
march 2016 by handcoding
The new Netflix app for aTV4 is a DISASTER | MacRumors Forums
It looks like you might not be able to watch the credits anymore on the new TV?
appletv  credits  macrumors  2015  movies 
november 2015 by handcoding
Safari: Blank page when you hit "back" button? | MacRumors Forums
About Safari’s back-button problem: "Actually, I saw this thread shown as a similar thread to this. I tried deactivating adblock and it seems to fix things. So I then left it activated, and it seems to be fine now after some very limited testing."
safari  yosemite  back  blank  google  macrumors  2015 
august 2015 by handcoding
Elgato's 'Eve' Smart Home Accessories Are Useful, But Hampered by Buggy HomeKit Platform - Mac Rumors
"found Eve Room to be the most useful. Set up in an office or bedroom, it provides the temperature and humidity, but it also gives air quality readings. The Eve Room uses a gas sensor that analyzes volatile organic compounds like alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, amines, and ali."
air  airquality  homekit  elgato  2015  macrumors  reviews 
august 2015 by handcoding
Apple Adds High-End 15" Retina MacBook Pro to List of Macs Supporting Dell's 5K Display | Page 5 | MacRumors Forums
From earlier: "Tomorrow, I'll try running one of the two DisplayPort cables through my OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock to see if it's possible to get a functioning dock as well as 5K resolution"

And the follow-up: "It works! Full 2560x1440@2x at 60Hz running one of the two mDP-to-DP cables through the TB port on the OWC TB2 dock, with the other mDP-to-DP cable and a TB cable plugged into the aforementioned 2014 MBP."
macbookpro  macrumors  2015  dell  5k  2715k  monitors  docks 
june 2015 by handcoding
Apple Adds High-End 15" Retina MacBook Pro to List of Macs Supporting Dell's 5K Display - Mac Rumors
"Apple has updated a support document on its website to reflect that the high-end 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, equipped with AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics, is capable of driving Dell's dual-cable UP2715K 27-inch 5K display."
mac  macbookpro  monitors  5k  2015  macrumors 
may 2015 by handcoding
Apple Releases New 15-Inch MacBook Pro With Force Touch and $1,999 27-Inch iMac With Retina Display - Page 17 - MacRumors Forums
"And so the 15" MacBook Pro discrete graphics pendulum swings again. I seriously seriously seriously seriously hope that there are no heating issues or reliability concerns with this chip. I'm almost tempted to avoid any MacBook Pro with AMD graphics after the nonsense with the Radeon HD 6xxxM series chips. Then again, with the GeForce GT 650M on the non-retinas and the GeForce GT 750M each being the only discrete chips/machines with discrete chips that don't have issues of any kind or scale, I guess it doesn't really matter. Though I suppose it's only one of multiple reasons to skip this rev."
amd  ati  macrumors  kernelpanics  2015 
may 2015 by handcoding
Apple Releases New 15-Inch MacBook Pro With Force Touch and $1,999 27-Inch iMac With Retina Display - Page 14 - MacRumors Forums
"As far as drivers, I've never had a single issue with AMD drivers in recent years. Sounds like to me you're just someone who criticizes something they haven't used." (Well, how about that!)
amd  ati  macbookpro  2015  macrumors 
may 2015 by handcoding
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