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Please bring back sound notifications for new messages in the current open chat. I am visually impaired person and I use screen reader to – Customer Feedback for Skype
“Please bring back sound notifications for new messages in the current open chat. I am visually impaired person and I use screen reader to work with the Skype. Wile ordinary people can see the new messages in the open chat straight after they come up, the low vision/blind users need to scroll up through the chat window in order to read new message. Consequently it is very easy to miss the new message in the current conversation. For example, while I am typing, a new message arrives but, without sound notification, I am unable to figure it out and only when I send my message and scroll up through the conversation I can notice that there is unread message. In the old versions of Skype there was a possibility to set up this feature and it was optional so it would be extremely useful if you could bring it back. Many thanks in advance.”
skype  notifications  chat  microsoft  uservoice  2019 
april 2019 by handcoding
Bring back option to show notification only when certain words appears in chat. – Customer Feedback for Skype
“In a new Skype there is an option to Notify about new messages only when user is mentioned in chat. It used to be an option to actually use certain words to trigger notifications. It’s very welcome in large chat rooms with many participants.”
microsoft  skype  uservoice  2019  features  bugs 
april 2019 by handcoding
Notify all devices always – Customer Feedback for Skype
“Please ensure that all messages come through to my phone. I’ll often get messages that appear on my desktop version of Skype but not on my phone and therefore I don’t actually know about the message. So please always notify all devices. It’s very annoying.”
skype  uservoice  2019  microsoft  notifications  software 
april 2019 by handcoding
Please organize "copy and paste" the way it was organized on V7. – Customer Feedback for Skype
“Please organize ‘copy and paste’ the way it was organized on V7. For example:

“[9/11/2018 10:07:09 PM] Amanda Harris: As you can see. I have my hands full at the moment.
“[9/11/2018 10:07:29 PM] Dom Dzake: ok no problem

“How it is ‘organized’ on V8:

“I’ll keep you posted.

“7:52 PM

“Amanda, 9:39 PM
“Almost finished.

skype  uservoice  2019  mac  software  microsoft 
april 2019 by handcoding
Properly restore ability to vary the font and font size of chat – Customer Feedback for Skype
“In Skype 7, it was possible to set the choice of font and the precise size of the font to be used for chats. In Skype 8, this was removed.

“Skype 8 has added a choice of five vaguely-named sizes but does not allow selection of the font or proper control of the font size.

“We therefore request the restoration of the actual settings available in Skype 7:

“- Choice of font, from all fonts available on the system
“- Choice of exact font size, as a number”
skype  uservoice  2019  microsoft  bugs  features  software  fonts 
april 2019 by handcoding
Allow unlimited message search over all chat history, not just the last 6 months/20 results – Customer Feedback for Skype
(Someone from Microsoft chimed in to add—)
“We have been listening to your feedback. In 8.33+ you can see all the results found for your message search. No more 20 limit.

“We’re still working on a solution for the 6 months limitation. I’ll post an update when it’s available.”
microsoft  skype  uservoice  2019  software  chat  history 
april 2019 by handcoding
Add the ability to customize different types of notifications and its settings for calling/receiving/IM, ringtones, volume, online/offline.. – Customer Feedback for Skype
“possibility to modify sounds and notifications like in Skype 7
“- startup and quit sound
“- ringtones (in/out coming)
“- volume
“- when somebody goes online/offline
“- ability to disable all notifications
“- notification even when active”
skype  uservoice  2019  microsoft  features  bugs  software 
april 2019 by handcoding
Update the back end of Skype 7 to make it compatible with Skype 8. – Customer Feedback for Skype
“One of the justifications offered for forcing the update from Skype 7 to Skype 8 is that Skype 7 is less secure and is not compliant with the GDPR data handling regulations.

“Neither of these things affects the user interface in any way whatsoever.

“The server infrastructure for Skype 8 has been updated to cope with these new requirements.”
microsoft  skype  uservoice  2019  software 
april 2019 by handcoding
Add more emoticons + option to turn off emoji conversions – Customer Feedback for Skype
Here’s the Microsoft UserVoice page for “Add more emoticons + option to turn off emoji conversions” for Skype.
microsoft  skype  uservoice  2019  bugs  emoji 
april 2019 by handcoding
PDF Accessibility Training - YouTube
“This PDF Accessibility training series was provided to Microsoft employees on creating accessible PDF documents. Use these videos, along with documentation from to learn to create, remediate, and check for accessibility issues.”
microsoft  pdf  a11y  accessibility  youtube  videos  2019  tutorials 
february 2019 by handcoding
Running 32-bit Applications - Windows applications | Microsoft Docs
“WOW64 is the x86 emulator that allows 32-bit Windows-based applications to run seamlessly on 64-bit Windows. This allows for 32-bit (x86) Windows applications to run seamlessly in 64-bit (x64) Windows, as well as for 32-bit (x86) and 32-bit (ARM) Windows applications to run seamlessly in 64-bit (ARM64) Windows.”


“The system isolates 32-bit applications from 64-bit applications, which includes preventing file and registry collisions. Console, GUI, and service applications are supported. The system provides interoperability across the 32/64 boundary for scenarios such as cut and paste and COM. However, 32-bit processes cannot load 64-bit DLLs for execution, and 64-bit processes cannot load 32-bit DLLs for execution.”


“Note that 64-bit Windows does not support running 16-bit Windows-based applications. The primary reason is that handles have 32 significant bits on 64-bit Windows. Therefore, handles cannot be truncated and passed to 16-bit applications without loss of data. Attempts to launch 16-bit applications fail with the following error: ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT.”
windows  windows10  64bit  32bit  2018  microsoft 
december 2018 by handcoding
Microsoft Edge: Making the web better through more open source collaboration - Windows Experience BlogWindows Experience Blog
“We will move to a Chromium-compatible web platform for Microsoft Edge on the desktop. Our intent is to align the Microsoft Edge web platform simultaneously (a) with web standards and (b) with other Chromium-based browsers. This will deliver improved compatibility for everyone and create a simpler test-matrix for web developers.”
edge  chrome  2018  microsoft  ie 
december 2018 by handcoding
Welcome - Microsoft Style Guide | Microsoft Docs
(This comment was in reply to a fuddy-duddy who was trying to get Microsoft’s style guide to undo contractions:)
“The wording is intentional. Microsoft style uses common contractions because that’s how people really talk. (See

“In general, Microsoft writing style strives to be warm and relaxed. It avoids some of the conventions of written communications that make writing sound stiff and formal. For more information, see ‘Microsoft’s brand voice’ ( and ‘Top 10 tips for Microsoft style and voice’ (”
microsoft  contractions  plainlanguage  2018 
july 2018 by handcoding
Release notes for Office 2016 for Mac - Office Support
Looks like this is Microsoft’s changelog for Office 2016 for Mac.
office  word  excel  2016  changelog  microsoft  2018  mac 
may 2018 by handcoding
High-contrast mode - Microsoft Compatibility Cookbook
This page offers some developer tips on implementing high-contrast mode in Windows.
windows  highcontrastmode  2017  microsoft 
december 2017 by handcoding
☃️Susan Fowler🎄 on Twitter: "This is incredible: @Microsoft eliminates forced arbitration in cases of harassment etc. The single most important thing tech companies ca…"
"This is incredible: @Microsoft eliminates forced arbitration in cases of harassment etc.

"The single most important thing tech companies can do to end harassment and discrimination is to end forced arbitration."
forcedarbitration  2017  harassment  microsoft 
december 2017 by handcoding
The End of an Era – Next Steps for Adobe Flash - Microsoft Edge Dev BlogMicrosoft Edge Dev Blog
"Today, Adobe announced that Flash will no longer be supported after 2020. Microsoft will phase out support for Flash in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer ahead of this date."
flash  ie  plugins  edge  microsoft  2017 
july 2017 by handcoding
Applied Sciences Group: High Performance Touch - YouTube
This video from Microsoft’s applied-sciences group compares the touch latency of 100 ms, 50 ms, 10 ms, and 1 ms.
video  touch  latency  hz  2017  ios  microsoft 
june 2017 by handcoding
It’s all in the numbers … – Mac Mojo
(As of 2006:)
"About 30,000,000 lines of code make up the current version of Office that we are developing.  That’s no typo; in fact, I had to figure that out because of a research project I was working on … if I told you what it was, I would definitely have to  … oh, yeah, ‘G’ ratings … anyway back to the train of thought."
word  office  linesofcode  microsoft 
may 2017 by handcoding
cab_xxxx files found in WINDOWSTEMP folder - Microsoft Community
(And it looks like Disk Cleanup might be installed with Windows by default, so that could be a good first step.)

"The CAB-xxxx files that you see in the C:\Windows\Temp\ folder are some temporary files created by different Windows Operations, like installing Updates. You can safely delete these files off from that folder. Alternatively, you can also run Disc Cleanup to delete the temporary files from your computer.
"I would suggest you to try the Methods mentioned below and check if it helps:
"Delete files using Disk Cleanup "
windows  temp  hdd  space  microsoft  2017 
january 2017 by handcoding
Handle - Windows Sysinternals
"Ever wondered which program has a particular file or directory open? Now you can find out. Handle is a utility that displays information about open handles for any process in the system. You can use it to see the programs that have a file open, or to see the object types and names of all the handles of a program."
windows  software  files  open  microsoft  2016 
december 2016 by handcoding
Tips to free up drive space on your PC - Windows Help
To uninstall apps in Windows 7, go to Control Panel → Programs and Features.
windows  windows7  uninstall  software  microsoft  2015 
december 2016 by handcoding
MicrosoftEdge/ Scripts used to generate the free VMs available at
"The code in this repo contains the script files we use to create the free [Windows] VMs. The main reason to open source this project is for the community to help with the templates of the different VMs and add features or configurations that might be useful for them."
windows  microsoft  vms  2016  github 
october 2016 by handcoding
Office for Mac - Microsoft Community
This might sorta be close to the filters that you’d need to see the latest announcements about Office releases from Microsoft:
microsoft  2016  office  forums 
june 2016 by handcoding
Office for Mac - Microsoft Community
Here’s Microsoft’s forum for its Office products.
office  forums  microsoft  2016  office2016  crash 
june 2016 by handcoding
MS16-070: Description of the security update for Office 2016 for Mac: June 14, 2016
Looks like this is the download page for Word 2016 v15.23.0 (from June 2016).
word  software  2016  mac  osx  microsoft 
june 2016 by handcoding
Do not automatically accept all meetings as Tentative -
"The automatic processing of meeting requests can be controlled via your Tracking options.

"File-> Options-> Mail-> Tracking-> disable: Automatically process meeting requests and responses to meeting requests and polls"
outlook  email  microsoft  windows  meetings  calendar  2016 
may 2016 by handcoding
Excel for Mac: Hot (250 ideas) – Excel UserVoice
This looks to be Microsoft’s forum / voting area for feature requests for Excel.
excel  mac  osx  software  2016  microsoft 
april 2016 by handcoding
What's New and Improved in Office 2016 for Mac - Office Support
"Want to get a quick overview of the features that have been made available in Office 2016 for Mac since launch? Take a look below and check out the Monthly featured updates section to find out which capabilities have been added over the past several months."
microsoft  office  software  office2016  2016  mac  changelogs 
april 2016 by handcoding
Announcing Insider build 15.20 for Office 2016 for Mac - Microsoft Community
This looks sort of like a changelog, more or less, for Office 2016 builds.
"We just released update 15.20 to Office 2016 for Mac Insiders, so please check it out and let us know what you think!"
office  office2016  microsoft  changelogs  2016 
april 2016 by handcoding
End of Support for IE 8, 9 and 10: the war is nearly over | thebeebs
"After January 12, 2016, only the most current version of Internet Explorer available for a supported operating system will continue to receive security updates. In short this will mean IE8, 9 and 10 will no longer be patched against known malware, virus or security issues since IE11 is the most current version of IE on Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10."
ie  ie8  ie9  ie10  support  browsers  2016  microsoft 
february 2016 by handcoding
Show or hide columns and rows - Excel
This page goes over how you can hide or unhide columns in Excel. (It’s written for Excel 2010, but the concepts probably apply to most other version of Excel, too.)
excel  columns  show  hide  2010  microsoft  tutorials 
january 2015 by handcoding
Convert Microsoft Word to plain text - Jonathan Hedley - Live from Sydney
"A solution: this script converts text copied from MS word into plain text. Paste your input into the top box, press clean, and the input will be scrubbed and sent to the lower box." (You can paste text in this page and it then converts the smart quotes to dumb quotes, along with similar conversions for apostrophes and the like.)
2008  javascript  conversion  text  microsoft  word  quotes  smartquotes  dumbquotes 
january 2009 by handcoding
jQuery and Microsoft - ScottGu's Blog
"I'm excited today to announce that Microsoft will be shipping jQuery with Visual Studio going forward. We will distribute the jQuery JavaScript library as-is, and will not be forking or changing the source from the main jQuery branch. The files will continue to use and ship under the existing jQuery MIT license."
jquery  javascript  2008  visualstudio  microsoft 
september 2008 by handcoding
Mac OS X 10.5.4: Microsoft Office 2008 SP1 update v 12.1.0 appears to stall during installation
"If using Mac OS X 10.5.4 with the Security Update 2008-005 installed, Microsoft Office 2008 SP1 update v 12.1.0 may appear to stall during installation. [...] This may happen when updating Microsoft Office 2008 via the Microsoft AutoUpdate application with one of the Office 2008 applications running."
microsoft  office  office2008  software  mac  osx  bugs  2008 
september 2008 by handcoding
How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP
"This article describes how to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer 6 and Outlook Express 6 in Windows XP. You may have to do this if you are having problems with Internet Explorer [...] because of damaged files or missing registration information."
microsoft  xp  windows  ie  outlook  repair  ie6 
october 2007 by handcoding
2007 Microsoft Office suites - Compare Suites - Microsoft Office Online
This table compares the components that come with the various editions of Microsoft Office 2007.
comparison  microsoft  office  word  excel  software 
september 2007 by handcoding
Section 508 Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates for Microsoft products
"A Voluntary Product Accessibility Template, or VPAT, is a standardized form developed by the Information Technology Industry Council to show how a software product meets [or doesn't meet] key regulations of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act."
office  sharepoint  sucks  vpat  accessibility  microsoft  section508 
august 2007 by handcoding
Entourage: Using
This page goes how to do common tasks in Entourage. Not that I'm a big fan of Entourage, but it's what we use here at work ;).
microsoft  entourage  tutorials  mac  osx  software  email 
december 2006 by handcoding
Microsoft Typography - Fonts supplied with some Microsoft products
"Select a product name from the list below and click 'Go' to get a list of fonts supplied with that product." (or) "Select a font name from the list below and click 'Go' for information about the font, and a list of products that supply it."
microsoft  fonts  typography 
august 2006 by handcoding
Download details: Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data
"With this add-in you can permanently remove hidden data and collaboration data, such as change tracking and comments, from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint files."
microsoft  office  privacy  windows  software 
december 2005 by handcoding
Download - Word Viewer 2003
"Word Viewer 2003 lets you open Word 2003 documents and documents created with all previous versions of Microsoft Word for Windows and Microsoft Word for Macintosh."
word  microsoft  office  viewer  software  freeware  windows 
july 2005 by handcoding
MakeMeAdmin -- temporary admin for your Limited User account
Aaron Margosis writes about MakeMeAdmin, a utility for Windows that creates a cmd prompt session which has Admin privileges
microsoft  windows  software  administrator 
april 2005 by handcoding - Fewer Permissions Are Key to Longhorn Security
A new permissions model in MS Longhorn aims to allow non-Administrator users the ability to actually run programs ;)
microsoft  longhorn  permissions  lua  leastprivilegeuseraccount  administrator 
april 2005 by handcoding
Poynter Online - The Next Big Thing in Online Type
"Beginning in 2006, Microsoft says it will ship with its operating system and other software products six brand new typefaces created especially for extended on-screen reading."
fonts  typefaces  typography  2005  microsoft  calibri  candara  cambria  constantina 
march 2005 by handcoding

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