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GitHub - keyboardio/Chrysalis: Graphical configurator for Kaleidoscope-powered keyboards
“Chrysalis supports the Keyboardio Model01, the ErgoDox EZ (and any other keyboard wired like the original ErgoDox), the Atreus, and has preliminary support for Dygma's Raise. Support for more keyboards are under development.”
keyboards  firmware  kaleidoscope  model01  keyboardio  atreus  software  mac  osx  macos 
march 2019 by handcoding
[review] I received my Model 1PVT, AMA : MechanicalKeyboards
This post offers some interesting ideas on remapping a Keyboardio Model 01.
keyboards  2018  keyboardio  model01  remapping  reddit 
september 2018 by handcoding
patrick thomson on Twitter: "This is it! I'm still tweaking here and there as I find inefficiencies, but I can pull 100wpm on this thing, which I haven't been able to do on other ergo keyboards.…"
(Perhaps this could be worth a look for a potential Model 01 layout?)
“This is it! I’m still tweaking here and there as I find inefficiencies, but I can pull 100wpm on this thing, which I haven’t been able to do on other ergo keyboards.”
keyboard  layouts  keyboardio  2018  model01  twitter 
september 2018 by handcoding
Accidental ENTER - Typing & Ergonomics - Keyboardio community
(This thread offers some ideas on setting up the thumb keys and the like:)

“thumbs are now (left-right) ctrl, bksp, shift, alt — cmd, ctrl, space, shift

“enter is defined in 3 places: enter key on RM01 and fn + space, on LM01 its fn + v (because I’ll probably never use middle mouse click)

“escape is default on LM01, and fn + cmd on RM01

“windows key is cmd (moved to right thumb row) on RM01, and fn + alt on LM01 (alt moved from RM01 to left thumb row)

“I left ctrl default on LM01 because its conducive to copying and pasting, ctrl-c, ctrl-v and its comfortable there. That same key position is shift on the RM01, again because my thumbs naturally hit the inner thumb arcs easier than reaching for the outer arc(s).”


“I placed Enter where the right hand Shift key originally was. I also placed both Shifts next to Backspace and Space, i.e. I have now: ctrl - bksp - shift - cmd || enter (cap says alt) - shift - space - ctrl”


> If I were learning fresh, I would swap ENTER to BUTTERFLY.

“That’s my second mod, after oneshot, thanks for the suggestion! The butterfly is easy to hit with my thumb, and hard to hit by accident, so this is perfect.”
keyboardio  model01  keyboards  remapping  layouts  thumbs  2017 
september 2018 by handcoding
Individual custom layouts - My Setup - Keyboardio community
“I think it might be helpful to those of us who are planning to make our own individual custom layouts to share our ideas somewhere. I’ve made a first draft of a layout that I’d like to implement, and I’m presenting it here in case anyone is interested. No doubt I’ve made some choices here that won’t work out, and possibly some that are downright nonsensical. Everyone who is so inclined should fee free to offer suggestions and/or criticism.”
keyboardio  keyboards  2018  layouts  model01  remapping 
july 2018 by handcoding
keyboardio/Kaleidoscope-TapDance: Tap-dance keys for Kaleidoscope.
“Tap-dance keys are general purpose, multi-use keys, which trigger a different action based on the number of times they were tapped in sequence.

“To not interfere with normal typing, tap-dance keys have two ways to decide when to call an action: they either get interrupted, or they time out. Every time a tap-dance key is pressed, the timer resets, so one does not have to finish the whole tapping sequence within a short time limit. The tap-dance counter continues incrementing until one of these cases happen.

“When a tap-dance key is pressed and released, and nothing is pressed on the keyboard until the timeout is reached, then the key will time out, and trigger an action. Which action, depends on the number of times it has been tapped up until this point.

“When a tap-dance key is pressed and released, and another key is hit before the timer expires, then the tap-dance key will trigger an action first, perform it, and only then will the firmware continue handling the interrupting key press. This is to preserve the order of keys pressed.”
keyboardio  keyboards  2018  plugins  model01 
july 2018 by handcoding
Turbo - Asylum
(On the Keyboardio Model 01’s latency:)
“We are down from about 5.3ms cycles (with LEDs off) to 2.6ms with LEDs off, or 4.6 with LEDs on. It is hard to put it into words how excited and happy I am about this.”
keyboards  latency  keyboardio  model01  2017 
may 2018 by handcoding
keyboardio on Twitter: "We just did a bit of quick latency testing. Key actuation -> report going out over the USB is 9-11ms w/o LEDs and 11-14 w/ active LEDs."
“We just did a bit of quick latency testing. Key actuation → report going out over the USB is 9-11ms w/o LEDs and 11-14 w/ active LEDs.”
keyboards  latency  keyboardio  model01  twitter  2017 
may 2018 by handcoding

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