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Benjamin Mayo on Twitter: "Another new LG UltraFine 5K gotcha: the MacBook Pro cannot output to two of them at full resolution, which was supported with the previous-generation of the display. Compare the wording:" / Twitter
“Another new LG UltraFine 5K gotcha: the MacBook Pro cannot output to two of them at full resolution, which was supported with the previous-generation of the display.

“This means you would get more effective pixels with one Apple Pro Display connected than dual 5K UltraFines.”
mac  macos  monitors  bzamayo  twitter  2019  5k 
10 weeks ago by handcoding
The Best Monitor Arms for 2019: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
(Oh, hey—it looks like Wirecutter has a review for monitor arms—)

“A great monitor arm can save space on your desk and make your workspace more comfortable and ergonomic. After researching more than 60 monitor arms and testing 13 over the past two years, we found that the Fully Jarvis Monitor Arm is the best option. It’s easy to set up, it moves smoothly into a wide range of positions and angles, and it has a solid five-year warranty.”
wirecutter  monitors  reviews  2019 
12 weeks ago by handcoding
The Great Monitor Search Continues - Mike Zornek
“TLDR: The LG 49 inch UltraWide monitor is pretty cool, but not very Mac compatible (specifics defects below). Next up for me is the Apple Store approved, 23.7-inch LG UltraFine 4K Display, which will trade screen real estate for retina, better color and native controls.”
mac  monitors  2019 
june 2019 by handcoding
DPI Calculator / PPI Calculator
This is a pretty neat jobbie that can calculate the DPI/PPI for monitors. To be in the “good zone” for Retina without scaling, one would want something that’s between 200 PPI and 225 PPI, I think.

(The “good zone” bits are via:
monitors  displays  calculators  dpi  ppi  2019 
june 2019 by handcoding
Mac external displays for designers and developers
This post (presumably from @marcedwards) offers some pointers for Retina-ish monitors that one can run without scaling.

monitors  ppi  dpi  retina  monitorideas  2019  via:marcedwards 
june 2019 by handcoding
David Barnard on Twitter: "1. Single thunderbolt cable for video and power with a MBP. 2. Solid color reproduction for app design. 3. Nice looking since I’ll be staring at it 8-10 hours a day for years. 4. Decent cable management and higher quality cabl
(Perhaps the replies to this might offer some ideas for monitors?)
“1. Single thunderbolt cable for video and power with a MBP.
“2. Solid color reproduction for app design.
“3. Nice looking since I’ll be staring at it 8-10 hours a day for years.
“4. Decent cable management and higher quality cables (that don’t kink up and look like crap)
“5. Correct PPI for macOS.”
monitors  osx  mac  macos  drbarnard  twitter  2019  monitorideas 
june 2019 by handcoding
Marco Arment on Twitter: "Figured it out. The LG UltraFine 5K does NOT work with the iPad Pro. It only accepts Thunderbolt input, but the iPad Pro outputs 5K over USB-C as DisplayPort, not Thunderbolt. A 5K display that supports DisplayPort input should w
“The LG UltraFine 5K does NOT work with the iPad Pro. It only accepts Thunderbolt input, but the iPad Pro outputs 5K over USB-C as DisplayPort, not Thunderbolt.

“A 5K display that supports DisplayPort input should work, but I don’t have one to test.”

He later added:
“In fact, I’m only able to find two 5K displays that are actually on the market outside of an iMac — the LG UltraFine and the Planar IX2790.”
ipad  ipadpro  5k  monitors  2018  marcoarment 
november 2018 by handcoding
High Sierra's External Display bug heats Macbook's, damaged my Retina Screen, what can I do? - Ask Different
“You may want to see if the latest NVIDIA drivers fix the overheating issue. They fixed my GPU performance and overheating problems. Update to 10.13.2 + supplemental (released Jan 8) and then install the most recent driver linked here:

“If you don’t have the latest update the installer won’t work. They are OS version specific as per

“(edit: driver helped for a while but the memory leak came back. sigh. back to not having scaled mode available on external screens…)”
mac  osx  macos  windowserver  2017  cpu  monitors 
june 2018 by handcoding
Alternatives and Replacements for the external Apple Thunderbolt Display | Derek Underwood
This post offers some pretty good alternatives to Apple’s Thunderbolt Display (along with some criteria to look for when evaluating potential alternative monitors).
monitors  apple  recommendations  2017 
march 2018 by handcoding
Setting up a field monitor when shooting on an iPhone – Hand Held Hollywood
"But, what if your iPhone is on a crane, or far enough away from the monitor that you require a wireless solution? Apple TV to the rescue (as long as you’re near a power source). First, connect an Apple TV to your field monitor (using an HDMI, or HDMI to VGA cable). Then, create a “personal hotspot” on your iPhone, and connect your Apple TV to that new WiFi network. Finally, select the Apple TV as your iPhone’s AirPlay destination and turn on mirroring. Boom!"
ios  video  recording  monitors  2018 
february 2018 by handcoding
Mounting the iMac Pro on a VESA arm - Six Colors
"The iMac Pro, unlike the 4K and 5K iMacs (but, strangely like some previous iMac models), comes with a stand but can be converted into a VESA-mountable version through the purchase of the $79 VESA Mount Kit Adapter for iMac Pro.

"My previous 5K iMac was a VESA version, because I like my iMac to float above my desk rather than sit on it. For the iMac Pro, I bought the VESA mount adapter and made a video of the installation procedure."
imac  vesa  monitors  2018  sixcolors  video 
january 2018 by handcoding
Intel 'Titan Ridge' Thunderbolt 3 chipset allows for 8K displays, better USB-C peripheral connectivity
"The new Titan Ridge chipset allows for a pair of DisplayPort 1.4 signales to be embedded into the connection. At present, Alpine Ridge in the 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pro allow for a pair of DisplayPort 1.2 connections.

"As a result, the new controller allows for a 8K display to run at 30Hz without compression, or at 60Hz when Display Stream Compression is used. However, the bandwidth is still limited to 40Gbit/sec, so two 5K monitors are still not able to be connected in a daisy-chain configuration."
thunderbolt  thunderbolt3  monitors  displays  2017 
january 2018 by handcoding
macos - How do I make windows save their position on screen after re-attaching a display? - Ask Different
This post goes over a bunch of options for apps to remember one’s window positions when attaching/detaching an external monitor.
mac  osx  macos  2016  software  monitors  stay  forgetmenot  slate 
january 2018 by handcoding
Michael Tsai - Blog - External MacBook Pro Displays
(Hmm—this thing is actually kinda tempting.)
"I wanted a larger, portable external display for my MacBook Pro, so a few months ago I got an AOC e1759Fwu. It’s a 17-inch display with a fold-out stand that easily fits in my laptop backpack. It connects via a USB cable (no separate power connector) and, once you install the kernel extension, the Mac sees it as a regular external display (though Night Shift is not supported). It supports both portrait and landscape modes. I prefer the portrait, which at 900 × 1,600 pixels (it’s not Retina) is the same height as a 30-inch display.”

"The AOC’s USB 3 connection is a big improvement over the square-SCSI SuperMac adapter that I once used to connect a color display to my monochrome PowerBook, but it does feel laggy compared with a regular display connector. The picture quality isn’t great, either: a bit fuzzy, uneven brightness, and so-so color."
macbookpro  monitors  displays  travel  mjtsai  2017 
august 2017 by handcoding
iMac 27 Arm Mount - iMac Wall Mounting Arm
According to the diagram on this page, the a 21.5” VESA iMac comes in at:
14.9” high
20.8” wide
2.6” deep
imac  vesa  dimensions  kitchen  monitors  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
VESA Mount Stand | Stabile PRO VESA
(This is actually a really pretty VESA monitor stand. Perhaps this could work with an iMac with a VESA mount?)
"Do you need to stand that requires VESA 75mm or 100mm mount abilities? The Stabile PRO VESA is an artistic structure that is stable in every twist of the word and this base is from solid steel and all Made in USA."
imac  vesa  monitors  kitchen  stands  2017 
june 2017 by handcoding
Why is WindowServer consuming 48% of my CPU? | Official Apple Support Communities
(On reducing WindowServer’s CPU usage:)
"I had a similar issue on Sierra, and after some testing it seems setting the scaling back to 'Default for display' improved it by 15%-25%.   I am running dual GTX 970s on 6 monitors ( 6x Samsung U28D590 4K with NVIDIA web drivers on Sierra 10.12.3), and I am not sure why any scaling would have anything to do with software processes, rendering should all be done on the hardware, but there is significant improvement after changing it."
windowserver  2017  mac  cpu  scaling  retina  monitors  macos 
may 2017 by handcoding
Help! BenQ GW2760HS monitor: no digital signal? | MacRumors Forums
Looks like you might not be the only one to run across weird issues connecting to a BenQ monitor.
monitors  mac  osx  2014  benq 
april 2017 by handcoding
LG has redesigned its 5K Mac monitor so it can handle being placed near a router - Recode
"LG has found a fix for a problem that left its high-end Mac monitor unable to work properly when placed within a few feet of a router.

"An LG spokesman told Recode that the company is adding additional shielding to newly manufactured models."
lg  5k  monitors  wifi  2017 
february 2017 by handcoding
LG UltraFine 5K Display, Apple’s external monitor solution, can become unusable when near a router | 9to5Mac
"The problem is UltraFine 5K Display becomes unusable when positioned within 6.6-feet of a router. I discovered this issue after purchasing my own UltraFine 5K Display last week and thinking something was defective with my hardware.

"Right out of the box, UltraFine 5K Display was hardly usable as it would consistently disconnect and even freeze my MacBook Pro which made it unusable for work on Thursday and Friday. Connecting it to my MacBook Pro consistently resulted in needing to reboot my machine to continue working."
apple  5k  monitors  lg  2017 
february 2017 by handcoding
Product Details for PID 5970
via @rjonesy: We like this VESA mount. Some turn the feet backwards and put objects on it for weight."
vesa  monitors  mounts  via:rjonesy  2016 
november 2016 by handcoding
Users Report Loss of HiDPI Scaling on External Displays in macOS Sierra | Page 3 | MacRumors Forums
Hmm—looks like this Terminal command for re-enabling scaling might be hit and miss?

“> This command in Terminal and a reboot fixed it for me on Sierra.
> sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ DisplayResolutionEnabled -bool true

"Reporting (regretfully) that doesn't work on a Mid 2014 MBP with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M and an Acer G257HU monitor that got 2560x1440 through the HDMI port on el Capitan. “

(On the other hand, it seems like that helped at least a bit for this person with a BenQ monitor:)
"This also fixed it for me. Using a BenQ 2711 4k monitor and this terminal command and reboot restored all my resolution options."
sierra  displays  monitors  scaling  macrumors  2016 
september 2016 by handcoding
Best app for using an iPad as an external display – The Sweet Setup
"It’s certainly not practical to travel with an external monitor, but Duet Display offers the best way to turn your iPad into an incredibly slim and portable second monitor for your Apple laptop of choice."
mac  osx  ios  software  monitors  thesweetsetup  recommendations  2016 
june 2016 by handcoding
Thunderbolt Display Stock Limited at Apple Stores Ahead of WWDC - Mac Rumors
"DisplayPort 1.3 has increased bandwidth [to support running a 5k display over a single Thunderbolt cable], but Skylake-based Macs with Thunderbolt 3 will not support the spec and Intel's next-generation Kaby Lake processors on track for a late 2016 launch will not as well."
macrumors  monitors  5k  apple  thunderboltdisplay  2016 
may 2016 by handcoding : MonMount Single LCD Monitor VESA Desk Stand - Height Adjustable, Black (LCD-6410B) : Computer Monitor Stands : Office Products
"The stand has an adjustable height. From the center of the VESA mount, the height ranges from 7" to 10". So measure the distance from the bottom of the monitor to the center of the mount point and subtract that from the given range to get the distance it will be off the table."

It looks like this VESA stand can hold a 19” monitor about 2” off one’s desktop (or an iMac, if need be).
imac  vesa  2015  apple  stands  monitors 
november 2015 by handcoding
Display Maid - save and restore window layouts
"If you have a laptop that you use with one or more external displays, and you're tired of having to rearrange your windows every time you connect/disconnect your display, then Display Maid is for you." (This looks sorta not unlike "Stay.")
mac  osx  software  2015  windows  monitors 
september 2015 by handcoding
Apple Adds High-End 15" Retina MacBook Pro to List of Macs Supporting Dell's 5K Display | Page 5 | MacRumors Forums
From earlier: "Tomorrow, I'll try running one of the two DisplayPort cables through my OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock to see if it's possible to get a functioning dock as well as 5K resolution"

And the follow-up: "It works! Full 2560x1440@2x at 60Hz running one of the two mDP-to-DP cables through the TB port on the OWC TB2 dock, with the other mDP-to-DP cable and a TB cable plugged into the aforementioned 2014 MBP."
macbookpro  macrumors  2015  dell  5k  2715k  monitors  docks 
june 2015 by handcoding
Apple Adds High-End 15" Retina MacBook Pro to List of Macs Supporting Dell's 5K Display - Page 5 - MacRumors Forums
"For reference, my MBP is the maxed-out mid-2014 15-inch/2.8GHz/16GB/1TB/GT750M config running 10.10.3 (build 14D136).

"Tomorrow, I'll try running one of the two DisplayPort cables through my OWC Thunderbolt 2 dock to see if it's possible to get a functioning dock as well as 5K resolution" (And hopefully sniderbr might post an update about how that works out?)
2015  macbookpro  thunderbolt  monitors  5k 
may 2015 by handcoding
Startech Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort 1.2 3m Adapter Cable - MDP2DPMM3M - PLE Computers Online Australia
Looks like these are the type of cables you’d need to hook up a Dell 2715k to a MacBook Pro.
macbookpro  monitors  2715k  2015  displayport 
may 2015 by handcoding
Apple Adds High-End 15" Retina MacBook Pro to List of Macs Supporting Dell's 5K Display - Mac Rumors
"Apple has updated a support document on its website to reflect that the high-end 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, equipped with AMD Radeon R9 M370X graphics, is capable of driving Dell's dual-cable UP2715K 27-inch 5K display."
mac  macbookpro  monitors  5k  2015  macrumors 
may 2015 by handcoding
I Replaced My Dual Screen Editing Setup with a 34-Inch 3440x1440 LG Monitor
This looks to be a rave review. And about the stand in their photos: "Ergotron stands are the standard for monitor stands. I've used them for years. The model he went with was the MX, which is a bit odd since the LX would work just fine and has a much greater degree of adjustability. I believe if I remember right this LG has a weight of around 15 lb and the LX goes up to 20. Ergotron stands are fine right up to and sometimes slightly over the max weight. If you have never used an Ergotron mount try one. They are standard VESA mounts with full up down, left right. They completely change the way you use your monitor. They are used a lot in medical applications and you've probably seem them before at a doctor's office."
ergoton  stands  monitors  lg  2014 
april 2015 by handcoding
Confusing Mini DisplayPort with Thunderbolt - CNET
"You can physically connect a Thunderbolt device to a Mac with DisplayPort, but the device will not work"
displayport  thunderbolt  2011  monitors 
june 2014 by handcoding
Jeff Rock, DisplayPort of Pain
"[...] No big deal. Just pick up a DisplayPort to DVI adapter, Right? I would’ve, except that they don’t exist."
displayport  macpro  macbookpro  cinemadisplay  monitors  2009  via:chockenberry 
august 2009 by handcoding
TUAW review: ViDock Gfx multi-monitor solution for MacBook Pro - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
"Perhaps the technology will be replicated in the future, and prices will come down, but for now, if you want additional displays on a MacBook Pro, this is by far the highest quality, most usable option."
2009  reviews  mac  osx  macbookpro  monitors  tuaw 
february 2009 by handcoding
Color Cast on laptop displays
"Color casts on laptop displays can be the result of the white point selected. [...] Driving the monitor to the higher color temperature can lead to a magenta cast."
color  calibration  monitors  lcd  macbookpro  apple  mac  purple  2008 
june 2008 by handcoding | la vie viennoise : Dual Monitor LCD Calibration
This post offers some tips (and paths to avoid) if you're attempting to color-calibrate two monitors on a single system.
monitors  calibration  color 
june 2007 by handcoding » A Large Monitor is Actually Cheaper Than a Small Monitor
"[...] The bad news for them, good for me, is that studies have shown that larger monitors do significantly increase productivity [...]"
hardware  productivity  monitors 
april 2007 by handcoding
Reducing eyestrain from video and computer monitors
This article goes over steps for setting Brightness and Contrast on CRTs, with both eyestrain and picture quality in mind.
contrast  eyestrain  brightness  monitors  crts 
march 2007 by handcoding
SuperCal by bergdesign - Display Calibrator for LCDs, CRTs and Projectors
"SuperCal is a visual display calibrator capable of measuring and correcting most conventional displays, including LCDs, CRTs and projectors. SuperCal doesn't require any hardware measurement devices - only your eyeballs - yet it can be much more accurate
mac  osx  software  shareware  calibration  monitors  color 
february 2007 by handcoding
GRC | WIZMO - Steve's Windows Gizmo
"Wizmo" is a freeware utility for Windows that can set monitors to standy, hibernate the computer, or even shutdown Windows -- all from the command line.
windows  freeware  monitors  standy  hibernate  powersaving  software 
october 2006 by handcoding
Google Answers: Video Card for WSXGA 1680 x 1050
This Google Answers page lists some links which go over video cards which can handle 1680 x 1050.
march 2006 by handcoding
Windows 2000/XP Monitor Refresh Rate Problem
This article alleges that Windows 2000/XP has trouble setting monitors to refresh at rates higher than 60 Hz (even while displaying, say, 80 Hz in the settings). A fix is included.
windows  software  monitors  refresh 
september 2005 by handcoding
Slashdot | Reducing Eye Strain?
A Slashdot reader asks, "Is a grey or black background with white or grey text easier on the eyes, or worse due to lack of contrast or imperfect foreground colors?"
eyestrain  monitors  health  contrast 
august 2005 by handcoding
EnTech Taiwan | MultiRes
MutiRes is a freeware app similar to Microsoft's QuickRes utility; it allows quick selection of resolution an refresh rates. (It could be handy for stubborn drivers that don't know the full capabilities of a monitor.)
resolution  colordepth  monitors  freeware  windows  software 
june 2005 by handcoding
Photo Matt » Mac Gamma Tip
"While poking around and calibrating all my monitors the same way today I found the setting for making the Mac OS X gamma similar to that found on PCs, personally I prefer to see things how most of my users are going to see them. [...]"
osx  gamma  monitors  color 
june 2005 by handcoding

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