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Mac users burned after Nuance drops Dragon speech to text software • The Register
“A seemingly insignificant product cancellation is having a far-reaching impact on a particular community of Mac users.

“Reg reader (and contributor) Colin Hughes wrote in to inform us about how Developer Nuance’s decision to drop the OS X port of its Dragon Professional for Mac has left some customers with disabilities out in the cold.”
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april 2019 by handcoding
Command limitations in Dragon for Mac
As of April 2016:
"In Dragon for Mac, the following commands might not execute:
Show links
Click links
Move Mouse <direction>"
dragon  nuance  2016  bugs  links 
july 2016 by handcoding
Mavericks Dictation vs. Dragon Dictate: How good is OS X's built-in tool? | Macworld
"I find that built-in dictation now blows Dragon out of the water (or sky, as the case may be). I was shocked to discover that Dragon is missing some of the most common words from its vocabulary list, including "amaze," "annoy," "contain," "clock," "leg" and "tall.". I had to add these and many more everyday words manually, after confirming that they are not in its built-in list. In my experience Dictate's accuracy is very poor compared to OS X's—which is strange because evidently Apple licensed the technology from Nuance."
dragon  nuance  dictation  2013  macworld  software 
september 2015 by handcoding

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