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ImageSize - Batch Resize and Convert Photos
If you should ever need to batch resize a bunch of photos or screenshots, this may be the way to go—
a) its ratings on the Mac App Store are broadly very positive (
b) And it so happens that you already own this and you have it installed. So it should be ready to go on your system already.

“Batch resize your images with ease by providing the required dimensions in either pixels or percents.”
mac  software  macos  osx  2019  resize  batch  retina 
april 2019 by handcoding
Compute ratio of screen size - Questions & Suggestions - Keyboard Maestro Discourse
"I am working on a macro that will launch an application and resize/reposition the window.

"Sometimes I will be working on my MacBook Pro with the 2800x1800 (or whatever) screen, and sometimes I'll be on my desktop monitor with a 1920x1280 screen. I need to compute the window HEIGHT and position as a ratio of the current screen size (but the WIDTH should be left alone).

"I read some about the SCREEN function and got it to work a bit, but where I am stuck is the fact that I don't want to change the window width. Is there a resize action that leaves the width alone, or some way to specify "leave alone" in the resize action?"
keyboardmaestro  resize  forum  2016 
december 2017 by handcoding
10 Awesome Uses for Automator Explained
If you should ever need to do so, this post goes over how you can create an Automator action to resize a bunch of images.
images  resize  mac  automation  automator  2011 
september 2017 by handcoding
Resize Sense - Batch Image Resizing & Cropping App for Mac
This batch image resizer is a bit on the pricy side at $20, but it does seem to have good reviews.
mac  software  resize  images  2017  osx 
february 2017 by handcoding
Super Quick Resizing in Sketch
"I wanna show you a sweet little speed maneuver in Sketch that helps you massage the details of your UI while going fast.

"• Select an object
• Hold down cmd + shift + arrow key to quickly resize 10px at a time
• Let go of shift to resize 1px at a time
• Profit!"
sketch  resize  software  2016  mac 
august 2016 by handcoding
Irradiated Software - SizeUp - The Missing Window Manager
This is (yet another) app that lets you quickly resize apps. (This is from the same people that make Tuck and DropVox.)
resize  windows  mac  osx  software  2016 
march 2016 by handcoding
Mac Tip - Resize Window to a Specific Size with this AppleScript
"Resize Windows with Apple Script

"If you are looking for something more simple, without the extra bells and whistles, a little AppleScript should do the trick."
mac  resize  applescript  2014  software 
march 2016 by handcoding
Do users resize their browser windows, or is it just developers and designers? — Medium
On whether users tend to resize their browser windows:
"41,486 page views with 383 resizes and 185 orientation changes.
Which is or 0.923% resized and 0.446% changed orientation."
resize  browsers  2014  responsivedesign  responsive  statistics 
december 2015 by handcoding
Sizes | Apptorium
"Sizes is a great app that helps you in resizing images for Retina display. The only thing you have to do is to drop your files on the icon and wait a second. You don't even need to name your files properly - Sizes does it for you. And of course you can change the image suffix. Really simple." (This actually works pretty well.)
mac  osx  resize  images  retina  apps  2015 
october 2015 by handcoding
(5) How can I get my retina Mac to not take screenshots that are too big? - Quora
"What this [Automator action] does is set up an action that when an image file whose name begins with "Screen Shot" is written to the Desktop folder, a copy is made to the Pictures folder and the resolution cut to 50%. Every time you take a screenshot, a duplicate with 50% the resolution is created in the Pictures folder."
automator  images  resize  mac  osx  retina  2015 
october 2015 by handcoding
Photoshop Help | Content-aware scaling
This post has a pretty good how-to on using Photoshop's content-aware scaling / content-aware resizing.
photoshop  tutorials  2014  images  resize  contentaware  scaling 
november 2014 by handcoding
DOMAssistant Textarea Plugin : ed everett
"This plugin for DOMAssistant causes textareas to automatically resize to fit thier content. As you type, copy, cut and paste in a textarea it will autmatically expand and contract to fit the content without scrollbars."
2009  javascript  plugins  jquery  resize  textarea 
february 2009 by handcoding
Resize Macintosh Partitions : Make Mac Work
This post goes over how you can resize partitions using Disk Utility in Leopard.
mac  partitions  resize  disk  2008 
july 2008 by handcoding
Browser.zoom.full - MozillaZine Knowledge Base
"Sometimes [..] it is more desirable to merely scale the text size, and not the layout along with it. Text scaling was the default in previous versions of Mozilla. This preference allows users to switch between the two behaviors."
firefox  minefield  zoom  text  resize  prefs 
february 2008 by handcoding
Macworld: Mac Gems: Window mouse
I haven't yet decided if "focus follows mouse" is something that I'd find useful, but MondoMouse (shareware, $15) includes that feature.
mac  osx  focus  mouse  shareware  software  move  resize  review 
january 2007 by handcoding
WindowDragon - resize a window from any corner
"WindowDragon makes it possible to move or resize a window by clicking anywhere within that window. Additionally, WindowDragon allows you to resize a window from any corner, and it allows you to drag all of an application's windows in tandem."
mac  osx  freeware  software  windows  ape  resize  move 
january 2007 by handcoding
mondomouse - gives your mouse super powers
"Move any window without clicking it, and without bringing it to the front. Resize any window without clicking it, and without bringing it to the front. Focus Follows Mouse Automatically switch to whatever application the mouse hovers over." [Shareware, $
mac  osx  software  shareware  mouse  focus  sloppyfocus  resize  move 
december 2006 by handcoding
Textarea tools
This is a small "collection of tools for use with textareas (or input fields)" including DOM-resizable textareas and text-resizing within textareas.
xhtml  javascript  textarea  forms  css  resize 
may 2005 by handcoding

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