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Restoring Deleted or Previous Versions of Files – Help Desk
To restore files from Backblaze—

[Main tip: For the dropdowns for “Files backed up from” and “[Files backed up] to,” only change the “To” dropdown if you need to restore files from a certain date.]

“First, sign into your account and navigate to the View/Restore Files page and scroll down.

“To locate files that have been deleted or removed from your computer, often you need to change the ‘Files Backed Up From’ drop downs on the View/Restore Files page. Leave the ‘From’ side on ‘Beginning of Backup’ and set the ‘To’ side to a period of time when the files had not yet been deleted or removed, such as ‘7 days ago’.”
backblaze  2019  restore  help  backup  mac  macos  osx  software 
june 2019 by handcoding
BetterTouchTool: Save & Restore Window Layouts - YouTube
(From the BetterTouchTool release notes from February 23, 2019:)
“Added a pretty cool but experimental predefined action: ‘Save / restore specific window layout’. This allows you to save various window sizes & positions among different apps, and restore them at any time. This may not work in call cases yet, please report issues on if necessary.”
bettertouchtool  windows  restore  youtube  video  mac  osx  macos  2019 
february 2019 by handcoding
iPhone update server could not be contact… - Apple Community
“During the update and restore process, iTunes needs to contact Apple. Ensure that your computer has the following ports open and can access these servers:

“* Port 80
“* Port 443

“You must also open access to the following VeriSign servers:

iphone  itunes  restore  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
itunes - Restoring from IPSW. Unable to connect to (error 3014) - Ask Different
Well, at least it looks like you’re not the only one who can’t seem to connect to (such as for restoring an iPhone).  itunes  restore  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
How to resolve Error 3014? - Apple Community
(Perhaps this may be related to your Error 3014 problem?)
“OK. Now we’re getting somewhere. Thank you. However, the problem would appear to be at the remote end since I can do a traceroute into the Apple 17.x.x.x network. At some point inside that range of addresses, the route dies. Since I’m not blocking anything on my end, this would appear to be a problem on the remote end. Interestingly, Safari can’t find it either. Oh wait, there it is. Safari just found a page.”
tracert  itunes  restore  error  3014  2016 
october 2018 by handcoding
If you can't connect to the App Store, iTunes Store, or Apple Books - Apple Support
(You might try the steps here if you end up getting errors when restoring from iTunes.)
“By default, the built-in application firewall for macOS automatically allows applications signed by Apple to receive incoming connections. If you’ve adjusted the settings for your application firewall, you might need to allow incoming connections. If the issue persists, reset the cache of accepted certificates:
“• Click your desktop to make sure that you’re in Finder.
“• From the menu at the top of your computer screen, choose Go > Go to Folder.
“• In the box, enter /var/db/crls/.
“• Click Go.
“• Drag the files labeled crlcache.db and ocspcache.db to the Trash.
“• If prompted, enter your administrator password.
“• Restart your computer, then try to connect to the iTunes Store, App Store, or Book Store.”
itunes  restore  2018  iphone  apple 
october 2018 by handcoding

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