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jwz: Oh, Hypnowheel, how I loathe you
As a potential Mac gremlin:

“I had similar issues with a 2012 non-Retina MacBook Pro. Mysterious beach-balling that seemed vaguely related to disk IO, minimal CPU usage, no memory pressure. Disk checks all looked fine, RAM checks were fine.

“Turned out that the SATA cable was going bad. Replaced that and everything immediately worked fine. This is a very common issues with MacBooks of that era and it's really hard to diagnose.

“Typically you'd expect a desktop computer to have a much more robust SATA cable than the whispy, brittle thing in a MacBook, but I'm not sure for an iMac. Might be worth looking into anyway.”
mac  troubleshooting  2018  sata  macmini 
11 weeks ago by handcoding
13" and 15" MacBook Pros Have a Slower SATA Interface - Mac Rumors
"Apple seems to have quietly downgraded the SATA Interface from 3.0Gbit to 1.5Gbit speeds in some of the new MacBook Pros introduced last week."
2009  apple  macbookpro  sata  macrumors  ssd 
june 2009 by handcoding
eSATA problems - bad cables abound! (pic) - TiVo Community & Store
Apparently, TiVo Series 3 boxes can be a bit finicky with external SATA drives if the cables aren't up to spec. This thread goes over some recommended and known-good brands.
sata  esata  tivo  storage  hdd  cables 
june 2007 by handcoding
Silicon Image Brings Virtualization to eSATA | Tom's Hardware
"These are powerful SATA sub-controllers for external drives, and they include a virtualization layer and a port multiplier. This way they appear like a disk drive to your SATA host controller, but they can map and manage additional, cascaded SATA drives.
external  storage  sata  hdd 
june 2007 by handcoding
Hitachi - Hard Drive Feature Tool
This utility can enable Acoustic Management on a drive, assuming that drive supports Acoustic Management (whether it's Hitachi or otherwise). It requires a boot disk / boot CD to run.
sata  tivo  storage  quiet  hdd 
may 2007 by handcoding
Series3 eSATA Drive Expansion: FAQ + Discussion - TiVo Community
This FAQ covers questions and answers relating to the newly discovered support for external SATA drives on TiVo Series 3 units.
tivo  series3  sata  upgrades  storage 
may 2007 by handcoding
How-to: Use your TiVo Series3 eSATA port to add an external drive - Engadget
Ever wish you could use that friggin eSATA port TiVo taunts you with on the back of your Series3? "If so your moment has finally arrived -- and not a moment too soon for many a DVR-loving TV fans whose drives are filled to the brim with HD programming."
tivo  sata  upgrades  storage  series3 
may 2007 by handcoding

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