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Color Themes
This site is ostensibly a collection of IDE color themes / color palettes, but it seems a skosh wonky around the edges? For instance, its entry for “Dracula,” which is normally quite nice, displays that theme as if it were straight black text on a white background.
themes  color  colorschemes  palettes  2019  schemes 
july 2019 by handcoding
Slinky Elegant - Chrome Web Store
This is (probably) your go-to dark theme for Chrome for the kitchen computer.
chrome  themes  dark  2019  kitchen  macmini 
july 2019 by handcoding
Additional Themes · coteditor/CotEditor Wiki
Oh, hey—it looks like there’re additional syntax-highlighting themes for CotEditor. Neat!
coteditor  themes  github  2019  mac  macos  osx  software  syntaxhighlighting 
may 2019 by handcoding
22 Handy Slack Hacks Everyone Should Know –
“11) Customize your Slack theme.
“Whether you use Slack for different groups and want to stay organized, or you just want to personalize the look and feel of your account, you can adjust your theme by selecting your name in the top left corner. From the drop-down menu next to your name, select ‘Preferences’ > ‘Sidebar Theme.’ From here, you can explore and select themes or scroll down to ‘Custom Theme’ to put in your own HTML color values.”


“14) Create custom triggers for Slackbot responses.

“Make Slack your own by customizing Slackbot’s automated responses to certain words or phrases. To do so, click on your name in the top left corner and select ‘Customize Slack’ from the dropdown menu. Select the second tab from the left labeled ‘Slackbot’ to access the message customization field. Insert one or multiple input phrases with commas, and then add a Slackbot response or responses by adding each one to its own line (‘Shift’ + ‘Enter’). If you insert multiple responses, Slack will call up one at random when it’s triggered.”


“20) Created a to-do list using stars.

“Starring an item on Slack is a way to mark a task as important. To star an item, simply move your mouse of a message or file and select the grey star to make it turn yellow. To view your starred items, click the star icon in the top right corner.

“Starring requests and files that you need to work on makes it easy for you to create a to-do list on the fly.”
slack  software  triggers  themes  2019 
may 2019 by handcoding
Dracula — A dark theme for Textmate and 50+ apps
(This looks like kind of a neat theme for TextMate. It’s light on dark, and it has some nice vibrancy to its color choices too.)
textmate  themes  lightondark  2018 
october 2018 by handcoding
sailorhg/fairyfloss: fairy floss text editor theme
via @Aleen: "Let’s try again! What’s your favorite Atom theme? I use Fairyfloss upon @YasmineEvjen’s recommendation"
atom  themes  editors  2016 
november 2016 by handcoding
Seeking a Plain, Minimal Theme Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums
This post offers a plain-ish theme for Windows that might look less terrible.
windows  windows7  themes  2016 
august 2016 by handcoding
AeroPlain for Windows 7 by garbanzox on DeviantArt
"This is a minor mod of the basic Aero theme for Windows 7.

"It removes:
- White gradient in upper corners of window frames
- White diagonal stripes behind all aero glass (window frames, taskbar, etc.)
- Dark smoke behind the start orb and clock area of the taskbar"
windows  windows7  aero  themes  2016 
august 2016 by handcoding
ronilaukkarinen/typora-writing-theme · GitHub
"Typora CSS theme. Plain and simple. Aiming for the Medium-like writing experience." (This actually looks pretty nice.)
typora  themes  editors  2015 
december 2015 by handcoding
CotEditor Themes -
Welp, this page has a shitload of color themes for CotEditor. (Nice.)
colorschemes  themes  coteditor  color  2015  mac  osx  software 
december 2015 by handcoding
Kumo gray :: Add-ons for Firefox
This is the Firefox theme that you’re using now -- it’s pretty decent.
firefox  themes  2015  gray  canonical 
august 2015 by handcoding
Mac Finish :: Add-ons for Firefox
This one’s a bit darker than your usual Firefox theme, but it’s pretty nice.
firefox  themes  2015  gray 
august 2015 by handcoding
Kumo gray :: Add-ons for Firefox
This one’s right up there among de-janked themes.
firefox  themes  2015  native  gray 
august 2015 by handcoding
Zukitwo-Gnome :: Add-ons for Firefox
This one looks to be one of the more natural-looking less-garish themes out there.
firefox  themes  gray  2015 
august 2015 by handcoding
User Info for ntpl :: Add-ons for Firefox
This fellow has some decent-ish themes for Firefox.
firefox  themes  2015  osx  windows 
august 2015 by handcoding
Stylish :: Add-ons for Firefox
I believe this is the theme you’ve currently got installed in your Windows 7 VM.
firefox  themes  windows7  vmware  2015  setup 
august 2015 by handcoding
WordPress › Accessibility Ready « Theme Directory
This page lists the "accessibility-ready" themes for WordPress. (There’re 34 as of February 28, 2015.)
wordpress  themes  accessibility  a11y  2015 
february 2015 by handcoding
‘Accessibility Ready’ WordPress Themes – ProfHacker - Blogs - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"Today, I’d like to draw your attention to the WordPress themes that have now passed the “Theme Accessibility Audit” guidelines (still in draft form) from the WordPress Accessibility Team."
accessibility  wordpress  themes  2014  canonical 
july 2014 by handcoding
Joseph Karr O'Connor | Accessibility Consulting | Cities
"I am doing a project to increase the number of free accessible WordPress themes called: Cities."
wordpress  a11y  accessibility  themes  2012 
october 2012 by handcoding
Camifox Theme :: Firefox Add-ons
"Elegant, crisp, and colorful. Camifox is a thoughtful, sophisticated reimagination and realization of a better "default" theme for Firefox 3, in living color on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux." (It's a somewhat-port of the Camino look to Firefox, except that it works on more than just OS X.)
firefox  themes  camino  windows  mac  osx  2008 
september 2008 by handcoding
Wiseheart Design - Ruby Blue Textmate Theme
Chuck Mallott recommended this theme for TextMate.
textmate  themes  2008  lightondark  mac  osx 
may 2008 by handcoding
Firefox Environment Backup Extension (FEBE) - Firefox Extension
"FEBE allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions. [...] FEBE backs up and restores your extensions, themes, and (optionally) your bookmarks, preferences, cookies. and much more. "
firefox  extensions  backup  themes  bookmarks  prefs 
september 2007 by handcoding
Themes / UserSubmittedThemes — TextMate Wiki
This page from the TextMate Wiki links to several user-created [color] themes.
textmate  themes  colorschemes  software  mac  osx 
november 2006 by handcoding
QuBranch v1.0.20060426 [Qute for Branch 2.0 Builds] - MozillaZine Forums
"Explanation: QuBranch is a theme based on the Qute theme by Arvid Axelsson, but the code will be kept in line with the WinStripe/Default Firefox theme of the Branch 2.0 builds."
firefox  themes 
april 2006 by handcoding
Encytemedia: Textmate Vibrant Ink Theme and Prototype Bundle
"I’ve put together some stuff for Textmate that some of you might find useful. The first is a custom theme called Vibrant Ink and the other is a language bundle with support for Prototype and partial support for"
textmate  themes  prototype  software  osx  javascript 
april 2006 by handcoding
Mozilla Update :: Themes -- More Info: Maczilla Graphite - releases
"A clean and stylish hybrid theme of ifox graphite and GrApple Graphite. Just the right amount of color to add variety while maintaining a modern, sleek look."
firefox  themes  mac  grayscale 
february 2006 by handcoding
Mozilla Update :: Themes -- Tiger Mail
"Thunderbird theme [for Windows and OS X] based on Mac OS X Tiger Mail 2."
thunderbird  themes  tiger  osx 
february 2006 by handcoding
Mozilla Update :: Themes -- iFox Smooth
Aqua-inspired theme for Firefox (for Windows or OSX).
firefox  themes  osx 
february 2006 by handcoding
Mozilla Update :: Themes - Azerty III
Theme for Firefox with "Pretty and pleasant icons."
firefox  themes 
february 2006 by handcoding
Designing Headings « WordPress Codex
Canonical list of h1-h6 uses within WordPress themes
wordpress  themes  headers  css 
january 2006 by handcoding
GrApple - Aronnax`s Firefox Themes
Nifty Mac-looking theme for Firefox (OSX only).
firefox  themes  osx 
december 2005 by handcoding
Simple WAI (web accessibility) hack « WordPress Support
"With two small modifications, the default Kubrick template can meet almost all of the WAI guidelines (and all of the Priority 1 guidelines)."
wordpress  kubrick  forms  themes  accessibility  wai 
july 2005 by handcoding
Thunderstripe - Thunderbird theme
"An attempt to reproduce the Firefox Winstripe look for Thunderbird based on the existing Winstripe theme by Scratch and Mark Carson."
thunderbird  themes 
may 2005 by handcoding
Qute Firefox theme
"Qute (pronounced as 'cute') is an icon set that originated from the desire to make a theme for Mozilla Firefox (then Phoenix) that looked modern and blended in with Windows XP."
firefox  themes 
may 2005 by handcoding
UrbanGiraffe » Dissection of a WordPress Theme
This is a comprehensive guide on taking the Kubrick theme and stripping it of style and creating a style all your own.
wordpress  themes  tutorial 
april 2005 by handcoding
Conestoga Street v1.0
Conestoga Street in a minimal theme for WordPress 1.5
wordpress  themes  minimalist  tablebased  could-recode 
march 2005 by handcoding
Arzel Gray Themes Demo
This is a demo site for a set of themes for WordPress
wordpress  themes  short-list  minimalist  fluidwidth 
march 2005 by handcoding
WordPress 1.5 Theme Competition Entries
The themes listed on this page work with the theme system in WordPress 1.5 and can be used with the Theme Switcher.
wordpress  themes  competition 
march 2005 by handcoding
WordPress Theme: Red & Blue Make White
"Red & Blue Make White" is a Creative Commons licensed theme by
wordpress  themes  minimalist  short-list 
february 2005 by handcoding

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