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NAS: What You Need to Know before Buying - TidBITS
On the benefits of getting a drive designed for NAS:

“Most important, drives designed for NAS include features for minimizing data corruption, sensing and minimizing vibration, adjusting rotation speeds to last longer, and better enduring the rigors of always running.”
nas  backup  harddrives  tidbits  2019 
4 days ago by handcoding
Downloading YouTube Videos in macOS - TidBITS
“Whatever the reason, you don’t have to rely on Firefox to download videos from YouTube. There are several solutions on the Mac, and I review a few of them here.”
youtube  download  tidbits  mac  macos  osx  2019 
9 weeks ago by handcoding
Attach an iPad to Your MacBook as a Second Display with Mountie - TidBITS
“The Mountie has poor documentation, and frustratingly, Ten One Design doesn’t provide any written materials on its Web site. Speaking as someone who could burn down a house while constructing an IKEA table, it took me an hour to get right. In the photo below, the colored clips attach to the back of the iPad and MacBook screens. My first time, I put them in front and thought I was supposed to put up with covering up the corner of my screen. The narrower other side, the actual front of the Mountie, covers the bezel but not the monitor. Someone with better mechanical skills would figure it out more quickly—also someone with better observational skills, as I was only later informed that there’s a demonstration video on the Web site I could have watched.”
mountie  tidbits  lunadisplay  2019 
march 2019 by handcoding
Locast Gives You No Frills Broadcast TV at No Cost - TidBITS
“Now an organization named Locast is providing a similar service, thanks to a legal loophole: Aereo lost its lawsuit because it resold broadcast transmissions. Locast gives them away for free. So far, broadcasters haven’t shown interest in shutting Locast down.

“In short, Locast provides live television broadcasts that you can watch in a Web browser, or through an app for iOS or Android. It’s a nonprofit organization, and there’s no cost to sign up for an account or use the service. Instead, you can make a voluntary donation—the organization’s Web form defaults to suggesting $5 a month, but there’s no obligation to pay anything. This separation of revenue from services is the secret sauce protecting Locast from lawyers.”
internet  tv  2019  streaming  tidbits 
march 2019 by handcoding
macOS Hidden Treasures: Secrets of the System Preferences Window - TidBITS
“System Preferences is easy to use: open it, click here, click there—whoops, not there, over here instead… wait, where is that setting? My point is: System Preferences could be easier to use. And it is, once you know the details.

“You don’t, for instance, need 30-plus items displayed when you use only a dozen of them regularly. You don’t always have to start with the full window, click a preference pane, and then click a tab to get where you want to be. And that Search field is more useful than you might expect.”
mac  osx  macos  tidbits  systempreferences  2018 
august 2018 by handcoding
Let There Be (Inexpensive, Configurable, Diffuse, Portable) Light - TidBITS
"So far, I’ve used the light panel on a tripod behind my monitors to improve the lighting when I was a guest on the MacBreak Weekly podcast and to help with some of the photography we need to do for TidBITS Content Network articles. I particularly appreciated being able to put diffuse light — adjusted to compensate for the other lights on in the room — right on my face for MacBreak Weekly, since regular bulbs are too glaring to look at. And with the photography, the big win was being able to turn off other room lights that tend to reflect badly off shiny iPhone and iPad screens.

"The only downside I’ve noted is that Polaroid says nothing about powering the light panel from battery packs for use in the field. It might be possible — it claims to be using 24 volts at 2 amps — but I find it surprising that Polaroid wouldn’t mention such a capability because competing LED light panels I found are quite clear about which common batteries are compatible.”

tidbits  reviews  lighting  podcasting  wishlist  2017 
january 2018 by handcoding
OS X Hidden Treasures: Copy and Paste - TidBITS
"However, back in OS X, there is a secondary clipboard that’s accessible only via keyboard shortcuts: Control-K performs a kill, while Control-Y does a yank.

“'Kill' and ‘Yank' are odd terms, but they come from the venerable command-line Emacs text editor. In practice, Kill and Yank are largely equivalent to the Cut and Paste commands, but with a few differences. Most notably, they have their own clipboard, which is known as a 'kill ring' in Emacs, so cutting something with Control-K doesn’t replace whatever is on the main system clipboard. This special keyboard is specific to each app, so it can’t be used to move text between apps, but is helpful for rearranging text within an app."
mac  macos  keyboard  shortcuts  copy  paste  tidbits  2016 
november 2017 by handcoding
How to Clear a Dropbox File that Won’t Sync - TidBITS
“Once I raised the issue in our internal Slack team, Glenn Fleishman suggested a simple solution. If you’re experiencing this problem, here’s what to do.”
dropbox  tidbits  sync  mac  macos  osx  2017 
october 2017 by handcoding
73 Mac Automation Stories from TidBITS Readers - TidBITS
"We asked you to tell us how you rely on automation to get your work done (see “Tell Us Your Mac Automation Stories,” 7 January 2017). The stories poured in, and you can now read about the amazing things that fellow TidBITS readers have accomplished with AppleScript, Automator, and the many other automation technologies available to Mac users."
tidbits  mac  automation  keyboardmaestro  automator  2017 
september 2017 by handcoding
Your Favorite Mac Markdown Editors - TidBITS
"In 'Vote for Your Favorite Mac Markdown Editor' (20 July 2017), we asked you to rate the Mac text editors that you’ve used to write in the Markdown text markup language. Over 400 TidBITS readers responded to our survey of 42 apps, submitting nearly 2200 votes"
markdown  software  apps  mac  macos  osx  2017  tidbits  comparison 
july 2017 by handcoding
Vote for Your Favorite Mac Markdown Editor - TidBITS
"Now it’s time for us to turn to you, the TidBITS reader, and ask you to share your opinions about the Markdown-capable text editors you have used on the Mac. We’ll collect and summarize the results, as we’ve done for other software categories in the 'Your Favorite Apps' series. The survey is embedded at the bottom of this article on our Web site or you can navigate to it directly."
markdown  mac  applenotes  software  macos  comparison  2017  tidbits 
july 2017 by handcoding
The Problem With Abandoned Apps - TidBITS
"However, Apple’s solutions to these issues have serious problems.

"The biggest is that, starting with iOS 9, performing a backup with iTunes no longer copies apps to your computer. To restore an app, you must redownload it from the App Store. But if Apple has removed the app for being too old or not 64-bit, the app is gone — there’s no way to download it again!"
ios  ios9  ios10  tidbits  2017 
july 2017 by handcoding
Desktop, Screensaver, and Browser Tab Eye Candy for Your Mac - TidBITS
"Irvue Screensaver operates much like the menu bar version of Irvue, albeit with many fewer options. It lets you pull photos from Unsplash’s Featured channel, from a particular Unsplash collection or photographer, or in response to a search term. And you can choose how often each photo updates. It does show different pictures on each screen if you have multiple displays.

"If you’re put off by Irvue Screensaver’s installation hoops or don’t love Unsplash’s images, try the Google+ Featured Photos screensaver, which gets its images from the Google+ Featured Photos collection. Google editors choose these photos from publicly shared images on Google+ that meet certain requirements."
screensavers  mac  osx  macos  2017  tidbits 
july 2017 by handcoding
SoundSource 3 Simplifies Mac Audio Management - TidBITS
"If you want even quicker access to sound-related preferences, Rogue Amoeba, masters of all things audio on the Mac, have a souped-up alternative for you: SoundSource 3. It’s actually an update to a long-dormant utility first published in the early 2000s. If you own a license to a current version of one of Rogue Amoeba’s other apps, you can register SoundSource for free. Otherwise, it’s only $10, and a free trial is available."
mac  sound  audio  apps  software  macos  osx  2017  tidbits 
july 2017 by handcoding
A Prairie HomeKit Companion: Two Smart Outlets - TidBITS
"The main functional difference between these two smart outlets is that the iHome iSP5 relies on Wi-Fi, whereas the Eve Energy communicates via Bluetooth. The iSP5 is the winner here because Wi-Fi has much better range and responsiveness than Bluetooth. Elgato announced the Eve Extend Bluetooth range extender at CES 2017, but it has yet to materialize.

"Overall, I recommend the slightly cheaper iHome iSP5 over the Elgato Eve Energy unless Bluetooth is preferable to Wi-Fi in your environment, you’re particularly interested in power consumption monitoring, or the iSP5 is too thick for a tight space."
homekit  outlet  reviews  tidbits  2017  ihome  elgato 
may 2017 by handcoding
Sierra PDF Problems Get Worse in 10.12.2
Uh oh:
"10.12.2 fixes a few bugs but kills the OCR text layer in PDFs. We worked around the earlier bugs in DEVONthink 2.9.8 and will address 10.12.2’s new problems in the upcoming 2.9.9. But yes, as soon as you edit a PDF in Preview the text layer is gone. Our customers are delighted."
sierra  10.12  osx  mac  pdf  scansnap  tidbits  2016 
january 2017 by handcoding
TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 31 October 2016
Looks like you can get Keyboard Maestro for a discount:
"$36 new with a 20 percent discount for TidBITS members, free update, 19.6 MB, release notes, 10.10+)"
keyboard  keyboardmaestro  software  tidbits  2016 
november 2016 by handcoding
ScanSnap Conflicts with Sierra Easily Avoided
"Practically speaking, if you use a ScanSnap scanner, you should verify that your scanning workflow doesn’t rely on an affected aspect of the ScanSnap software or A3 scans in Excellent mode. If not, you can safely upgrade to Sierra."
sierra  fujitsu  2016  scansnap  tidbits 
october 2016 by handcoding
SRFax and Other Internet Faxing Alternatives to MaxEmail
"Lots of MaxEmail users are now looking for an alternative Internet fax service that’s reliable and easy to use. I’ve been using such a service for years now: SRFax."
faxing  recommendations  tidbits  2016 
october 2016 by handcoding

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