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CalZones Review – MacStories
“CalZones, available today on the App Store as a Universal app, is based on a simple, ingenious concept that, to the best of my knowledge, has never been done on the App Store before: the app combines a time zone viewer with a calendar client, enabling you to compare times across multiple cities as well as view and create calendar events that display start/end times in multiple formats. By fusing time zone comparisons and calendar events into one product, Smith was able to create an app that is greater than the sum of its parts because it solves a problem that neither traditional world clocks nor calendar clients could fix before.”
macstories  2019  mac  macos  osx  software  calendars  timezones 
april 2019 by handcoding
World Clock Pro - Time there
(This is an iMessage app.)
“Time There is great when you need to quickly flick international times to somebody, and schedule something with minimal back and forth. It’s the fastest and simplest world clock app we’ve ever built.”
imessage  software  apps  2019  timezones  worldtime  ios 
march 2019 by handcoding
via @ChrisFerdinandi: “Timezones, my little timezone calculator app, gained the ability to link to a specific time and info about GMT offsets and ‘time relative to you’ for all timezones.”
ChrisFerdinandi  timezones  work  meetings  2018 
may 2018 by handcoding
Doodle: easy scheduling | How can I schedule an event with people ...
“When your participants open the poll link they’ll see the time zone of the poll just under the title. This is the ‘display time zone.’ Your time options will be displayed corresponding to where your participants are located (according to their IP address or Doodle account setting).

“If you remove the poll time zone when you set up the poll (click the time zone and then ‘remove’), the poll is set up with certain times and shows this time for everyone. It does not matter where someone opens the poll. It will always show the same times.”
doodle  timezones  2018  scheduling 
may 2018 by handcoding
Doodle: easy scheduling | Why is my time zone not pre-selected whe...
“Each time a poll with time zone support is opened, the time zone is set automatically according to ones IP-Address. Doodle compares your IP address with a time zone database and preselects the time zone pulldown.”
doodle  timezones  scheduling  2018 
may 2018 by handcoding
Clocker for macOS — Abhishek
This looks like a decent menubar world-time utility. But it only works in macOS 10.12+, so maybe give it a try if/when you upgrade?
timezones  worldtime  clocks  apps  software  mac  macos  osx  10.12  2017 
october 2017 by handcoding
Calendly - Scheduling appointments and meetings is super easy with Calendly.
Here’s that pretty meeting-time web app (with time-zone support!) that Megan recommended—“This website is awesome! Set time zones, ask specific questions in the invite to fill out, customize chunks of time, and so on!“
time  timezones  calendaring  scheduling  meetings  work  2016  via:megantom 
may 2016 by handcoding
seense | The Clock, the best world clock for Mac.
This looks like a neat-ish world clock / menubar jobbie.
clocks  timezones  menubar  software  2015  mac 
october 2015 by handcoding
Super simple time zone converter
This is a rather pretty time-zone converter, and it uses the cities you specify. But it has no account system, so you have to enter your cities each time.
timezones  time  work  2015  conversion 
february 2015 by handcoding
Time Converter - Conversion at a Glance - Pick best time to schedule conference calls, webinars, online meetings and phone calls.
"World Time Buddy (WTB) is a cross between a time zone converter, a world clock converter, and an online meeting scheduler." (This is that site that lets you select cities of your choosing, and then it shows you the times in those cities. Plus you can send a link to others once you’ve selected a time.)
work  time  timezones  conversion  2015  canonical  meetings  scheduling 
february 2015 by handcoding
Show Time in Multiple Time Zones with TextExpander
"In an effort to eliminate the need for people to convert times themselves, I wrote a TextExpander snippet to take care of it for me."
textexpander  2015  time  timezones 
january 2015 by handcoding
World Time Widget - the instant world clock timezone buddy
"There are hundreds of time zone widgets on the App Store, but I like World Time Widget as it uses a horizontal layout rather than a long list. World Time Widget has a small footprint on my Today view and it's useful to keep around."
worldtime  time  timezones  2014  apps  ios  recommendations  software 
december 2014 by handcoding
Time Zone Converter – Instant World Time Zone Conversion
This jobbie (with a natural-language type syntax) allows for converting between time zones.
timezones  time  conversion  canonical  clocks  2010 
december 2010 by handcoding iso8601
"Many standards [...] use the W3C's subset of the ISO 8601 standard to specify a date and time unambiguously. After a very brief search I couldn't find a simple JavaScript function to parse a string in this form, so here's one I wrote for the job."
javascript  iso  iso8610  time  date  8601  timezones  conversion 
april 2008 by handcoding
Time zone abbreviations
"These pages describe the time zone acronyms and abbreviations (such as CDT, CST, EST, and so on) used in some regions of the world." (To be fair, "some" may be an understatement -- this appears to cover most of them.)
timezones  abbreviations  time  date 
january 2008 by handcoding
Time zone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This page lists all times zones and where they fall.
timezones  time 
april 2005 by handcoding

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