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TURN ANYTHING INTO A WEBCAM - Elgato Cam Link Review (In-Depth) - Gameplay Test, Linux Test - YouTube
This Elgato Cam Link might initially look promising for turning an HDMI signal into a webcam, but apparently it doesn’t do so well with signals that aren’t 1080p60. Namely, it doesn’t support 1080i.

But around 6:30, Epos goes on to say that the Magewell apparently has some built-in scaler bits that can take care of that situation.
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march 2019 by handcoding
Best webcam to use with Skype and a Mac mini? - Ask Different
(It looks like cameras that support UVC can work on macOS?)
“Most modern USB webcams support a generic interface called UVC (Universal Video Class). OSX supports most UVC drivers out-of-the-box (true for me in Snow Leopard) so sometimes there aren’t even any third-party drivers to install. (In fact, most third-party webcam ‘drivers’ only install useless add-ons that bloat your system.)

“Logitech is very good at providing compliant UVC devices, so they’re a good starting point.”
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march 2019 by handcoding
6 ways UVC drivers changed the video capture industry
“With the introduction of UVC drivers in all major operating systems, UVC-compatible grabbers don’t need any installation or set-up and are able to immediately capture content. The video grabber shifts from being an extension of its capture computer to becoming a true accessory of its capture device (i.e. video camera, tablet, HDTV).  This decoupling of the video grabber from one specific capture computer creates true portability in video grabber capture.”
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march 2019 by handcoding

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