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ZigBee vs. Z-Wave: Choosing Between Two Big Smarthome Standards
via: @randileeharper: “If you’re curious about the differences between Z-Wave and Zigbee (or wonder what i’m even talking about), this is a nice article about it.”

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5 weeks ago by handcoding
welcome | osu!
(@randileeharper recommended this rhythm game, saying:)
“it is very fun! but it is also VERY difficult to get into. i love it because it’s like music therapy, and requires enough concentration that it works for adhd/anxiety (for me, anyways). most people get frustrated after trying it, but if you stick with it, it gets easier. :)”

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8 weeks ago by handcoding
SharpTools: Smart Home Dashboard and Rule Engine
@randileeharper recommended this, saying, is pretty neat. I like it better than hubitat’s dashboard - prettier, but missing some functionality :/”
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june 2019 by handcoding

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