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CustomMenu 3 - access your favorite apps, files, and folders faster | PointWorks
“CustomMenu 3 lets you build your own global menu containing your favorite apps, files, and folders. Once created, you can easily open apps and files or browse folders and access their contents from any app with your CustomMenu.”

(via this Reddit thread on underrated Mac apps:
pointworks  2019  mac  macos  osx  software  via:reddit  menubar 
june 2019 by handcoding
MilGraCom — Mac Media Key Forwarder
“Forwards media keys to iTunes or Spotify directly.

“You can prioritize which app you would like to control or you can go with the default behaviour which controls the running app. The app runs in the menu bar.”
mac  osx  macos  mediakeys  keyboard  2019  via:reddit 
june 2019 by handcoding
Home | Stock Watches
This isn’t a bad looking Bauhaus-style watch with numbers.
watches  bauhaus  2019  via:reddit 
march 2019 by handcoding
KnockKnock - Objective See
Some folks on Reddit recommended this for checking and configuring startup items on macOS.
reddit  software  mac  osx  macos  startup  via:reddit  2019 
january 2019 by handcoding

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