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Eurozone struggles to forge deal over economic crisis  | Financial Times
The three-pronged plan, focused on the European Stability Mechanism, the European Investment Bank and a new European Commission unemployment reinsurance scheme, totals about half a trillion euros. 
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2 days ago by henningninneh
Aus allen Rohren - F.A.Z.
Doch die EU-Finanzminister, die den ebenso schrillen wie sinnlosen Streit über Eurobonds erst einmal entschärft zu haben schienen, haben die Rechnung ohne die EU-Kommission gemacht. Vielleicht muss man eher sagen: ohne das französisch-italienische Kommissarsduo Thierry Breton und Paolo Gentiloni, das seine Chefin Ursula von der Leyen offensichtlich überfahren hat. 
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Leaders clash over stimulus against pandemic, pass hot potato to Eurogroup –
Together with Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez, Conte proposed setting up a working group made of five leaders of EU institutions – the presidents of the Council, Commission, Parliament, European Central Bank and Eurogroup – which will be tasked to find new economic instruments within 10 days to tackle the pandemic and its economic consequences
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Poland’s just transition bonus cut 50% under latest EU budget proposal –
But the rug has been pulled from under Warsaw’s feet, as Michel’s budget plan curtails funding by 50% for any country that has not yet signed up to the EU’s overall mid-century climate goal.

“For member states that have not yet committed to a national objective of climate neutrality by 2050, access to the Just Transition Fund will be limited to 50% of their national allocation,” Michel’s proposal explains.
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7 weeks ago by henningninneh
The Brief – The curious case of the missing fund –
The Czechs, Hungarians and Poles want more money before committing to the deal and the latest €5-billion-strong Brussels buzzword, the Just Transition Fund, is in prime place to deliver that cash injection.

So why did explicit mention of the Fund, which was included in the Council’s draft conclusions, disappear from the final document?


An earlier version said the Council would “look forward to the Commission’s proposal on the Fund” but that was switched out before EU leaders even saw the text for more vague language on a “socially fair and just transition”.

That is essentially the same jargon we’ve been hearing for the last 12 months.

EU diplomats have revealed that it is all part of an ongoing negotiating strategy to prevent the climate talks from focusing too much on Poland’s needs, which are predominantly energy-related.

Warsaw’s reliance on coal power has become inextricably linked with the Fund, so public backing at this delicate stage would have risked leaving the Council with a weakened hand and emboldened Poland to hold out even longer for even more cash.

December’s EU summit is touted as the crunch moment for the agreement.

Portugal and Spain were among the countries to insist on the Fund’s removal from the text, partly because they have transition concerns of their own that are not energy-based, ranging from mining and agriculture to plastics production.
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7 weeks ago by henningninneh
Charting the winners and losers in Brussels new budget | Financial Times
One of the most incendiary is how to distribute "cohesion" funds — a €330bn pot designed to help promote catch-up growth in the poorest parts of any member state.

During this 2021-2027 period, the programme is cut by 10 per cent in real terms. On top of that, as the FT has reported this week, the European Commission wants to broaden the criteria for allocating money, supplementing gross domestic product with metrics like youth unemployment, carbon emissions and migration.

When combined with the economic fallout of the financial crisis, the result is a shift in over €30bn away from newer central and eastern European member states (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic), while funding is boosted to the crisis-hit south (Greece, Spain, Italy).
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7 weeks ago by henningninneh
Central Europe mayors join in direct EU funds plea
The leaders of Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Warsaw, who banded together in December, are presenting themselves as new allies of EU integration in countries where illiberal and populist governments have locked horns with EU institutions over the bloc's values and rule of law.

The mayors are seeking help from the EU Commission to make sure their national governments commit 10 percent of EU cohesion subsidies to cities in the new EU budget - and allocate it without political bias.

The city leaders' push comes as talks on the next seven-year budget are under way among deeply-divided member states. with a special summit scheduled for next week.

The mayors are also lobbying the EU executive to get direct access to EU funding under the Green Deal.

In a letter to commission president Ursula von Der Leyen - signed by the four mayors and leaders of 11 other European cities, including Berlin, Vienna and the Hague - the mayors argue that "cities led by elected leaders now represent two-thirds of Europe's population, and are responsible for the bulk of its climate mitigation and adaptation efforts".

"The fight against climate change will be won or lost in cities," they add.
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7 weeks ago by henningninneh
Leaders to battle on climate target and money at summit
However, the three eastern European countries are worried that the €100bn investment proposed under EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen's Green Deal and one trillion euros leveraged by the European Investment Bank to help pay for the transition are too vague.
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december 2019 by henningninneh
EU Council chief takes over budget negotiations –
However, the negotiation on the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) could be instrumental in bringing Warsaw on board in June.

Poland said it cannot commit to the climate goal just yet. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki defended that the cost of the transition will be higher for his country than others.

When addressing the press after the meeting, Morawiecki praised the creation of the Just Transition Fund, the details of which the Commission has not shared yet. “A fair share of this fund will be allocated to Poland for a fair transformation,” the Polish prime minister said.
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december 2019 by henningninneh
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Fachminister von F, DE, FIN stimmen gegen EUCO-Beschluss ihrer Regierungschefs.
"La gouvernance européenne, déjà bien complexe, voit désormais ses défauts aggravés par d'étonnants dysfonctionnements dans les gouvernances nationales" a dénoncé jeudi le député européen Alain Lamassoure (UMP, PPE), président de la commission des Budgets du Parlement européen
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july 2012 by henningninneh
Twitter / ronpatz: Budget Committee chief jus
Budget Committee chief just said that some member states' ambassadors/ministers this week decided on EU budget against ‪#EUCO‬ conclusions.
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july 2012 by henningninneh
EFSF Leverage: A Rundown On Ways to Bulk Up the Euro Zone's Bailout Fund - Real Time Brussels - WSJ
The ideas to leverage up the fund appear to fall into three, sometimes overlapping, categories: the EFSF as a bank, the EFSF as a non-bank borrower from the financial markets; and the EFSF as an insurer. Here’s a rundown.
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october 2011 by henningninneh

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