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Charting the winners and losers in Brussels new budget | Financial Times
One of the most incendiary is how to distribute "cohesion" funds — a €330bn pot designed to help promote catch-up growth in the poorest parts of any member state.

During this 2021-2027 period, the programme is cut by 10 per cent in real terms. On top of that, as the FT has reported this week, the European Commission wants to broaden the criteria for allocating money, supplementing gross domestic product with metrics like youth unemployment, carbon emissions and migration.

When combined with the economic fallout of the financial crisis, the result is a shift in over €30bn away from newer central and eastern European member states (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic), while funding is boosted to the crisis-hit south (Greece, Spain, Italy).
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Poland wants fresh EU money to back climate neutrality goal –
Achieving climate neutrality requires “significantly larger” amounts of funding than what is currently on offer in the EU’s long-term budget proposal for 2021-2027, Warsaw said in a memo circulated ahead of an EU leaders’ summit opening on Thursday (17 October).

The Polish demands are spelled out in a “non-paper” circulated to EU leaders meeting in Brussels for a two-day summit beginning on Thursday.

Poland was one of four EU countries to block a deal on net-zero emissions at the last meeting of national leaders in June. And Warsaw has now clearly linked its backing for the 2050 climate goal to the budget negotiation.
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october 2019 by henningninneh
EU ministers fudge 2030 climate target lines –
Ten countries – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Malta, Poland and Romania – blocked efforts to include more explicit language. Of those ten, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland are the last hold-outs on the 2050 deal.

One likely source of cash is the European Investment Bank (EIB), which is currently deciding on how to tweak its energy-lending policy. Under a draft proposal, the EU lender will finance up to 75% of projects submitted by poorer member states rather than the usual 50%.
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october 2019 by henningninneh
Estonia joins EU’s climate-neutral club –
Estonia has joined a group of 24 member states in favour of an EU plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions drastically by 2050, leaving only the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland unconvinced.
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october 2019 by henningninneh

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