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A dev trained robots to generate “garbage” slot machine games—and made $50K | Ars Technica
Out of a game jam session, a couple of devs walked away with an experiment that made up to $200/week. It shows how bad app stores are and the crazy nature of mobile gaming apps.
games  game-development  ads  business 
7 hours ago
American History Tellers - The Great Depression - Dust | 4 | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
A podcast about the great depression illustrating a scenario where, due to various man-made factors, massive dust storms were pummelling the Midwest and Congress only took action when it hit them right at the doorstep; showing how future political action could take place.
climate_change  history  great-depression 
4 days ago
Portugal não é um país racista. - Queering style
Não significa que mesmo que estejas integrada na sociedade, tenhas um curso superior, um trabalho com contrato e fales português com sotaque lisboeta que te vão deixar de seguir nas loja de roupa ou que sejas a única pessoa a quem vão pedir para conferir que tens o bilhete numa carruagem do metro. Não significa ainda que quando se tenta ter uma conversa aberta e honesta [..] o único argumento que levantem seja:
-Se não gostas porque é que não voltas para a tua terra.
Portugal  racism 
4 days ago
It’s a (focus) Trap! – Hacker Noon
An article regarding dom focus accessibility.
accessibility  a11y  react 
4 days ago
Apesar de confirmar a colocação da vedação, Medina nega que a sua intenção seja privatizar o Adamastor | O Corvo
A Câmara Municipal de Lisboa apresentou, durante a noite desta quarta-feira (13 de Fevereiro), o projecto de requalificação do Jardim de Santa Catarina, também conhecido como Miradouro de Adamastor. A sessão, ocorrida no Liceu Passos Manuel e aberta ao público, contou com a presença do president ...
Lisbon  gentrification 
8 days ago
A first-person engine in 265 lines
a js implementation of a raycasting fps engine in 265 lines
development  javascript  raycasting  gamedev  games 
9 days ago
Facebook Information Leak - Webpages can confirm a user's ID
I discovered a Facebook bug which allows me to identify whether a visitor is logged in to a specific Facebook account. It can check hundreds of identities per second.
facebook  infosec 
17 days ago
A random dungeon generator that fits on a business card
A random dungeon generator that fits on a business card
C  game-dev 
17 days ago
Notes from Malcolm Gladwell's Writing Masterclass | Hacker News
”There's a school of thought that runs something like this: the average US citizen isn't very bright, has a limited attention span, and has an appetite only for the superficial. So if you want to write a book about something you feel to be important, you have to sugar the pill - with lots and lots of sugar and make sure it's a very small pill indeed.

Hence the style "American-Folksy." In this genre the author leads the reader gently along by means of first-person narrative, tons of ...
literature  critique  writing 
24 days ago
The People Who Eat Shit for a Living
The shit eating paradigm that facebook has settled on, where numerous low wage works wade through a current of nefarious abuse on social media to curate it
the horror of this happened, through sheer numbers, slouches into shit happens and the undermining suspicion that shit is happening to everyone around you right now and, if they aren’t rending their garments about it or even gently asking for help, maybe neither should you.

facebook  abuse  minimum-wage 
24 days ago
neuroradiology/InsideReCaptcha: Reverse-engineering the new “captchaless” ReCaptcha system...
Reverse-engineering the new “captchaless” ReCaptcha system... - neuroradiology/InsideReCaptcha
reverse-engineering  captcha  recaptcha 
28 days ago
lemire/simdjson: Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second
Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second . Contribute to lemire/simdjson development by creating an account on GitHub.
c++  json  performance  parser 
29 days ago
Bookworm is a eBook reader supporting multiple eBook formats
4 weeks ago
Cool-Fashion-Papers/ at master · lzhbrian/Cool-Fashion-Papers
👔👗🕶️🎩 Cool resources about Fashion + AI! (papers, datasets, workshops, companies, ...) (constantly updating) - lzhbrian/Cool-Fashion-Papers
papers  resources  fashion 
5 weeks ago
Francisco da Silva on Twitter: "Há algum sector privado em Portugal que não viva à custa do Estado?"
Em 2015, o Serviço Nacional de Saúde pagou aos hospitais privados 554 milhões de euros, pela prestação de serviços que os hospitais públicos não conseguem realizar.

[news link](
twitter-threads  portugal  privatisation  healthcare 
5 weeks ago
The Art of PNG Glitch
png glitch manipulation to produce visually interesting images
art  programming  png  design 
5 weeks ago
Why America is the World’s First Poor Rich Country – Eudaimonia and Co
We don’t see America as a poor country, but we should begin to. Americans live fairly abysmal lives — short, lonely, unhappy, full of work and stress and despair, compared to their peers.
usa  poverty 
5 weeks ago
Download K-Lite Codec Pack
Download links for the K-Lite Codec Pack. A free software bundle for high quality audio and video playback.
codec  video  audio 
5 weeks ago
My Hometown—Amarillo, Texas – Popula
The author writes about living in the not so talked about America, where violence and aggression drives people away and turns them paranoid
Growing up in Amarillo taught me to be aggressive, to treat public interactions as zero-sum contests, and to fear kindness as a show of weakness.
usa  texas  violence  crime  isolation 
5 weeks ago
TheBerkin/rant: Rant – The all-purpose procedural text library
Rant – The all-purpose procedural text library. Contribute to TheBerkin/rant development by creating an account on GitHub.
procedural  text-generation  algorithm  github  library 
6 weeks ago
juliangarnier/anime: JavaScript animation engine
JavaScript animation engine. Contribute to juliangarnier/anime development by creating an account on GitHub.
animation  javascript  library  github 
6 weeks ago
2019 UI and UX Design Trends | Shakuro
ui and ux design trends of 2019. What are trends in web design for 2019. web design and development trends 2019
design-inspo  design  ui  ux  trends 
6 weeks ago
LOLWUT: a piece of art inside a database command - <antirez>
The author writes about programming not for the purposes of being technologically useful, but just for programming sake. Utilising redis to generate art in randomness.
Sometimes code is just written for artistic reasons.
programming  redis  art 
6 weeks ago
An excerpt from Jon Bentley's book, Programming Pearls
software-engineering  books 
6 weeks ago
isacikgoz/gitbatch: manage your git repositories in one place
manage your git repositories in one place. Contribute to isacikgoz/gitbatch development by creating an account on GitHub.
git  cli  golang  lazygit 
7 weeks ago
When hiring senior engineers, you’re not buying, you’re selling | Hacker News
an interesting thread on hackernews about hiring for senior position in engineering fields
hackernews  career  hiring  management 
7 weeks ago
Why the Far Right's Rallying Cry of a Leftist 'Civil War' Is No Laughing Matter - Pacific Standard
While the claims that antifascists are planning to commence a civil war are unfounded and outlandish, the consequences for organizers is real. Sunsara Taylor, a spokesperson for, tells Pacific Standard that the group and its affiliates have been receiving "thousands of threats, including death threats."
antifa  conspiracy  pizzagate  alt-right 
7 weeks ago
Manuel Grilo on Twitter: "Relatório do OCA afirma:“política de habitação quase exclusivamente assente em benefícios fiscais para incentivar os privados a fazer o que o Estado vai abdicando de fazer” leva à financeirização da habitação e cons
Relatório do OCA afirma:“política de habitação quase exclusivamente assente em benefícios fiscais para incentivar os privados a fazer o que o Estado vai abdicando de fazer” leva à financeirização da habitação e consequente agravamento das desigualdades.
gentrification  lisbon  portugal 
7 weeks ago
Researchers have Identified a Virus that Attacks Human Cancer Cells - Science - Health - Nutrition
Interesting developments in cancer research albeit:
The problem was that the experiments also found that the patient's immune system was fighting the virus and effectively removing it from the body within three weeks, thus preventing it from completing its anticancer action.
health  cancer  research 
8 weeks ago
The True Size Of ...
A fun tool to play around with, where you can see the actual size of countries and compare them to one another
8 weeks ago
Casa do Jongo | Crowdfunding + Financiamento Coletivo benfeito é na Benfeitoria
A Casa do Jongo, no Morro da Serrinha em Madureira, é uma referencia do patrimônio imaterial carioca.

art  colaborativo  crowdfunding  financiamento 
8 weeks ago
Programming Fonts
The most complete resource for the best monospace coding fonts.
programming  development  typography  design  fonts 
8 weeks ago
The Eleven SEGA “Zeldas” (GIFs) | ResetEra
A thread on the various Zelda influenced SEGA titles since the Master System days to the Saturn.
gaming  retro 
8 weeks ago
What They Found: Our Contributors Share Their 2018 Discoveries | The Current | The Criterion Collection
A list of movies that Criterion contributos found on 2018, not specifically movies from 2018, though
watchlist  cinema  critique 
9 weeks ago
Microservice Websites
With this article we want to show that server-side rendered websites integrated on content (using transclusion) allow for high long-term evolvability compared to client-side rendering integrated with shared code. In other words, if you want a system with high long-term evolvability, you should not develop websites using only client-side JavaScript and integrate them using a shared components approach.
architecture  microservices  patterns  gustaf_nilsson_kotte 
9 weeks ago
The Dirty Truth About Turning Seawater Into Drinking Water
They’re raising the alarm that this level of waste requires a plan. This untreated salt water can’t just hang around in ponds—or, in worst-case scenarios, go into oceans or sewers. Disposal depends on geography, but typically the waste does go into oceans or sewers, if not injected into wells or kept in evaporation ponds. The high concentrations of salt, as well as chemicals like copper and chlorine, can make it toxic to marine life.
polution  environment  water 
9 weeks ago
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