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rswier/c4: C in four functions
An exercise in minimalism.
* next() is the lexer
* expr() is a precedence-climbing expression parser
* stmt() parses statements and generates code
* main() has the virtual machine loop.
programming  minimalism 
17 hours ago
3 tricks to start working despite not feeling like it
the takeway seems to be to do something, starting small, being sloppy but just do something in order to set things in motion
procrastination  productivity  motivation 
17 hours ago
Trump Fans Sink Savings Into ‘Iraqi Dinar’ Scam
the scam involves somehow the revalue of the currency from its $0.0001 to $3 or $4
fraud  trump  iraq  dinar 
20 hours ago
Avoid Indirection in Code | Hacker News
a discussion on hn over code readability and how to improve it
Avoid Indirection in Code
an article over code readability and how to improve it
bocker/ at master · p8952/bocker
Docker implemented in around 100 lines of bash.

programming  docker  bash  development 
Forget monoliths vs. microservices. Cognitive load is what matters. | TechBeacon
cognitive load: "don't allow a software subsystem to grow beyond the cognitive load of the team responsible for it."
devops  microservices  architecture 
Why the filter bubble triumphed
a look into how aesthetic tribalism imposes "conformity on otherwise diverse ecologies" and "undercuts the search for common ground". Tribalism isn't a case of "relationships indicating similar interests" but "makes us regard compatibilities as incompatible".
tribalism  aesthetics 
The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice
A good guide written by a statistician about"statistical practice--what happens when a statistician (me) deals with data on a daily basis."
statistics  analytics  resources  book 
Knowledge about accessibility - ADG
a great guide for a11y with some key examples eg: "In general: whenever you think about hiding something from any audience, better ask yourself whether this is really a good solution. Most of the time it is better to create a solution that works the same way for everybody, and which does not need any shaky ARIA."
a11y  resources 
Microservices adoption anti-patterns - microservices are a magic pixie dust
"First, you need understand the underlying root causes for your software delivery issues. Is it your development and deployment process? Your organization? Or perhaps your monolith has outgrown its architecture. Second, you need to understand the problems that the microservice architecture addresses."
microservices  architecture 
6 days ago
sam-hosseini/freelancing-in-finland: The ultimate resource for transitioning to freelancing for software developers 👩‍💻🇫🇮
The ultimate resource for transitioning to freelancing for software developers 👩‍💻🇫🇮 - sam-hosseini/freelancing-in-finland
6 days ago
What open source project should I contribute to?
My silver bullet answer to this frequently posed question, and how to get started
6 days ago
Searching for Black Thought in White Antifascism
a review of Natasha Lennard's Being Numerous, a collection of essays about fascism.
"fascism is a material coalescence of ideas and ideologies that order and dictate behavior to maintain a dominant, dominating social order."
"Lennard doesn’t appropriately centralize the primacy of enduring colonial violence in her description of the evolution of carcerality—and of fascism itself."
antifa  politics  essay  critique 
6 days ago
The 200-year-old diary that's rewriting gay history - BBC News
A Yorkshire farmer's journal from 1810 reveals surprisingly modern views on being gay.
8 days ago
Liberals and conservatives team up with far-right in Germany to oust left-wing state premier | The Independent
First for the federal republic, as parties of the centre violate the 'cordon sanitaire' around the far-right and rely on AfD votes
germany  far-right 
14 days ago
Night & Day
an impressive css animation of a day/night button
14 days ago
How False Beliefs in Physical Racial Difference Still Live in Medicine Today - The New York Times
"The centuries-old belief in racial differences in physiology has continued to mask the brutal effects of discrimination and structural inequities
Rather than conceptualizing race as a risk factor that predicts disease or disability because of a fixed susceptibility conceived on shaky grounds centuries ago, we would do better to understand race as a proxy for bias, disadvantage and ill treatment"
ethnicity  discrimination  pseudoscience  race  slavery 
14 days ago
"No. Just fucking no. I cannot emphasise enough how actively dangerous these idiots are."
"Where are they GOING TO BE is useful and actionable. But these absolute deadshits who think they can monetise fires are both wrong and absolute fucking leeches."
forest_fires  startups  siliconvalley 
14 days ago
1977 epidemic of Influenza A/USSR/90/77 (H1N1)
"It hit children and people under 25 the hardest, which is unusual. The RNA of the virus was identical to an influenza that appeared shortly after WWII. A 30 year old influenza strain can't spontaneously reappear in the wild with no trace of antigenic drift. We've confirmed that it was a lab originated flu, but there's debate over whether it was just a random lab accident or a consequence of vaccine trial gone wrong"
health  flu-virus  virus 
14 days ago
Lauren Oyler | Ha ha! Ha ha! · LRB 13 January 2020
lauren oyler scathing breakdown of jia tolentino's essay book and modern critic essays with their emphasis of "[..]the primacy of emotions and the importance of ‘empathy’ in order to avoid the discomfort of thought and the stakes involved in taking a position. The result is the rise of a style that I’ve taken to calling hysterical criticism[..]"
14 days ago
Most VPN Services are Terrible
Most VPN Services are Terrible. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
privacy  security  encryption 
16 days ago
" 99 second hand smartphones are transported in a handcart to generate virtual traffic jam in Google Maps.Through this activity, it is possible to turn a green street red which has an impact in the physical world by navigating cars on another route to avoid being stuck in traffic. "
art  google  traffic  hacking 
17 days ago
Plastic Pollution - Our World in Data
The use of plastics has many benefits – it is affordable, versatile, resistant, and can help reduce other forms of waste – especially food waste. However, when poorly managed it can pollute the environment and our oceans.
Where does the plastic in our oceans come from and what can we do to reduce plastic pollution?
environment  plastic  pollution 
20 days ago
Contribute to JeremyBlackthorne/RPISEC-Courses development by creating an account on GitHub.
resources  reverse-engineering  learning  course 
20 days ago
RPISEC/Malware: Course materials for Malware Analysis by RPISEC
Course materials for Malware Analysis by RPISEC. Contribute to RPISEC/Malware development by creating an account on GitHub.
education  hacking  malware  security  learning  course 
20 days ago
0xZ0F/Z0FCourse_ReverseEngineering: Reverse engineering focusing on x64 Windows.
Reverse engineering focusing on x64 Windows. Contribute to 0xZ0F/Z0FCourse_ReverseEngineering development by creating an account on GitHub.
reverse-engineering  learning  course 
20 days ago
Not in our backyard: Portuguese villagers raise a stink over trash landfill - Reuters
“The country has to think whether it wants this type of business, whether it wants to be seen as Europe’s rubbish dump,”
portugal  environment  politics  waste 
20 days ago
Our fictional pundit predicted more correct primary results than Nate Silver did - The Washington Post
chapo fame virgil texas and felix created a fake pundit to ridicule nate silver predictions and models "It’s an untestable assertion of who’s ahead and who’s behind that relies on the model’s past outcomes to be credible."
politics  statistics  satire 
20 days ago
Kels316/DIY-Air-Purifier: A small DIY air purifier using off-the-shelf components for under $100
A small DIY air purifier using off-the-shelf components for under $100 - Kels316/DIY-Air-Purifier
diy  howto 
23 days ago
U.S. wants the EU to accept chemical-washed chicken as part of trade deal - Los Angeles Times
U.S. wants the EU to accept chemical-washed chicken as part of trade deal
USA  europe 
23 days ago
The Feminist | Issue 35 | n+1
an accurate portrayal of internalised feminist critique as a man but being so wracked with your own anxiety and depression that it leaves you with no knowledge of how to actually pursue meaningful relationships because you're never sure if you're a bother or not
feminism  fiction  incel 
5 weeks ago
A História de Portugal contada pelos nossos genes | PÚBLICO
Em particular, existe em Portugal uma linhagem materna, designada U6, característica dos berberes da África do Norte e praticamente ausente no resto de Europa.
Portugal  History  genetics 
5 weeks ago
Long Names Are Long –
* 1. Omit words that are obvious given a variable’s or parameter’s type

* 2. Omit words that don’t disambiguate the name

* 3. Omit words that are known from the surrounding context

* 4. Omit words that don’t mean much of anything
code-reviews  code  programming 
5 weeks ago
12 Common Mistakes and Missed Optimization Opportunities in SQL | Haki Benita
Be Careful When Dividing Integers
Guard Against "division by zero" Errors
Know the Difference Between UNION and UNION ALL
Be Careful When Counting Nullable Columns
Be Aware of Timezones
Avoid Transformations on Indexed Fields
Use BETWEEN Only For Inclusive Ranges
Add "Faux" Predicates
Inline CTE*
Fetch Only What You Need!
Reference Column Position in GROUP BY and ORDER BY
Format Your Query
database  performance  sql 
5 weeks ago
Why you might be counting in the wrong language - BBC Future
Learning numbers in a European language has probably affected your early maths ability. It turns out there are better ways to count.
Linguistics  language  math 
5 weeks ago
* ALAN MOORE WORLD *: Moore on Jerusalem, Eternalism, Anarchy and Herbie!
"Primarily, mass-market superhero movies seem to be abetting an audience who do not wish to relinquish their grip on (a) their relatively reassuring childhoods, or (b) the relatively reassuring 20th century."
comics  culture  writing  america  commentary  fascism 
5 weeks ago
Teen Vogue story on Facebook prompts sponsored content fears, vanishes - Business Insider
A story from teen vogue that looked like sponsored content by fb, but not advertised as such, disappeared
facebook  journalism 
5 weeks ago
Rob Price on Twitter: "- Teen Vogue runs Facebook story people think is sponsored content - Adds note saying its sponcon - Then removes note - FB denies to me that it's sponcon - Teen Vogue tweets "literally idk," then deletes tweet - Entire article sudde
- Teen Vogue runs Facebook story people think is sponsored content
- Adds note saying its sponcon
- Then removes note
- FB denies to me that it's sponcon
- Teen Vogue tweets "literally idk," then deletes tweet
- Entire article suddenly disappears
facebook  journalism 
5 weeks ago
MoA - New Study: "Russian Trolls" Did Not "Sow Discord" - They Influenced No One
the mueller investigation pointed out there was no russian campaign on the 2016 election to "sow discord" what happened was a marketing campaign by fake accounts on social media to attract US advertisers
russia  2016-usa-presidentials 
5 weeks ago
Cofina condenada a pagar 55 mil euros a Miguel Macedo - DN
cofina, propietária da cmtv, condenada pela exibição ilegal dos interrogatórios de miguel macedo, mas todos os réus absolvidos, inclusive o director, por considerar que as notícias e manchetes referidas foram "opiniões emitidas"
Portugal  fake-news  journalism 
5 weeks ago
a blogpost describing how to scrape a web page with the browser tools and an iframe. similar to how Selenium first worked. it also touches on the limitations of this technique, probably why selenium dropped this method
crawl  iframe  scrape 
5 weeks ago
Moonlight Game Streaming: Play Your PC Games Remotely
Moonlight allows you to play your PC games remotely on almost any device.
gaming  tools-helpers  stream 
6 weeks ago
antonioru/beautiful-react-hooks: 🔥A collection of beautiful and (hopefully) useful React hooks to speed-up your components and hooks development 🔥
🔥A collection of beautiful and (hopefully) useful React hooks to speed-up your components and hooks development 🔥 - antonioru/beautiful-react-hooks
react  tools-helpers 
6 weeks ago
how-to-exit-vim/ at master · hakluke/how-to-exit-vim
Below are some simple methods for exiting vim. Contribute to hakluke/how-to-exit-vim development by creating an account on GitHub.
cli  vim  funny  unix 
6 weeks ago
Kindle Comic Converter
Kindle Comic Converter is a comic/manga converter for Kindle and other E-Ink devices.
ebooks  comics  tools-helpers 
6 weeks ago
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