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Explaining a Novel to Pakistani Intelligence - Columbia Journalism Review
His rejection note was simple, and sensible: You don’t know these people, he said. Sometimes it can take them 10 years to get the joke.

pakistan  free-speech  freedom-of-press  writing 
8 hours ago
DA knew Jeffrey Epstein was a dangerous pedophile when arguing for leniency
"Unsealed documents show Manhattan DA Cy Vance knew Jeffrey Epstein should have been designated a Level 3 Sex Offender (the most serious classification under NY law) but instead argued he should be designated Level 1 (the least serious)"
Epstein  pedophilia  politics 
6 days ago
What I Want from a Type System (2016) | Hacker News
It looks like there's two very different styles going on here. Most of us are used to the OO-type approach (Java, C#) where the operations are "inside" the object and defined on it. This article is coming from a very different place where the operations are "outside" the typed things, which are more like structs, and the programmer can write any operation that takes structs which have the right fields.
The author doesn't make any comment on dispatch let alone multiple dispatch.

6 days ago
giorgio on Twitter: "What I mean by this is that these camps were created by the Obama admin specifically as detention-as-social-service administration, like how most county jails are now designed. It was framed as a humane alternative by the pod save ame
What I mean by this is that these camps were created by the Obama admin specifically as detention-as-social-service administration, like how most county jails are now designed. It was framed as a humane alternative by the pod save america crowd...

Obama  prison  immigration 
10 days ago
O Portugal da Mini – um discurso salazarista em Portalegre - Jornal Tornado
"O discurso deste 10 de Junho foi um discurso salazarista, com meio século de atraso, que podia ter sido proferido por um antigo graduado da Mocidade Portuguesa. Felizmente Portugal tem muito melhor que este JMT. Infelizmente são estes demagogos sem história que sobem às tribunas da opinião pública. Não é por acaso… e é perigoso…"
Portugal  politics  fascism 
10 days ago
Maybe Agile Is the Problem
Organizations are Agile fatigued. The “Agile Industrial Complex” is part of the problem. We must go back to the basics. We have much to learn from the social sciences.
agile  culture 
10 days ago
Our Brain Uses a Not-So-Instant Replay to Make Decisions - Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
10 days ago
Glenn Greenwald on the Leaked Brazil Archive Exposing Operation Car Wash - YouTube
A video overview on the leaked memos from Lava Jato that lead to Lula's jail as a targeted attack by the elitist political party to put Lula in jail and empower Bolsonaro
Brasil  bolsonaro  sergio-moro  corruption  journalism 
10 days ago
Why did moving the mouse cursor cause Windows 95 to run more quickly? - Retrocomputing Stack Exchange
For reasons that are not entirely clear, but probably due to performance problems on low end machines, Windows 95 tends to bundle up the messages about I/O completion and doesn't immediately wake up the application to service them. However, it does wake the application for user input, presumably to keep it feeling responsive, and when the application is awake it will handle any pending I/O messages too.
12 days ago
Venice is Dying a Long, Slow Death - Bloomberg
The local population is at its lowest since the 1950s, with no turnaround in sight, as tourists continue to chase locals out.
tourism  airbnb  climate-change 
13 days ago
Cativações, o crescimento que já vinha de trás e a carga fiscal: três mitos desmontados
" A receita sobe porque portugueses que antes estavam desempregados hoje pagam contribuições e IRS, porque empresas em melhor situação pagam mais IRC, e porque famílias com maior rendimento podem consumir mais, fazendo crescer o IVA cobrado. "
Portugal  economy 
14 days ago
Why plants don’t die from cancer | PBS NewsHour
A human cannot manage without a brain, heart or lungs.

Plants, however, develop in a much more flexible and organic way. Because they can’t move, they have no choice but to adapt to the circumstances in which they find themselves. Rather than having a defined structure as an animal does, plants make it up as they go along.
cancer  biology  science  chernobyl  nature 
14 days ago
'We all suffer': why San Francisco techies hate the city they transformed | Cities | The Guardian
"She told the Guardian the tale of her scoot, interrupted, because she said it was a perfect example of her own – and perhaps the broader community of tech workers’ – increasingly hate-hate relationship with San Francisco. “This guy needed services to help him,” she said of the man who caused her to fall, “and we all suffer because of the issues that are not being addressed.”"
gentrification  san-francisco  tech  cringe 
14 days ago
Visão | Susana Peralta: “O capitalismo irá resistir às alterações climáticas? Dificilmente”
A economista e professora da Nova SBE esteve na conferência anual da Exame e desafiou a audiência a refletir sobre a capacidade do capitalismo para lidar com o combate às alterações climáticas e com as suas consequências.
capitalism  environment  climate-change 
17 days ago
Spike Lee’s Film Makes Cop That Spied on Blacks Into Hero | Black Agenda Report
Boots Riley says Spike Lee’s new movie is propaganda designed to make police look like allies in the fight against racial oppression.
“For Spike Lee to come out with a movie where story points are fabricated in order to make a Black cop and his counterparts look like allies in the fight against racism is really disappointing.”
Here are some thoughts on Blackkklansman.
police  racism  Hollywood 
17 days ago
I was 7 words away from being spear-phished | Robert Heaton
Three weeks ago I received a very flattering email from the University of Cambridge, asking me to judge the Adam Smith Prize for Economics:
infosec  malware 
19 days ago
Can we find alternatives to single-use plastic in the medical industry? | London Evening Standard
By 2050 it is predicted there will be more pieces of plastic in the ocean than fish. Single-use plastic items are poured into our economy in their millions every year. Some plastic items such as cotton buds and straws could even be eliminated altogether as the government consults on their future use.  And while we turn to plastic bottles, sandwich packets, shampoo bottles and
plastic  health  healthcare 
20 days ago
Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions - The Verge
At Facebook’s worst-performing content moderation site, operated by Cognizant in Tampa, FL one contractor has died, others have developed PTSD and fear for their lives.
facebook  labor  capitalism 
20 days ago
Why are scripting languages (e.g. Perl, Python, Ruby) not suitable as shell languages? - Stack Overflow
Shell programming is basically dataflow programming. Nobody realizes that, not even the people who write shells, but it turns out that shells are quite good at that, and general-purpose languages not so much. In the general-purpose programming world, dataflow seems to be mostly viewed as a concurrency model, not so much as a programming paradigm.
26 days ago
Mette Frederiksen: the anti-immigration left leader set to win power in Denmark | World news | The Guardian
Social Democrats are election frontrunners but critics say their leader has dragged the party sharply to the right
Denmark  SocialDemocrats  immigration 
26 days ago
Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version - Windows 10 Forums
Latest Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs    Note RELEASE DATE: May 11th 2015 DRIVER VERSION: R 2.77 Driver Version in Device Manager: 6.0
driver  audio 
4 weeks ago
This page is a truly naked, brutalist html quine.
A project in webdesign that reproduces an html page as a browser would interpret it
html5  quine  css 
4 weeks ago
[Internal Memo] Principles for Decision-Making in a Flat Organization
We don’t try to reach consensus in the IETF as an end in itself. We use consensus-building as a tool to get to the best technical (and sometimes procedural) outcome when we make decisions.

management  decision-making 
4 weeks ago
Have you considered Rewriting It In Rust?
rust  criticism  programming 
5 weeks ago
7 absolute truths I unlearned as junior developer
A few things I strongly believed when I was a junior developer which turned out to be wrong.
career  management  mentorship 
5 weeks ago
Time to rethink mandatory password changes | Federal Trade Commission
Data security is a process that evolves over time as new threats emerge and new countermeasures are developed.
infosec  research 
5 weeks ago
Security Myths and Passwords - CERIAS - Purdue University
In summary, forcing periodic password changes given today’s resources is unlikely to significantly reduce the overall threat—unless the password is immediately changed after each use.
5 weeks ago
Work Smaller (Even If It Makes No Sense) – Hacker Noon
Why do some teams fail to meet their sprint “commitments” (hate that word) sprint after sprint? In this post I argue that the cure is working extremely and counterintuitively small, but that our…
agile  leadership 
5 weeks ago
Boden Cross-Platform Framework
Boden is the new cross-platform framework for building real native mobile apps using native widgets and modern C++17. Boden is free and open source.
c++  android  ios 
5 weeks ago
Update on await syntax in Rust | Hacker News
a thread on hackernews about the intricacies on open-source decision making
5 weeks ago
Update on await syntax
In my previous post I said that the lang team would be making our final decision about the syntax of the await operator in the May 23 meeting. That was last Thursday, and we did reach a decision. In brief, we decided to go forward with the preliminary proposal I outlined earlier: a postfix dot syntax, future.await. For more background, in addition the previous post on my blog, you can read this write up about some of the trade offs from April.
5 weeks ago
Police in Canada Are Tracking People’s ‘Negative’ Behavior In a ‘Risk’ Database - VICE
The database includes detailed, but “de-identified,” information about people’s lives culled from conversations between police, social services, health workers, and more.
canada  crime  culture  politics 
6 weeks ago
Expresso | Demitiu-se sindicalista que alertou para existência de racismo na polícia
O maior sindicato da PSP cedeu à pressão dos polícias e não segurou o seu vice-presidente, Manuel Morais, que tem alertado para casos de racismo e xenofobia nas forças de segurança
police  Portugal  racism 
6 weeks ago
The Most Expensive Lesson Of My Life: Details of SIM port hack
A detail of an hack where the victim lost 100k$ in crypto (lol) due to a sim card spoof and 2fa
infosec  2fa 
7 weeks ago
marcrobledo/RomPatcher.js: An IPS/UPS/APS/BPS/RUP/PPF/xdelta ROM patcher made in HTML5.
An IPS/UPS/APS/BPS/RUP/PPF/xdelta ROM patcher made in HTML5. - marcrobledo/RomPatcher.js
emulation  javascript 
7 weeks ago
Expresso | A geração “não pagamos” chegou ao poder?
Uma parte do meu IRS vai financiar o sistema de ensino que me serviu de forma decisiva para ter uma vida melhor. Não me parece mau negócio. E tem um efeito que me parece importante: responsabiliza-me por dar aos outros o que outros me deram a mim: a possibilidade de, por via da qualificação, ter uma vida melhor. Se não andamos cá para dar de volta, andamos cá para quê?
Portugal  education 
7 weeks ago
MEGA's whitepaper on E2EE end to end encryption
7 weeks ago
Delitos de odio: La Fiscalía del Estado considera delito la incitación al odio hacia los nazis | Público
The Attorney General of the State in Spain has just decided to classify Nazis (yes, Nazis) as a protected group so inciting hatred towards them will be illegal and considered a hate crime.
nazism  far-right  Spain  europe 
7 weeks ago
Dan Kaszeta on Twitter: "OK. Regarding this milkshake stuff. Some context on where and how I'm qualified to comment. I spent 6 years in the US Secret Service as one of its senior CBRN specialists."
A thread from an ex-secret service talking about his experience with political protests and political violence, in the context of the recent (May 2019) protests with milkshakes thrown at political figures
didn't consider that stuff to be "political violence" in the absence of evidence of intent to cause actual harm
political-violence  free-speech  protests  protest 
7 weeks ago
SerenityOS/serenity: Serenity Operating System
Serenity Operating System. Contribute to SerenityOS/serenity development by creating an account on GitHub.
7 weeks ago
How to Understand the Image of a Black Hole - YouTube
a short vid explaining the importance, and accurately predicting, the black hole image. How what we saw wasn't the event horizon, and more similar to its shadow. And that the image could prove if general theory of relativity actually predicts what happens around the black hole
space  blackhole 
7 weeks ago
The PR Guru Behind the Pope Who Is Charming the World - VICE
the pope's pr guy is a Fox News alum and member of Opus Dei
7 weeks ago
Aim and Scope - SURE Journal
"SURE exists to fight “publication bias,” which affects every research field out there. Publication bias works like this: Let’s say hundreds of scientists are studying a topic. The ones who find counterintuitive, surprising results in their data will publish those surprising results as papers."
science  papers 
7 weeks ago
The Carnation Revolution – A Peaceful Coup in Portugal - Association for Diplomatic Studies and TrainingAssociation for Diplomatic Studies and Training
After the Carnation Revolution US thought that the communists were going to take over Portugal, some counter measures were setup in place in that case
USA  Portugal  communism  estado-novo 
8 weeks ago
Linear lets you manage software development and track bugs. Linear's streamlined design is built for speed and efficiency — helping high performing teams accomplish great things.
development  bugtracker 
8 weeks ago
Venezuela coup linked to Bush team | World news | The Guardian
Specialists in the 'dirty wars' of the Eighties encouraged the plotters who tried to topple President Chavez.
8 weeks ago
lettier/3d-game-shaders-for-beginners: 🎮 A step-by-step guide on how to implement SSAO, depth of field, lighting, normal mapping, and more for your 3D game.
🎮 A step-by-step guide on how to implement SSAO, depth of field, lighting, normal mapping, and more for your 3D game. - lettier/3d-game-shaders-for-beginners
gamedev  graphics  programming 
8 weeks ago
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