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Brasil under Lula & Dilma disrupted US plans for South America, says former ambassador | Brasil Wire
"The main focus of attention, he says, were the relations between Brazil and Venezuela. “Brazil identified how Venezuela directed its oil industry to integrate with the American market. So something needed to be done to bring it to South America”, explained the diplomat, noting the growing animosity between the then Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and the United States. The background to this was the Brazilian project of “building a large and cohesive South America”, said Shannon, now a consult...
29 days ago by hthief
The Carnation Revolution – A Peaceful Coup in Portugal - Association for Diplomatic Studies and TrainingAssociation for Diplomatic Studies and Training
After the Carnation Revolution US thought that the communists were going to take over Portugal, some counter measures were setup in place in that case
USA  Portugal  communism  estado-novo 
may 2019 by hthief
Why America is the World’s First Poor Rich Country – Eudaimonia and Co
We don’t see America as a poor country, but we should begin to. Americans live fairly abysmal lives — short, lonely, unhappy, full of work and stress and despair, compared to their peers.
usa  poverty 
february 2019 by hthief
My Hometown—Amarillo, Texas – Popula
The author writes about living in the not so talked about America, where violence and aggression drives people away and turns them paranoid
Growing up in Amarillo taught me to be aggressive, to treat public interactions as zero-sum contests, and to fear kindness as a show of weakness.
usa  texas  violence  crime  isolation 
february 2019 by hthief
I Was A Cable Guy. I Saw The Worst Of America. | HuffPost
good read, gets into the nitty and gritty of the America that gets ignored by media, the regular ass america
If the customer had a shred of humanity, you could ask to reschedule for the morning.

Humanity is rarer than I imagined when I first took the job.

I couldn’t respond. My voice would stand out. We had to hope for the humanity of others, the customers, because corporate didn’t care.
usa  essay  shitty-jobs  labour 
january 2019 by hthief
The Hidden Tribes of America - Hidden Tribes
America has never felt so divided. Bitter debates that were once confined to Congressional hearings and cable TV have now found their way into every part of our lives, from our Facebook feeds to the family dinner table. But most Americans are tired of this "us-versus-them" mindset and are eager to find common ground. This is the message we’ve heard from more than 8,000 Americans in one of our country’s largest-ever studies of polarization
data  usa  politics  research  statistics  polarization  reports 
december 2018 by hthief
Opinion | Stop Pretending You’re Not Rich - The New York Times
I think this paraphrased quote from the article sums up: "at least posh people in Britain had the decency to feel guilty"

Touching on some aspects like the meritocracy myth
class  culture  usa  meritocracy  op-ed  uk  politics  wealth 
october 2018 by hthief
The Rise of Artistic Censorship on College Campuses Should Worry the American Public - Artsy
A rising trend of artistic censorship in college campuses from conservative demands to which universities are capitulating
censorship  education  USA  art 
july 2018 by hthief
Here’s What Economists Don’t Understand About Race
«The real driver of inequality, then, is not an individual’s level of education and productivity, but the resources that parents and grandparents are able to transmit.»
economics  race  USA 
december 2016 by hthief
What the hell is wrong with America’s establishment liberals?
How the Liberal intellectuals' obsession with a Russian conspiracy made them buy into a poorly constructed twitter narrative.
democrats  liberals  USA  russia 
december 2016 by hthief
Black-white wage gaps expand with rising wage inequality | Economic Policy Institute
«When Sanders talked about wage inequality, people assumed it was just a class issue, with class serving as code for white. But guess who's been especially affected by increasing wage inequality since 1979? African Americans. And one of the great contributing factors to that increasing wage gap, not only between rich and poor but also between blacks and whites, has been the decline of the labor movement, which for many people is also just another code word for white. When Clinton said, "If we broke up the big banks tomorrow….would that end racism?" she may have scored some easy points. But as this report from EPI shows, it came at a tremendous cost: it obscured the way economic arrangements and policies in this country have contributed to racial inequality, which I assume we can all agree is at least one facet of, and contributing factor to, racism.» Corey robin
studies  USA  race  Inequality 
september 2016 by hthief
The mind-blowing stupidity of Wells Fargo
How Wells Fargo screwed their employees and they in turn screwed their costumers.
USA  banks  wells-fargo  capitalism  labour 
september 2016 by hthief
U.S. Marshals Are Arresting People in Texas Who Have Outstanding Student Loans
Student loan holders have begun resorting to federal agencies to collect them.
education  lawEnforcement  loans  USA 
august 2016 by hthief
Ukraine Releases More Details on Payments for Trump Aide - The New York Times
Ukraine officials release more details on payments for both presidential candidates
USA  russia  politics  lobby  Ukraine  Manafort  Podesta 
august 2016 by hthief
ISIS Intel Was Cooked, House Panel Finds - The Daily Beast
50 intelligence analysts working U.S. military’s Central Command filed a complaint that their intel about the ISIS threat was doctored and were pressured to find results more in-line with the current politics, to play down the threats.
isis  USA 
august 2016 by hthief
Corey Robin - I've said this before, and I'll say it again...
«You can't understand Trump and Trumpism without remembering three critical moments in recent US history. First, the 2000 election, in which the popularly elected candidate lost with the help of a hyper-partisan Supreme Court. Second, the Iraq War, which was launched and fought on the basis of flagrant lies, which had almost zero repercussions for the underlying institutions of the security establishment that enabled it (despite some elements in that establishment that opposed the war). Third, the normalization of the filibuster-proof statute, whereby no law can get passed without 61 votes.»
Trump  Trumpism  politics  USA 
august 2016 by hthief

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