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Why bother with What Three Words? – Terence Eden’s Blog
A critique at various aspects of what3words which offers an API that converts coordinates into a set of 3 words instead of numbers.
w3w  geography  geolocation  critique  venture-capitalism 
25 days ago by hthief
Notes from Malcolm Gladwell's Writing Masterclass | Hacker News
”There's a school of thought that runs something like this: the average US citizen isn't very bright, has a limited attention span, and has an appetite only for the superficial. So if you want to write a book about something you feel to be important, you have to sugar the pill - with lots and lots of sugar and make sure it's a very small pill indeed.

Hence the style "American-Folksy." In this genre the author leads the reader gently along by means of first-person narrative, tons of ...
literature  critique  writing 
7 weeks ago by hthief
What They Found: Our Contributors Share Their 2018 Discoveries | The Current | The Criterion Collection
A list of movies that Criterion contributos found on 2018, not specifically movies from 2018, though
watchlist  cinema  critique 
january 2019 by hthief
The Painful Price of Becoming Jackie Chan | The New Republic
A critique on Jackie Chan's autobiography:
as the book goes on starts to feel like a protective mechanism, a carapace of cheer.
There is, too, an overarching sense of the phenomenal success that is to come, which casts a backwards glow even on those moments when Chan was at his lowest. [..] Each trial is a stepping stone to the super-stardom that will legitimize everything that came before
china  cinema  jackie-chan  critique  biography 
january 2019 by hthief
No One Wants It | Affidavit
Jill Soloway’s new memoir She Wants It: Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy is just south of worth purchasing at the airport. As a book about desire, power, or toppling the patriarchy, it is incompetent, defensive, and astonishingly clueless.
books  transgender  critique  jill-soloway 
december 2018 by hthief
Diary of Forbidden Dreams Movie Review (1976) | Roger Ebert
"There's probably a level of competence beneath which bad directors cannot fall. No matter how dreary [..] inept their actors, how illiterate their scripts, they've got to come up with something that can [..] be advertised as a motion picture, released and forgotten.

But a talented director is another matter.
These and other shots confirm my long-held suspicion that, when it comes right down to it, there's a nasty streak of misogyny in Polanski. "
cinema  critique  polanski 
february 2018 by hthief
REVIEW OF 1984 By Isaac Asimov I
Asimov points out several interesting critiques on Orwell's writing, like his inability to forsee a more prescient future, his overly focus on Stalinistic Russia and the book impact in the conservative fear of "big government"

##### choice quotes:
- "[...]Orwell had no feel for the future,
and the displacement of the story is much more geographical than temporal.

- The London [...] it is moved a thousand miles
east in space to Moscow." "[...]This is not science fiction, but a distorted nostalgia for a past that
never was.[...]
literature  books  orwell  isaac-asimov  critique 
august 2015 by hthief

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