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Linear lets you manage software development and track bugs. Linear's streamlined design is built for speed and efficiency — helping high performing teams accomplish great things.
development  bugtracker 
5 weeks ago by hthief
A first-person engine in 265 lines
a js implementation of a raycasting fps engine in 265 lines
development  javascript  raycasting  gamedev  games 
march 2019 by hthief
Programming Fonts
The most complete resource for the best monospace coding fonts.
programming  development  typography  design  fonts 
january 2019 by hthief
The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming
- Understand and accept that you will make mistakes.
- You are not your code.
- No matter how much "karate" you know, someone else will always know more.
- Don't rewrite code without consultation.
- Treat people who know less than you with respect, deference, and patience.
- The only constant in the world is change.
- The only true authority stems from knowledge, not from position.
- Fight for what you believe, but gracefully accept defeat.
- Don't be "the guy in the room."
- Critique code inste...
culture  development  etiquette 
january 2019 by hthief

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