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Can we find alternatives to single-use plastic in the medical industry? | London Evening Standard
By 2050 it is predicted there will be more pieces of plastic in the ocean than fish. Single-use plastic items are poured into our economy in their millions every year. Some plastic items such as cotton buds and straws could even be eliminated altogether as the government consults on their future use.  And while we turn to plastic bottles, sandwich packets, shampoo bottles and
plastic  health  healthcare 
20 days ago by hthief
Don't just do it, think it too: on learning with Gilbert Ryle | Aeon Essays
Don’t just do it, think about it too: how Gilbert Ryle’s philosophy of mind can help athletes teach themselves to improve
health  learning-theory  fitness 
11 weeks ago by hthief
The history of "How to Lie with Smoking Statistics"
Less well-known is Huff’s other statistical book, How to Lie with Smoking Statistics. It was commissioned by the tobacco industry in the 1960s after the Surgeon General’s famous report that smoking causes lung cancer, but never reached print.
health  statistics  books  tobacco-industry 
april 2019 by hthief
Researchers have Identified a Virus that Attacks Human Cancer Cells - Science - Health - Nutrition
Interesting developments in cancer research albeit:
The problem was that the experiments also found that the patient's immune system was fighting the virus and effectively removing it from the body within three weeks, thus preventing it from completing its anticancer action.
health  cancer  research 
january 2019 by hthief
Kanye West and the Dangers of Going off Psychiatric Meds - The Atlantic
Uses Kanye West as a framework for discussing the myth of mental illness as a fuel for creativity.
Despite its often negative consequences, to some people it can feel like a superpower, which might lead them to internalize the idea that their illness is the source of their talent.
art  health  perception  kanye  creative-process  music  mental-health 
january 2019 by hthief
Matt Hancock says UK the largest buyer of fridges - but it's because we're stockpiling drugs for a no-deal Brexit
Health Secretary Matt Hancock dismayed as UK stockpiles on fridges to save medicines in preparation for Brexit
“I’ve become the largest buyer of fridges in the world, I didn’t expect that,” he said.
brexit  health  pharmaceuticals 
december 2018 by hthief

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