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Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions - The Verge
At Facebook’s worst-performing content moderation site, operated by Cognizant in Tampa, FL one contractor has died, others have developed PTSD and fear for their lives.
facebook  labor  capitalism 
8 weeks ago by hthief
The productivity myth: How modern companies are getting work wrong | Dropbox Blog
A dropbox paper on productivity, how knowledge work productivity is a murky definition and anchored down by historical notions of productivity
“Our industry has been really good at finding ways to make the treadmill go faster,” he said. "We’re hiring people for their minds, and then we’re not giving them any space to think.”
productivity  labor  management 
march 2019 by hthief
Expresso | Malditas elites
Um texto empolgado pelas declarações de Ferraz das Costa, "que herdou a empresa de que é dono e passou décadas no conforto dos gabinetes da CIP", sobre a vontade de trabalhar dos Portugueses, apontando algumas hipocrisias na sociedade Portuguesa, calhando apontar o dedo à Deloitte num caso de exemplo, e acaba de uma excelente forma:
"[..]não somos, não somos mesmo, um povo de pessoas que não querem trabalhar. Faltam-nos é patrões de jeito."
portugal  labor  salary  globalization  essay 
february 2018 by hthief
In the Name of Love | Jacobin
How the Do What You Love motif can and is used as a way to mask economical inequalities and exploitation; for why should workers fight for better statuses if there's no such thing as work?

"In masking the very exploitative mechanisms of labor that it fuels, DWYL is, in fact, the most perfect ideological tool of capitalism. It shunts aside the labor of others and disguises our own labor to ourselves. It hides the fact that if we acknowledged all of our work as work, we could set appropriate limits for it, demanding fair compensation and humane schedules that allow for family and leisure time."
labor  economics 
august 2015 by hthief
Forced to Love the Grind | Jacobin
When personal authenticity is demanded every moment at work, “our authenticity is no longer a retreat from the mandatory fakeness of the office, but the very medium through which work squeezes the life out of us.”
labor  economics  society 
august 2015 by hthief

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