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Zuckerberg Op-Ed: New Rules Would Hurt Everyone But Facebook - Bloomberg
"Regulatory capture is a form of government failure which occurs when a regulatory agency, created to act in the public interest, instead advances the commercial or political concerns of special interest groups that dominate the industry or sector it is charged with regulating."
facebook  politics  privacy  regulation  zuckerberg 
16 days ago by hthief
The Self-Defeating Prophecy - Unintended Consequences
The author writes about predictions and communicating them
If the worst-case, or worse than worst-case, stories are told and believed and the crisis is averted, how is that interpreted afterward? Long-run, this is a problem. It leads to distrust.
economy  politics  y2k  climate_change  science 
29 days ago by hthief
Flavia Dzodan on Twitter: "This I find interesting: if the rise of the so called alt-right represented a collapse in the language of social justice with the perversion of meaning and context, then it makes sense that the ultra rich would exploit this by i
flavia dzodan talks about the perversion of meaning and context of social justice language by the alt right, relating to how the ultra rich exploit this same phenomenom by inserting themselves into a de-historicized politics
by stripping historical connotations language can be re-oriented into misusage and be devoid of meaning, "we are all equal even if we are billionaires"
language  politics  IdentityPolitics  history 
29 days ago by hthief
Victor Pougy on Twitter: "FOR THOSE FOLLOWING AT HOME, Bolsonaro day 1: -Extinguished Food Security Council -Handed control of Amazon protection and indigenous rights to Agribusiness lobby -Removed LGBT from human rights protection policies -Set minimum w
-Extinguished Food Security Council
-Handed control of Amazon protection and indigenous rights to Agribusiness lobby
-Removed LGBT from human rights protection policies
-Set minimum wage at lower value than was approved by congress
bolsonaro  brasil  fascism  politics 
january 2019 by hthief
Expresso | Carlos Alexandre: “Há 13 anos foi-me dito que devia meter-me com pessoas do meu tamanho, porque precisava do meu ordenado para sobreviver”
Há 13 anos, no âmbito de um trabalho que estava a desempenha, do local onde tinha sido colocado, para onde tinha concorrido, foi-me dito que eu devia meter-me com pessoas do meu tamanho, porque precisava do meu ordenado para sobreviver, para comer
politics  portugal  corruption 
december 2018 by hthief
The Hidden Tribes of America - Hidden Tribes
America has never felt so divided. Bitter debates that were once confined to Congressional hearings and cable TV have now found their way into every part of our lives, from our Facebook feeds to the family dinner table. But most Americans are tired of this "us-versus-them" mindset and are eager to find common ground. This is the message we’ve heard from more than 8,000 Americans in one of our country’s largest-ever studies of polarization
data  usa  politics  research  statistics  polarization  reports 
december 2018 by hthief
Manuela Ferreira Leite: "O PSD deve virar ao centro? E como se distinguirá do PS?" by Perguntar Não Ofende | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Stream Manuela Ferreira Leite: "O PSD deve virar ao centro? E como se distinguirá do PS?" by Perguntar Não Ofende from desktop or your mobile device
portugal  politics  podcast  manuela-ferreira-leita 
december 2018 by hthief
John Major: I have made no false promises on Brexit – I’m free to tell you the truth | Opinion | The Guardian
I have made no false promises about Brexit that I must pretend can still be honoured, even though – in my heart – I know they cannot.
brexit  europe  politics  john-major 
december 2018 by hthief
O entãosismo | Opinião | PÚBLICO
É possível ser-se conservador, liberal ou socialista e ser-se decente, honesto e inteligente. Vou mais longe mesmo e direi que é por serem decentes, honestas e inteligentes que a maior parte das pessoas de quem discordo pensam como pensam — e ainda bem. Mas não é possível ser um “entãosista” e ser-se intelectualmente honesto. Qualquer pessoa que queira dar um contributo ainda que pequeno à humanidade precisa de crescer para lá do entãosismo e tratar os entãosistas com o escárnio que ...
whataboutism  portugal  politics  journalism 
november 2018 by hthief
Opinion | Stop Pretending You’re Not Rich - The New York Times
I think this paraphrased quote from the article sums up: "at least posh people in Britain had the decency to feel guilty"

Touching on some aspects like the meritocracy myth
class  culture  usa  meritocracy  op-ed  uk  politics  wealth 
october 2018 by hthief
Black women voters don't want to be a moral compass. Just give us a voice | Briahna Joy Gray | Opinion | The Guardian
After Roy Moore lost in Alabama, thanks to a majority of black women voters voting dem, the response has been an overly flattering deification of them, almost fetishist, if they're made into deities they are pure and don't really need things like representation; however flattering it maybe, black women don't need an hagiography
politics  democrats  race  fetishization 
december 2017 by hthief
Trump, or Political Emotions | . . . . . . . Supervalent Thought
«Trump’s response to what he has genuinely seen is, analytically speaking, word salad. Trump is sound and fury and garble. Yet—and this is key—the noise in his message increases the apparent value of what’s clear about it. The ways he’s right seem more powerful, somehow, in relief against the ways he’s blabbing. Plus, apart from rebooting capitalism, nobody in mainstream politics is that visionary about what to do, because everyone has to be patriotic toward capitalism, since that’s come to stand for freedom.»
politics  discourse  Trump  democrats  emotions 
august 2016 by hthief
Ukraine Releases More Details on Payments for Trump Aide - The New York Times
Ukraine officials release more details on payments for both presidential candidates
USA  russia  politics  lobby  Ukraine  Manafort  Podesta 
august 2016 by hthief
Corey Robin - I've said this before, and I'll say it again...
«You can't understand Trump and Trumpism without remembering three critical moments in recent US history. First, the 2000 election, in which the popularly elected candidate lost with the help of a hyper-partisan Supreme Court. Second, the Iraq War, which was launched and fought on the basis of flagrant lies, which had almost zero repercussions for the underlying institutions of the security establishment that enabled it (despite some elements in that establishment that opposed the war). Third, the normalization of the filibuster-proof statute, whereby no law can get passed without 61 votes.»
Trump  Trumpism  politics  USA 
august 2016 by hthief
Could Hillary Clinton Become the Champion of the 99 Percent? - The New York Times
Details the progress the American Left has gone through, and still needs to go through, in order to radically reform the economical structure, top to bottom. Thanks in part to pushes from the Roosevelt Institute.
economy  politics  Clinton  Leftism 
august 2016 by hthief
Why does it matter that Donald Trump is not a novelty?
«When we pretend that Donald Trump is an utter novelty on the American political scene, when Democratic presidents and Democratic presidential aspirants invoke the reverie of Ronald Reagan against the reality of Donald Trump, when liberal journalists say the contest this year is not between the Republicans and the Democrats but between a normal party and an abnormal formation (with the implication being that if only we could go back to the contests of 2008, 2000, 1992, 1980, 1972, all would be well), we not only commit an offense against history and memory; we not only betray a woeful ignorance of how we came to this pass (and thereby, as the cliche would have it, ensure that we will come to it again); we help shore up, we extend the half-life, of a party and a movement that should be thoroughly smashed and repudiated. »
Trump  GOP  conservatism  politics 
july 2016 by hthief
I am an immigrant – and I believe “migrant” is a far from neutral term
How a seemingly neutral term can have different associations from its meaning when crossed with politics, whether consciously or not. As an example, welfare is strongly associated with black people, that is until an explicit reference to race is made.
Linguistics  race  economics  politics 
september 2015 by hthief
Why Liberals Separate Race from Class | Jacobin
The article states the missteps on treating racism apart from its inherent economical implications in regards to Bernie Sanders and the BLM campaign.
economy  race  politics 
august 2015 by hthief
The Rise of the Post-New Left Political Vocabulary | The Public Autonomy Project
A great overview on how left activism evolved in terms of words and objectives, 'privilege checking' for instance. Coming from an almost defeated and disgruntled activism the modern left seems focused on inter personal relationships but in detriment of anti-systemic.
Leftism  politics  society  Linguistics 
august 2015 by hthief
Black Lives Matter and The Failure to Build a Movement. | The South Lawn
A critique on a social media movement failing to capitalize(wording?) on its success to have impactful changes; ending up instead as a social crutch for self-exalting in a myriad of hashtags and attention grabbing.
race  politics  ideology  brands 
august 2015 by hthief

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