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Revenge of the nerd-kings: Why some in Silicon Valley are advocating for monarchy |
the devaluation of humanities and critical thought as it can't be packed into digestible information changed our perception of knowledge and value in profund ways
The unearned trust that the public has for tech startups and tech industry ideas [...] is all motivated by an underlying belief that these companies are innately good, their owners smart, and their work more vital than other fields. 
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23 days ago by hthief
'We all suffer': why San Francisco techies hate the city they transformed | Cities | The Guardian
"She told the Guardian the tale of her scoot, interrupted, because she said it was a perfect example of her own – and perhaps the broader community of tech workers’ – increasingly hate-hate relationship with San Francisco. “This guy needed services to help him,” she said of the man who caused her to fall, “and we all suffer because of the issues that are not being addressed.”"
gentrification  san-francisco  tech  cringe 
7 weeks ago by hthief
Facebook removed post by ex-manager who said site 'failed' black people | Technology | The Guardian
Mark S Luckie, who recently stepped down as strategic partner manager, published the piece on Facebook last week detailing his experiences as a black employee at a tech corporation that largely excludes African Americans, saying the company has also unfairly censored black people on the platform.

Facebook appeared to prove Luckie’s point this week by removing the letter before eventually reinstating it.
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december 2018 by hthief

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