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clojurescript - Clojure RuntimeException - No reader function for tag db/id - Stack Overflow
'db/id datomic.db/id-literal
'db/fn datomic.function/construct
'base64 datomic.codec/base-64-literal
datomic  edn  clojure  reference  parsing 
february 2019 by huntar
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clojure  devcards  clojurescript  reference 
january 2016 by huntar
To UUID or not to UUID? — An Architect's View
re are pros and cons on both sides. UUIDs provide universal uniqueness which allows data to be stored across multiple databases, merged and so on. Auto-increment primary keys are easy to work with and efficient for indexing - but cause problems when you need to deal with data created across multiple databases, such as data migration and merging. UUIDs, as 36 character strings, take up a lot more space and can be much less efficient as an index.
uuid  clojure  reference  types 
january 2016 by huntar
Tweeking Emacs Modeline for Clojure Development | jr0cket
;;; Greek letters - C-u C-\ greek ;; C-\ to revert to default
;;; ς ε ρ τ υ θ ι ο π α σ δ φ γ η ξ κ λ ζ χ ψ ω β ν μ
clojure  emacs  cljs  reference 
august 2015 by huntar
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