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From Suburban Cafes To The Fields Of Queensland, Worker Exploitation Is Rife In Australia
Casualised and insecure labour now makes up nearly a third of Australia’s workforce. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2013 there were 2.25 million workers “without paid leave” – in other words, casuals – working in this country. You can add an extra 986,000 independent contractors, many of whom are in effect employees of their main client, but without any of the normal entitlements of employment, including superannuation. And then there are those working without any protections at all – the army of cash workers in our cafes and restaurants, building sites and offices, many of whom are taking home $15 or $12 or even $10 an hour, cash in hand, no questions asked, and no entitlements extended. Try it yourself: ask your favourite barista if they are paid in cash. You may be surprised at the answer. Many cafes and restaurants flout employment law, paying their often young and itinerant workforce “off the books” while maintaining a semblance of propriety with doctored ledgers and dubious accounting procedures.  A survey back in 2012 by the Victorian Trades Hall found that a quarter of workers aged 18-30 had worked off the books or for cash.
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