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Frequent Church Attendance Highest in Utah, Lowest in Vermont
Ten of the 12 states with the highest self-reported religious service attendance are in the South, along with Utah and Oklahoma. The strong religious culture in the South reflects a variety of factors, including history, cultural norms and the fact that these states have high Protestant and black populations -- both of which are above average in their self-reported religious service attendance. Utah's No. 1 position on the list is a direct result of that state's 59% Mormon population, as Mormons have the highest religious service attendance of any major religious group in the U.S. Five of the six New England states rank among the bottom 10 states for church attendance. Of these, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts have the lowest average attendance rates in the nation, with Connecticut not far behind. All other states in the bottom 10 are in the West, including the nation's three states that are as far as one can go in the northwest corner of the country -- Alaska, Washington and Oregon. States with average religious service attendance tend to cluster in the middle of the country.
religion  u.s.a.  atheism  utah  mormonism  christianity 
february 2015 by iamfantastikate
How secular family values stack up
The results of such secular child-rearing are encouraging. Studies have found that secular teenagers are far less likely to care what the “cool kids” think, or express a need to fit in with them, than their religious peers. When these teens mature into “godless” adults, they exhibit less racism than their religious counterparts, according to a 2010 Duke University study. Many psychological studies show that secular grownups tend to be less vengeful, less nationalistic, less militaristic, less authoritarian and more tolerant, on average, than religious adults. Recent research also has shown that children raised without religion tend to remain irreligious as they grow older — and are perhaps more accepting. Secular adults are more likely to understand and accept the science concerning global warming, and to support women's equality and gay rights. One telling fact from the criminology field: Atheists were almost absent from our prison population as of the late 1990s, comprising less than half of 1% of those behind bars, according to Federal Bureau of Prisons statistics. This echoes what the criminology field has documented for more than a century — the unaffiliated and the nonreligious engage in far fewer crimes.
atheism  parenting  children  crime  racism  psychology  religion  u.s.a. 
january 2015 by iamfantastikate
When believers marry atheists
"Now I've given up. I'm more inclined towards convincing my wife I'm Muslim enough for her to be with me." Tauseef is willing to lie, to bring up his son as Muslim despite not agreeing with the religion or the lifestyle he says it dictates, and also to live a double life if he gets to keep his wife. He recently got caught out by drunken photos on Facebook after telling her he could never touch alcohol again. He ended up sleeping in a different bedroom, with his bags packed but says he won't give up because of their son. "I'm still in love with her but I'm pretty sure she isn't, she makes that pretty clear."
atheism  religion  christianity  islam  relationships  judaism 
january 2015 by iamfantastikate
Florida woman in ‘Catholic Warrior’ t-shirt destroys Satanic Temple’s holiday display
Hemeryck, who was wearing a “Catholic Warrior” t-shirt at the time, told the Associated Press that “it’s just wrong, when you remove baby Jesus two days before Christmas and put Satan in his place? I was there at the right time and the right moment and I needed to take a stand against Satan.”
religion  christianity  atheism  funny  florida  u.s.a.  crime 
december 2014 by iamfantastikate
Here Are the Latest Photos of the Satanic Statue Being Made for Oklahoma’s Statehouse
Two weeks ago I found myself in the backwoods of rural Florida standing in front of a ​bronzed bust of the pagan idol Baphomet. A few days later it would be attached to its eight-and-a-half-foot cloven-hoofed body and put to rest on a throne flanked on either side by a small metallic child. Eventually, its creators hope, it will be whisked away to Oklahoma, where it will be placed next to a Ten Commandments monument on the front lawn of the state capitol.
amazing  funny  religion  u.s.a.  oklahoma  christianity  atheism  politics 
december 2014 by iamfantastikate
High School Students Punished for Not Saying “Under God” When Leading Pledge of Allegiance Over Loudspeakers
Adrianna Teboe didn’t didn’t say “Under God” when it was her turn. She was marked down as a result. Derek Giardina didn’t say “Under God” when it was his turn. He’s now failing the class.
atheism  politics  u.s.a.  california  religion  education  teens 
november 2014 by iamfantastikate
Alabama Atheist Opposes “In God We Trust” Plaque in Mobile County Building and Receives Death Threats on Facebook
Even on an article about the threats, commenters don’t seem to be much better. One wrote, “I hope she continues to get more grief mail. Its no less than she deserves.”
atheism  religion  christianity  u.s.a.  politics  equality  alabama 
august 2014 by iamfantastikate
Bible Parody Book Author Skips Conference After Receiving Death Threats, but Attendees Are Honoring Him Another Way
A couple of days ago, I posted about how “Horus Gilgamesh,” the author of a book called the Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average) Children’s Bible documenting many of the Bible’s little-known verses, had received death threats in advance of his appearance at this weekend’s Atheist Alliance of America’s annual convention in Seattle.
atheism  religion  christianity  seattle  washington-state  politics  u.s.a.  books 
august 2014 by iamfantastikate
PM says ‘human rightism, humanism, secularism’ new religion threatening Islam
 “So today, once again, we stress that Islam that is embraced, practised and upheld as the national religion in Malaysia is the Islam which is based on the Sunni sect as propagated by the Prophet Muhammad and his friends. “We will not tolerate any demands or right to apostasy by Muslims, or deny Muslims their right to be governed by Shariah Courts and neither will we allow Muslims to engage in LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) activities,” he said.
religion  islam  malaysia  atheism 
june 2014 by iamfantastikate
Matt Barber's Website: Bill Maher Should Be Publicly Whipped For Blasphemy
I think it’s time to bring back blasphemy laws. Bill Maher is known for being an offensive anti-Christian bigot. It’s his trademark. But this time he’s gone too far. He may have protection under the First Amendment to say whatever slanderous thing that comes out of his toilet bowl brain, but that does not mean Christians should turn the other cheek. Here is an example of how America once dealt with the likes of Bill Maher. 'By whipping; boaring thorow the tongue, with a red hot iron; or sitting upon the gallows with a rope about their neck; at the discretion of the court.'
religion  christianity  u.s.a.  atheism  abuse 
march 2014 by iamfantastikate
Ted Cruz tells home-schooled kids: The ‘job of a chaplain is to be insensitive to atheists’
“I guess it was deemed insensitive to atheists. I kind of thought it was the job of a chaplain to be insensitive to atheists.” After a round of applause, the senator added: “To welcome them into the forgiving arms of a loving god.”
religion  christianity  u.s.a.  politics  republicans  education  atheism 
march 2014 by iamfantastikate
Police vow to arrest Alexandria-based atheists
"I'm moving on with this issue and I'm not going to close it. I'm not leaving those people. Those kids are threatening us but we are not fearful of them," he added. "We stand against those who sabotage the country [in reference to the Muslim Brotherhood] and we are not going to leave those who sabotage out religion. We are not going to leave those who insult our religion, those who insult God, those who insult our Prophet."
religion  islam  egypt  atheism 
march 2014 by iamfantastikate
Worldwide, Many See Belief in God as Essential to Morality
In North America and Europe, more people agree that it is possible to be non-religious and still be an upright person. At least half in nearly every country surveyed take this view, including roughly eight-in-ten or more in France, Spain, the Czech Republic and Britain. In these two regions, Americans are unique – 53% say belief in God is necessary to be moral.
statistics  religion  atheism 
march 2014 by iamfantastikate
All Panties and Bras Outlawed By Kenyan Pastor - To Give God "Easy Access"
Nairobi pastor Reverend Njohi has introduced a form of worship at his Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church in which female members of the congregation are banned from wearing underwear so God can enter their bodies easily.
wtf  sexism  gender  equality  religion  christianity  kenya  equality  atheism 
march 2014 by iamfantastikate
Camels Had No Business in Genesis
There are too many camels in the Bible, out of time and out of place. Camels probably had little or no role in the lives of such early Jewish patriarchs as Abraham, Jacob and Joseph, who lived in the first half of the second millennium B.C., and yet stories about them mention these domesticated pack animals more than 20 times. Genesis 24, for example, tells of Abraham’s servant going by camel on a mission to find a wife for Isaac.
atheism  religion  judaism  christianity  history  animals  funny 
february 2014 by iamfantastikate
This District Just Got Sued for Teaching Creationism, Offering Extra Credit for Writing Bible Verses on Tests, & More
When Plaintiffs objected, Sabine Parish Superintendent, Sara Ebarb, told them that “this is the Bible belt.” She suggested that C.C. should “change” his faith or transfer to another district school 25 miles away where, in her words, “there are more Asians.”
atheism  religion  christianity  racism  u.s.a.  education  children  politics  louisiana 
january 2014 by iamfantastikate
Atheists face death in 13 countries, global discrimination
In 13 countries around the world, all of them Muslim, people who openly espouse atheism or reject the official state religion of Islam face execution under the law, according to a detailed study issued on Tuesday. And beyond the Islamic nations, even some of the West's apparently most democratic governments at best discriminate against citizens who have no belief in a god and at worst can jail them for offences dubbed blasphemy, it said.
religion  atheism  islam  equality 
december 2013 by iamfantastikate

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