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Israel adopts controversial Jewish 'nation state' law
The bill strips Arabic of its designation as an official language alongside Hebrew, downgrading it to a "special status" that enables its continued use within Israeli institutions. There are 1.8 million Arabs in Israel, about 20% of the 9 million population...

Clauses that were dropped in last-minute political wrangling – and after objections by Israel's president and attorney general – would have enshrined in law the establishment of Jewish-only communities, and instructed courts to rule according to Jewish ritual law when there were no relevant legal precedents.

Instead, a more vaguely worded version was approved, which says: "The state views the development of Jewish settlement as a national value and will act to encourage and promote its establishment."
religion  judaism  israel  racism  equality  politics 
july 2018 by iamfantastikate
Simple Photo of Man Holding Baby Sparks Important Parenting Conversation
The situation unfolded when the baby of a student in Engelberg’s Hebrew University class — open to students’ kids by a matter of the professor’s policy — began to cry. Engelberg scooped him up into his arms to calm him, continuing on with his lecture on organizational management without missing a beat. Someone in class snapped a photo of him holding the boy, who was wearing blue footie pajamas covered in stars, and posted it to social media. The rest is history.
education  cute  parenting  equality  gender  equality  children  israel 
may 2015 by iamfantastikate
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Newspaper Edits Female World Leaders Out of Charlie Hebdo March | Mediaite
Yesterday’s historic march across Paris included over 40 world leaders expressing solidarity for France after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, but if you read this Haredi newspaper, you’d believe that none of them were women. The image that ran on the front page of the Israeli newspaper The Announcer edited two female world leaders out of the image, originally provided by wire service GPO: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini. A third woman in a blue scarf who we can’t identify was also photoshopped out.
religion  judaism  sexism  equality  gender  equality  israel  france  media 
january 2015 by iamfantastikate
Gaza Crossing Reflects Israel-Hamas Unreality
The return trip into Israel feels like something out of a sci-fi film. You pass, alone, having relinquished all belongings including passport and mobile phone, through a series of glass booths between locked doors. To move, you wait for red lights to turn green, sometimes aided by muffled instructions from the Israelis at the controls behind more glass several stories overhead.
israel  palestine  religion  judaism  islam  politics 
september 2014 by iamfantastikate

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