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Same-sex marriage laws linked to fewer youth suicide attempts
State legalization of same-sex marriage appears to be linked to a decrease in adolescent suicide, based on a new analysis published today in JAMA Pediatrics. The results give more context to the potential effects of social policy on mental health.

The researchers found that suicide attempts by high school students decreased by 7 percent in states after they passed laws to legalize same-sex marriage, before the Supreme Court legalized it nationwide in 2015. Among LGB high school students, the decrease was especially concentrated, with suicide attempts falling by 14 percent.

But in states that did not legalize same-sex marriage, there was no change.
health  politics  u.s.a.  lgbt  suicide  teens  statistics  science 
february 2017 by iamfantastikate
In Religious Arbitration, Scripture Is the Rule of Law
Centuries later, Paul’s writings inspired a group of lawyers in Los Angeles to develop the practice of Christian conciliation. The group’s work ultimately gave rise to Peacemaker Ministries, a nonprofit that devised a legal process that draws on the Bible. Peacemaker Ministries developed a legal process that draws on the Bible. The peacemaker method is used by private schools, Christian lawyers and others. Clauses requiring Americans to use Christian arbitration instead of civil court now appear in thousands of agreements like the one Mr. Ellison signed with Teen Challenge. “Our secular court system is darn good,” said Bryce Thomas, a Christian conciliator in Hickory, N.C. “But it doesn’t get into deep moral issues like sin and reconciliation.”
creepy  religion  christianity  u.s.a.  politics  lgbt  health  crime 
november 2015 by iamfantastikate
Global Views on Morality
The Pew Research Center’s 2013 Global Attitudes survey asked 40,117 respondents in 40 countries what they thought about eight topics often discussed as moral issues: extramarital affairs, gambling, homosexuality, abortion, premarital sex, alcohol consumption, divorce, and the use of contraceptives.1 For each issue, respondents were asked whether this is morally acceptable, morally unacceptable, or not a moral issue. The chart below displays the median responses for each question across the 40 countries.
statistics  politics  equality  health  sex  abortion  relationships  lgbt 
april 2015 by iamfantastikate
Lister takes down State of Alabama auction from eBay after 'vitriol'
The seller did not seem to be particularly motivated to rid himself of the property. He seems to lay out things that would likely be found upon a full inspection. In fact, the seller seems to be quite bitter with the item. "Education - 49th out of 50," the seller wrote. "15% of the state is illiterate. So, upon purchase, you might want to invest a little money in dictionaries. A whopping 60% of Alabama believes in Creationism. 60%!!!! Bring a lot of bibles!"
funny  alabama  u.s.a.  politics  lgbt  christianity  religion  education 
march 2015 by iamfantastikate
A Few Words on Russell Tovey and Why If It Weren't for My Father, I Wouldn't Be a Faggot
My own truth is that I went down the very path that Tovey claims he was able to avoid: I was an extremely effeminate boy. A sissy. A faggot. I know some of you are recoiling at the sight of that word. I am using it on purpose. It symbolizes everything that Tovey and his father were terrified of seeing materialize before their eyes and everything I was because I didn't have a choice in the matter -- or a father with a plan to prevent it. I wasn't merely gay or just a boy attracted to other boys, I was a swishing, prancing princess wagging my penis at the garbage man and waving a My Little Pony figurine like a scepter as I sashayed through my neighborhood. I was the very embodiment of everything our society worries could go wrong with a little boy, and in my small Midwestern town in the early '80s, I was every father's nightmare awoken and menacingly mincing my way through our local mall's food court.
lgbt  amazing  amazing-men  equality  gender  equality 
march 2015 by iamfantastikate
Dublin priest says he is gay during Mass – receives standing ovation
A Dublin priest received a standing ovation from his congregation this week as he called for same sex marriage equality in Ireland and came out to his parishioners. Father Martin Dolan, who has been a priest at Church of St Nicholas of Myra in Francis Street in Dublin’s city center for 15 years, opened up to his congregation at the Saturday night Mass. He also confided in his Sunday morning congregation. Dolan is the only priest in the parish. Calling on his Dublin city congregation to support same sex marriage in the upcoming Irish referendum, set for the end May, Dolan said “I’m gay myself.”
religion  christianity  ireland  lgbt  politics  equality 
january 2015 by iamfantastikate
Russia says drivers must not have 'sex disorders'
Russia has listed transsexual and transgender people among those who will no longer qualify for driving licences. Fetishism, exhibitionism and voyeurism are also included as "mental disorders" now barring people from driving.
russia  lgbt  sex  sexuality  politics  transportation  wtf 
january 2015 by iamfantastikate
Anti-gay N.C. church members indicted on felony kidnapping, assault against gay man
All are members of The Word of Faith Fellowship, a church which has continually come under fire for its alleged cult-like behaviors and severe treatment of members, particularly young people. In 1995, the church was the subject of an “Inside Edition” report on its “blasting” techniques, in which a person is encircled by church members and subjected to high-pitched shrilling sounds, screams and prayers. Blasting sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours. In this most recent case, 21-year-old student Matthew Fenner, a member of the church since age 16, alleges that several members targeted him because of his sexual orientation. On Jan. 29, 2013, Fenner says he was threatened with confinement for two days, slapped, strangled and verbally assaulted in an attempt, he says, to free him of “homosexual demons.”
north-carolina  u.s.a.  lgbt  equality  religion  christianity  abuse  crime 
december 2014 by iamfantastikate
Family, Friends Remember 12-Year-Old Boy Who Committed Suicide
Shimizu had previously attended Folsom Middle School, but was only recently being home schooled. He killed himself yesterday. “I didn’t see why people would tease him because he was so nice,” said a fellow cheerleader. Those who knew Shimizu say he was the only male cheerleader with the Vista Junior Eagles Cheer Team. “I heard that people called him gay because he was a cheerleader,” said.
suicide  children  education  california  sexism  equality  gender  equality  lgbt  u.s.a. 
december 2014 by iamfantastikate
‘God Hates Fags’ church bombarded with phone calls about turkeys
However, instead of the non-existent Turkey Safety Hotline, the number provided was actually the switchboard for the famously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church – leading thousands of people to try and call them. Indeed, the demand on the ‘hotline’ was so high that users began to complain they couldn’t even get through.
funny  religion  christianity  politics  u.s.a.  lgbt  nottheonion 
november 2014 by iamfantastikate
Study of gay brothers may confirm X chromosome link to homosexuality
Bailey and Sanders may soon have more data to back their claim—or refute it. They’re now working on a GWA study, which includes genetic data from the just-published work plus DNA samples from more than 1000 additional gay men. Based on the results published today, “it looks promising for there being genes in both of these regions,” Bailey says, “but until somebody finds a gene, we don’t know.”
science  health  lgbt 
november 2014 by iamfantastikate
Islamic State militants stone two 'gay men' to death in Syria
The Islamic State group stoned two men to death in Syria Tuesday after claiming they were gay, a monitor said, in the jihadist organisation's first executions for alleged homosexuality.
religion  islam  lgbt  syria  politics  war 
november 2014 by iamfantastikate
Terry Bean's ex-boyfriend helped police find alleged 15-year-old victim in sex abuse indictment, former lawyer says
Bean and Lawson are accused of setting up an encounter with the teen through the iPhone app Grindr, a mobile social network that helps men find "local gay, bi and curious guys for dating.'' The app advertises, "Meet the men nearest you with GPS.'' Bean, 66, and Lawson, 25, are accused of having sex with the boy at a Eugene hotel on Sept. 27, 2013. A Lane County grand jury indicted both on two counts of third-degree sodomy and one count of third-degree sexual abuse.
crime  lgbt  oregon  politics  u.s.a. 
november 2014 by iamfantastikate
Gay community under attack in Liberia over Ebola outbreak
Ponpon, an LGBT campaigner in the Liberian capital, says gays have been harassed, physically attacked and a few have had their cars smashed by people blaming them for the hemorrhagic fever, after religious leaders in Liberia said Ebola was a punishment from God for homosexuality. "Since church ministers declared Ebola was a plague sent by God to punish sodomy in Liberia, the violence toward gays has escalated. They're even asking for the death penalty. We're living in fear."
liberia  religion  christianity  lgbt  equality  politics  health 
october 2014 by iamfantastikate
In survey, Costa Rica police admit to discrimination against LGBT community
In the survey, in which nearly 500 police, traffic, and immigration officers responded, 17.7% said they felt it was acceptable to demand bribes from gay people while 20.4% found it acceptable to detain gay people without probable cause.   A further 15.7% said they felt it was acceptable to physically harm gay people without cause and 13.5% felt the sexual abuse of a gay person was acceptable.
costa-rica  abuse  police  corruption  lgbt  equality 
october 2014 by iamfantastikate
A New York Times Columnist Spoke At A Fundraiser For A Group Working To Criminalize Gay Sex
The Bible says in Psalm 24 "the Earth is the Lord's and everything in it," including government, entertainment, media, education, the legal system, everything. My finances, my sexuality, everything is under God. ... Does this agenda, this sexual anarchy agenda, does it want dominion? Take a look. Has it got dominion in government? Has it got dominion in entertainment? Has it got dominion, I mean, you name it, in the marketplace? Yes. Absolutely it does. How does God get dominion back? ... The government exists for the punishment of evildoers and for the reward of those who do good. The problem is, is when we switch good and evil and evil and good. There's only one institution that can fight that dominion battle, and that's the church.
equality  lgbt  media  religion  christianity  u.s.a.  creepy  politics 
october 2014 by iamfantastikate
Police: Ex-gay Kentucky pastor rapes boy, threatens to kill him with ‘warlock’ powers if he talks
In an interview with police, Murphy asserted that he “thought he would be able to help the victim with his battle with homosexuality because he, too, had experimented with homosexuality,” Hatfield said. Murphy allegedly told the boy that he could see his sins by touching him. The pastor at Polly Ann Church of God insisted to WKYT that Murphy had only been a Sunday school teacher, and that the boy was a student in his class. The pastor said that the church was dealing with the situation internally. He also argued that there was no reason to believe that any abuse occurred on church grounds.
religion  christianity  u.s.a.  abuse  kentucky  children  lgbt 
october 2014 by iamfantastikate
Schimel blasted on campaign fund use, marriage comment
Republican attorney general hopeful Brad Schimel illegally used campaign donations to pay his children's baby sitters, a liberal group alleged in a complaint filed Wednesday with state election officials. The complaint came the same day that a Democratic state representative told reporters that Schimel said last month he would have had to defend interracial marriage bans if he were an attorney general in the 1950s.
corruption  racism  equality  lgbt  u.s.a.  politics  u.s.-elections  wisconsin 
october 2014 by iamfantastikate
Southern Baptists confront a ‘third way’ on homosexuality and sin
Young people tend to express more positive views of homosexuality and more support for same-sex marriage as compared with older generations. And the same pattern seems to be true of young evangelicals. In aggregated polling from 2012 to February 2014, 29% of white evangelicals under the age of 30 expressed support for allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally, compared with 24% of evangelicals age 30-49, 19% among evangelicals age 50-64, and 14% of evangelicals age 65 and older.
religion  u.s.a.  politics  lgbt  statistics  equality 
june 2014 by iamfantastikate
A gay businessman fires back at Mississippi’s far right as legislature passes anti-LGBT law
I acknowledge that I’m the exception to the rule. I can afford to speak out and feel a very profound obligation to do so. But, here in Mississippi alone, we can be fired or denied employment, we can be denied housing and face eviction, we cannot adopt a child in need of a loving home, and we aren’t even included in anti-hate crime legislation. What we fight for isn’t limited to, and doesn’t stop with, marriage equality. We as a community, both visible and unseen, are fighting for our rightful place as fully equal citizens of this nation.
mississippi  lgbt  equality  religion  christianity  politics  u.s.a. 
april 2014 by iamfantastikate
Bodies of 2 Houston women found dumped outside Bolivar store
The bodies of Britney Cosby and Crystal Jackson, both 24, were found next to a dumpster outside the Fisherman’s Cove store in the 700 block of State Highway 87. Deputies say the women were involved in a relationship.
crime  abuse  lgbt  texas 
march 2014 by iamfantastikate
Study: Lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals living in bigoted communities die early
“Our findings indicate that sexual minorities living in communities with higher levels of prejudice die sooner than sexual minorities living in low-prejudice communities, and that these effects are independent of established risk factors for mortality, including household income, education, gender, ethnicity, and age, as well as the average income and education level of residents in the communities where the respondents lived,” said Dr. Hatzenbuehler. “In fact, our results for prejudice were comparable to life expectancy differences that have been observed between individuals with and without a high school education.”
health  science  statistics  equality  sexuality  lgbt 
february 2014 by iamfantastikate
Director to Raw Story: Exposé on brutal Christian school cost me my faith
Students at the small school are consigned to life in a rigidly codified set of levels. As former student Deirdre Sugiuchi told Raw Story on Friday, “When you start at zero level, you then had rules about who you could look at. You couldn’t talk to members of the opposite sex until you were on second level and you had to fulfill a wide variety of requirements to move up.”
religion  christianity  u.s.a.  lgbt  politics 
december 2013 by iamfantastikate

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