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Mussels off the coast of Seattle test positive for opioids
While mussels likely don't metabolize drugs like oxycodone, and thus wouldn't necessarily be physically harmed by the presence of it in their tissues, studies show that fish are not so lucky. In fact, scientists at the University of Utah recently discovered that, if given the opportunity, zebrafish will willingly dose themselves with opioids. Scientists say salmon and other fish might have a similar response.

The Puget Sound Institute notes that the amounts of opioids detected were thousands of times smaller than a typical human dose. And none of the mussels tested are near any commercial shellfish beds.
health  animals  science  drugs  seattle  washington-state  usa 
may 2018 by iamfantastikate
Seattle home too toxic to enter sparked a bidding frenzy — now we know why
Tang is the latest in a long line of developers looking to profit by tearing down a smaller, older home in Seattle and replacing it with a larger and much more expensive one.

Seattle now sees one home teardown per day on average, with the rate of teardowns surging in the last year and a half. The typical new home that springs up on a tear-down lot sells for more than $1 million, about three times more than what its old, torn-down predecessor was worth.
seattle  u.s.a.  money  architecture  housing  washington-state 
february 2017 by iamfantastikate
Governor paves way for doctors to ramp up telemedicine use
The medical community in Washington state had a big win on Friday when Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill that will allow health care providers to get reimbursed for using telemedicine to treat patients. That's a huge deal in a state with a shortage of primary care physicians. Using telemedicine, an appointment during which a doctor confers with a patient usually over the computer, can help doctors see more patients. It's especially helpful for patients in rural areas, or patients who are disabled, for whom it might be a tall order to travel all to a doctor's office.
washington-state  seattle  health  money  u.s.a.  politics 
april 2015 by iamfantastikate
BBC News - The girl who gets gifts from birds
She didn't gather this collection. Each item was a gift - given to her by crows. She holds up a pearl coloured heart. It is her most-prized present. "It's showing me how much they love me." Gabi's relationship with the neighbourhood crows began accidentally in 2011. She was four years old, and prone to dropping food. She'd get out of the car, and a chicken nugget would tumble off her lap. A crow would rush in to recover it. Soon, the crows were watching for her, hoping for another bite. As she got older, she rewarded their attention, by sharing her packed lunch on the way to the bus stop. Her brother joined in. Soon, crows were lining up in the afternoon to greet Gabi's bus, hoping for another feeding session.
seattle  washington-state  children  uplifting  animals  amazing  amazing-youngsters  environment 
march 2015 by iamfantastikate has grown to serve the entire state with nearly 7,000 original, sourced essays as of February 2015. It now serves an average of 5,000 visitors a day -- one third of whom are K-12 teachers and students. The site debuted with demonstration content on May 1, 1998. Like the communities and state it chronicles, is a work in progress. We add new features and essays continuously to fill gaps and enlarge on selected subjects, and existing essays are often expanded or corrected to reflect new information.
washington-state  seattle  history  u.s.a. 
march 2015 by iamfantastikate
US Bus Drivers Still Coping With Bathroom Access Issues
The bathroom problem has become a recurring issue in Seattle, where King County Metro Transit, the regional transportation authority, operates about 200 bus routes and maintenance crews replace about 60 urine-soiled driver seats a year. Last November, the Washington Department of Labor and Industries slammed Metro with a $3,500 fine for not providing enough restrooms to employees and for disciplining drivers who were late after visiting bathrooms. Several months later, Metro is still attempting to address the issue with the local bus drivers’ union. It’s unresolved as the two sides head into contract arbitration this spring.
health  transportation  u.s.a.  politics  seattle  washington-state  oregon 
march 2015 by iamfantastikate
Seattle Metro Bus Hiking
Walks, Hikes, and Outdoor Adventures in the Seattle area that you can reach by Public Transit....No Car Needed!
seattle  transportation  environment  washington-state 
december 2014 by iamfantastikate
Bible Parody Book Author Skips Conference After Receiving Death Threats, but Attendees Are Honoring Him Another Way
A couple of days ago, I posted about how “Horus Gilgamesh,” the author of a book called the Awkward Moments (Not Found In Your Average) Children’s Bible documenting many of the Bible’s little-known verses, had received death threats in advance of his appearance at this weekend’s Atheist Alliance of America’s annual convention in Seattle.
atheism  religion  christianity  seattle  washington-state  politics  u.s.a.  books 
august 2014 by iamfantastikate
The disconnection dilemma: Why 93,000 Seattle residents don't have Internet at home
Fewer than half of the members of these focus groups have Internet access at home (though if you count mobile Internet access, it’s about 6 in 10). Among immigrant participants, who tend to face language and literacy barriers, that figure drops to about a third. Comparing ethnic groups, Seattle’s Latino community is the least connected, according to the larger survey, with a quarter reporting no home access.
seattle  washington-state  u.s.a.  money  poverty  politics  media  internet  equality 
june 2014 by iamfantastikate
From child labor to $15/hour, new report reveals 100 years of Chicken Little predictions by business
In the century since Washington State first passed a minimum wage, the real-world data has become increasingly clear: raising wages lifts workers out of poverty, creates new customers, boosts the economy, has very moderate price impacts, and does not reduce job growth. But despite the long-standing experiential evidence dating all the way back to 1915, some business lobbyists continue to tell the same scare stories they’ve been telling for the last century — even though the sky has yet to fall.
history  money  poverty  equality  u.s.a.  washington-state  seattle  politics 
april 2014 by iamfantastikate
Guest: Dick’s Drive-In proposes a middle ground for the minimum wage
Instead, a smart minimum wage would increase as your education and skills increase. For example, if you were a high-school dropout but you earned a GED, your minimum wage should go up. Graduate from high school, and it should go up again. Continue your education and earn a technical certificate, and it should go even higher. A smart minimum wage would also include the value of tax-free benefits and other compensation. Health insurance and scholarships matter. They provide thousands of dollars of tax-free compensation to employees. Just as important, employers can often purchase these benefits for their employees at a much lower cost than employees can for themselves.
money  poverty  education  seattle  washington-state  u.s.a.  politics  equality  uplifting 
april 2014 by iamfantastikate
Seattle man’s frugal life leaves rich legacy for 3 institutions
Only a tight circle of family and friends knew that MacDonald was nurturing a secret fortune. When he died in September at the age of 98, he left in his will a $187.6 million charitable trust to Seattle Children’s Research Institute, the University of Washington School of Law and the Salvation Army.
seattle  amazing  money  good-rich-people  washington-state  u.s.a.  health  education 
february 2014 by iamfantastikate

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