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Real life concurrency in Go - Matt Aimonetti
Real Life Concurrency in Go The structure of a programming language reflects the challenges and solutions the
designers decided to address. Each designer coming with …
go  concurrency  web  development  http  request  response  helloworld  4* 
june 2013 api documentation
reddit: the front page of the internet
api  reddit  mashup  json 
june 2013
ztellman/byte-streams · GitHub
byte-streams - a rosetta stone for jvm byte representations
clojure  byte  stream  processing  github  protocol  analytics  5* 
june 2013
How far epoll can push concurrent socket connection » A programmer's site
Online English dictionary written in c with epoll, it's super fast, 1600k concurrent connection, 57.3k req/s
epoll  load  test  concurrency  tool  multi  connection  linux  network  io  configuration  5* 
june 2013
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